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Chapter 1219 - Eighth Spirit Appear

Tuo Sen's eyes lit up and his right hand waved at the sky while the lightning entangled him. There was a thunderous boom as a giant crack appeared and the God Slaying Spear appeared!

He grabbed the God Slaying Spear and waved it with a roar. An aura that could make the world tremble appeared, and it collided with the blue short sword.

Popping sounds echoed like crazy and the blue short sword suddenly collapsed into countless pieces. Though it didn't dissipate but shot straight at Tuo Sen.

At the same time, more light appeared inside the formation. This time there were three different lights that shined violently. One of them was gold and condensed into a giant, golden knife. This knife was more than 1,000 feet long and immediately flew at Tuo Sen.

The second ray of light was purple and appeared after the golden light. It turned into a 10,000-foot-long purple whip that had countless runes engraved on it. The moment it appeared, the formation became twisted.

Popping sounds echoed as the whip moved like a python, swinging at Tuo Sen.

The third ray of light was red and spread out like fresh blood. This made the entire formation look blood red. Painful wails and cries immediately came from the red light.

When the red light condensed, a nine-headed mace appeared. There was blood dripping from the nine heads. It seemed this spirit treasure was extremely brutal and had been stained with the blood of too many people over the countless years. The moment it appeared, it charged at Tuo Sen.

There was a total of nine spirits in this formation, and at this moment, five appeared to attack Tuo Sen!

Tuo Sen's expression was extremely serious as he swept with the God Slaying Spear. His left hand waved at the void and moonlight began to gather before forming a half-moon blade. The half-moon blade circled him and began attacking the spirits of the formation.

The thunderous rumbles made it feel like the void was going to collapse, but the formation showed no signs of breaking. Tuo Sen let out a roar as he began a battle against the five formation spirits.

Just at this moment, although there was no light from coming the formation, a heat wave appeared. The moment the heat wave appeared, a giant thing several hundred thousands feet large appeared within the formation!

It gave off an ancient aura and was marked heavily by the passage of time. It was extremely ferocious and would shake the mind of anyone who looked at it!

It was a giant catapult! There was a massive fireball in the catapult. This fire had no color and couldn't be seen, but one could clearly feel the unimaginable heat.

With a bang, the catapult threw the fireball straight at Tuo Sen. If it was just one fireball, it wouldn't have been an issue. However, almost immediately after the first one was thrown, another one was quickly formed by the formation, and the catapult continued to launch them!

Over the countless years, as people tried to break through the sealing formation, an unimaginable amount of people had died to it!

When the sixth spirit appeared, even Tuo Sen was at a disadvantage. When the six spirits attacked, there was a heaven shaking rumble, and Tuo Sen retreated for the first time!

He had to retreat. His expression was serious with a hint of disbelief. However, his ferociousness became even stronger.

"What a powerful formation! Only when I devour Wang Lin and become a true 8-star royal ancient god will I have a chance of breaking this formation. Not only was this formation designed to seal the cultivators in here, it was obviously designed with my ancient god clan in mind as well! However, I can faintly feel Wang Lin's aura here, which means Wang Lin must be outside the sealing formation in the Ancient Star System! I must break open this formation, no matter what it takes!!"

Tuo Sen's eyes revealed a red glow. As he retreated, his right hand pointed to between his eyebrows. The third star between his eyebrows shined like it had never shone before, and the source origin aura of a third step cultivator rushed out.

"I'll use my full power to charge out, but that means I won't have the power to return. However, this is not a problem. Wang Lin is in the Ancient Star System outside the sealing formation, so it would be useless for me to stay in the Sealed Realm. As long as I can leave and devour him, then no matter how much I sacrifice, it will all be worth it!!"

Tuo Sen made up his mind. The source origin energy from his third star became even more intense and seemed to unexpectedly shroud the entire formation. One could hear the faint sounds of death screams from the third star, but at this moment, a powerful surge of energy echoed. The third star flew out and smashed toward the sealing formation like a meteor!

Tuo Sen stepped forward and started to shrink until he was the size of the meteor before rushing out behind it!

He charged at the formation!

With the star containing the source origin of a third step cultivator making a path and the God Slaying Spear and half-moon blade around him, a powerful force gathered around Tuo Sen. He moved faster and faster toward the formation!

The six spirits of the formation attacked like crazy in an attempt to stop him. The catapult launched countless fireballs, and as the heaven-shaking rumbles echoed, Tuo Sen moved even faster!

Just at this moment, another ray of light came from the formation. It was black, as if it was the void, and as it scattered, the formation seemed to disappear. The black light condensed into a giant baton that was covered in black gas. The moment it appeared, it gave off an aura that could absorb one's mind.

The moment the baton appeared, it swept toward Tuo Sen.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the seven spirits seemed to fuse into one and stopped Tuo Sen. A rumble echoed, and for the first time, Tuo Sen's face turned pale and blood seemed to come out from the corner of his mouth.

"What kind of formation is this?! What kind of madman placed this formation?! Is there another hidden existence here besides me? Otherwise, there is no way for such a powerful formation to exist!!"

His charged was blocked, and although his eyes were filled with madness, his mind was calm. In his life, aside from Tu Si he feared no one. As he stared at the formation, the madness in his eyes became even stronger.

"Instead of retreating to find a third step cultivator to seal to increase my power, I'll rush out now and find third step cultivators in the Ancient Star System. This will be your punishment for placing such a formation here!" He raised his right hand, let out a cold snort, and pointed at his second star.

The second star suddenly gave off an even more powerful source origin energy and flew out as a second meteor. It flew at the formation ahead with an even more powerful force than the first meteor.

"Break for this god!" Tuo Sen roared as he charged after the two meteors. The two meteors formed an impact that the formation had rarely seen in the countless years it had existed!

The formation had never been broken since it was formed. Tuo Sen's attack contained a destructive aura that could destroy the world, and it instantly closed in.

The seven spirits continued to try to stop him, and the thunderous rumbles were the only sounds that existed in this void. However, Tuo Sen had borrowed the power of the second star, the God Slayer Spear, and the half-moon blade to close in on the formation. At this moment, another light appeared from the formation.

After seeing this light, even someone as powerful as Tuo Sen was startled, and he charged even faster.

In an instant, the light condensed into a giant axe!

An ancient ancient god aura immediately spread out. The moment the axe appeared, he was completely startled! He had encountered many things over the countless years, but he had never been as shocked as he was right now.

"This… This is impossible!! How can this become this formation's spirit!?"

After the axe filled with a powerful ancient god aura appeared, it rose into the sky and chopped down on Tuo Sen!

This chop felt like no life in this world could escape or resist!

"So what if it is the ancestral royal weapon? Nothing will stop me from breaking this formation!" His eyes turned red and he pointed at the first star between his eyebrows, then another burst of source origin energy appeared. The third star flew out like a meteor and fused with the first two stars into one star!

Tuo Sen charged out and fused with the meteor. The explosion of the source origin of three third step cultivators along with the power of three ancient god stars with the God Slaying Spear and half-moon blade leading the charge at the formation, completely disregarding the attack of the formation spirits and the axe!

At this instant, the attacks of the seven spirits landed on the meteor and the giant axe chopped down directly on the meteor.

The meteor suddenly collapsed and Tuo Sen coughed out blood inside, but he moved even faster. 

 When the axe chopped down for the second time, he smashed into the formation!

This collision was heaven-shaking. It shook the four Celestial Realms and stunned all the guardians of the formation rushing in from the Outer Realm!

This formation that had never been broken before trembled violently as if it was going to collapse! But in the end, it didn't collapse! Tuo Sen smashed into it like crazy and continued to smash into it, causing it to shake even more violently.

"Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique!" The axe chopped down again and again, each attack causing Tuo Sen to cough out blood. He was still crazed and even used the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique that Tu Si wasn't able to complete!

At this instant, a black mist surrounded Tuo Sen, and at this moment, the axe suddenly stopped as if it was hesitating.

Borrowing this moment, the black mist invaded the formation!

"Explode, explode, explode!" Tuo Sen's voice shook the world, and the meteors surrounding him exploded. An unimaginable destructive force hit the formation, and for the first time, a crack appeared on the formation!

The moment the crack appeared, Tuo Sen charged out!

Tuo Sen laughed like crazy as he coughed out blood. The three dim stars returned back to him, but one of them suddenly collapsed.

"Wang Lin, this god is coming!! I want to see where you will escape to!!"

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