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Chapter 1206 - Cultivators Like Us Never Shrink From a Fight!

The scene from the eyes of the statue dissipated. The moment the scene dissipated, thunder flew out from the formation. It seemed to break through the void, the heavens, and time. It charged directly into Wang Lin's right eye!

Thunderous rumbles echoed inside his mind and he stumbled back several dozen feet. Then he stared at the stone statue with a ferocious expression!

The stone statue suddenly collapsed into a pile of rubble and kicked up a lot of dust...

"Outer Realm…" For some reason, when Wang Lin saw that scene from the statue, his blood started boiling!

When he saw the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance, countless cultivators died, but he didn't have this feeling. He witnessed a large calamity that arose due to a treasure, causing the deaths of countless cultivators, but he didn't have this feeling. He had seen the large factions inside the Alliance fight amongst each other, but he didn't have this feeling.

However, at this moment, he didn't even know why, but when he saw that scene, especially when all those celestial ancestors died, he felt blood rushing to his head.

The cries of the celestial before death seemed to echo in his ears.

"I refuse to let this be! I refuse to let this be! There will be a day when a future generation of cultivators will break this formation and cause all you outsiders to become extinct! Rivers of blood will flow in your Outer Realm!"

Staring at the collapsed statue, the lightning mark in Wang Lin's right eye continued to flash. After a long time, he turned around and flew toward the mountain surrounded by the Time Restriction!

When Wang Lin absorbed the lightning mark, the youth with the lightning mark from the Outer Realm turned extremely pale and his body faintly started trembling.

He clearly felt that there had been a battle of thunder before him. One side seemed to be thunder from his bloodline and the other side was also thunder, but that thunder shook his mind. He had almost lost control over the thunder inside his body.

The two people beside him obviously didn't have such a strong reaction, but the youth with the crescent moon mark was still gloomy. He seemed to be thinking of something.

As for the person with the fire mark, his eyes shined and he didn't hide the greed in his eyes. What he was after was the power of fire he had noticed when Wang Lin's mind swept by.

After a long time, the three of them appeared at the place where the stone statue collapsed. Looking at the stone statue, the youth with the lighting mark became even more pale, but there was also anger in his expression. He could feel that this statue was his ancestor. Although he didn't know why it was here, the thunder spirit the ancestor had left behind was forcibly take by someone not long ago!

However, after the anger faded, he was even more terrified!

"What do we do?" The youth with the lightning mark looked at his two companions.

The person with the fire mark slowly said, "If the three of us all release our seals to reach our peak power, it will be possible to kill this person…"

The person with the lightning mark hesitated for a bit and then softly said, "How about we leave and report this spatial crack to the elders and let them deal with it… I have a bad feeling."

"Wealth can only be obtained through danger!" The youth with the crescent moon mark seemed to have made up his mind and clenched his teeth

The youth with the lightning mark silently pondered. A moment later, he revealed a fierce gaze and no longer hesitated. He searched for traces of thunder and rushed out. The other two followed, and they disappeared into the fog.

Wang Lin moved like lightning through the fog and quickly arrived at where he fought Master Ashen Pine for the bottle. He looked at the Time Restriction before him and his eyes lit up. If this restriction hadn't been broken or had been broken a long time ago, it would've been very difficult for Wang Lin to open it unless he was willing to sacrifice treasures.

However, this restriction had been broken just a few months ago, and although Wang Lin was in a dazed state when his mind passed over it, he still remembered an invisible crack on the restriction.

This crack was the opening Master Ashen Pine and the old woman in green had made.

"I only need to open that crack again! It shouldn't be hard!" Wang Lin's hand formed seals and countless Annihilation Restrictions flew out. They landed on the Time Restriction and the light screen began to ripple.

Wang Lin didn't even blink, and his divine sense spread out, carefully observing. Shortly after, his eyes narrowed as he found the opening from before!

Although this crack had healed, the Time Restriction here was only several months old. Unless countless years passed, this flaw would remain.

This was one of the drawbacks of a Time Restriction.

After finding the crack, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the crystal sword appeared. The moment the sword appeared, the aura of a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure appeared. There was a flash of light and the sword shot at the crack.

A thunderous rumbled immediately echoed and ripples violently appeared on the Time Restriction. A fine crack appeared as the sword approached. At this moment, the crystal sword closed in, and under Wang Lin's control, endless sword energy spread out, causing an even louder rumble!

Just at this moment, Wang Lin jumped up and his right hand reached at the air. The trident suddenly appeared, giving off an endless, black glow. Wang Lin crashed down at the crack like a meteor.

He was very fast and instantly closed in. The trident immediately stabbed into the crack, and a powerful force rushed into Wang Lin's body.

However, Wang Lin let out a cold snort and his ancient god power filled his body. His right hand mercilessly pushed, and as popping sounds echoed, the trident pierced through the restriction. Then he left the trident and created a hole dozens of feet wide using the crack that had just healed several months ago.

Wang Lin's left hand reached out and put away the crystal sword. He then rushed into the crack and charged at the mountain peak.

As for the stone gate with the lightning mark, Wang Lin only looked at it before withdrawing his gaze.

He soon arrived at the top of the mountain and swept his trident. A thunderous rumble echoed and a spatial crack quickly appeared before him.

He knew the exact location because of Master Ashen Pine's memories and because his mind had swept past this location when he was comprehending dao.

The crack appeared and Wang Lin directly walked inside! Shortly after he entered, the three Outer Realm youths appeared outside the restriction. They looked at each other before clenching their teeth and entering the crack Wang Lin had opened. They headed for the mountain.

When Wang Lin entered the mysterious space, he immediately saw the giant stone tablet! His eyes narrowed as he walked forward, and his gaze was pointed at the bottom of the tablet. He saw half a skeleton that was nailed to the stone tablet with two seven-colored nails!

The black light seemed to be faintly moving around the skeleton, and it made the words on the bones give off a strange attraction that could make one go mad.

Wang Lin walked closer step by step. He sealed his divine sense and didn't look at the skeleton. Instead, his gaze fell on the stone tablet. It was made of unknown material and gave off an ancient aura.

After carefully looking at it, Wang Lin frowned. He felt like the material of the stone tablet was familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had seen something similar to it.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin's gaze swept over the skeleton. Even though he was prepared, he was still caught by it. However, he was prepared and recovered after retreating a few steps.

His eyes lit up and he didn't hesitate to open his storage space. The golden word "Battle" flew out from his storage space. The moment it appeared, the golden light from the skeleton began to fly out. The black and golden light from the skeleton constantly changed.

In the end, the golden light flashed and flew out from the skeleton and went into the word "Battle." At this moment, a bright, golden light filled the void.

At this moment, the golden word "Battle" flew directly to Wang Lin and landed between his eyebrows! Wang Lin's mind trembled.

"This old man is Zhan Xingye. I know the Sovereign will try to force me to yield in the future. However, as a cultivator of the Allheaven Star System, I'd rather die than work for with people of the Outer Realm. One who inherits my dao, comprehend this battle intent and slaughter your way to the Outer Realm in the future. Offer their blood to my spirit…"

Wang Lin's heart was filled with a monstrous battle intent, and countless scenes of Zhan Xingye battling the world appeared in his mind. The countless images contained a powerful comprehension toward battle, and as his comprehension deepened, his domain began to fuse with this battle intent, causing a startling change.

Just as Wang Lin was comprehending, a distortion appeared in the space he was in and the three youths stepped inside. The youth with the fire mark stared greedily at Wang Lin. At this close distance, he could feel the fierce fire origin energy inside Wang Lin.

"If I devour him, I can evolve!"

The youth with the lightning mark was startled as he looked at Wang  Lin. He could feel the powerful thunder from Wang Lin, but he also saw that Wang Lin was in a mysterious state.

"A heavenly opportunity!!"

Only the youth with the crescent moon mark suppressed the shock in his mind when he saw Wang Lin's back. His pupils shrank and a distant memory resurfaced in his heart.

"It indeed was him!"

The three of them charged at Wang Lin at the same time with powerful killing intent. The three of them all formed seals and mercilessly hit their foreheads with their palms.

There were three popping sounds and their bodies all went through shocking changes. The youth with the lightning mark expanded to hundreds of feet large and was covered in lightning.

The youth with the fire mark suddenly grew a pair of fire wings and a single horn appeared on his head. His expression revealed pain, but it was ferocious.

The youth with the crescent moon mark was the most strange. His body didn't change much, but his skin turned into the color of the moon. This crystal color became a stark contrast against the golden light!

However, just as they charged in and closed in, Wang Lin suddenly turned around. His eyes became clear and revealed a hint of mockery! It was the same mockery the Outer Realm cultivators had toward the Sealed Realm cultivators.

"I'm a hero both in life and death. Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!" The last words of Zhan Xingye when facing the Sovereign appeared in Wang Lin's mind!

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