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Chapter 123 – Devil

The moment Wang Lin’s words came out, Zhou Zihong’s group’s expressions suddenly changed. Especially Lin Tao’s, whose face was pale. He started backing up, but the wandering soul immediately jumped toward him after hearing Wang Lin’s order.

Zhou Zihong bit her lower lip. She wanted to stop Wang Lin, but she couldn’t utter a word. Senior brother Yang let out a sigh and a complex expression crossed his face.

Lin Tao moved as fast as he could, but not to escape. He dodged back and forth in the area, trying to stay away from the wandering soul. He knew that even if he ran away, not to mention whether or not he could get away, with how large the foreign battleground was, he knew he couldn’t get to a transfer array alive.

Thinking about that, he quickly said, “Senior , I don’t have any relationship with Mai Liang at all. We rarely speak to each other. Please, spare me. Senior, I … I’m willing to become senior’s slave.”

Lin Tao anxiously said as the wandering soul closed in on him. Wang Lin faintly smiled. He waved his hand and the wandering soul immediately stopped.

Lin Tao’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. He didn’t dare to wipe it off. He respectfully said, “Senior, you… you must be an expert from a higher cultivation country. I am honored to become your slave. I don’t have any other intentions.” With that, his hand formed a seal and he pressed on his forehead. A drop of golden blood floated out of his forehead toward Wang Lin.

After the drop of golden blood appeared, Lin Tao’s body looked a lot weaker. He nervously looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin waved his hand. After he caught the blood, his gaze fell on senior apprentice brother Yang.

After Lin Tao saw Wang Lin accepting the drop of golden blood, he immediately let out a breath. He knew that his life was safe. He was very smart and it can be said that he was the first person who realized that something was wrong. He realized that Mai Liang had already died and had been possessed by someone, but he didn’t dare to mention it to the other two.

Lin Tao also knew that following Wang Lin was the only way to live. Even if Wang Lin didn’t kill him and had just left him alone, he would die for sure, so this was a decision he didn’t need to think about at all. When Wang Lin ordered the wandering soul sent after him, he knew that Wang Lin had realized that he knew, which was why he didn’t play dumb. That would only get himself killed even faster.

This was where Lin Tao’s cleverness showed. He became Wang Lin’s slave without any hesitation and even gave out a drop of his soul essence blood.

After Wang Lin got Lin Tao’s soul essence blood, he could kill him with just a thought, but Lin Tao had no other choice. If he wished to keep following Wang Lin, this had to be done.

Lin Tao quickly moved to Wang Lin’s side. He then pointed his sword at the other two without any hesitation. Since he already knew that he was a slave, then he must do what needed to be done, even if it was just for show.

The young man named Yang wryly smiled. Without a word, he slapped his forehead and a drop of soul essence blood flew toward Wang Lin.

He wasn’t any slower than Lin Tao in speculating that Mai Liang’s strange actions were because Mai Liang had been possessed. He was very nervous the entire time. Since all of it was now out in the open, he quickly weighed his choices and decided to become Wang Lin’s slave. Compared to life and death, what was pride? Also, this person was clearly a cultivator from a higher cultivation country and powerful enough for these strange creatures to fear him. If he followed this person, he might have a better chance to rise in the future.

After sending out the drop of soul essence blood, he looked at his junior apprentice sister Zhou Zihong with a complex look and said, “Junior apprentice sister, you…”

Zhou Zihong waved her hand. She looked at Wang Lin while biting her lower lip and asked, “Senior you… when you possed that body, was Mai Liang dead or alive?” With that, her gaze became calm as she stared at Wang Lin.

She wanted to ask this question when she noticed that something was wrong with him.

Wang Lin looked at her and said, “Dead.”

Zhou Zihong let out a breath. It didn’t matter if what Wang Lin said was true or false. She didn’t want to keep asking. Intuitively, she thought the Wang Lin wasn’t lying. The three of them were not even ants in this person’s eyes, so there was really no need to lie.

So, without a word, she sent out a drop of her soul essence blood.

Three drops of golden blood appeared before Wang Lin. He opened his mouth and sucked them in. Three specks of light appeared in his divine sense. With just a thought, he could kill the three of them.

In truth, Wang Lin didn’t try to hide anything this whole time. Anyone who knew Mai Liang before would realize that something was wrong. Adding on the fact that the wandering souls feared him, anyone would be able to guess that something was off.

Wang Lin didn’t want to kill them, but if the three of them weren’t smart, then he would have no other choice. The fact that he possessed a body was something that others couldn’t know about, but after he leaves the foreign battleground, it will be easy. After all, 50 years is plenty of time for someone’s personality to change.

After Zhou Zihong, Yang Xiong, and Lin Tao became Wang Lin’s slaves, they immediately relaxed and stood behind Wang Lin. Zhou Zihong looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression. She knew that she was very attractive. Back in the sect, she was sought after by many other disciples, but she rejected them all.

Zhou Zihong swore that before she reaches the Core Formation stage, she won’t form a cultivation pair. But now she was someone’s slave. If her master were to ask, she couldn’t refuse. Thinking about it caused her heart to become very chaotic.

She didn’t know that Wang Lin wasn’t interested in her at all.

After collecting the three drops of soul essence blood, Wang Lin looked at the wandering soul. He rubbed his chin and sent out a message to his three neighbors.

“I want this wandering soul.”

The three neighbors pondered for a bit and then sent their reply.

“Newly born soul devourer, there is one thing you don’t understand. Once you’re born as a soul, you can’t leave this place.”

“A wandering soul is also a type of soul. They aren’t as strong as devils, but anything with a soul is their food, and likewise, they are our food.”

“Us soul devourers can’t directly devour people’s souls. We can only devour wandering souls to make us stronger.”

“With a powerful wandering soul, these low level cultivators don’t have any chance of resisting. Even if higher level cultivators aren’t scared, as long as there are enough wandering souls, the result is the same. And wandering souls to us are weapons, slaves, and also food. Have you considered what the consequences of a wandering soul appearing in the world of the living would be?”

“Newly born soul devourer, let me tell you clearly; if wandering souls got loose in the world of living, even if there aren’t a lot of them, it would be a catastrophe. Wandering souls in the world of the living are also called devils.”

“If a lot of them enter the world of living, the world of living will become a world of decay, just like where we were before. And among the devils, one of them will become a soul devourer.”

“There is a law between the world of living and the world of decay: anyone who tries to break that law will be killed.”

These were things that Wang Lin didn’t know. He pondered for a while and asked, “Then what kind of place is this foreign battleground?”

“This chaotic place is opened by powerful cultivators from the world of the living. It exists in the space between the world of the living and the world of decay, but even so, wandering souls can’t normally enter here. Only after we have entered can they enter.”

“Even you can’t leave at all, not to mention that wandering soul.”

“If you like that wandering soul, I can gift it to you, but in the end, you still have to return to the world of decay. That is the mission of a soul devourer.”

The voices of the three neighbors slowly disappeared as Wang Lin silently stood there with an unsettled expression.

The three of them noticed that Wang Lin was standing there silently for a long time. Their hearts pounded and they became very nervous.

Lin Tao was thinking that Wang Lin might still not feel safe. He was wondering what he should do if Wang Lin wanted to kill him.

Zhou Zihong was thinking about what if he wanted her. She revealed a struggling expression.

Yang Xiong was even more nervous as he thought about even more stuff. He was not only afraid for his life, but was afraid that Wang Lin would give up Mai Liang’s body to steal his.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he flew toward the transfer array. The three slaves quickly followed him and the wandering soul carefully followed far in the back.

The more they moved forward, the more bodies they saw, but as Wang Lin got closer, all of the wandering souls got out of the way and didn’t dare to block him.

Such a strange scene naturally attracted the attention of the surrounding cultivators. Someone took the lead and groups of cultivators began to follow the four of them. Wang Lin didn’t even bother to look at them as he continued to fly.

The wandering souls hesitated for a bit and carefully devoured a cultivator that was in the back. After they realized that Wang Lin didn’t care, they immediately jumped on the cultivators. Screams came from the group following Wang Lin as the remaining cultivators escaped with their own groups.

One day later, the transfer array came into sight. There were even more mummified bodies and the area was filled with wandering souls. As a result, this became a restricted area that no cultivator dared to approach. Those who were lucky enough to make it here were swarmed by wandering souls the moment they entered the area.

In the area within a 10 kilometer radius, there was not a single living person other than those lucky people that had reached the transfer array early and Wang Lin’s group of four.

Looking at the transfer array from far away, he said, “The three of you enter the transfer array.”

The three didn’t dare to refuse. They clenched their teeth and flew ahead. Good thing the wandering souls seemed to have received orders and didn’t attack the three as they safely made it into the transfer array. After that, Wang Lin sat down cross legged nearby and stared at the transfer array.

His hand reached out and a trembling wandering soul immediately flew toward him. Wang Lin pointed toward the transfer array. The wandering soul tried to struggle, but it charged toward the transfer array.

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