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Chapter 124 – Law of the World

The wandering soul struggled as it charged toward the transfer array. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he watched the wandering soul. The dozens of people inside the transfer array saw the wandering soul flying at them and immediately backed up. They all took out their magic treasures and nervously observed the wandering soul’s every movement.

As the wandering soul came closer, the people inside became even more nervous. The wandering soul hit the light screen protection barrier on the transfer array.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but he secretly sighed. The moment the wandering soul touched the barrier, it turned into smoke. The people inside the formation began to cheer. They felt even more confident now that this transfer array could protect them.

“Newly born soul devourer, it is no use. That transfer array is the gate to the world of the living. Any soul lifeform that touches it will be immediately destroyed by the law of the world.”

A voice entered Wang Lin’s mind. He stared at the transfer array with an unchanged expression and began to ponder. After a long time, his eyes lit up. He pointed at the air multiple times and more than ten wandering souls flew toward him, struggling.

Wang Lin sneered. He pointed at the transfer array and the wandering souls all charged toward it. The difference in rank made it so they couldn’t resist at all.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he noticed something about the barrier. When the wandering souls got close, a black line appeared. That black line entering the wandering souls was what was killing them.

As for how the black line appeared, it was too far for Wang Lin to see. His face was filled with doubts.

Without a word, he spread out his divine sense, caught more than 1000 wandering souls, and sent them toward the transfer array. These wandering souls quickly charged toward the transfer array. Screams came from the people inside the transfer array. Those cultivators’ faces all turned pale. When there was only one or two wandering souls, they were kind of scared. When there were more than ten, they panicked due to fear, but with more than 1000 wandering souls, fear just couldn’t describe it anymore. It was more correct to say that they were terrified.

Some of them even closed their eyes in despair, but most of them set their last hopes on the barrier. However, they also prepared to commit suicide if the barrier failed, because they’d rather die than be devoured.

This point had became a general consensus among the cultivators.

The moment the 1000 plus wandering souls touched the barrier, they let out screams and disappeared. It felt as though they were all just blown away by wind and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin suddenly stood up. He clearly saw what had just happened. Those black lines would appear out of thin air and attack the wandering souls. No matter what angle the wandering souls attacked from, the black lines would appear and destroy them.

This black line was clearly related to the law of the world his neighbors were talking about.

Wang Lin’s gaze became cold as he sent out another wave of divine sense and gathered more than 2000 wandering souls. These wandering souls were forced into a suicidal attack by him.

At the moment, the cultivators inside the transfer array had finally relaxed for a bit from the scare, but they instantly began to panic again. It was not because they didn’t trust this barrier, but because of the fear that they developed for the wandering souls on the way here.

This was like being surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Even though you were surrounded by fire, you would still be scared.

The 2000 wandering souls charged when Wang Lin pointed his finger. The wandering soul that underwent a change that had been following behind him revealed a pleading look, not daring to move forward.

Wang Lin stared at that wandering soul. Although wandering souls possessed some intelligence, this was the first one he had seen that would plead. Wang Lin stared at the wandering soul and his eyes became cold.

The wandering soul let out a cry. It wasn’t able to withstand the pressure of Wang Lin’s divine sense, so it charged forward. The moment it charged out, it was clearly different from the other wandering souls. The other wandering souls all got out of its way. Although not as much compared to Wang Lin, the other wandering souls clearly feared this one.

The moment the 2000 plus wandering souls slammed against the barrier, black lines appeared and destroyed them all. Just at that moment, the mutated wandering soul arrived.

Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank as he revealed a joyous expression. Half of the mutated wandering soul’s body had entered the barrier even though a black line had entered its body.

The mutated wandering soul revealed a painful expression, but it still charged through the barrier and jumped onto a cultivator. The cultivator quickly let out a miserable scream and turned into a mummy.

At that moment, more than ten black lines appeared and entered the mummified body. The mutated wandering soul quickly charged out of the body with a painful expression, but it didn’t get far before being destroyed.

The expressions of the cultivators inside the transfer array suddenly changed as they looked at the mummified body. Some of the female cultivators started crying.

Yang Xiong secretly sighed. He went up and kicked the mummified body out of the transfer array.

Wang Lin’s eyebrows locked together. He carefully pulled out a sliver of his divine sense and sent it toward the transfer array. When it got close, a black line drilled into his divine sense as fast as lightning.

Wang Lin’s divine sense quickly backed away and dodged the black line. The black line suddenly changed directions and charged toward Wang Lin’s divine sense.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth. His divine sense no longer dodged, but went up to meet the black line. He wanted to see just how strong these black lines were. If it was before, he wouldn’t dare to try, but since the mutated wandering soul was able to withstand a hit, then it shouldn’t be too dangerous.

The black line quickly entered Wang Lin’s divine sense. Suddenly, a destructive force exploded forth within the divine sense and charged toward Wang Lin’s main body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His powerful divine sense went forth and quickly surrounded the destructive force. Then, he began to carefully study this destructive force.

After a long time, Wang Lin secretly sighed. His divine sense moved and crushed that destructive power. Although he wasn’t able to completely see through this destructive force, he knew that this black line would greatly damage his soul. It was as if it was made to damage souls.

Wang Lin knew that if the black lines exceeded a certain number, even he wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Wang Lin closed his eyes. After pondering for a long time, his eyes suddenly opened. He took out three bags of holding and searched through them. Aside from Mai Liang’s token, he also took out several mid quality spirit stones.

Xu Hao and Ge Yang were also very unlucky. Right after they killed Mai Liang, they encountered a bunch of wandering souls. Although they managed to escape, they didn’t know why, but every time they encountered wandering souls, the wandering souls would go after them. Even if the wandering souls were chasing someone else, they would give up and chase after the two of them. One wandering soul even spat out half of the soul it was eating and jumped at the two.

With such special care, there was no way those two would last. They were quickly devoured by the wandering souls. Because they didn’t have any time to look through Mai Liang’s bag of holding, that at least meant that nothing was missing from it.

After going through the three bags of holding, Wang Lin was very shocked. Whether it was spirit stones, magic treasures, or materials, you name it and they had it.

It has to be said that this was 50 years of work from the two of them.

Just counting mid quality spirit stones, there were more than 2000 pieces between the two of them. Wang Lin held a spirit stone and remembered a formation that he had spent a lot of effort to learn when he was inside the world of decay called the Mysterious Turtle Shell Destruction Formation. This formation had no offensive ability, but it had really good defense. This was also one of the few formations that could move with the person who set it.

This type of formation that could provide mobile protection required a lot of spirit stones. Wang Lin thought that once he gets some spirit stones, he should lay down a few of these formations.

He calculated the time it would take for the transfer array to open, then crushed a spirit stone in his hand. He calmly dabbed his finger in the crushed spirit stone and drew a symbol in the air. He was completely focused on every stroke. Once he finished the symbol, he quickly sent out a piece of divine sense.

The symbol faintly glowed and floated in the air. Then, he crushed another spirit stone and drew another symbol. Each mid quality spirit stone could draw one symbol and Wang Lin had crushed 70 already.

There were a few that failed. Although Wang Lin was very clear on the theoretical, when it came to doing it live, he still made some mistakes.

Looking at the 49 symbols floating before him, Wang Lin couldn’t help but sigh. This formation was simply too expensive. Before this, Wang Lin didn’t have many mid quality spirit stones, so even if he used all of his wealth, he wouldn’t be able to lay down the formation.

Wang Lin took out another spirit stone to make the eye of the formation. He waved his hand and the symbols landed on the spirit stone one by one. Every time a symbol landed on the spirit stone, it glowed once.

After the 49 symbols landed on it, the spirit stone became crystal clear. Wang Lin reached out and the formation’s eye spirit stone landed in his hand. He pointed at his forehead and an invisible layer surrounded his body. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t even notice a trace of it.

Shortly after, Wang Lin made another formation. The more he did it, the more he got used to it, and the less he failed. The second formation only took him 60 mid quality spirit stones.

Time slowly passed and in the blink of an eye, the time for when the formation was going to open drew near. Everyone inside the transfer array was very nervous. They wished the formation would just open so they could leave this terrifying place.

And in these few days, the collapse of the foreign battleground continued. Spacial rifts began to appear more and more often, and each time they did, they were larger than before. Large chunks of the foreign battleground began to collapse.

The moment the transfer array opened, Wang Lin placed the last formation on himself. He stood up stared at the transfer array with a serious expression.

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