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Chapter 126 – Foreign Country

Because the giant hand suddenly paused due to the Ji Realm Soul, Wang Lin’s body disappeared into the transfer array the moment it opened.

The giant hand turned into countless black lines. They hovered around the transfer array for a long time before finally disappearing.

Because of the existence of the Ji Realm, Wang Lin became the first soul devourer to go from the world of decay to the world of the living. Although his soul had been refined to just a small piece of Ji Realm Soul, the essence of a soul devourer was still with him.

The rank 3 cultivation of Hou Fen was at the southern part of planet Suzaku and was to the south of the Sea of Devils.

On this day, at the top of the volcano at the center of Hou Fen, stood a group of people from the War God Shrine.

The War God Shrine’s six Nascent Soul ancestors were sitting comfortably at the top of Hou Fen. Back when the battle for the right to enter the foreign battleground began, the War God Shrine crushed the competition and was the only sect to enter.

The person leading the group wasn’t a Nascent Soul cultivator, but an early stage Core Formation elder named Huo Hongfei. Maybe it was because his cultivation method was the Divine Path, but he didn’t look old at all at the age of 200. Rather, he looked like a very handsome middle aged man.

The Divine Path is the top cultivation method of the War God Shrine. Only when someone reaches the Foundation Establishment stage can they cultivate using this method, which is said to help with reaching the Core Formation stage. As to exactly how it works, outsiders don’t know.

But since all of the Core Formation and Nascent Soul cultivators from the War God Shrine were natives of Hou Fen, there must’ve been something special about the method.

If the Divine Path had such a strong effect, then it wasn’t surprising that others would want to try to steal it, but even if the other sects tried, they didn’t have the ability to because the War God Shrine was simply too powerful.

But with people constantly trying to steal it, the War God Shrine finally gave up and decided to hold a general assembly every 20 years for people to view the Divine Path. Of course, everyone must pay a certain amount of spirit stones to view it, and whether or not they could comprehend it was up to themselves.

As a result, the War God Shine stopped having to worry about it. They also gained a large amount of income, so they were very happy about how it turned out.

This Divine Path method only had 100 words. Each word was hard to understand and very few people could comprehend it.

In truth, what Huo Hongfei was cultivating was a method a very talented member of the War God Shine created after studying the Divine Path for more than half of his life. Not only was this method very powerful, it also had the ability to keep you looking young after practicing it for a long time, so it was favored by the disciples of the War God Shrine.

Beside Hou Hongfei stood a group of people. The most eye catching one was a young woman with a very graceful figure. She was as pretty as a peacock and her delicate face was like that of a fairy. Her mouth was slightly open as she talked to a handsome and tall young man next to her. There was a hint of tenderness in her eyes.

The transfer array suddenly opened and everyone’s gaze focused on it. The transfer array became brighter and brighter as three figures appeared and became more clear.

Hou Hongfei frowned and secretly sighed. He learned a while ago that the foreign battleground was collapsing and was prepared for the fact that not many disciples might make it back. But seeing only three people, even though he was prepared, he still felt very sad.

But when he clearly saw Zhou Zihong among them, he felt relieved. Zhou Zihong was his disciples and was very stubborn. When she told him that she wanted to go to the foreign battleground, he strongly disagreed, but the kid still went anyways.

Hou Hongfei felt helpless. After giving her some magic treasures, he reluctantly let her go. After seeing that she had made it back, he finally relaxed a bit.

After the three of them appeared, they looked at the familiar scene before them and felt very unreal. However, the three of them looked at each other and their hearts became heavy again.

What they cared about the most right now was whether Wang Lin lived or died. It has to be said that the three of them had already given their Soul Essence Blood to Wang Lin. If he were to die, then they would find it difficult to escape death as well.

After greeting elder Hou Hongfei, Hou Hongfei’s gaze swept past them. He said, “Not bad. Everyone’s cultivation level has increased greatly. Zihong and Tang Xiong both reached the late stage of Foundation Establishment. Lin Tao is a bit behind, but is very close to breaking through. Very good! After experiencing this trial at the foreign battleground, your cultivation speed will increase greatly. Ah, it is a pity that too few disciples have returned…”

Zhou Zihong sighed and whispered, “Master, when the foreign battleground suddenly collapsed, many strange creatures appeared. Once they jumped on you, you would immediately die. No one in the foreign battleground was able to resist. This all happened too quickly. Originally, our harvest was very rich, but now…” With that, her expression suddenly became very gloomy.

Hou Hongfei waved his hand. Looking at the three, he frowned and said, “We can talk about it later. Now tell me, why has your appearance not change?”

It has to be said that while inside the foreign battleground, your appearance wouldn’t change, but you would instantly age those 50 years right after leaving. Although the cultivation method the three of them used helped maintain youth, they still shouldn’t look exactly like they did before they left.

Tang Xiong was the senior disciple and was also the sect head’s proud disciple. After he heard Hou Hongfei’s, words he quickly said, “Elder doesn’t know, but junior apprentice brother Mai Liang got his hands on pills that could preserve our appearance for 100 years per pill. The three of us took two pills each.”

The disciples that were around that heard it enviously looked at the three of them. Especially the young woman, who had been looking at Zhou Zihong with doubt in her eyes the whole time. She suddenly said, “Senior apprentice sister Zhou, do you still have that pill?”

Zhou Zihong coldly looked at her and said, “You have to ask junior apprentice brother Mai Liang about that.”

The young woman was angry, but she only smiled and no longer said anything. She secretly thought that the timid Mai Liang must have already died, so how could she even ask? Clearly, Zhou Zihong didn’t want to tell her.

The young man next to her whispered something in her ear. The young woman stuck her tongue out at him and her face reddened.

Hou Hongfei looked at the two and ignored them. He then looked at Zhou Zihong’s group and said, “Okay, since everyone has returned, we should go back. Ancestor Laun Feng came out of closed door cultivation to hear about the matter of the foreign battleground from you guys.” With that, he meaningfully looked at the three of them.

Lin Tao hesitated for a bit and whispered, “Junior apprentice brother Mai Liang is still back there. The situation was grim, so he told us to return first and he will follow suit.”

Hou Hongfei raised his eyebrows and said, with a touch of surprise, “Mai Liang? He is also one of the lucky survivors?”

The moment he said those words, the expressions of the disciples of the War God Shrine became strange. Especially that beautiful young woman’s. She asked, “ Mai Liang didn’t die?”

Zhou Zihong’s expression was strange. She looked at the young woman and said, “Junior apprentice sister can relax. During those years in the foreign battleground, his personality has changed. The current him won’t bother junior apprentice sister anymore.”

The young woman frowned. She shook her head and said, “You guys don’t understand. Ah, how could Mai Liang still be alive?”

Hou Hongfei stared at her and shouted, “What nonsense! Do you wish for Mai Liang to die? Is this what your master taught you?!”

The young woman lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak. The young man next to her said, “What are you afraid of? If he still dares to bother you, I’m here.”

Yang Xiong sighed and said, with a deep voice, “Junior apprentice sister, junior apprentice brother Mai Liang won’t bother you anymore. You can rest assured.” With that, he secretly thought, “That senior’s personality is cold. How could he possibly fancy you?”

Just at that moment, the transfer array suddenly lit up again. Everyone looked at the transfer array only to see a thin and weak figure walk out of it.

Everyone suddenly felt a coldness inside them the moment that person appeared. The coldness wasn’t in their bodies, but in their souls.

It was as if the person before them was a piece of ice that could freeze the soul. This feeling was very oppressive.

The disciples of the War God Shrine were the first to experience the tyrannical nature of the Ji Realm. They couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

The young woman, Xu Si, shivered and felt very confused. Although this person looked like Mai Liang, his aura was completely different from before.

Wang Lin walked out and looked around. When he noticed Hou Hongfei, he quickly clasped his hands and said, “Disciple Mai Liang greets elder Hou.”

Hou Hongfei’s eyes lit up brightly as he said, “It is good that you’re back.” With that, he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he said, “Disciple still has something very important to do. Once I’m done, I’ll return to the sect.”

Hou Hongfei frowned and was about to speak when Wang Lin threw out a bag of holding and said, “This is all that disciple has gathered in these past 50 years. All of the magic treasures have been destroyed, so only these materials remain.”

With that, Wang Lin jumped into the air and flew into the distance.

Hou Hongfei took the bag of holding. He scanned it with his divine sense and his expression became strange. The contents of the bag of holding were very valuable. When he raised his head, Wang Lin had already disappeared, but he didn’t follow him. He had his doubts, but he felt like he should go back and report it to the sect head.

The most important reason he felt that was because he didn’t feel like he could easily make Wang Lin stay. That coldness he felt made him dread Wang Lin.

Even if he had tried to make him stay by force, if he had ended up in a sorry state, he would lose a lot of face in front of the disciples. After considering that, he decided that it wasn’t worth it and didn’t chase after Wang Lin.

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