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Chapter 1218 - The Realm-Sealing Formation

At a glance, the boundless star system was filled with bright nebulae. As they shined, they gave off a majestic view. They seemed to have existed for eternity, and it was impossible to tell how old they were.

The stars were completely silent, as if all the sound was being submerged by the darkness.

In the distance, there was an abandoned planet. No light reached this planet, and it was shrouded in death aura. It was like an elder struggling in his dying breath, the air he exhaled filled with death.

There was a person sitting on this abandoned planet.

If anyone cultivator saw this, they would be shocked and their mind would go blank. They would think their vision had became blurry and they were seeing an illusion they wouldn't even dream of.

His body was the size of several planets. As he sat on the planet, he gloomily stared off into the distance. His skin was rough, covered in countless cracks that seemed to form strange marks that emitted a strange glow.

This person was clearly marked by the passage of time. It was as if this person had existed for as long as the heavens and earth. He had survived for so long that even he didn't exactly remember how long it had been.

His majestic body gave off an indescribable aura just by sitting on the abandoned planet, and it enveloped the entire starfield. All the creatures in the starfield were trembling in fear!

This was the Allheaven Star System...

All the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System were gripped by fear. That feeling of tension and fear was something they couldn't stop.

There were still some wild beasts that didn't dare to move before this aura. It was as if as long as this person willed it, their bodies would collapse into piles of blood as sacrifice.

This person was like a god! There were eight stars between his eyebrows, but only four of them were bright, while the remaining four were all black, as if they were dried up… However, they hadn't dissipated.

He was like the strongest existence and ruler of this starfield. After a long time, the gloominess was replace with confusion.

"The Rain Celestial Realm doesn't have his aura… The Thunder Celestial Realm doesn't have his aura… The Lightning Celestial Realm doesn't have this aura. Where the hell is he?!" The giant lifted his head, revealing his hideous expression, and let out an earth-shattering roar at the sky!

As he roared, powerful vibrations spread across the stars. The abandoned planet under him began to collapse and formed a shockwave that quickly spread. A shocking change occurred to the origin energy around him.

The collapse of the abandoned planet ripped open countless spatial cracks, and the cold wind blew out of them. However, it didn't affect the giant at all, and he continued to roar.

As his roar spread across Allheaven, countless savage beasts exploded into blood mist and many cultivators coughed out blood. They either ended up seriously injured or dead!

An invisible sound wave spread across the star system. Whenever it hit a planet, it would cause the planet to tremble.

A moment later, after the roar ended, the abandoned planet suddenly exploded...

Tuo Sen stood up and walked into the distance...

The barriers of the four celestial realms were insignificant for him. There seemed to be nothing in the world that could stop him.

His pace wasn't fast, but too big. With one step, he crossed an immeasurable distance. A giant vortex filled with fog appeared before him. It was the Cloud Sea!

Walking toward the vortex, Tuo Sen disappeared from Allheaven and stepped… into the Cloud Sea!

The moment he entered the Cloud Sea, all the cultivators of the rank 9 sects instantly felt an aura that shook them to the core.

Even the fierce beasts in the fog began to tremble, and they all retreated, not daring to get close. Even the beast tide from the crack also trembled in fear and retreated like crazy. This caused the slaughter that had lasted for almost 100 years to take an unexpected break.

An unimaginable divine sense swept across the Cloud Sea like a storm. All the fog was pushed back as if it was trembling before this divine sense.

At the same time, several divine senses charged out from the Cloud Sea and mercilessly collided with Tuo Sen's divine sense.

A roar that was silent but could penetrate the mind like countless bolts of thunder exploding spread across the Cloud Sea like crazy.

A a normal day, Tuo Sen would've killed everyone. However, at this moment, his eyes narrowed. He had searched the four realms but couldn't find any trace of Wang Lin. However, he knew Wang Lin wasn't dead, or else he would've felt the dissipating inheritance.

"If the four star systems all don't have his aura then… there is only one possibility!" With a stomp of his right foot, the Cloud Sea immediately trembled and ripples echoed across space, causing a large crack to appear. His body sank into the crack and disappeared.

After he disappeared, divine senses arrived with shock and searched around before leaving in shock. Aside from a few old monsters, no one knew the real reason behind the shocking change in the Cloud Sea.

There was a void under the four star systems. This was where the Realm-Sealing Formation was. You could enter the Ancient Star System if you broke through here.

Tuo Sen appeared in this void and looked into the distance. His expression became even more gloomy. During this period of time, his divine sense had spread everywhere and couldn't find Wang Lin's aura.

"Ancient Star System…" Tuo Sen was silent. His memories weren't complete. However, in the memories he had obtained, there was some information on the Ancient Star System. He vaguely remembered that Tu Si was from there… At that time, the Realm-Sealing Formation didn't exist.

His gaze seemed to be able to see through the Realm-Sealing Formation and the Outer Realm. He saw the home that he was familiar with in his memories...

He searched everywhere but couldn't find Wang Lin's aura. The only conclusion was that Wang Lin was in the Ancient Star System! Tuo Sen's eyes became cold. Wang Lin was something he had to devour because only then could he be complete!

"Even if you hide in the Ancient Star System, this god will devour you! There is nowhere in this world you can escape to!" His right hand formed a fist and his huge body rushed forward. Countless ripples appeared in the void as if they were being peeled layer by layer. Soon, a cobweb-like formation appeared under it!

The moment the cobweb-like formation appeared in the void, Tuo Sen punched with his right fist. This was a punch of a true ancient god, a royal ancient god's fist!

When the giant punch closed in and collided with the formation, Tuo Sen attempted to break the formation by himself!

The moment his punch landed, the entire void trembled and a thunderous rumble echoed. Large amounts of ripples spread out with his body as the center. The ripples quickly spread across the void, and after the ripples dissipated, the entire void changed greatly!

This place was not longer a black void, but a giant formation that covered the entire Sealed Realm! Even Tuo Seen seemed small compared to it!

It was impossible to describe how big the formation was, as one could only see the vague, seven-colored light released by it!

After Tuo Sen's punch landed and the thunderous rumble echoed, the formation didn't move at all. Instead, a shocking rebound force collided with Tuo Sen's fist.

When the rumble echoed, even someone as strong as Tuo Sen had to retreat!

Tuo Sen's expression became ferocious as he stared at the formation. As a royal ancient god, he had his pride, and this formation dared to stop him. He let out a roar and rushed out again. His fists moved like meteor, and he began a violent confrontation with the formation by himself.

The entire formation revealed a rare tremble, but it didn't show any sign of collapse. No matter how much Tuo Sen attacked, it still remained, not allowing anyone to take half a step out!

What happened in the Sealed Realm alerted the people watching the formation, but before they could arrive, the formation had received enough damage for the formation spirit to appear on their own. A ray of light formed within the formation.

There was a flash of silver light that looked like lightning, and a spear formed. This spear was covered in endless lightning, and it shot straight at Tuo Sen.

It was incredibly fast and gave off a heaven-shaking, thunderous rumble. Just at this moment, Tuo Sen turned around and his right hand moved like lightning. An unimaginable amount of ancient god energy surged out and collided with the spear.

The spear collapsed with a bang, but it reformed after it collapsed and carried an even stronger aura. It stabbed directly into Tuo Sen's right arm.

The moment it stabbed, large amounts of lightning rushed out and rampaged across his body with the spear as the origin. The lightning formed a net that seemed to tightly seal Tuo Sen.

Shortly after, another light formed inside the formation. It was a blue light that condensed into a short sword. It carried with it a monstrous sword energy and coldness as it shot toward Tuo Sen.

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