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Chapter 1216 - Seven-Colored Flower

Looking at the cave, Wang Lin's eyes shined. He raised his foot and walked closer step by step. He got closer and closer to the cave.

However, when he was within 10 feet of the cave, a giant vortex appeared in the sky of the Seven-Colored Realm. It created a strange sound that would disturb one's mind. When people heard it, an invisible fire would arise in their hearts.

Wang Lin's body trembled as he raised his head and stared at the vortex that appeared in the sky. His gaze seemed to penetrate the vortex in the sky and see a star system with an indescribable temple!

His gaze stopped there, and a crazed feeling appeared inside Wang Lin's heart. This feeling arrived in an extremely strange way, but he couldn't stop it!

Just at this moment, the seven-colored light in the Seven-Colored Realm became even more dense. All the seven-colored light in the world charged at Wang Lin!

It was as if Wang Lin had become the source of the Seven-Colored Realm and all the seven-color light was attracted to him. It surrounded him and drilled into his body.

In just a few short breaths of time, the seven-colored light intensified even more endless seven-colored light closed in. As the large amount of light drilled into Wang Lin's body, he remained motionless.

His mind was grasped by an indescribable force, making it impossible to control his body as the seven-colored light charge at his body.

The seven-colored light became more and more intense until it seemed like all the seven-colored light in the realm was gathering here. The outer region of the realm was no longer filled with seven-colored light and was dark.

If you looked from above, you would clearly see that the Seven-Colored Realm was like a giant circle. And all the seven-colored light was rapidly condensing toward Wang Lin.

The madness inside Wang Lin's body became even stronger when the seven-colored light entered his body. Eventually, it became like a seven-colored ocean that drowned his mind and replaced it with endless madness!

A madness just like that of Qing Shui in the past!

This madness caused Wang Lin's face to become twisted, the veins on his face swelled, his eyes turned blood red, and he let out a world-shattering roar! This roar was like the roar of a beast that echoed across the world. It turned into a thunderous rumble that echoed across the realm.

More and more seven-colored light entered Wang Lin's body. His body trembled and he wanted to struggle, but the more he struggled, the more intense that sense of madness became.

He continued to roar, and in just this short period of time, he became soaked in sweat. His hair moved without any wind and his eyes became more and more red. Wang Lin had become mad!

He lost his mind, lost his consciousness, and lost his memory. The world before him became blood red! The only thought in his mind was kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!!

Kill all living things, killing the world. A sense of violence filled his heart. At this moment, even if Li Muwan appeared before him, he wouldn't have hesitated to kill!

The feeling of madness completely suppressed Wang Lin's mind. He was like a beast filled with killing intent. As the killing intent increased, the feeling of madness also intensified.

At this moment, 70% of the seven-colored light in the Seven-Colored Realm had already entered Wang Lin's body. More than half of the realm was in darkness!


Wang Lin let out a roar, and his expression was terrifying enough to shock anyone who knew him. As the seven-colored light continued to enter his body, he sunk forever into slaughter!

His body was filled with unimaginable origin energy. He couldn't feel the intense pain in his body; the only thing that remained was slaughter!!

The fire from his left eye flew out and immediately surrounded his body. The thunder from his right eye shot out and surrounded the area. The mountain he was on trembled violently.

The seven-colored light didn't pause and continued arrive. The surrounding world became dark at a visible rate. Soon, the seven-colored light disappeared, and there was not a speck of light remaining!

All the light had been absorbed into Wang Lin's body and became the source of his madness!

The moment when no light remained in the Seven-Colored Realm, Wang Lin let out a crazed roar. His eyes were blood red. He wanted to destroy everything, including himself!

"This is the most wonderful fire in the world. It is call the 'rage'… Take your rage, use your madness to boil your soul, and grow the dao for this old man. Add the last dao will… This old man really wants to know if you can burn my finger… Would it…" An ancient voice slowly came from the vortex in the sky. It seemed to penetrate space and time and seemed to contain marks left by the passage of time.

Wang Lin lost consciousness and his body fell. His origin soul, his soul, and everything beside his body all turned into a ray of red light. It was as if he was burning as he charged into the cave!

There was a large amount of bubbling lava giving off black gas inside. There were also countless chains, and on each chain hung a dried up skeleton.

The were also countless jades floating in the air, and there were heaps of dao intent sealed inside each jade.

The wailings were coming from inside the jades!

The magma wasn't deep, so you could vaguely see under it. There were countless runes engraved under the manga, and they gave off a faint light. Every time the light flashed, bursts of dao intent would enter the magma and be absorbed by the runes.

Also, drops of black liquid would drip from the skeletons and into the magma. This would cause the magma to boil.

The moment the red light Wang Lin turned into entered, all the jades suddenly collapsed and the endless dao intent entered the magma. At the same time, all the skeletons collapsed into large amounts of black liquid and fused with the magma.

In an instant, even more bubbles appeared above the magma. The magma began to spin, and the runes under the magma melted, forming an unimaginable suction force. The moment Wang Lin entered, it began to devour Wang Lin.

This magma rotated faster and faster. In just a moment, it seemed to penetrate the cave and created a passage to a connected space!

This was a boundless space with countless stars inside, forming a giant formation. This formation was very large, at least the size of the Alliance Star System!

Every single star was a part of the formation. At the center of the formation were seven flower-like plants. Each of the seven was a different color, forming the seven colors of the rainbow! They weren't very big, only thousands of feet wide. Compared to this vast formation, they were truly insignificant in size.

However, this formation existed precisely because of these seven plants. This entire space and formation existed to provide nutrients for these seven plants!

The power of the stars, the power of countless planets, the power of countless spatial cracks like the Seven-Colored Realm absorbed endless dao. Then this dao was turned into nutrients to nourish these seven plants until they grow, flower, and finally form fruits.

This star system didn't exist, but someone had used a powerful spell to create this space around the sealing formation, and it became part of the sealing formation. This way, every time someone inside the Sealed Realm died, their dao would be absorbed, becoming nutrients for the plants.

This was planting dao!

This has been going on for countless years. It constantly absorbed the dao intent of all the people that died inside the Sealed Realm.

During the time of the ancient celestials, they didn't have dao, so this formation absorbed the laws the celestials cultivated as nutrients. During the time of ancient cultivators, there were no laws, so the formation absorbed the origin energy the ancient cultivators had as nutrients.

These were the methods used to nourish these seven plants for the dao fruits to form...

There was a skeleton sitting on the crimson red plant. There were countless golden words carved on the skeleton. The words gave off a black light, which was then quickly absorbed by the plant.

This crimson red plant had blood red delicate petals, but most of the petals had already fallen off with only a few remaining. When all the petals had fallen off, this crimson red flower would form its fruit.

Just at this moment, a crack appeared next to this flower, and a ray of red light shot out from the crack into the flower. This red light contained Wang Lin's origin soul and soul. It was absorbed into the plant next to the skeleton.

The plant seemed to be absorbing the last bit of nutrients as the last few petals fell and the center began to move strangely. A crimson red fruit slowly formed.

Time slowly went by. An unknown amount of time passed, and it seemed to go on for an eternity.

The crack outside the plant gradually shrank as if it was going to dissipate.

Wang Lin had already dissipated inside the plant, and red liquid filled the area he was at. The skeleton beside him also dissipated. It turned into a purplish-gold liquid and became part of the red liquid.

Time passed. 1 year, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years...

It seemed a very long time had passed...

Less and less red liquid remained as it became nourishment for the fruit's growth. As the amount of liquid decreased, the fruit gradually grew. It was tender and moist, as if it was formed by fresh blood. 

A total of 98 years passed...

"You once asked me if the fire would burn my finger. Now I can answer you… It won't…" An ancient voice echoed inside the star system...

"A fruit is about to form from one of the Seven-Colored Flowers… The other six fruits are also not far away… This old man was convinced by the Sovereign back then to not face the Void Tribulant realm and chose to stop cultivating. I chose to not find out if the heaven-trampling fourth step really exists and instead willingly became the caretaker for this red plant, all in hopes that his heavenly plan will succeed… It seems like that day is not far…"

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