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Chapter 1245 - 100 Years in An Instant

"The sudden decrease in mosquito beasts must be related to him. He is obviously cultivating right now, so it is best we don't disturb him and quickly leave!" As Li Yuanlei spoke, he slowly retreated.

However, just at this moment, a change occurred!

The golden mosquito king suddenly raised its head and stared at the cultivators ahead. In truth, it had already seen them but was too lazy to pay any attention. However, at this moment, it suddenly let out a roar.

As it roared, all the mosquito beasts scattered, creating a heaven-shaking rumble. The red cloud suddenly charged at these cultivators while roaring.

"Not good. Quickly, retreat!" Li Yuanlei shouted and retreated like lighting. The expressions of everyone around him changed and they all rapidly retreated.

Although they were faster than the red mosquitos, they were inferior to the blue mosquitos! As the thousands of mosquito beasts charged, the hundreds of blue mosquitos rushed out from the red mosquito herd like meteors toward them.

"Blue mosquitos!" Everyone's scalps went numb and they ran even faster. They had only seen the red cloud and not the blue mosquito beasts hidden within. The moment they saw them, they almost lost their wits. The rumor was that these blue mosquito beasts were extremely terrifying and had skills comparable to Nirvana Cleanser cultivators!

However, the blue mosquitos were too fast, and their numbers made for a powerful visual impact. The moment when they were all shocked, a thunderous rumble echoed and the blue mosquitos instantly caught up. The blue mosquitos surrounded them and released a powerful bloodlust. Their hideous appearance, large mouths, and powerful, blue light were like nightmares for these cultivators!

However, right now they had no chance to resist. As soon as they were surrounded by the blue mosquito beasts, the red clouds immediately surrounded them. Being made the center of the mosquito herd made it so they couldn't even see past them. The only thing they could see where the ferocious mosquitos. This terrifying feeling made them feel despair.

They had been very careful this whole time. When they entered this place in the past, they only encountered small groups of about 100 mosquito beasts. With their cultivation levels and distance to the exit, it was easy to escape.

This was the first time they had been been surrounded by thousands of mosquito beasts. Forget them, even the elders in their sects had most likely never encountered something like this.

In despair, the cultivators were about to begin a crazed counter-attack, but they were stunned to find that the surrounding mosquito beasts didn't attack them. Instead, the mosquito beasts simply surrounded them and then opened a path toward the stone gate.

This strange scene made them feel like they had found a sliver of hope in their despair, and they looked at each other. Li Yuanlei's face was pale, but he clenched his teeth and gradually flew toward the stone gate within the mosquito herd.

When he closed in, he clearly saw Wang Lin sitting on the stone gate and the cold gaze from the pale gold mosquito king.

After being glared at by the mosquito king, Li Yuanlei trembled and cold sweat soaked his body. He had a feeling that if this golden mosquito beast roared, all the surrounding mosquito beasts would tear them apart.

"Mosquito king!" If Li Yuanlei and his companions still couldn't see through the identity of the golden mosquito beast, they wouldn't be fit to be called the elite of their sects.

Li Yuanlei took a deep breath. He didn't have the mind to be at awe of the mighty gate, but looked at Wang Lin. He respectfully clasped his hands "Junior Li Yuanlei greets Senior. We unintentionally disturbed Senior and hope Senior won't mind."

The more than 10 cultivators behind him also clasped their hands.

However, even after they spoke, Wang Lin didn't respond, but just sat there with his eyes closed. Because Wang Lin didn't reply, Li Yuanlei and company remained trapped by the mosquito beasts. They were in a dilemma and could only wait in terror.

If it was just waiting, it wouldn't matter, but being surrounded by thousands of mosquito beasts was simply suffering.

In truth, it wasn't that Wang Lin was ignoring them, but Wang Lin's mind was immersed in a strange state, so he wasn't aware of what was happening around him. It was the mosquito king who had taken the initiative and trapped the cultivators here.

If Li Yuanlei and the others had killing intent or used their origin energy, Wang Lin would have immediately awakened. However, the lives of Li Yuanlei and the others were all in Wang Lin's hands, so they didn't dare to emit any killing intent or use origin energy. They were worried about angering the mosquito beasts around them.

As a result, they could only wait.

"This second spell will be called Flowing Time…" In Wang Lin's mind, he was sitting on the stone gate and seemed to be speaking to Wang Ping, but no one could hear his words. In his mind, the only sound was the sound of waves crashing. After a long time, Wang Lin gradually raised his right hand and gently waved.

The waves suddenly moved and began raging. The sea churned violently and began to spread.

When Wang Lin waved his hand in his mind, Li Yuanlei and company immediately felt a monsterous impact spread out. They didn't have the power to resist and were immediately enveloped in a strange world.

Everyone, including Li Yuanfei, only felt their vision blur, and when they regained their vision, everything but the giant door was gone. This door towered into the sky, and they couldn't see the top at all.

An ancient aura spread out from the stone gate and turned into an unimaginable force that submerged them. Compared to this aura, Li Yuanlei and company were like lonely boats within raging waves; they were extremely fragile.

"Flowing Time… "An ancient voice echoed in the world. This voice seemed to contain a trace of time, as if it came from primordial times. When it entered their ears, it was as if the voice had experienced countless years of change.

The moment they heard this voice, Li Yuanlei and company all trembled and confusion filled their eyes. Different memories echoed in their minds and slowly replaced everything.

Time passed breath by breath. Every breath was like 100 years for Li Yuanlei and company!

Their memories quickly flowed by in their minds. 100 years passed in a breath. Gradually, time passed; 200 years, 300 years, 500 years… until… 1,000 years.

1,000 years passed in 10 breaths of time. Their memories flashed through their minds until they stopped at 1,000 years ago. They also seemed to return to 1,000 years ago, just like their memories.

1,000 years ago, their cultivation levels weren't as high as they were now. As their memories flowed, the peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivation from Li Yuanlei's body seemed to regress and he seemed to become a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

Not only him, but everyone around him had their cultivation levels change when the 10 breaths passed, returning to what their cultivation levels were 1,000 years ago.

One of the cultivators was seriously injured and had to enter closed door cultivation for 100 years to recover. At this moment, as his memories reversed, his body trembled and his origin soul weakened. His injuries were exactly the same as they were 1,000 years ago!

However, they weren't aware of it at all. Their eyes were still confused and they didn't even realize their own change; it was as if they had really returned to 1,000 years ago.

Time was still passing, one breath, one breath...

Li Yuanlei and company's memories gradually reversed again. 100 years, 500 years…. Another 1,000 years!

A full 2,000 years of memories were mercilessly turned back. Like a reader who had already read to the sixth page of a book, but a gust of wind gently blew the pages back to the third page.

Li Yuanlei's body trembled as confusion filled his eyes. He couldn't break free from it, as his cultivation level had regressed to the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage. One of the cultivators beside him was a young woman who cultivated for the least amount of time among the group, less than 3,000 years. Her change was the most drastic as she was reverted back from the second step to an Ascendant cultivator.

If time reversed once more and another 1,000 years went by, the young woman would disappear from the world, as if she had never existed at all.

Time was still reversing. Everything was hovering between truth and false, but it seemed like it would only require a thought from Wang Lin for all of this to become eternal.

Fortunately, he didn't continue. On the 12th breath, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes seemed to contain the world and held an inexplicable but tangible grasp of law.

"Nonsense!" The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, he immediately saw the people that had been brought into his mind for unknown reasons and their original bodies in the Wind Celestial Realm.

He frowned slightly as he waved his sleeves, and the world trembled. Li Yuanlei and the others trembled as the more than 2,000 years that had dissipated returned in an instant. They awakened and were filled with terror and disbelief. They felt like they had a seen dream, but that dream was so real that they were soaked in cold sweat.

The mosquito king let out a cry as it had made a mistake, and it moved its mouth over Wang Lin. In its mind, since its master was cultivating, then Wang Lin would want someone to test on, so it had forced Li Yuanlei and company to stay.

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, which caused Li Yuanlei and company to awaken and returned more than 2,000 years of time to them, the eyes of the petrified old man deep within the Wind Celestial Realm suddenly shined.

"This child is not simple!"

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