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Chapter 1272 - The God Slaying Chariot Appears Once More

Time was like a deadly knife hanging in the air that was rapidly falling toward Wang Lin. There were two more days!

Now there were 100 wild continents around where Wang Lin was. They were arranged in a strange way, containing origin energy, along with a hint of law.

Wang Lin and the woman in silver had shrouded the continents with three of the great restrictions, forming a storm that could destroy the heavens. However, Wang Lin continued to suppress it, not letting it explode until the surrounding continents had been refined into a giant restriction treasure using the three great restrictions!

Master Flamespark had borrowed the Thunder Celestial Realm fragments to refine a treasure. Although Wang Lin's materials weren't as good, this method was equal and even a bit superior due to the three great restrictions.

If Master Flamespark were to fight Wang Lin now, he would certainly lose!

These 100 wild continents gave off a powerful pressure, but Wang Lin continued to suppress it until it was hidden. He wasn't arrogant enough to think he could fool a third step cultivator, but he wanted its power to condense to a certain point before it erupted!

Wang Lin had rarely prepared this crazily in a short period of time in all the life and death battles he had so far. Every extra thing he prepared would be an extra life line in this struggle.

This time, Wang Lin knew that a third step cultivator wanted to kill him, and he had almost no chance of survival. If it was anyone else but Wang Lin, they would have likely already collapsed in despair and wouldn't have the will to resist. After all, it was a third step cultivator, so all preparations done would be useless.

However, Wang Lin was heaven-defying cultivator and royal ancient god. His pride, his dignity, his heaven-defying nature wouldn't allow him to yield. Not even a third step cultivator could make him yield!

"I can die, but I will die fighting, not suffer a humiliating death. If you want to kill me, you must pay the price!" Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he had prepared for five days straight. He took a deep breath as his hands formed a seal and then he suddenly opened his arms.

As Wang Lin's hands moved, a blood storm spread out with Wang Lin as the center. In a short period of time, it spread across the wild continents until all of them were enveloped by it.

There were large amount of fierce beasts on these wild continents. When Wang Lin moved the wild continents here, he didn't move the fierce beasts. As a result, the amount of fierce beasts gathered here was terrifying.

"The Tattoo Clan ancestor once taught me tattoo spells, and Ta Shan also secretly told me what he learned as well. Tattoos are refined from animal skins, taking the essence of the beast to form a tattoo. They have heaven-shaking power!

"However, this spell is simply too terrifying and requires too many lives. I didn't want to use this, but now I'm forced to!" There was a flash of red light in wang Lin's eyes as he began a complicated chant. This chant turned into tattoos around him. They charged into the blood storm and, in a flash, covered all the wild continents.

The fierce beasts on the wild continents all trembled and let out miserable screams as their bodies and blood quickly withered. Even their bones melted as the essence of their bodies condensed on a piece of skin between their eyebrows and formed a blood-colored tattoo.

The countless fierce beasts let out earth-shattering roars that echoed across the rank 5 region. All the cultivators in the rank 5 region sensed this shock, and those with low cultivations levels even began to hallucinate as they couldn't control their minds.

As the fierce beasts collapsed, these tattoos floated above all the wild continents, creating an astonishing pressure. This pressure was enough to destroy a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Their body would instantly collapsed, and it would be difficult for their origin soul to escape death!

"Ten million swords condensed into one is the first counterattack I prepared for the third step cultivator that wants to kill me! 100 wild continents fused with the three great restrictions is the second counterattack I have prepared for him!

"Countless Tattoo Clan tattoos formed by countless fierce beasts that could destroy the world will be the third counterattack!" The endless origin crystals that piled up around Wang Lin all collapsed and dissipated as the origin energy inside was drained away.

"Even people at the Heaven's Blight stage would without a doubt die if they got hit by these three kill moves! But this isn't the limit of my 2,000 years of cultivation!" Wang Lin had given it his all for this battle. He took a deep breath as his hand reached out and his storage space opened. A bolt of thunder flew out.

The moment the thunder appeared, there was a roar. The thunder beast formed by the God Slaying War Chariot appeared! As soon as it appeared, Wang Lin waved his right hand and all the decorations Master Flamespark had added on to it collapsed, and it returned to the mighty form of the past.


This thunder beast let out a roar and its eyes revealed a powerful gaze. It had already gained intelligence, so it knew Wang Lin was facing a crisis.

"There are still several seals left on this God Slaying War Chariot. If it was in the past, I wouldn't have opened them, but now I can!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and blew forward.

A gust of wind came from his mouth and landed on the Thunder Beast. The thunder beast trembled violently and released cracking sounds as if a mirror was shattering.

"Release all the seals on the second God Slaying War Chariot!" Wang Lin's eyes suddenly opened revealed a cold gaze. As the wind fell on the war chariot, he spat a mouthful of blood that landed on the war chariot as well.

The Thunder Beast let out a painful cry as its body expanded rapidly. The seals on its body rapidly collapsed until all of them were released!

The God Slaying War Chariot that didn't get to storm the Celestial Realm before it collapsed revealed itself once more to the world!

As the Thunder Beast's body expanded, it became tens of thousands of feet tall. Its body quickly changed, its bottom half turning into a giant war chariot!

Its upper body changed drastically as well, becoming a giant spear. This spear was connected with the war chariot and gave off endless thunder when it appeared before Wang Lin!

A heaven-shaking aura exploded from the war chariot and on to Wang Lin's body, causing him to stop breathing for a moment!

Even the earth began trembling, and the 100 wild continents covered by the three great restrictions also trembled.

"Now it is worthy of being call 'god slaying!'" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he waved his right hand and the giant war chariot fell down on his left side. The spear gave off a powerful killing intent as it pointed at the sky!

Wang Lin's right hand reached out once more and a five-colored butterfly came out and began circling him. There was also a blood swallow accompanying the butterfly.

"This third God Slaying War Chariot is the strongest! Even now, I can't open it all, but aside from the last one, I'm confident in opening the rest!" Wang Lin's hand formed a seal, and blood flew out and landed on the butterfly.

In an instant, the butterfly trembled and even its wings seemed to stop moving. Then a giant cocoon gradually appeared around it!

This cocoon was similar to when it become a butterfly. The moment it appeared, endless origin energy began to gather. Even Wang Lin had his origin energy rapidly absorbed.

As it absorbed origin energy, the cocoon grew bigger and bigger until it was 10,000 feet tall.

Wang Lin's eyes closed as he continued to take out origin crystals for the cocoon to absorb. Soon, the cocoon stopped growing in size, but the aura inside became more fierce.

Time slowly passed, and one day went by!

The cocoon that was floating there suddenly collapsed and created a powerful blast that blew everything back. Even Wang Lin was pushed back over 10,000 feet, but his eyes were filled with ecstasy.

As the cocoon collapsed, a seven-colored war chariot thousands of feet large appeared! This war chariot didn't have a spear, but possessed seven terrifying thorns. As the thorns absorbed origin energy, they gave off a seven-colored glow.

It suddenly landed, and as Wang Lin moved, the two war chariots stood on his left and right!

"These two war chariots are my fourth counter attack! Unfortunately, I don't have enough time. If I had more time, I would be able to prepare a few more!" Wang Lin looked up at the sky. There was only one day left!

There was only 12 hours left!

He predicted that in 12 hours, the person that wanted to kill him would come and the life and death crisis would begin!

"My last preparation will be to suck out the rust from the broken iron sword in the next 12 hours!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and the broken iron sword flew out.

Even if this iron sword was repaired, it wouldn't be enough to resist this crisis, and Wang Lin didn't intend to repair it, as it was too late. What he wanted were the blood stains on the iron sword!

"I can't find any clue about this blood, but I can feel that it contains an unimaginable force. It is similar to ancient god blood, but at the same time different. It is even a bit similar to the heaven's blood the Azura Dragon Divine Emperor mentioned." Wang Lin suddenly opened his mouth and inhaled. He swallowed the iron sword and began refining it inside his origin soul!

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