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Chapter 1225 - Breaking Fingers

While charging, the ring Wang Lin got from Pang Decai shined and rays of light surrounded him. The light rotated rapidly, forming a storm around Wang Lin. Wang Lin charged at the giant palm made of the Seven-Colored Realm.

Master Cloud Soul hesitated a bit, then he clenched his teeth and charged after Wang Lin.

As for the old woman in green, she was too injured. Without thinking, she flew up in an attempt to avoid the palm.

The palm formed by the entire Seven-Colored Realm rumbled as the five fingers closed in. It wanted to completely crush Wang Lin!

This scene shocked the world. The five fingers formed by the mountains came from five directions and pressed down. The entire sky was occupied by the mountains; it was a shocking moment.

The quickest was the pinky finger of the palm. Before it even got close, there were already bursts of wind. This wind was very powerful; it was as if the world would collapse under it and all life would perish!

In the wind, the old woman that was already seriously injured became deathly pale. However, she struggled to fly higher in an attempt to escape the palm.

She knew that the target of this unimaginable palm was Wang Lin. As long as Wang Lin died, it should calm down. At this point, she no longer dared to even think about leaving this Seven-Colored Realm. The only thought in her mind was to survive!

No matter what, she had to survive!

"As long as I can last until that person named Lu dies, I can live!" The old woman's green robe was stained with blood. She struggled in the wind to fly higher.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with battle intent as he saw the pinky closing in. The finger was was incomparably large and almost covered half the sky. At this moment, it bent down toward Wang Lin!

"I wonder if this person is the Sovereign. His wants me to escape, but why should I escape and how can I escape? I might as well… fight!" Wang Lin laughed as the star made of law rotated and his left hand pointed at the sky.

Black wind suddenly filled the sky. This black wind was very dense, enough to completely cover the sky. There were six dragons roaring inside it that immediately charged at the pinky!

The moment the six black dragons appeared, a seventh black dragon appeared inside the black wind! Originally, with Wang Lin's cultivation level, six was his limit, but with the star made of law, he was able to break the limit and call out the seventh dragon!

The seven black dragon carried a cold energy that could extinguish life toward the pinky finger. If pinky finger was the towering mountain, then the seven black dragons were the celestial dragons that would smash the mountain down. They wouldn't give up until the mountain collapsed!

A thunderous rumble echoed across the world as a huge impact scattered like crazy. Not only did Wang Lin not retreat from this shockwave, he closed in and pointed at the sky.

As the black dragons continued to smash into the mountain and collapsed one by one, a cold energy appeared. It contained a sticky feeling, and in a flash, countless flashes of light appeared. Then drops of rain instantly formed!

The moment the raindrops appeared, endless origin energy condensed, stirred up the wind, and fused with the raindrops. An extreme aura suddenly enveloped the area!

The moment Wang Lin waved his left hand, these raindrops shot out like swords and charged toward the palm below. Cracking sounds echoed as white frost appeared on the surface of the palm, and in the blink of an eye, ice appeared!

In particular, the pinky finger was hit by most of the raindrops. The frost swept over it and it was wrapped in ince! The ice didn't stop here but immediately burst open. This wasn't due to the power of the palm, but the ability of Summon the Rain!

Before Wang Lin's cultivation level increased, this change would not have appeared. However, after his cultivation level increased, and with the stimulation of the battle domain, this drastic change to Summon the Rain occurred!

After the rain was ice, and after the ice was collapse. The power of the ice would cause the target to collapse, creating an attack far more powerful than just ice.

Sounds of the ice collapsing echoed across the Seven-Colored Realm. The palm with five fingers shook but didn't stop at all; it immediately came crashing down.

Even the pinky only shook a bit, regardless of how much the black dragons or the ice collapse attacked it.

Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot. After using ice collapse, he didn't stop. He waved his left hand and opened his mouth. The Celestial Sealing Stamp flew out and a large amount of battle souls appeared, but not the All-Seer's soul. The rest all followed Master Void and charged toward the pinky with mournful cries.

Wang Lin was already going all out. After he used Magic Arsenal, his left hand formed a seal as he pointed at the ground and shouted!

"Mountain Crumbles!"

The entire earth trembled as five majestic volcanoes formed before Wang Lin, the fire inside them raging. Although they were illusions, the mountains continued to crumble!

Also, at this moment, countless strands of slaughter energy charged out of his body. This was all the slaughter energy he had absorbed from the grey-robed All-Seer. The slaughter energy condensed into a red sword and shot toward the pinky that was closing in, along with all his other spells.

All of this happened in a flash. All of them appeared as the five fingers closed in.

At this moment, black wind filled the sky, the black dragons roared, rain was everywhere, ice collapsed, battle souls roared and even self-destructed, Mountain Crumbles formed a monstrous force, and there was slaughter energy in the air!

All of this became an extremely powerful spell, and it shot toward the pinky.

The six volcanoes immediately overlapped with the pinky, and there was an earth-shattering rumble. The seven black dragons collided with the pinky and exploded. The rain continued to form ice that continued to collapse!

Endless battle souls closed in and suddenly exploded, creating powerful impacts. The sword made of slaughter energy stabbed into the finger and shattered into countless strands of slaughter energy. A large amount of slaughter energy rushed inside the finger.

The earth shook enough for Master Cloud Soul to cough out blood and the origin soul of the old woman in green to almost collapse. This heaven-shaking rumble echoed across the realm.

The pinky formed by the mountain suddenly collapsed!!

As cracking sounds echoed, countless cracks appeared as the upper part of the pinky finger exploded, creating a storm that scattered in all directions.

Wang Lin's face turned pale and he coughed out blood. The light protecting him shattered and Pang Decai's ring shattered! Wang Lin's body was immediately thrown backward.

Master Cloud Soul was behind Wang Lin. With Wang Lin in front, the pressure he suffered decreased a lot. However, his origin soul trembled, all the meridians in his body shattered, and his bones all broke. He became a bloody mess.

The old woman in green was far away and therefore wasn't affected by the shockwave much. She had been flying up, so she had escaped by sheer luck, but the shockwave still almost caused her body to collapse.

She originally thought that she had escaped this calamity and felt lucky, but soon her expression changed greatly. She wanted to retreat, but it was too late as the index finger moved at an incredible speed and collided with her.

The old woman in green's body became a blood mist. Her origin soul struggled to escape, but as Wang Lin retreated, he waved his sleeve and captured her origin soul.

The palm made of the Seven-Colored Realm had five fingers, and now half a finger was missing. However, the pinky that was broken in half didn't dissipate but absorbed the origin energy of the world like crazy, and it was rapidly reforming!

Once this half a finger reformed, all of Wang Lin's effort would be in vain. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin's eyes were filled with battle intent and madness. He charged toward the index finger that had swept past the old woman!

He had to be fast as the other three fingers were closing in as well. He can imagine that once all the fingers closed in and the palm formed a fist, he would have no chance of survival!

He had encountered countless crisis in his life, but the person who was causing the crisis was the strongest one he had ever faced.

When the index finger closed in, Wang Lin's left hand reached at the void and Master Ashen Pine's Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure, the crystal sword, appeared. He spat out blood on to the crystal sword to draw out its full potential and then threw it at the index finger.

The crystal sword immediately released a heaven-shaking sword hymn and a monstrous sword energy. It was shrouded in sword energy as it shot toward the index finger.

Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures were extremely rare in the Sealed Realm; these were treasures with great power! At this moment, the sword charged out with the power to cut the heavens and instantly collided with the index finger.

A thunderous rumble echoed. Before this rumble, Wang Lin's roar seemed a bit lacking, but it caused the crystal sword to release an even more powerful attack.

"Sword, shatter!"

The moment Wang Lin spoke, the crystal sword suddenly collapsed, forming an unimaginable shockwave that caused the index finger to pause!

He didn't have time to feel his heart ache as his left hand waved outside his storage space and a treasure flew out. The same Pseudo Nirvana Void aura spread out.

There was still one more Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure inside Master Ashen Pine's storage space, it was a blue battle axe. This axe was refined by some unknown method and had a large amount of seals on it. 

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