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Chapter 1258 -  Rebuking the Everlasting Sect, Sundered Night

"Why would I not dare?"

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. Their light suddenly replaced all light in the world. This caused the entire world to be enveloped in a golden light. Even the rain in the sky seemed to become golden.

It was as if Wang Lin's figure had become the rising sun. The golden light he released shot out like swords that were filled with the law of origin!

As the emotionless voice echoed, a white-haired old man arrived in the ray of light. His old face was filled with wrinkles and his gaze made it seem like he understood the heavens. As he closed in, the heavens and earth changed colors, the winds split the clouds, and it felt like the entire world was under his control.

A red halo faintly appeared around the old man's skin. As he moved forward, everyone who saw this was shocked!

Only those who perfectly passed the first Heaven's Blight would have a halo of law protecting them. This halo also represented someone with shocking power!

His figure was very fast, so much so that it was almost impossible to keep track of him. The ray of light flew across the sky, and in the next breath, he was 1,000 feet above Wang Lin. He was like a deity as he coldly looked down at Wang Lin.

"You do have guts!" The old man's words were calm as he raised his right hand and mercilessly slammed down!

This slam caused the heavens to shake. All the raindrops collapsed into water vapor. As they dissipated, red light came out and formed a giant net!

This net covered the world and contained endless power of law that could shock the origin soul. This was a net made of law!

This old man was no longer a deity. He had turned into a fisherman that was scattering the net. There was a boundary in this world, and that net seemed to be the boundary!

The old man was in the sky and became the fisherman. Wang Lin on the ground became the fish, and the earth became the sea. The giant net became a cage made of law that wanted to capture the fish!

This scene shocked Wang Lin's mind. It was very similar to his own dao comprehension back then. In a way, it confirmed the fruit of his dao from back then!

The moment the net of law closed in, Wang Lin's eyes flashed and he charged into the air. In the other person's eyes, Wang Lin was the fish, and he couldn't escape the net! He would eventually be picked up by the net and be trapped in the cage of law!

However, Wang Lin was a heaven-defying cultivator. What he defied was the heavens, so how could he do nothing? When he comprehended this back then, he saw the fish continue to struggle to escape the net.

Today, Wang Lin became the fish under the spell of the white-haired old man. He was also going to struggle, struggle against the net of law, the white-haired old man, and the heavens!

The net of law quickly descended and surrounded everything. It gave one the feeling that there was no place to hide, as if the entire world was under this net!

The golden light from Wang Lin's body became brighter and brighter. The earth seemed to become the ocean, and he was the gradually rising sun!

The first spell Wang Lin created, Sundered Night! Sundered Night contained the law of origin. He had comprehended this while watching the sun rise when he was still at the Nirvana Cleanser stage. However, Sundered Night was too powerful, and the origin energy required to use it was beyond Wang Lin's limit.

He could only use it a specific time without using any origin energy.

However, now Wang Lin's domain had changed to true and false, he had devoured the dao fruit, he had created the star of law, and most importantly, the comprehension of his second spell allowed him to use Sundered Night without waiting for that specific moment!

Although its power wouldn't be at its highest and it couldn't last for too long, it was much better than only being able to use it at a specific moment!

More importantly, the reason Wang Lin was willing to use it and waste all his origin energy to cast Sundered Night was because he didn't have to worry about his life!

He had a mosquito herd!

This was his ace and his life-saving spell. It was because of this that he didn't hesitate to help the Origin Sect rise up in the Everlasting Sect!

At this moment, the net of law closed in, and Wang Lin laughed. His hands moved and the earth rumbled. The illusionary sea appeared. Although it wasn't real, there were still waves surging.

The world was shrouded by darkness with only the red net of law slowly descending.

This strange scene caused the old man's expression to change and his eyes to narrow. He withdrew any feeling of contempt and became very serious.

When he attacked, he didn't intend to kill; it was meant as a test and a threat. He had naturally seen how strong Wang Lin was, and this kind of person had to become part of the Everlasting Sect and couldn't be arrogant. He was attacking to teach Wang Lin a lesson, teach him that the world was large and that the Everlasting Sect shouldn't be provoked!

However, when he saw Wang Lin use Sundered Night, he took a deep breath. He had already thrown out the intent to teach Wang Lin a lesson and had revealed a hint of battle intent!

"What strange law! This child's spell is indeed amazing!"

The cultivators in the stands were shrouded in darkness. They were all confused as a force they didn't understand enveloped them, making their minds tremble.

Even the elders of the Everlasting Sect were like this as well!

They didn't know that back in the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin had used Sundered Night to kill Master Void and forced the grey-robed All-Seer to retreat. Two of the All-Seer's late stage Nirvana Shatterer avatars had died!

They also didn't know that Sundered Night was recognized as an extremely powerful spell after the battle in the Demon Spirit Land!

The waves surged under the darkness of the night. Everything was dark; even the net of law seemed to merge with the darkness, fusing together into one. The net landed on the sea, and the waves raged as if the sea was struggling.

The net of law penetrated the sea and quickly descended toward Wang Lin.

However, just as the net of law neared Wang Lin, the waves of the illusionary sea surged. A golden light emerged from the sea and slowly pushed back the darkness of the night.

As the golden light grew stronger and stronger, even more golden light pierced through the sea. Soon, a rising sun appeared on the surface of the sea!

The moment the sun appeared, the world was shrouded in golden light. The darkness of the night seemed to be torn apart by the law of origin. A rumble echoed as the darkness was forced back like crazy.

When more than half of the sun had risen above the sea and appeared in the sky, a low voice echoed.

"Sundered Night!"

The moment these two words sounded, a blurry figure appeared inside the sun. This figure was Wang Lin!

The cultivators whose minds had merged with the darkness felt pain in their origin souls. It was as if their bodies were being torn apart like the darkness!

The expression of the old man in white that also merged with the darkness changed greatly and he quickly retreated. At the same time, his hands formed seals and the red halo around him flashed like crazy as it resisted the power of Sundered Night.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the old man retreated.

The golden light released a powerful glow in an instant. All the darkness in the world collapsed and rapidly dissipated.

Just at this instant, the net of law descended on the sun Wang Lin was in. It seemed like it wanted to stop the sun from rising. The moment it was going to trap Wang Lin, he mercilessly push his hands out. The golden light around him surged and shot out like swords that contained the law of origin!

The Sundered Night born from the sea contained the law of origin. There was no force that could stop the sun from rising, not even the net of law!

As Wang Lin pushed forward, he erupted with the full force of Sundered Night. The golden light rushed out. It could tear apart all the barriers of the heavens and earth, including this… fisherman's net made of law!

A thunderous rumble echoed as the net of law trembled. Cracking sounds echoed and then it collapsed. It dissipated into the void along with the darkness!

The fisherman had cast the net to catch the fish, but the fish had struggled and broken free from the net!

However, Wang Lin was a fish but also not a fish. If he was a fish, he would have returned to the ocean after breaking free from the net. However, he was a heaven-defying cultivator, so he was not willing to leave. Instead, he wanted to… retaliate!

The golden light surrounded him and he stepped out when the net of law was broken. He coldly stared at the retreating white-haired old man that was resisting the power of Sundered Night.

"Do you dare to receive my spell?" Wang Lin's voice was mighty, and it descended like the heavens' might!

These words were shockingly similar to what the old man had said, but now the situation was reversed because it was Wang Lin who said it! If it was before, people might've thought that Wang Lin was being arrogant. However, now, after he used Sundered Night, everyone was still trapped in the darkness. Even the elders of the Everlasting Sect felt like they were being torn apart along with the night.

At this moment, these same words contained a shocking aura. Everyone's breaths seemed to stop!

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