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Chapter 1213 - Dao Spell

The white-haired old man hadn't learned the essence of the War Spirit Print. He hid his identity and went into the God Sect and didn't get many chances to comprehend the core spells of the God Sect. However, his talent was astonishing. After he researched the spell and saw it a few times, he was able to learn part of it.

Although it couldn't be compared to the true War Spirit Print, it had its shape and contained 30% of the original's power. Also, he had used his late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation to forcibly power this spell, making it almost impossible to distinguish it from the real one!

Wang Lin's War Spirit Print came from the Rain Celestial Realm. After comprehending it many times, he was finally able to use it. He had also only learned the surface, but the power of the person that left the print at the Rain Celestial Realm was heaven-shaking. Otherwise, that print wouldn't be giving off an aura countless years later or left such fine cracks on the ground.

As a result, although Wang Lin's cultivation was lacking, his War Spirit Print contained his power of thunder and his ancient god power. This made his War Spirit Print almost almost indistinguishable from the real thing!

At this moment, the two heaven-piercing palms rumbled, making it seem like the Seven-Colored Realm was going to collapse. As the wind swept by, the two palm prints collided!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The earth shook and the sky was torn open. The collision of the two palms created an impact that could destroy the world. The Seven-Colored Realm began to collapse and the large crack was torn in half. The entire Seven-Colored Realm was split in half!

In the distance, Chen Tianjun had been paying attention to this battle since the start. His heart was in complete shock and he was unable to speak. His throat was dry and his mind was trembling. He had decided that if he could leave this place alive, he would never again go to any place with buried treasure and never take any more risks!

There was also that old woman in green. She also flew out with her tired body and sensed the battle in the distance. Her face was pale, but at this moment, all her vicious thoughts toward Wang Lin scattered. She felt awe toward Wang Lin.

"What the hell is his cultivation level?! Compared to him, I'm no match at all!" The old woman gasped and the respect in her eyes became even stronger.

Also, at this moment, due to the fire and thunder, the fog inside the valley Master Cloud Soul was in had contracted. The fierce beasts inside trembled and hid themselves, allowing him to finally escape. Just as he escaped, he immediately felt the powerful vibrations of the Seven-Colored Realm. He clearly felt the origin energy and thunder, and what made his heart drop was that he clearly felt Wang Lin's aura...

The collision of the two War Spirit Prints caused the Seven-Colored Realm to collapse and split in half. At this moment, Wang Lin felt the impact and was pushed back. He coughed out blood and his face immediately turned pale. The lightning tattoo between his eyebrows weakened.

That palm contained a large amount of his thunder.

The white-haired old man wasn't any better. He retreated, and every step he took created a deep footprint. His face was pale and blood was coming out of the corner of his mouth, but he had an extremely ferocious expression. He mercilessly kicked off with his right foot and shot toward the dust straight toward Wang Lin.

"Scatter Thunder Clan tattoo, I'll seal you again! I don't believe you will have a third tattoo after I seal your fire and lightning tattoos!!!" The old man's body was like a bolt of lightning as he broke through the dust. His right hand mercilessly hit the spot between his eyebrows and the crack appeared once more. A second rune giving of a powerful, black glow flew out.

After using two seals, the old man had lost most of his vitality. He looked like he had just climbed out of the grave and gave off the scent of decay.

The black rune flew out like a ray of lightning and landed between Wang Lin's eyebrows. It formed a second seal and locked down the lightning tattoo.

The old man's expression was ferocious as he closed in. He lifted his right hand and formed an origin energy spear as he closed in on Wang Lin!

Wang Lin indeed didn't have a third tattoo, but aside from fire and lightning, he still had battle intent!

The battle domain, Zhan Xingye's inheritance!

Wang Lin hadn't fused with this domain yet. The moment the old man closed in, Wang Lin's eyes gave off a crazed battle intent. An extremely bright, golden light came from between his eyebrows!

This golden light shot into the sky, and at the same time, the word "battle" appeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows! Then battle intent filled the world, and Wang Lin got up. At this moment, it was as if he wasn't Wang Lin, but an incarnation of Zhan Xingye!

His upright body and straight backbone could support the world; no one could cut him down!

"The battle has just began!" Wang Lin's body was surrounded in a golden glow. He waved his right hand the image of the word "battle" appeared before him and shot at the white-haired old man!

"Impossible!!" The shock the white-haired old man felt was far greater than before. The shocks Wang Lin had given him during this fight were each greater than the last. They were far beyond his imagination!

The incredibly powerful blue fire already shocked him. After he sealed the blue fire with his heaven-sealing spell, the lightning tattoo unexpectedly appeared. He originally thought the War Spirit Print would be enough to kill Wang Lin, but he didn't think Wang Lin would also have the War Spirit Print. Then he thought that if he used the heaven-sealing spell again to seal the lightning tattoo, Wang Lin would have no power to fight back. However, he had miscalculated again and a battle tattoo he had never seen before appeared on Wang Lin!

He had a feeling that even if he were willing to sacrifice more vitality to seal the battle tattoo, another force would appear!

This feeling was extremely strong, and Wang Lin had already closed in while he was in that short trance. Wang Lin didn't even use any spells. Instead, he used his ancient god body to begin a bombardment.

Wang Lin's body gave off a crazed level of battle intent. This battle intent surrounded Wang Lin and made him look like a battle celestial!

The white-haired old man retreated. His body was inferior, but his cultivation level was higher, so he immediately used spells. The two of them began close-quarters combat. The old man took out a large amount of treasures, but those treasures didn't stop Wang Lin at all. As the rumbles echoed, Wang Lin's fist landed and he turned with a sweep from his right foot that forced the old man to retreat.

This white-haired old man rarely encountered such attacks, as battles often relied on spells and magic treasures. However, every punch and kick this person threw contained earth-shattering power. If they connected with his body, his body would almost collapse!

The more the old man fought, the more frightened he became!

"If this person doesn't die, he will definitely be a great enemy for my High Ancient Clans!!! That calmness he carries is terrifying!"

The tattoo between Wang Lin's eyebrows flashed as images flashed through his mind. Zhan Xingye's entire life was worthy of his name!

Throughout his life, over the countless battles, whether they were big or small, he had never retreated. He had accumulated a lot of experience, and these experiences turned into his domain. It was only one word: battle!

The battle with the body was experience, and the comprehension with the mind was the origin of the word "battle." What was battle? In Zhan Xingye's view, it was a kind of spirit, a will that wouldn't yield even to the heavens!

I can die, but even after I die, I will be a battle ghost!

I can die, but even after I die, my will can will still shake the heavens!

I'm a hero both in life and death. Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!

What Wang Lin inherited was this will and a large amount of combat experience. At this moment, he moved like the wind and endless rumbles echoed. The white-haired old man was even more shocked.

The white-haired old man's hand formed a seal and a large amount of origin energy gathered. He didn't care about wasting it, and he created a collapse before him. He borrowed this impact to separate from Wang Lin. His face was pale and there was trace of fear in it. When Wang Lin closed in again, he lifted his hands to form a seal and closed his eyes. An invisible ripple seemed to spread out from the old man's body across the Seven-Colored Realm.

"Summoning the lost dao, the enlightened dao, and all lost dao souls. I melt your dao soul!" The moment the old man said this, the Lost Ones and Enlightened Ones that had disappeared due to the fire and lightning all appeared in every corner of the Seven-Colored Realm.

The moment they appeared, they immediately collapsed. All of the Lost Ones displayed a moment of clarity in their eyes, but during the moment of clarity, they turned to dust and dissipated.

As they dissipated, dao souls flew out from where they dissipated. They flew into the sky and headed toward the white-haired old man.

Those Enlightened Ones also dissipated, and a large amount of dao intents spread. They turned into dao souls and flew toward the old man!

The fierce beasts in the outer realm that were struggling in the flames all collapsed one by one. Their souls flew out and were pulled toward the old man!

"High Ancient, lend me your power to scatter his dao!"

The countless dao souls in the Seven-Colored Realm gathered before the white-haired old man. The dao souls all fused into one and then a yellow light filled the world, enveloping Wang Lin.

"Dao Scatter!" The old man's ferocious voice echoed, and he used all his power. Aside from the heaven seal, this was the spell that terrified people the most. It allowed the Seal Extermination Clan to run the High Ancient Clans, and it was only second to the ancient demons, devils, and gods!

This wasn't a spell or an ability, but the rare dao spell!

Anyone who was surrounded by the yellow light would have all the dao they had accumulated scatter! The white-haired old man couldn't fully use this spell on his own, and he could only make it last for three seconds! Just these three seconds would consume more than 90% of this old man's lifespan. However, in order to complete the Sovereign's order, he didn't hesitate!

The victor would be decided here!

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