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Chapter 127 – Closed Door Cultivation at a Volcano

From beginning to end, Wang Lin never looked at the young woman. The young woman looked at the direction Wang Lin disappeared to with eyes filled with confusion. The Mai Liang from back then would constantly bug her. Even when she’d yell at him or hit him, he would just not stop.

She and Mai Liang grew up in the same village. Their families were very close and their parents set their marriage when they were kids. Later, the two of them were accepted into the War God Shrine. The more she looked at Mai Liang, the more she’d see him as a country bumpkin, so she became very disgusted with him. They were already engaged, but she hid this very well. She used the engagement to trick Mai Liang into going into the foreign battleground. She told him that once he comes back, she would form a cultivation pair with him.

But now, Mai Liang came back and completely ignored her. In regards to this, Xu Si had a strange feeling in her heart. Adding on that sudden feeling that made her shiver, this huge contrast made her mind go blank.

As for Wang Lin, he flew for a long time in this foreign country of Hou Fen. He stopped at a mountain range. According to Mai Liang’s memories, this was a famous mountain range of volcanos.

Hou Fen got its name because of all the big and small volcanos like this one. If they weren’t being watched and sealed by cultivators, they would have already erupted.

In the history of Hou Fen, there has never been a massive eruption of volcanoes. This has a lot to do with cultivators keeping them in check.

After looking around, Wang Lin left and arrived outside a village. The village was currently very busy and the children of the village were playing outside. Wang Lin felt a wave of pain in his heart. After a long time, he slowly walked into the village.

He found some buckets in a deserted house. After filling them with water, he quickly flew away.

After returning to the volcanos, he found a natural cave. He immediately sealed the cave and used rocks to make defensive formations. Only after that did he sit down crossed legged and began to cultivate.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin’s face was completely pale. He had sustained heavy injuries in the foreign battleground and his divine sense was completely shattered. He escaped with that sliver of Ji Realm Divine Sense and then, ignoring his injuries, used that sliver of Ji Realm so it would be easier for him to leave and recover.

After he started cultivating, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes to nurture his soul, and his thoughts sunk into his own consciousness.

Wang Lin’s Sea of Consciousness was a golden sea, but most of this sea was blocked by a grey fog. Only a very small portion of it wasn’t covered by the grey fog. Thorns of black light were blocking out the grey fog.

A three inch sword was standing there all by itself. Those light thorns came from the sword. Upon closer inspection, there were deep cracks on the sword.

On the other side of the Sea of Consciousness, there was a white space. Within it floated a grey bead. The grey fog didn’t dare to go within ten feet of it.

Inside Wang Lin’s Sea of Consciousness, aside from those two points, everywhere else was covered in grey fog.

Suddenly, the thick grey fog began to churn as a streak of red lightning flashed by. Wherever the lightning went, the gray fog would back away.

Although Wang Lin’s divine sense had completely collapsed, he was able to condense a sliver of Ji Realm Divine Sense. This was a type of divine sense, but its quality was much better than Wang Lin’s previous divine sense.

Although Wang Lin’s divine sense was large, it was nothing compared to the law of the world. But with just a sliver of Ji Realm Divine Sense, he was able to resist the law of the world. That sliver of Ji Realm Divine Sense allowed him to escape. Its power was clearly not ordinary.

This red lightning was that sliver of Ji Realm Divine Sense.

Wherever the right lightning went, the grey fog moved out of its way. Even the golden ocean that was previously calm began to stir. The red lightning arrived next to the sword and entered it. The sword flashed red.

The green sword immediately let out a hum and charged out, following the red lightning.

The two rays of light charged through the fog, causing the golden ocean to stir. They arrived next to the bead and the bead followed them as they charged out of the grey fog.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His hands formed a seal and he pressed it on his forehead. Suddenly, two lights shined from his forehead, then a sword and bead appeared before him.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at them. He quickly closed his eyes again. His red lightning charged about his sea of consciousness for a while. After finding that nothing else was abnormal, it returned to the golden ocean.

The grey fog covered the gaps and then the entire sea of consciousness calmed down and returned to normal.

In the depths of the golden ocean, the red lightning rested there as it slowly absorbed the energy from the ocean.

Wang Lin could clearly feel that his Ji Realm Divine Sense was growing inside the golden ocean. Although it was slow, Wang Lin could feel that if he continued to be alive, then in tens of thousands of years, his soul would return to what it was before.

If that day really comes, then even the law of the world would be nothing in his eyes. He could go in and out of the world of decay as he wished.

Wang Lin pondered for a while as he looked at the two lights before him. He waved his hand and two bags of holding appeared in his grasp. All of the magic treasures from the three bags he obtained were used to block the law of the world.

As for the materials, he sorted them into three portions when he made the turtle shell formations. His divine sense entered a bag of holding. He took out a piece of black metal that was the size of his palm.

This piece of metal was clearly a piece of armor. Wang Lin pondered for a bit. His current weakness was that his knowledge of materials was really poor. Like right now, he had two bags full of materials, but he didn’t know what to do with them. He felt helpless. It was as if he had entered a mountain filled treasure, but didn’t know what any of the treasures were.

This piece of metal was one of the few of the things he knew. It was a piece of refined iron.

The reason he knew about refined iron was due to the secret exchange among the inner disciples back at the Heng Yue Sect. He saw someone take out a piece that was the size of a fingernail to trade. It was an important material for making flying swords.

He put away the bag of holding and decided that once he finished cultivating, he would spend a lot of effort on getting information on materials.

Wang Lin threw the refined iron into the air and the flying sword immediately moved and stabbed into it. A speck of green light peered out of the center of the refined iron. The green gradually spread until finally, a beam of sword Qi was shot out.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled as he looked at the piece of iron. He was feeling depressed because didn’t know how to refine magic treasures. This was the most he could do.

Then, his thoughts moved and that piece of refined iron quickly flashed and appeared behind him. However, the piece of refined iron was a lot smaller and the edges were glowing red as liquid metal dripped to the ground.

Wang Lin secretly let out a sigh. After the temperature of the refined iron lowered, he put it away in his bag of holding.

Then, he looked at the bead’s image and felt a connection to his soul. He waved his hand. After the bead’s image landed in his hand, it gradually became solid.

The pattern on the bead was still two leaves. Without a word, Wang Lin brought out the buckets filled with water and dropped the bead inside.

Moments later, Wang Lin took out the bead and drank the water. Suddenly, he felt spiritual energy enter his body, so he quickly took out the other three buckets and dipped the bead inside them. Then, he stared at the bead to see if he could still enter the dream space.

When he arrived inside the dream space again, he looked at the familiar scene. Wang Lin pondered a little and quickly moved until he arrived at the place Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul was in.

Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul was still there, but it had shrunk to less than 1/10th the size of a normal person. Compared to before, it was a heaven and earth difference.

The Nascent Soul was very dim, looked sluggish, and his eyes were closed. Next to his Nascent Soul were two faint lights.

Wang Lin shed two streams of tears as he kowtowed at the two lights. Then, he sat down and brought out the four buckets. He downed a large gulp of water and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin’s body didn’t have a sliver of cultivation, so he would have to cultivate all over again from the Qi Condensation stage. But whether it was Wang Lin or Mai Liang’s body, both had already experienced the Qi Condensation stage. Thanks to that, Wang Lin was easily recovering his cultivation.

Time passed by and in the blink of an eye, one year had passed. Although it was one year, seven years had passed inside the dream space.

In this year’s time, whether Wang Lin was inside the dream space or outside, he spent all of his time cultivating. He had only gone out several times in order to replenish his spirit water.

In the third year inside the dream space, Wang Lin reached the 15th layer of Qi Condensation. He then spent two more years reaching the Foundation Establishment stage. In the last one plus years, he finally recovered his cultivation and reached the mid stage of Foundation Establishment.

With just his Ji Realm Divine Sense, Wang Lin was the natural enemy of all Foundation Establishment cultivators. Wang Lin was even confident in fighting against early stage Core Formation cultivators. He felt like he would have a 70% chance of killing an early stage Core Formation cultivator after reaching the late stage of Foundation Establishment.

Similarly, If he could form his core, then he would be the number one cultivator in the cultivation union below the Nascent Soul stage.

This was the power of the Ji Realm.

The relationship between the Ji Realm and Wang Lin was like fish and water. Although the Ji Realm was powerful, without any cultivation to back it up, it couldn’t last. Only with increases in cultivation can the Ji Realm grow stronger and last.

The stronger your cultivation, the more of the Ji Realm’s power you can use.

The current Wang Lin had completely fused with Mai Liang’s body in these seven years. There was no longer any discomfort, but the coldness coming from his body became even stronger. It was like a 10,000 year old ice mountain that no one could melt.

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