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Chapter 1264 - To Know

Wang Lin and Mu Bingmei's gazes met across the open courtyard door. This door was like an uncrossable gully, and the two of them became silent under the moonlight.

This silence was different from when he was with Li Qianmei, but he didn't exactly know what the difference was. It seemed that in Wang Lin's life, aside form Li Muwan, there would also be someone called Liu Mei or Mu Bingmei accompanying him...

Planet Suzaku was like this… Allheaven was like this… now, in the Cloud Sea, it was still like this.

Under this silence, Mu Bingmei lowered her head and slowly walked forward. She stepped through the door and entered the courtyard, stopping 10 feet from Wang Lin.

"I didn't expect to meet you here." Mu Bingmei raised her head to look at the night sky. Her voice was a bit hoarse.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from Mu Bingmei, and his gaze was calm. The complicated feelings from the past were gone, as if he was looking at was an estranged friend.

Wang Lin calmly said, "Many things in this world are difficult to predict."

Mu Bingmei's beautiful face displayed a dazzling beauty under the moonlight. This beauty contained a noble temperament, and it was an aura she naturally had from being the Brilliant Void Saintess for many years.

No women Wang Lin had met in his life could compare to Mu Bingmei. She was like a fairy that shouldn't exist in the world that had accidently descended on this world.

"Difficult to predict…" There was a hint of bitterness on Mu Bingmei's face.

"Why did you come to the Cloud Sea?" Wang Lin looked at Mu Bingmei. Although she had brought him endless pain, she had deeply imprinted herself in his mind. He could never completely forget about her.

However, Liu Mei belonged to this woman, and Liu Mei continued on with her. Sometimes even Wang Lin couldn't tell if she was Liu Mei or Mu Bingmei.

However, none of this was important. When Wang Lin left the Alliance Star System, he had ended all feuds with this woman. Even if that wind returned, it could never affect his heart.

"Do you know a person called Tuo Sen… An ancient god…" Mu Bingmei looked at Wang Lin. There was a hint of bitterness and also a deep sense of worry in her eyes.

"Tuo Sen!!" Wang Lin's eyes suddenly changed, showing a hint of coldness.

"He escaped. Allheaven's army collapsed. He killed countless cultivators, and they had to retreat back to Allheaven. They no longer dared to enter the Alliance… Allheaven had a powerful cultivator named Master Lu Fu. He avoided the Alliance Star System and didn't dare to fight Tuo Sen!" Mu Bingmei's words were calm, but the contents shocked Wang Lin. Wang Lin took a deep breath as the aura inside him condensed. He was like a volcano ready to explode.

However, Mu Bingmei's words didn't end; she hadn't finished telling Wang Lin all the news!

"The Corpse Sect's domain was found by Tuo Sen. The king of the Corpse Sect fell, with countless dead and injured. The Corpse Sect almost fell apart!

"The Four Divine Sect suffered countless deaths under Tuo Sen's advance. Although the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's cultivation is heavenly, he was still no match… Whether he is dead or alive is unknown!

"All remnants of the Cultivation Alliance were destroyed and scattered by Tuo Sen… Only the Alliance Headquarters for some reason didn't attract Tuo Sen and remained safe!"

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. The shock the news brought him was too big. It was like a carriage weighing tons charging straight at him.

He didn't think Tuo Sen's awakening would set off such a storm in the Alliance!

"The Rain Celestial Realm you cared the most about wasn't damaged. Tuo Sen did go, but he was stopped outside by Qin Lin. They seemed to come upon an agreement and then Tuo Sen left." Mu Bingmei bit her lower lip as she spoke.

"You were right. If Ru Er had chosen to stay with me, with her cultivation level, it would have been difficult for her to escape alive… The Brilliant Void Realm no longer exists… All the cultivators inside died in battle. Even the guardian died to Tuo Sen in exchange for a chance of me escaping… My body collapsed. What you see now is one I just reformed recently…"

"My cultivation level has dropped greatly. If I want to return to my peak, it will take time."

The waves in Wang Lin's mind finally calmed down. He had already been mentally prepared for Tuo Sen's appearance. However, hearing Mu Bingmei's words, he was still shocked.

"As the Brilliant Void Saintess, I have the inheritance of the Brilliant Void Realm. Tens of thousands of years ago, a previous Brilliant Void Saintess saved the head elder of the God Sect. The head elder owes us a favor, so I used a secret technique to flee here. I want to go to the God Sect and use their power to help me recover…" Mu Bingmei's voice was low when her voice suddenly trembled.

What caused her body to tremble was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin walked forward and closed in on Mu Bingmei. His finger formed a sword and moved like lightning, targeting the area between her eyebrows.

Mu Bingmei didn't dodge. After a moment of being startled, her face became deathly pale. She seemed to remember something but wasn't sure as she allowed Wang Lin's fingers to land between her eyebrows.

Mu Bingmei's mind rumbled like crazy, and in a moment, an aura rapidly rotated between her eyebrows. A dense ancient god aura came out from this vortex!

This aura was very strong. Outsiders couldn't detect it, but Wang Lin could clearly feel it. His expression was gloomy as he looked up at the sky. No one knew what he was thinking.

Mu Bingmei's face was bloodless as she stood there startled. Her face was filled with sadness as she retreated a few steps. It was as if she had lost all strength.

"So… Sorry…. Sorry…" Mu Bingmei bit her lip as two lines of crystal tears fell down the corners of her eyes. In the end she… was still a woman.

Her original intent was to tell Wang Lin everything so he could be prepared. She was worried about Wang Lin's safety, she wanted him to know all of this so he could quickly leave.

Her intentions were good.

"I… After I arrived at the Cloud Sea, I checked my body and origin soul many times without discovering anything. This body was just formed, and I checked every inch of my origin soul… I…"

Wang Lin lowered his head. When he saw Mu Bingmei's pale and crying face and the remorse in her eyes, he let out a sigh and softly said, "It's alright. 

"This matter has nothing to do with you. I personally saw Allheaven's third step cultivator, Master Lu Fu, get defeated and almost die. With Tuo Sen's strength, if he wanted to leave an imprint on you that you couldn't detect, you wouldn't be able to find it."

Wang Lin's voice was soft. He naturally saw Mu Bingmei's good intentions.

"I…" Mu Bingmei didn't expect the result to be like this. Her face was deathly pale.

"Besides, since Tuo Sen left the ancient god imprint on you, it is same as sending me some tonic!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his right hand reached at Mu Bingmei. The ancient god auras attracted each other and the imprint flew at Wang Lin.

When it got close to Wang Lin, stars appeared between his eyebrows. The imprint was then absorbed into the sixth star! In his mind, Tuo Sen suddenly appeared and roared, but Wang Lin's ancient god body immediately appeared.

This was a devour and an absorption. Although Tuo Sen was strong, he hadn't left much aura on Mu Bingmei. A moment later, Wang Lin absorbed it, and it unexpectedly made his sixth star even more stable.

"He… Before he left the Alliance, he shouted your name, looking for you. He even came to the Cloud Sea but couldn't find you." Mu Bingmei took a deep breath. Her eyes were filled with guilt.

Wang Lin's expression suddenly changed as he looked at Mu Bingmei and said, "Do you know when he came to the Cloud Sea?"

Mu Bingmei pondered a bit and softly said, "I don't know the exact time. I was in closed door cultivation, recovering my body, but it shouldn't have been more than 100 years." 

"100 years!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he began to ponder.

Wang Lin had spent most of the past 100 year in that strange place. He was vaguely aware that his location was similar to the Sealed Realm Formation.

"Tuo Sen must have not found my aura in the Sealed Realm. If I were him, I would wonder if I left the Sealed Realm… And at that time, I was at a place related to the Sealed Realm Formation. When Tuo Sen tried to break through, he noticed my aura… As a result…" Wang Lin's expression became strange.

"If Tuo Sen was still in the Sealed Realm, there would be no way he hadn't come looking for me, since I had already left the Seven-Colored Realm for several months. So far, he still hasn't come… So… I can almost conclude that Tuo Sen used some unknown method to enter the… Outer Realm!"

Just as Wang Lin figured out what happened, an angry roar echoed throughout the Ancient Star System. There was an giant ancient god charging out from an ancient clan while roaring angrily. Behind him was a bloody mess.

This was already the ninth ancient clan he had destroyed. He still wasn't able to find a trace of Wang Lin in the Ancient Star System, which made Tuo Sen almost crazy!

However, just a moment after he destroyed this clan, his mind trembled. He clearly felt the imprint he had left on the Brilliant Void Saintess detect Wang Lin's aura!

This discovery made Tuo Sen's expression ugly, and a storm erupted in his body.

"You're in the Sealed Realm!!! How could you be in the Sealed Realm? I clearly searched there countless times!!" Tuo Sen roared like crazy, but right now he didn't have the strength to break through the Sealed Realm Formation again any time soon!

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