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Chapter 1239 - Origin Sect

The pale golden light spread out from the mosquito beast's body and enveloped the area. A pressure surrounded the thousands of mosquito beasts, and they also witnessed the birth of a new king!

Those red mosquito beasts were the first ones to surrender. Their eyes were filled with awe and they let out a cries of approval. As for the hundreds of blue mosquito beasts, there were hints of struggle in their eyes, but as the pressure of the mosquito king spread out, they also became submissive.

The most difficult were the two white mosquito beasts. The two mosquito beasts stared at Wang Lin's mosquito king. No matter how much Wang Lin's mosquito king sent out its pressure, their gazes were still cold.

Wang Lin's mosquito beast revealed a vicious gaze and let out a hiss. The gazes of all the mosquito beasts gathered on the two white mosquitos and turned into ferocious gazes.

The two white mosquito beasts let out miserable cries. The one that battled Wang Lin's mosquito trembled and its eyes revealed a demonic light. A destructive aura came from its body, and at that instant, its body collapsed!

Blood mist spread across the sky, and as it collapsed, the other white mosquito beast also chose to die. It exploded into a mist of blood as well.

They'd rather die than obey!

These two white mosquito beasts were equal to Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, so their explosions immediately caused a powerful shockwave. The pupils of Song Luohai, who was hiding in the rocks, suddenly shrank.

"Now is the time!" His greed had already drowned his common sense, especially after seeing that the newly born mosquito king had the origin soul of a cultivator.

In his view, this wasn't the origin soul of someone who had left their body, but a cultivator who had lost their body and unexpectedly fused with a mosquito king using some unknown method. It was a very special existence!

This was his first time encountering something like this. In his mind, this mosquito king was a cultivator. Controlling a mosquito king was too difficult, but controlling the origin soul of a cultivator that had fused with the mosquito king shouldn't be too difficult!

With that in mind, he could not give up this opportunity, but those hundreds of blue mosquito beasts, thousands of red mosquito beasts, and two white mosquito beasts made it so he wouldn't dare to come out, no matter how greedy he got.

However, upon seeing the perfect opportunity created by the collapse of the two white mosquito beasts that blasted away most of the blue and red mosquitos, his heart came alive!

"This origin soul isn't strong, only about early stage Nirvana Shatterer. As long as I can control that origin soul within the mosquito king, I can control the mosquito king!" Song Luohai clenched his teeth and popping sounds echoed inside his body. He suddenly shot out from the rock and moved like a bolt of lightning. He moved through the shockwave of the two collapsed white mosquito beasts and charged at Wang Lin's mosquito beast.

His timing was very good. Although his greed had overridden his common sense, he still had thought this through. The moment he flew out, his hands formed a seal and his mid stage Nirvana Shatterer power spread out like crazy. The illusion of a sun and moon appeared behind him; he started off with his strongest attack! He was from the Silent Soul Sect, and they specialized in spells against the soul. They would often not harm the body, but directly target the soul!

As his spell spread out, Song Luohai let out a roar. This roar contained a spell that targeted origin souls. Under this roar, origin souls would tremble and become dizzy for a moment.

All of his actions and calculations were perfect, but… the person he encountered was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin had already noticed Song Luohai's presence but didn't pay any attention to him. Now that the two white mosquito beasts had collapsed and Song Luohai appeared, the star of law Wang Lin was in began to flash.

The moment the other party charged out, Wang Lin's mosquito beast immediately retreated. Song Luohai's body charged through the shockwave. Just as he was about to catch up, the star of law began to rotate and Wang Lin's origin soul took form. Wang Lin's eyes were filled with mockery as he waved his right hand.

A gust of wind that turned into a storm suddenly appeared and shot toward Song Luohai. It collided with Song Luohai's spell and caused an earth-shattering rumble.

Song Luohai's expression immediately turned pale, and he coughed out blood. His body trembled and he involuntarily stepped back few dozen feet. His face was filled with terror. That wind wasn't powerful, but it contained powerful dao intent and law. It had disturbed his mind and almost caused his domain to collapse!

However, the next scene caused him to lose his wits! He saw Wang Lin's origin soul point at him! At the same time, the mosquito king immediately let out a hiss.

In an instant, all the surrounding mosquito beasts charged in from all directions and sealed all paths of escape. He was trapped inside the mosquito herd!

Thousands of red mosquito beasts and hundreds of blue mosquito beasts. This was also Wang Lin's first time seeing them display their power as a group!

Thunderous rumbling came from the mosquito herd along with Song Luohai's frightened roar.

"I know I've done wrong. Fellow Cultivator, have mercy, Fellow Cultivator, have mercy!! I'm an elder of the Silent Soul Sect. If Fellow Cultivator lets me go, I'll definitely repay you in the future!" His voice was filled with anxiety and plea.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. He sent out a command, causing the mosquito king to let out a cry, and the mosquito herd's attack became even more crazy!

At this moment, in the rank 8 region, where the Everlasting Sect was located, there were three cultivation planets. The competition was being held on the second cultivation planet, and it had begun several days ago.

The entire Everlasting Sect was extremely lively during this once every 1,000 years competition. There was a large amount of people densely pack together, and they occupied the entire planet.

They had even invited some powerful cultivators of the sect to come and watch the competition, making it even more lively. Some rogue cultivators had also come to watch this grand competition.

A huge platform that occupied a portion of the cultivation planet was the location of the competition. Around the platform, there were countless steps that went up into the sky, these were seats, and they were filled with cultivators.

The Origin Sect was in a small area in the northern edge. Compared to the other sects, who had hundreds of people, the Origin Sect only had 10 people and looked very bleak.

Lu Yanfei silently sat there. Only a few more days remained until the competition between the rank 4 sects would finish, then it would be the rank 5 sects' turn.

The rest of the Origin Sect members were all crestfallen as they sat there. Their eyes were filled with loss and sorrow, as if the fate of their Origin Sect could not be changed.

"I'm feeling unwell and will go back first," Lu Yanfei said as she stood up to go back to the house the main sect had provided, even though that place was even more remote and bleak.

A frivolous voice came from not far away. "Is that the beauty Lu, who is secretly considered the number one cultivation furnace of the rank 5 region? She is indeed very good! It was worth spending so many origin crystals to make you a member of my Celestial Music Sect after your Origin Sect is disbanded!" 

Shortly after, a middle-aged man wearing blue walked out with a warm smile. When he appeared, some people recognized him, and their expressions immediately changed and they quickly left. This made the place the Origin Sect was located even more desolate and eye-catching.

Being stared at made the members of the Origin Sect turn pale and remain silent. Xu Yun bit her lower lip so hard that it almost bled.

This middle-aged man wasn't just by himself but had two white-haired elders following him. Their gazes were like lightning, and anyone who met their gazes would feel their mind tremble.

"Rank 6 region's Celestial Music Sect! From this person's appearance, he should be the sect's head disciple, Lu Yingjie."

"The Celestial Music Sect has ranked first several times among the rank 6 sects and has garnered a lot of attention from the main sect. Rumor has it that one of the three people being chosen to be sent out for the competition between the rank 8 sects will be from the Celestial Music Sect.

"In particular, this Lu Yingjie cultivates an extremely vicious cultivation method and often needs a lot of cultivation furnaces. Even if they are powerful, none seem to be able to escape."

"There are simply too many rumors about this Lu Yingjie. I head that he has some blood relation with Elder Lu of the Everlasting Sect… Elder Lu is at the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage, so, with Elder Lu behind him, it is no wonder this Lu Yingjie dares to be so overbearing."

Lu Yanfei's body trembled and her eyes revealed a cold gaze as she turned to look at the man in blue. This man was rather handsome and gave off a manly aura.

"The Origin Sect hasn't disbanded and won't disband," Lu Yanfei said calmly before turning around to leave.

Lu Yingjie smiled and softly said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, don't blame me. I only heard about the cultivation furnace from others and am merely teasing. However, I come with good intentions. If the Origin Sect does disband, Lady Lu will have a good place to go."

"Forget about the Origin Sect disbanding! Even if it disbands, my Purple Dao Sect will accept them all!" These cold words came from another direction as a man in purple gradually walked over. He coldly looked at Lu Yingjie before looking at Lu Yanfei and politely clasping his hands. "Greetings, Fellow Cultivator Lu."

Lu Yanfei was startled.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu doesn't need to think about it too much. Although Brother Liu and I only met once, that night of dao debate was something I'll never forgot. If he returns, not only will the Origin Sect not disband, it is even possible it will become the number one branch sect." Lu Yuncong revealed a look of reminiscence and melancholy.

"So Fellow Cultivator Lu also fancies the Origin Sect and wants to compete with me. I just don't know who this 'Brother Liu' you speak of is. Could it be me?" Liu Yingjie faintly smiled. It was impossible to tell if he was happy or angry; even his words were as light as the clouds.

Lu Yuncong frowned and didn't hold back at all as he roared, "Shut up! Who do you think you are to mention Brother Liu? If he was here, he could kill you as easily as squishing an ant!" 

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