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Chapter 1212 - Sealing Extermination Clan

Wang Lin wasn't confident in battling a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. On a normal day, he would've chosen to retreat, but after the Vermillion Bird's third awakening, he had a chance! Also, after absorbing the thunder from the Scatter Thunder Clan member, his thunder had also improved by leaps and bounds.

More importantly, he had absorbed Zhang Xingye's battle domain. Although he hadn't fused with it and had only comprehended it a little, it gave him the determination to battle this late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

The phrase from Zhan Xingye echoed in Wang Lin's mind.

"Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!" Wang Lin floated in the air and blue flames rush out from his left eye and went toward his eyebrows!

"I gave up my life and death domain. At this moment, the flames will replace my mind and my dao. At this moment, I am the flames. I'm the Vermillion Bird that has awakened three times!" The blue flames gathered like crazy toward between Wang Lin's eyebrows, and a blue flame tattoo suddenly appeared!

The moment the tattoo appeared, Wang Lin was no longer a cultivator, he was a fire celestial, the ruler of all fire!

The current him was very similar to a Fire Sparrow Clan member. The only difference was that the tattoo between Wang Lin's eyebrows was blue, while the tattoo of the Fire Sparrow Clan was red!

The blue fire tattoo burned between his eyebrows. Wang Lin let out a roar and the Blue Vermillion Bird also let out a cry filled with joy! The Blue Vermillion Bird flew up into the sky and entered the tattoo between Wang Lin's eyebrows!

It looked like the Vermillion Bird had become Wang Lin's origin soul. At this moment, his origin soul returned to this body!

Then a new suit of armor appeared around Wang Lin. It was a Vermillion Bird-shaped armor that was completely blue. Wearing the armor, Wang Lin was like a noble Vermillion Bird!

"I order the fire of the world to gather!" Wang Lin roared, and all the blue flames that filled the Severn-Colored Realm began to gather as if they were welcoming their lord!

After he spoke, the world suddenly rumbled as blue flames began to gather from all directions toward Wang Lin!

If one looked from above, they would clearly see that the sea of fire was quickly gathering toward Wang Lin. It was very fast and arrived in almost an instant!

This scene caused the white-haired old man to suck in a breath of cold air. His hand formed a seal and all the Defying Ones' spells shot out. The countless spells covered the sky and shot at Wang Lin.

However, the moment the spells arrived, the sea of flames had finished gathering. Wang Lin was like a fire vortex, absorbing all the blue flames in the world. Rumbling sound echoed as all those spells collided with the fire!

A thunderous rumble echoed across the world. It was very difficult to describe how spectacular this scene was. It was as if the entire Seven-Colored Realm was burning and Wang Lin was the center point!

As the spells continued to collapse, all the fire was absorbed into Wang Lin's armor and rushed to the spot between his eyebrows. At this moment, the blue light given off by the tattoo between Wang Lin's eyebrows was demonic!

"Fire of the heavens and earth, listen to my command and incinerate everything!" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but this calm voice seemed to contain a heat that could burn the soul. The moment he spoke, the blue light between his eyebrows flashed intensely and fire rushed out! 

A sea of blue fire spread out with Wang Lin as the center. All the Defying Ones' spells collapsed before the fire. Even the white-haired old man's expression changed greatly and he retreated. His hands formed a seal to resist, but at this moment, popping sounds came from the nine beast bones around him. They were unable to withstand the force of the fire and collapsed.

The moment the beast bones dissipated, the blue fire rushed toward the white-haired old man as if it was going to devour him. The old man revealed a ferocious gaze and raised his right hand to his eyebrows. Suddenly, a slit opened between his eyebrows!

This slit gave off a black light like a third eye!

"As a descendant of the Sealing Extermination Clan, I summon my clan's ancestral spell to seal his fire tattoo!" When the flames closed in, the old man exposed his identity and the black light from between his eyebrows flashed. The black light formed an complex rune that seemed to absorb the older man's life. The old man suddenly became a lot older.

The black light rune moved at an unimaginable speed toward Wang Lin. It pierced through the sea of blue fire and landed between Wang Lin's eyebrows!

At this instant, Wang Lin retreated a few dozen feet. The blue fire tattoo flashed like crazy, trying to break through the black rune. The rune flickered like crazy as it resisted, and at this moment, they were dead even!

In ancient times, there was a clan that had the power to seal the heavens. They were very strong and became one of the most powerful clans in ancient times. However, there were too few people in this clan, and they were almost extinct nowadays!

However, rumor had it that any member of this clan had the power to seal all life!

This old man wasn't a real descendant of the Sealing Extermination Clan. He had used a special method to obtain some of their bloodline. He could use their spells, but it would cost him large amount of vitality every time, and this vitality could never be restored!

"If you were just a cultivator, it wouldn't have mattered, but you tried to imitate my High Ancient Clan. This old man will seal your fire tattoo and see what you can do without it!" The old man was extremely afraid of Wang Lin's fire, or else he wouldn't have sacrificed his vitality to use the sealing spell. He rushed out toward Wang Lin!

It was obvious to him that after sealing Wang Lin's fire tattoo, Wang Lin wouldn't even last one blow! Although, he couldn't seal it forever, as Wang Lin's fire tattoo was too strong!

However, he was confident in sealing it for a short period of time!

Wang Lin retreated, and the fire tattoo between his eyebrows couldn't break free right away. The seal contained a shocking aura that could seal all life.

The moment the fire tattoo was sealed, the blue fire suddenly disappeared without a trace and everything returned to normal as if nothing had happened. Only the wreckage on the ground and those who witnessed what had happened could attest to the power of the blue fire.

"Fire isn't only my spell. So what if you seal it for a moment?" Lightning flashed in Wang Lin's right eye. The Seven-Colored Realm that had calmed down due to the departure of the fire was suddenly filled with a thunderous rumble. Endless bolts of lightning and thunder suddenly appeared!

At the same time, the lightning tattoo in Wang Lin's right eye moved and appeared between his eyebrows. This lightning tattoo was a shocking sight, and it gave off a heaven-shaking thunder might!

"I'll wait for you to seal my lightning tattoo! Thunder of the heavens and earth, listen to my command!" Wang Lin's right hand pointed at the sky and a thunderous rumble echoed. Even more thunder appeared in the Seven-Colored Realm and gathered toward Wang Lin. It turned his surroundings into a thunder hell!

"Fire Sparrow Clan, Scatter Thunder Clan… Impossible!" The white-haired old man was dumbfounded and disbelief filled his eyes.

Wang Lin pointed at the sky, and at this moment, he turned into a member of the Scatter Thunder Clan. In fact, he understood thunder even better than them and had better control over the heavenly thunder!

As his right hand fell, the endless thunder that filled the Seven-Colored Realm charged at the old man. The thunder lakes on the ground shot into the air and rushed at the old man as well.

This was like divine retribution! And Wang Lin was the person controlling the divine retribution!

"Even the power of his thunder is enough to battle a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. I must kill this person. No wonder the Sovereign wants to kill this person. If he doesn't die, he will be a calamity for my High Ancient Clan!" The white-haired old man let out a roar and shot up. He lifted his right hand and a strange light filled his eyes. The origin energy of the world unexpectedly rushed into his right hand. 

The moment the old man flew up, the thunder closed in and popping sounds echoed. The entire world was filled with thunder.

"I'll let you die to a spell you cultivators consider powerful!" The old man let out a roar and his right hand mercilessly pushed forward. A giant palm print appeared, and the moment it appeared, a large amount of origin energy was sucked into it!

"War Spirit Print!" Wang Lin's pupils suddenly shrink!

"This old man once entered the God Sect and learned this spell. Today, I'll kill you with it, and it will be considered completing a cycle!" The old man was not surprised that Wang Lin knew this spell. After all, this spell had an illustrious reputation in the Cloud Sea!

The War Spirit Print created by the old man suddenly created a majestic pressure as it rushed forward. It collided with the thunder and caused a heaven-shaking rumble!

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with battle intent as he stared at the palm print and also lifted his right hand. The palm print appeared in his mind and he mercilessly pushed forward. Suddenly, a portion of the origin energy absorbed by the old man's palm print separated and gathered toward Wang Lin. In the blink of an eye, another heaven-piercing palm print appeared in the Seven-Colored Realm!

This scene shocked the white-haired old man again. He was stunned for a moment, but soon an even more powerful killing intent replaced it!

It was very difficult to see someone use the War Spirit Print, but even more rare was a battle between two War Spirit Prints! This was something that wasn't likely to happen even once every 10,000 years!

However, right now in the Seven-Colored Realm, two War Spirit Prints appeared and began a life and death battle!

No one knew who was stronger or weaker, but the moment the two War Spirit Prints appeared, it seemed like the Seven-Colored Realm was about to collapse. The earth cracked and a huge fissure appeared, dividing the realm in half. The fissure was right where Wang Lin and the old man's War Spirit Prints collided.

The two palm prints closed in at extreme speeds!

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