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Chapter 1207 - Thunder? Fire?

"Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with battle intent. The three people were all from the Outer Realm, and the scene from the stone statue had caused his blood to boil. At this moment, there was no karma, only killing intent!

The more he learned about the past, the stronger this killing intent became!

The youth with the lightning mark was the fastest, and he closed in. He was originally only a peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, but after the strange transformation, his cultivation level increased and he unexpectedly reached the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer. Then it broke past the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer to reach the mid stage!

Wang Lin had never seen this kind of ability before in his life. This wasn't them hiding their cultivation levels, they had borrowed power from the heavens!

To be more exact, this wasn't the first time Wang Lin had fought with the people of the Outer Realm. In the void with the Moongazer Serpent, he had already fought with them, but back then Wang Lin was too weak to attract their attention and he had no control over his own fate. However, now Wang Lin was qualified to look at the three fiercely charging at him with disdain and mockery!

The youth with the lightning mark was covered in lightning, and as he moved forward, popping sounds echoed. He seemed to become lightning as he quickly closed in. His hands formed a seal and the lighting around him formed a giant figure.

This figure was more than 1,000 feet tall and was covered in blue lightning. It had a large lightning mark between its eyebrows and its gaze could shake the mind of anyone who met it.

"Thunder Collapse!" the youth with the lightning mark roared as he closed in on Wang Lin.

"Thunder…" The mockery in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger. Thunder flashed in his right eye and the lightning mark also appeared in his right eye.

He took a step forward. At this moment, the world seemed to slow down in Wang Lin's eyes. Everything seemed to be underwater and almost stopped.

The three people before him, even the youth with lightning, were so slow that they were insignificant. With one step, before a thunderous rumble could echo as he broke the sound barrier, he already arrived before the person with the lightning mark.

He raised his right hand and smashed it into the youth's chest.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes, four strikes!

In a short moment, Wang Lin's two fingers formed a sword and struck four times!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble. The youth with the lightning mark turned pale, then shock filled his eyes and he coughed out blood. His chest was a bloody mess and large amount of lightning was flashing on his chest. The lightning quickly spread like a net and surrounded his body.

This happened in a flash; it was aso fast, no one had time to react. To the remaining two people from the Outer Realm, Wang Lin had just turned around and hadn't moved at all with that look of mockery in his eyes.

However, in that instant, one of their companions coughed out blood and was thrown back. It was also at this moment that the thunderous rumble arrived.

"Thunder Ancestor, lend me the power to devour this Sealed Realm cultivator!" Popping sounds came from the youth with the lightning mark and more than half of the bones in his body were broken. He was thrown back few hundred feet and the lightning around him collapsed. There was also a lightning net around him that seemed to seal him.

Covered in blood, his head jerked up and he let out an earth-shattering roar. It was filled with madness! However, in Wang Lin's eyes, this madness was filled with fear and despair.

The moment the person with the lightning mark roared, the illusion around him began to turn corporeal. Endless lightning appeared out of nowhere and gathered toward that illusion.

As the lightning gathered, the illusionary figure, which was 1,000 feet tall, became like the incarnation of heavenly thunder!

Wang Lin's expression remained indifferent and he took one more step forward. With this step, his true and false domain spread out. This step seemed to land on the heartbeat of the youth with the lightning mark.

A thunderous rumble echoed and more blood gushed out from his chest. His right hand gripped his chest. His heart had collapsed due to Wang Lin's domain!

Wang Lin didn't even look at this person. With one step, he seemed to raise to the heavens, and he arrived next to the large figure and casually hit it with his right palm!

At the same time, thunder flashed inside his right eye. The lightning mark flew out from his eye and landed between the eyebrows of the illusion.

"From now on, your clan is deprived of the right to fight with me over the control of thunder!"

His voice was gloomy but also filled with a sense of majesty. It was like law and was filled with the determination to seal a clan. It was as if he was taking back the control that had been given to the Scatter Thunder Clan!

The illusionary figure trembled and collapsed into endless lightning. It unexpected turned into lightning and descended on the youth. Popping sounds echoed as the youth's body instantly collapsed and turned to ashes. His origin soul was tied up by the lightning. When Wang Lin turned around, all the lighting and thunder was absorbed by him. The youth's origin soul was pulled into Wang Lin's right eye as well.

The lightning mark in Wang Lin's right eye became even more clear.

All of this happened in an instant. The pupils of the person with the fire mark shrank and his eyes became filled with unimaginable fear. He couldn't help but pause and was about to retreat.

Wang Lin turned around and his gaze fell on the youth with the fire mark.

"Fire?" The disdain in his eyes became even stronger! A monstrous flame appeared in his right eye and a sea of flames covering thousands of feet around him appeared.

The youth with the fire mark became pale. He wanted to retreat, but he was surrounded by the sea of fire. He struggled and let out a roar. The wings made of fire behind him waved and a large amount of fire appeared to form a firestorm. After forming the firestorm, he charged at Wang Lin. 

As he moved forward, his hands formed a seal and strange chants came from his mouth. Even more fire came out from his body, forming a wall of fire that smashed toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin waved his hand and the sea of flames seemed to boil. The entire sea of flames closed in on the youth with the fire mark.

This was a duel between fire and fire!

The two fires from the same origin but controlled by two different people collided in the blink of an eye. A series of heaven-shaking rumbles echoed, and with a bang, the youth with the fire mark charged out. The fire wings, which were similar to the wings of a Vermillion Bird, gave off a purple fire as he closed in on Wang Lin.

"Not a human or a Vermillion Bird! Just a deformed resident of the Outer Realm!" The fire from Wang Lin's left eye covered his whole body and the Vermillion Bird armor appeared around him. At this moment, he was like an ancient fire god!

The moment the youth with the fire mark saw this, he became crazy and his eyes filled with disbelief. He exclaimed, "Holy Armor!!"

 "Burn!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed indifference and killing intent. He lifted his left hand and pointed at the youth with the fire mark!

With this, the youth's body trembled violently, and the terror in his eyes was indescribable. He let out a miserable scream as the fire burst from inside his body and he burned himself!

As a member of the Fire Sparrow Clan, he had been accompanied by fire his whole life. He could have never imagined that one day he would be betrayed by this fire! The fire he had always freely controlled had completely betrayed him as if it had met its true master!

his miserable screams echoed as his body was burned to ashes. However, after his body turned to ashes and his origin soul was burning, he let out a chant.

"I summon the ancestral spirit as a member of the Fire Sparrow Clan!"

The moment his voice echoed, his origin soul collapsed. The specks of light turned into fire and turned into an illusionary Vermillion Bird! This Vermillion Bird was black and was covered in an aura of hostility. It didn't even seem like a Vermillion Bird; it was more like a fire bird that was enlarged several fold!

It was filled with hostility as it let out a roar and charged at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin let out a cold short and his left eye shined. The cry of a real Vermillion Bird echoed from inside his body. At the same time, a white Vermillion Bird appeared around him.

This was the true Vermillion Bird! The moment it appeared, it stared at the giant, black firebird and revealed a look of contempt. Without the need for Wang Lin's order, it charged out with a cry. At this moment, half of the world was covered in flames, and it attempted to devour the large firebird.

The giant, black firebird became even more hostile, but it showed obvious intent to retreat.

"From now on, your clan is deprived of the right to fight with me over the control of fire!" As Wang Lin's words echoed, the Vermillion Bird and the black firebird collided!

A thunderous rumble echoed and the black firebird immediately collapsed, unable to resist at all. It was as if it had met its ancestor, or when the fake meets the real!

The fire the black firebird released after it collapsed was immediately devoured by the Vermillion Bird, and even its spirit was devoured. At this moment, all the fire in this world belonged to Wang Lin!

The Vermillion Bird let out a cry. It was in high spirits. It unexpectedly showed sign of a third awakening! The flames around its body burned even higher and stronger!

This scene caused the expression of the youth with the crescent moon mark to change drastically, and he finally turned pale. He was covered in cold sweat. He couldn't even get a clear look at Wang Lin's figure before everything just ended in an instant!

He thought about how this person had seriously injured his teacher in the void even though his teacher said later that this person wasn't even strong enough to withstand one blow!

Without any hesitation, the youth with the crescent moon mark immediately retreated like crazy to escape from this terrifying existence. It was as if the closer he was to this person, the more nervous he became and the closer his mind came to collapsing.

Wang Lin coldly stared at the youth and uttered words that made the youth lose his wits! "A mere slave clan dares to call themselves the heavenly dao before me?"

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