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Chapter 1235 - Gathering Red Mosquito Beasts

The crack to the Wind Celestial Realm seemed to have been opened by force by someone, and it would ferociously devour all living creatures. The moment the red fog was spewed out and the red mosquito beasts appeared, Wang Lin summoned his own mosquito beast without any hesitation.

As he expected, the pale gold mosquito beast immediately shook those 100 red mosquito beasts using their aura and special sense. This caused the red mosquito beasts to immediately fly around them.

The ranks between the mosquito beasts were very strict, with one rank holding absolute power over those below it. It was just like how Li Yuanlei and them saw it: the red mosquitos indeed acted like they were greeting their king.

However, they weren't greeting Wang Lin, but the mosquito king below him.

After entering the crack, what appeared before Wang Lin was the same as what he saw with his divine sense. The world was covered in a yellow light, but it didn't cover everything. There was also strange, red mist floating in the air. It was moving at a shocking speed due to the wind.

After entering the Wind Celestial Realm, Wang Lin could feel the dense celestial spiritual energy in the wind. Although it was in ruins, it was well-preserved, and the deeper one went, the more this was true.

What Wang Lin felt the most here was wind! Endless wind, boundless wind!

There was wind everywhere in the Wind Celestial Realm, and there was no dust on the earth, as if it was all blown away by the endless wind. All the clothes on his body made flapping sounds as the wind blew on them, and his white hair danced in the air. The wind would sometimes be light and sometimes heavy. When it was light, it was as if countless small hands were gently brushing by.

However, if it was heavy, it was like a hammer or mace. When it smash down, it could collapse the body and smash one's origin soul.

This entire Wind Celestial Realm was worthy of its name as it was filled with wind! It was as if a hole had opened up and the wind that had been gathered for countless years was released!

Solitary and lonely were the first things Wang Lin felt when he entered the Wind Celestial Realm and closed his eyes as the wind blew on his face.

As he moved forward, the almost 100 mosquitos surrounded Wang Lin. As their roars echoed, the mosquito king under Wang Lin revealed an excited expression. It let out an earth-shattering hiss that echoed across the land.

As the hiss echoed, a red cloud that was being pushed by wind in the distance suddenly collapsed. About a hundred red lights flew out of it and turned into ferocious mosquito beasts.

These mosquito beasts' gazes all locked onto the mosquito king under Wang Lin, and they began to roar. However, these roars were filled with fear and the intent to surrender.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He had already found that there was something strange about the mosquito beasts in the Wind Celestial Realm. Although they were ferocious, there was a bit of celestial spiritual energy inside their bodies. This was easy to explain because they had lived in the Wind Celestial Realm for so long, so celestial spiritual energy would naturally gather inside their bodies.

But what really caught Wang Lin's attention was the strength of the red mosquito beasts. He had seen these red mosquito beasts before in the Demon Spirit Land, but, likely due to the location, they weren't very strong. However, every single mosquito beast here was equal to a Nirvana Scryer cultivator.

Some of the few dark red mosquito beasts were equal to late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators!

This discovery made Wang Lin excited! Although only a few of these mosquito beasts were equal to late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators, Wang Lin knew that this was only the outer region of the Wind Celestial Realm!

The red mosquito beasts were the lowest existences among the mosquito beasts! Wang Lin understood that the cultivators outside the crack didn't need to be so nervous about these mosquito beasts if they weren't near the crack, because these mosquito beasts weren't that strong. However, because they were outside the crack, they had to retreat because if just one escaped, then what awaited them inside the Celestial Realm would be countless mosquito beasts hunting them.

Just a hiss from one mosquito beast could attract tens of thousands of mosquito beasts rushing out from the Celestial Realm.

In truth, the mosquito beasts were a very strange species. At some stages, the mosquito king wasn't the strongest existence. There would often be guardians that were much more powerful than the mosquito king.

However, a mosquito king had the unique ability, and that was metamorphosis! Almost all mosquito beasts were born with a limit that they couldn't break. If they were born red, then until they died, at most they could only reach dark red.

Once they went through metamorphosis, this mosquito would have the right to become a king of their tribe. Although they might not be as strong at the start, in the end they would become the strongest!

More importantly, once a mosquito beast went through metamorphosis, they would naturally give off a pressure that affected the soul. If if another mosquito was stronger, as long as the difference wasn't too big, they would have to obey under this pressure.

It was also because of this pressure that the moment two mosquito kings met, a drastic change would occur. They would either get along or begin a live and death battle. The winner would devour the loser, and their strength would increase greatly!

The rest of the mosquito beasts wouldn't participate in the battle between two kings. The mosquitos belonging to the loser would come under the control of the winner.

Wang Lin had done a lot of preparation and research about the mosquito beasts before coming to the Wind Celestial Realm. The moment the mosquito king let out a cry, those hundreds of red mosquitos immediately flew over.

There were almost 200 mosquito beasts around Wang Lin, and 10 were dark red ones.

Just these were far from enough. Wang Lin's goal was the more powerful mosquito beasts deep inside the Wind Celestial Realm! He recalled the dark purple mosquito beasts coming from that mysterious planet in Tu Si's memories. Those mosquito beasts could make someone as powerful as Tu Si flee. Just thinking about it made Wang Lin excited.

This was the main reason he had forced the mosquito king to undergo metamorphosis!

Looking at the 10 dark red mosquito beasts, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he didn't go deeper but wandered around the edge of the Wind Celestial Realm.

After several hours, Wang Lin moved around with the 200 mosquito beasts and saw another cloud of red fog in the distance. Upon seeing the red fog, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the mosquito king under him shot out and let out a roar at the red fog.

Under its roar, the large red fog suddenly stopped and collapsed into nearly a hundred red mosquito beast. They headed for the mosquito king, and after a moment of struggle, they immediately surrendered.

Wang Lin's gaze swept past them. He found six dark red mosquito beasts among them and became slightly excited. Wang Lin felt that as the mosquito king gathered more mosquitos, his overall strength was increasing rapidly.

Now he had almost 300 mosquito beasts equal to Nirvana Scryer cultivators and 16 mosquito beasts equal to late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators. With this force, Wang Lin wouldn't need to move at all to instantly kill a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

"300 is still too little. I need a little more! If I had 1,000 of these red mosquito beasts that equal Nirvana Scryer cultivators, then even Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would have to run from me! If I can get 10,000 red mosquito beasts… then even late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would stay far away from me!

"If I had more 100,000 mosquito beasts, so what if they were at the Heaven's Blights stage? If I have 1 million, 10 million…." Wang Lin had waited a very long time for this.

At this moment, he took a deep breath as he flew off into the distance with 300 mosquito beasts. The mosquito beasts' wings caused a thunderous rumble that echoed across the land and gave off a powerful pressure.

Wang Lin's eyes were like lightning as moved like lightning around the outer region of the Wind Celestial Realm. It didn't take long for him to see another cloud of red fog being blown by the wind. The mosquito king's pressure spread out and the red fog immediately stopped. A moment later, the fog collapsed into a large amount of mosquito beasts, but this time two rays of red light shot out. They didn't charge at wang Lin but quickly retreated with struggle in their eyes.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the mosquito king under him shot out toward the two retreating brownish red mosquito beasts. It let out a roar and the powerful pressure of the mosquito king swept the area.

When the pressure descended, the two brownish red mosquito beasts trembled and began to hiss. A moment later, the struggle disappeared as they surrendered, and they flew next to the mosquito king.

Wang Lin's divine sense spread across the two brownish red mosquito beasts, and his face lit up. These two dark red mosquito beasts were almost equal to peak Nirvana Scryer cultivators, and their ferocious auras made them even more fierce and terrifying.

"400 now!" Wang Lin looked at the dense mosquito beast herd around him. His mood became better and better as he looked at the two brownish red mosquito beasts and the almost 20 dark red mosquito beasts.

He wasn't in a rush to enter the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm, so he circled the outer region. Along the way, he encountered many clouds of red fog with large amounts of mosquito beasts inside. When they saw Wang Lin's mosquito king, they would tremble and surround Wang Lin. After two days, Wang Lin had almost 1,000 mosquito beasts around him. The mosquito beasts looked like a red cloud covering the sky.

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