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Chapter 125 – Ji Realm Divine Sense

Waves of light came from the transfer array as spirit energy started to surge and the transfer array began to open.

The wandering souls outside the transfer array quickly backed away when the transfer array opened up.

This was probably the last time the transfer array will open in this foreign battleground. Each cultivator still had lingering fear on their faces as they disappeared one by one.

Wang Lin stared at what was happening inside the transfer array. Every time someone disappeared, he would calculate the time.

Zhou Zihong’s group was conflicted. They didn’t know if they should leave or not, until they suddenly heard Wang Lin’s cold voice.

“The three of you go first and wait for me on the other side.”

The three of them quickly relaxed. They took out their jades, sent in their spiritual energy, and disappeared.

After all of the cultivators disappeared into the transfer array, Wang Lin muttered to himself, “Three seconds.”

After that, his eyes lit up and he charged toward the transfer array. While flying, he slapped his bag of holding and took out the jade that would allow him to use the transfer array.

His speed was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the barrier around the transfer array. Just as he entered, a black line appeared, Wang Lin didn’t dodge. He let the black line hit him.

When the black line got near Wang Lin’s body, his forehead suddenly started shining. 49 symbols automatically appeared and blocked the black line.

The black line broke through 43 of the symbols before its energy was used up and it disappeared.

Although it didn’t seem like it, all of this happened very quickly. As Wang Lin got through the transfer array’s barrier, he immediately used the jade to activate the transfer array.

Wang Lin was very worried. From his observation, it would take three seconds for the transfer array and jade to link up. These three seconds were very dangerous, but if he could hold out, he believed he would be transferred out of here.

The first second! More than a dozen black lines appeared and shot toward Wang Lin like arrows. Wang Lin knew in his heart that his body couldn’t make large movements. The transfer would fail if he did. And small movements wouldn’t help as the black lines were too quick.

Wang Lin had considered all of this before. His face darkened and his forehead shined. One by one, groups of 49 symbols appeared from his forehead.

Wang Lin made a total of 21 formations before. Taking into account the one formation that was just destroyed, Wang Lin had almost 1000 symbols protecting him.

Wang Lin could hear the constant sound of mirrors breaking as the symbols protecting him quickly shattered during this second. All of this happened very quickly and the dozen or so black lines broke through more than 900 symbols before they all disappeared.

At this moment, not only had Wang Lin not relaxed, he became even more serious. He knew that all of the preparations he made would only hold out until now. The remaining two seconds would all depend on himself. He threw out three bags of holding, and countless magic treasures appeared and floated around him. If one looked closely, there were at least 100 magic treasures.

Wang Lin had checked the three bags of holding and found that there were some things that could be used. A normal person wouldn’t dare to control so many magic treasures at once. Even with Wang Lin’s divine sense, it was a bit difficult.

The connection between the transfer array and jade had reached the second phase. The first second had passed and now it was the second second.

Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank. He wryly smiled as more than 100 black lines appeared and charged toward him. He only had less than 100 symbols remaining. They didn’t even have a chance to block anything, they were instantly destroyed.

Shortly after, it was the magic treasures’ turn. Sounds of explosions resounded everywhere as all of the magic treasures were destroyed. Wang Lin secretly sighed. He didn’t have time to refine any of them, so he couldn’t release their full power.

The magic treasures were able to stop more than half of the black lines. The remaining black lines, without anything to block them, entered Wang Lin’s body.

The black lines entered his body and the destructive force exploded inside him. Massive explosions damaged Wang Lin’s divine sense, but he held on and prevented his soul from being destroyed..

He was able to forcibly hold out for the second second. Wang Lin’s face was grim as he stared into the void and madly laughed, “What dogshit, law of the world! Come and try to stop me from going back! I have already died once! No one can stop me this time!”

The Ji Realm was a very extraordinary realm. Normally, the Ji Realm comes from spiritual energy, however, Wang Lin currently didn’t have any spiritual energy, but his soul started to show signs of the Ji Realm.

In this collapsing foreign battleground, a thunderous rumble rang across the foreign battleground and more than half the foreign battleground collapsed. The countless fragments of the foreign battleground formed countless spacial rifts.

A powerful pressure came from the void and Wang Lin’s three neighbors quickly returned to the world of decay, not daring to remain here any longer.

If even they acted like this, then let’s not talk about the wandering souls. The wandering souls panicked and entered any spacial rift they could find to return.

At this moment, the connection between the transfer array and jade had entered its final phase. It was now the third second.

Wang Lin’s crazed eyes were filled with coldness. However, within his ferociousness, there was a sliver of calmness. Wang Lin’s body easily stood straight under the pressures. Although his soul was heavily damaged, there was a mysterious force rising up from within him.

This was the aura of the Ji Realm within his soul. This was the aura that nothing living could block. If the pressure right now was like mount Tai, then Wang Lin’s aura was like an unbending sword.

Maybe mount Tai could crush this sword, but even shattered, this sword will leave through the transfer array.

In the third second, a giant hand made of black lines appeared and tried to grab Wang Lin. The number of black lines that formed the giant hand was impossible to count.

The moment the giant hand appeared, the foreign battleground began to collapse completely. Like a large chunk of ice being hit from the side, large pieces of the foreign battleground shattered to pieces and mixed together with the spacial rifts.

In the blink of an eye, the foreign battleground disappeared. Only the four transfer arrays remained, each one floating alone in the void.

The third second was a confrontation between the Ji Realm and the law of the world. Wang Lin’s soul collapsed the moment the giant hand touched him, but the moment it collapsed, it was put back together by the mysterious Ji Realm and continued resisting.

During this process, Wang Lin once again truly felt the Ji Realm.

The first time was in the ruin in the jungle.

The second time was inside the Jue Ming Valley.

The third time was when his soul awakened in the world of decay.

Now was the fourth time! Each time, his Ji Realm got stronger, especially this time. Wang Lin’s soul charged toward the Ji Realm and was refined each time it was shattered.

During this second, Wang Lin’s large soul underwent more than 10,000 reconstructions. His soul gradually shrunk and condensed, but its quality went through an earth shattering change.

The Ji Realm completely fused with his soul.

No one knows where the Ji Realm comes from, but it was certain that all of the cultivators that had the Ji Realm only had it in their spiritual energy. Only Wang Lin, through some fluke, had the Ji Realm imprinted to his soul.

In truth, the giant hand formed by the law of the world was the catalyst to allow Wang Lin’s soul to contain the power of the Ji Realm. After the heaven defying bead fused with Wang Lin’s soul, there was a sliver of Ji Realm left in his soul. However, without outside pressure, once Wang Lin had regained his spiritual energy, this sliver of Ji Realm would disappear.

But under the pressure from outside, Wang Lin’s soul shrunk and the Ji Realm expanded until they fused together. This type of fusion was still in its initial state. It can be said that Wang Lin’s soul wasn’t completely filled with Ji Realm and had a lot of other stuff mixed in.

The Ji Realm is a type of pure realm. If it appears in spiritual power, then all of its development will happen in the spiritual energy.

Similarly, now that Wang Lin’s Ji Realm was in his soul, his spiritual energy will no longer have any Ji Realm, but his divine sense will be able to easily kill anyone at the same cultivation level as him, disregarding whether they are at the early, mid, or late stage. However, the limit of Ji Realm was late stage Nascent Soul.

Only one cultivator from ancient times was able to get past that point. No one else has ever been able to.

And that person was only able to break through due to luck. It had something to do with someone undergoing divine retribution. As for what really happened, only the people who were there would know.

The Ji Realm is very terrifying. A power that can ignore the difference between the early, mid, and late stages is something the heavens would punish. If the Ji Realm was allowed to grow unrestricted, then the Ji Realm would be invincible.

The people that studied the Ji Realm deduced that the reason Ji Realm cultivators can’t break through the Nascent Soul stage is because when they try, the heavens mercilessly kill them.

The heavens wouldn’t allow a cultivator with the Ji Realm to break past the Nascent Soul stage.

However, with Wang Lin’s current Ji Realm, it was still too weak compared to the law of the world. As the hand got closer and closer, the speed at which Wang Lin’s soul was collapsing was surpassing the rate of reconstruction. Finally, with a bang, Wang Lin’s soul completely collapsed, but along with the collapse of his soul, all of the impurities in his soul also collapsed. What remained now was very close to the origin of the Ji Realm Soul.

If there was no law of the world and Wang Lin had tried to form his Ji Soul himself, he wouldn’t be able to do it in his lifetime, but now it was complete.

The moment his pure Ji Realm Soul appeared, the large hand couldn’t help but pause for a moment, and at that moment, the transfer array opened.

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