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Chapter 1217 - Awakening

Counting from when Wang Lin entered the Seven-Colored Realm, time quickly swept by, and it had been 99 years...

During these 99 years, an earth-shattering change occurred in the Alliance Star System. The Four Divine Sect moved in force and swept through the remnants of the Cultivation Alliance. They also forced the Corpse Sect to work with them to force the Allheaven army back.

The Corpse Sect originally didn't intend to get involved; they held of the idea of benefiting from the sidelines, especially since it seemed like if either the Allheaven or the Four Divine Sect wanted to win, they would need the Corpse Sect's help. 

The Corpse Sect didn't care about the fact that the Allheaven cultivators were invaders! What they cared about was the large amount of business in selling and buying bodies that the war had brought.

The Corpse Sect even hoped that the war would continue on forever.

However, all of this was ruined by someone, and this person was the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. He charged into the Corpse Sect and killed numerous Corpse Sect elders by himself and even seriously injured the remaining kings. This forced the First King and also the sect master of the Corpse Sect to come out. The two of them began a battle that shook the entire star system!

In the end, the First King of the Corpse Sect was completely defeated. If not for the fact that the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor had other motives, it wouldn't have been hard for him to kill the First King!

This battle shocked the entire Corpse Sect and taught them of the power of the Four Divine Sect. They also held extreme fear toward the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor.

The Corpse Sect had to obey the orders of the Four Divine Sect, and they began a war against Allheaven!

This was a huge battle between the two star systems. It was during this war that Tuo Sen awakened and broke through the formation around planet Suzaku!

His appearance shocked Allheaven. Tuo Sen appeared and act based on his mood. Right after he awakened, some Allheaven cultivators provoked him. He charged into the battlefield and killed tens of thousands of Allheaven cultivators!

After he finished killing, he left and said only one line.

"You're all too weak."

None of the Allheaven cultivators dared to chase including, Master Lufu, who hid himself in terror. He escaped far from the Alliance Star System and didn't dare to take even half a step inside!

Fortunately, after Tuo Sen appeared, he didn't stay in the Alliance Star System for too long. He first went to the Four Divine Sect. With the power of an ancient god and the power of his stars, he was able to seriously injure the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor in one blow. He collapsed the Four Divine Sect's starfield, leaving countless cracks, so no one could enter it! However, Tuo Sen didn't kill the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, and he also said one line.

"You're too weak!"

As for the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, the eternal flames were extinguished by Tuo Sen with a wave of his hand!

"This fire is annoying to look at!"

None of the members of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect dared to speak out in anger.

Then Tuo Sen left and went to the Brilliant Void Realm and battled the old man. After sealing the old man in one of his stars, he used the God Slaying Spear and caused the Brilliant Void Realm to collapse!

The Brilliant Void Realm, which had existed for countless years, vanished! It became something that would only live on in memories.

Mu Bingmei's body collapsed. Her origin soul was seriously injured and she went missing. Tuo Sen didn't feel the need to give chase, but instead left a mark on her and let her go.

Shortly after, the Corpse Sect was attacked due to Tuo Sen's rage from not being able to find Wang Lin. Countless people died, and after that, Tuo Sen left.

The last place Tuo Sen went to was the sealed Rain Celestial Realm. Facing the seal around the Rain Celestial Realm, Tuo Sen became serious for the first time. However, this seriousness just made his arrogance and pride show even more.

Just when he was about to attack, Qing Lin appeared outside the Rain Celestial Realm. The two talked about something unknown, but Tuo Sen pondered for a long time. Then he nodded and left. He disappeared from the Alliance Star System with the countless ancient cultivators he controlled and went somewhere unknown.

He searched for the person he had to devour!

However, that person seemed to have disappeared from this world. No matter how much Tuo Sen searched, he couldn't find a trace of him.

Tuo Sen's appearance caused the situation in the Alliance Star System to change greatly, but also calmed it down. The Allheaven cultivators all retreated back to their own star system due to Tuo Sen.

This war that had lasted for hundreds of years ended due to Tuo Sen.

Only a roar that shook the entire star system echoed before Tuo Sen left.

"Wang Lin, where the hell are you!?!"

Words with a similar meaning were also heard from Lu Yanfei's mouth on the continent of Mo Luo in the Cloud Sea Star System.

"Senior, where are you… There is only one year until the competition at the main sect.... Will you return…"

In the Cloud Sea Star System, the Purple Dao Sect had rapidly grown, nearly becoming one of the top six sects in the rank 5 region. However, during these hundreds of years, the Purple Dao Sect's master, Lu Yuncong, always looked into the stars as if he was recalling something.

Only the old man that always followed him would occasionally hear Lu Yuncong's soft murmur.

"Brother Lu, I benefited a lot from our dao debate all those years ago. However, now that 100 years have passed, how come I haven't heard any news of you… My cultivation has improved. If we can meet again, I want to debate dao with you again…"

Similarly, in the rank 9 region, deep inside the fog where the Demon Sect was. The blue-haired Li Qianmei was calm as she slaughtered the fierce beasts inside the spatial crack.

The cultivators from the various sects that came with her were all in awe at this blue-haired woman. At the same time, many cultivators had hidden affection toward her.

This included many cultivators, and a lot of them were famous cultivators. Under the constant beast tides, the amount of people that would show off their abilities increased.

During these 100 years, a lot of cultivators died as they resisted the beast tides. People died almost everyday.

As time passed, the beast tides became even more vicious, and they were filled with rank 12 beasts. Sometimes even a rank 13 beast would show up, and every rank 13 beast was a disaster for the cultivators.

The people of the Demon Sect also appeared on the battlefield; they were the main force. Very few of the cultivators from the other sects were deemed worthy by the Demon Sect. In their view, these people were merely here to distract the fierce beasts.

However, during these hundred years, four people had obtained the recognition of the Demon Sect. Li Qianmei was one of them!

Almost all the cultivators knew that Li Qianmei had a treasure. It was a golden pen that could draw runes that were extremely powerful!

When people wanted to borrow it to exam it, Li Qianmei would immediately refuse, even if they were people from the Demon Sect. Her quiet temperament would suddenly become extremely stubborn!

On one occasion, Li Qianmei was sieged by numerous rank 12 fierce beasts. She ended up suffering serious injuries and went into a coma. She was rescued by the people of the Demon Sect and woke up a moment later. She disregarded everyone's warnings and charged back into the battlefield with her hair in a scattered mess, all just to retrieve the golden pen...

Since then, all the cultivators knew that this golden pen was Li Qianmei's most precious possession.

"You, where are you now… Almost 100 years have passed…" At this moment, Li Qianmei was sitting on a simple cultivation platform with a pale face. It seemed like she was injured. Before her, a large number of fierce beasts were charging through the fog and were being held back by countless cultivators.

She seemed to have forgotten about the slaughter of the battlefield and the roars of the beasts. She raised her head and looked into the distance...

There was a wild continent somewhere in the Cloud Sea. Mu Bingmei had used a secret spell of the Brilliant Void Realm to break through the spatial barrier to escape here. She was slowly reforming her flesh.

After she was seriously injured and had her body destroyed by Tuo Sen, for some reason, she wanted to see Wang Lin one more time...

"Wang Lin, I wonder if you are well…" In the cave of a wild continent in the Cloud Sea, Mu Bingmei slowly opened her beautiful eyes and looked ahead. A sense of loneliness she had never felt before filled her heart.

She felt very cold in this foreign place where she cultivated in solitude. The cold seemed to surround her body and the cave. Listening to the cold wind outside the cave, she felt even colder.

The Seven-Colored Realm had been in darkness for over 100 years since all the seven-colored light had disappeared. A mysterious force had enveloped the mountain where Wang Lin's origin soul and soul disappeared, making it impossible for outsiders to enter.

Master Cloud Soul had attempted to break in but failed. All he could do was find a cave nearby and silently look at the dark world outside for 100 years.

Chen Tianjun and the old woman in green also felt the passage of time inside this dark world.

There was a corpse lying there motionless on top of the mountain shrouded in this mysterious force. Despite almost 100 years passing, there was no sign of decay on the ancient god body. It looked just like it did 100 years ago, only now it was covered in dust.

In the special space created just for nourishing the Seven-Colored Fruits, the fruit from the red plant had been gradually growing. It was about time for it to fully mature.

On this day, a remnant of divine sense appeared inside the fruit. It seemed to be absorbing the power of the fruit, and it gradually grew until it became a bead.

The moment the bead appeared, Wang Lin slowly awakened as if he had seen a dream...

Due to the Heaven Defying Bead, no one noticed his awakening; not even the caretaker of the flowers noticed the shocking change inside the fruit! This change was enough to make the universe tremble. Enough to change the trajectory of the heavens and earth for both the Outer Realm and the Sealed Realm.

The person raising the flower once said that his finger wouldn't be burned by the fire, and he was very confident about this… Just how long would this confidence last...

"Would it?"

"It would!"

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