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Chapter 1208 - Resolve the Ancient Covenant

The youth with the crescent moon mark turned and roared at Wang Lin, "I'm not from a slave clan!"

Wang Lin looked at the youth with an indifferent gaze, and the fire around became more intense. The first time he met the youth was inside the void in the battle against the Moongazer Serpent. He had come from the Outer Realm and formed a vortex in an attempt to take the Moongazer Serpent!

This person was extremely arrogant and proudly said he that he was the heavenly dao before the people of the Sealed Realm like Wang Lin. Wang Lin was shocked at the time, but the more he learned about the past, the colder his gaze toward the youth became.

The slave clan of the ancient gods. The one who was sheltered by the ancient gods in primordial times, the Moon-Devouring Clan!

As Wang Lin let out a cold snort, his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. The power of an ancient god rushed through the void and a thunderous rumble echoed as if it could destroy the world. It quickly closed in on the youth.

The youth's face was pale. He knew that he could not escape. If he wanted to live, he had to fight! However, his heart felt bitter. Even if he fought, what were the chances of him surviving… He didn't know.

If it he was outside and he was fighting with one of his own clan members, he could at least surrender. However, this person was a Sealed Realm cultivator and also an ancient god, a royal ancient god. From the records from his family, his clan had betrayed the ancient gods. Even if he surrendered, he couldn't escape the fate of death and having his soul searched.

"What exactly is this damn place? Why would Sealed Realm cultivators appear here?!"

The youth's expression became even more ferocious and he let out a roar. His hands formed a seal and his body became even more crystal-like, as if he was covered in moonlight. As Wang Lin's fist closed in, he began to rotate and formed a vortex. Within the vortex, a giant, crescent moon appeared!

The moment Wang Lin's fist landed, there was a thunderous rumble. The crescent moon trembled violently but didn't collapse. However, blood came out from the corner of the youth's mooth. He clench his teeth and surged all the power in his body. He then pushed forward and shouted, "Rebound Moon Force!"

In an instant, the light from the crescent moon became blinding and the image of an ancient god punch shot out at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's expression was unchanged as he sneered and lifted his right hand for another punch. At the same time, he took a step and closed in at an unimaginable speed.

The punch landed with the punch formed by the crescent moon and a roar echoed.

"How can the spell of a slave clan fight against an ancient god?" Wang Lin rushed forward and his right fist continued to throw punches at the vortex. The rumbling continued and the youth inside the vortex continued to retreat. Every step he took back caused his body to tremble violently.

At this moment, Wang Lin was like a battle celestial. He was filled with endless battle intent as he closed in step by step!

One of them pushed forward and one retreated, and each punch created a Rebound Moon Force. At this instant, all sounds were suppressed by these rumbles.

"Break for me!" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it contained an invisible pressure. At this moment, his body rotated and his right foot kicked the vortex.

As the popping sounds echoed, the vortex collapsed. The crescent moon inside fragmented and exploded!

A bloody shadow was pushed out. It was the youth covered in blood. He was thrown into the distance in an arc. Wang Lin walked toward the youth.

The youth's eyes were blurry, but he struggled to chant a very complex spell. At the same time, his hands formed a seal and he pointed to between his eyebrows.

"Forbidden Moon Spell, God's Wrath!" This youth knew that his Moon-Devouring Clan had an ancient forbidden spell. He was not supposed to use this spell until it was the last resort, because it was humiliating for his Moon-Devouring Clan to use it!

As he roared, he knelt down on the ground. Wang Lin closed in. The youth's hand formed a strange seal and he began worshiping.

"Lend the power of the gods' souls to the members of my Moon-Devouring Clan!"

The moment his voice echoed, a powerful ancient god power appeared around the youth. The space behind him twisted and the shadow of an ancient god several thousand feet tall appeared!

The ancient god was a blur and his eyes were closed. Only his seven ancient god stars gave off a dazzling glow!

The youth's heart felt humiliation, but at this moment of crisis, he couldn't care for too much as his hoarse voice echoed across the void. "I request the ancient god soul to give this slave the power of the moon to destroy all my enemies!" 

The ancient god shadow that appeared behind him suddenly opened his eyes and revealed an ancient and tyrannical gaze. He slowly lifted his right hand, then it descended toward Wang Lin.

The youth's eyes were vicious as he thought in his heart, "Since you're both ancient gods, then I'll let you ancient gods kill each other!"

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with sorrow as he looked at the shadow of the ancient god and the punch that was closing in. He let out a sigh and the ancient god stars between his eyebrows appeared. They began to rotate and ancient god aura filled his body.

The ancient god language came from Wang Lin's mouth and spread out like ripples. "The clan you protect has betrayed my ancient god clan. As a royal ancient god, I order you all to scatter!"

The shadow of the ancient god paused. His eyes became filled with confusion and then liberation as he gradually disappeared… It had been a long time since a royal ancient god had appeared among the ancient gods. The ancient god soul that protected the Moon-Devouring Clan was just a sliver of will… Back then, it was a royal ancient god that decided to protect the slave Moon-Devouring Clan, and the entire ancient god clan carried it out without hesitation for a long time. Even as time passed and they died, the will that existed in the world continued to shelter them.

This would go on until another royal ancient god appeared to give the order to stop. That was the only way for this ancient covenant to be resolved!

Today, at this moment, Wang Lin's words were the will the royal ancient gods!

The youth was completely startled. With his experience, how could he know this big secret? He didn't know, and that's why he was stupid enough to borrow the power of the ancient gods before a royal ancient god like Wang Lin!

"From now on, the ancient gods will no longer shelter the Moon-Devouring Clan, they will destroy the Moon-Devouring Clan!" These were the last words the youth heard. Wang Lin walked forward and a kick swept forward. A rumble echoed through the youth's body as all his bones collapsed, but his flesh didn't disintegrate. Instead, he was swept toward the skeleton under the stone tablet by Wang Lin's kick.  

With a bang, his body overlapped with the skeleton and his shoulder was pierced by the two seven-colored nails! A burst of earth-shattering cries came from the youth as his body was affixed by the two seven-colored nails. The pain of having your dao sucked away and your soul constantly crushed was not something an ordinary person could endure.

Wang Lin didn't immediately kill him but made him suffer the pain Zhan Xingye had gone through. To wait for death after endless torture!

The youth's body trembled under the stone tablet. He struggled to leave but couldn't. Not even his origin soul could escape, as it was sealed inside his body.

Wang Lin slowly came closer and pressed his right hand on the youth's head. His divine sense rushed in and searched his soul by force. After obtaining the memories, the youth was about to pass out. However, the pain was so intense that he was unable to pass out. He couldn't kill himself and could only endure the endless torture until he slowly died.

Wang Lin withdrew his right hand and let out a sigh.

At this moment, the fire on the Vermillion Bird reached a new height. As the fire burned, it continued to climb to the third awakening!

Outside the majestic formation that sealed this area, the endless star system was known as the Ancient Star System, or the Outer Realm!

In the vast Ancient Star System, there was a place filled with lightning. This was where the famous Scatter Thunder Clan was located.

There was a thunder lake that had existed for eternality in the Scatter Thunder Clan. This thunder came from the void and continued to rumble endlessly. The Scatter Thunder Clan had built a temple around it and offered sacrifices to the thunder.

However, the moment the person with the lighting mark died and Wang Lin said that he withdrew their right to control thunder, this thunder lake that had existed for eternality let out a heaven-shaking thunder hymn! This shocked the entire Scatter Thunder Clan and caused all their hearts to skip a beat!

Everyone's expressions changed and they rushed over. The moment they spread out their divine senses, the eternal thunder lake suddenly disappeared without a trace as if it was taken away…. After 10 breaths of time, it returned, and although it returned, this scene caused endless panic and fear among the Scatter Thunder Clan.

In the Ancient Star System, there was an area where the Fire Sparrow Clan was located… This place was very similar to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, where the entire region was burning.

Similarly, there were countless Vermillion Bird statues erected on temples. However, these Vermillion Birds were black, as if they were firebirds instead.

However, the moment the member of the Fire Sparrow Clan died and Wang Lin said that he was taking back the control over fire, all the firebird statues trembled and cries of hostility filled the stars. Cracking sounds rumbled across the stars and about 30% of the firebird statues collapsed!

The entire Fire Sparrow Clan was shocked!

At the moment the firebird statues collapsed, an old man looked up at the sky and muttered to himself, "The ancient legend said that when they return, all the pseudo Vermillion Birds will collapse…" 

At the same time, among the seven powerful clans, a shocking matter occurred at the Moon-Devouring Clan. It was a change that terrified all the Moon-Devouring Clan members!

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