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Chapter 1200 - Dao Scatter

Dao. What is dao?

Wang Lin’s life and death cycle, karma cycle, and true and false were all daos he had comprehended himself or were changes in his way of thinking. From a little, unknown cultivator until now, where he could stand among the strong. All of these changes were the growth Wang Lin had experienced in his life.

From the life and death reincarnation cycle, he saw through life and death. This allowed him to struggle through his crisis and find life in death. This ultimately allowed his defying will to appear in his heart and he dared to become a heaven-defying cultivator.

Splitting the stars, slicing the moon, and looking down upon the heavens was the path of a heaven-defying cultivator. He had seen through life and death, so there was nothing to fear! These were all the thoughts that the life and death domain had brought Wang Lin.

He had become strong because he had the intent! However, the heavens were ruthless and would force all life to obey it! It was also due to the intent of all life that countless daos were formed for everyone to comprehend. This was the gift the heavens had given to all living beings, to give them meaning to cultivate. This was following the heavens and cultivating a smooth path!

Wang Lin wouldn’t enter this path!

After life and death was karma. After Wang Lin’s domain went through a metamorphosis, he was like a head scholar among mortals. He no longer cared about life and death, but pursued the true meaning of the world.

Karma was like this. He saw through karmic cause and caught glimpse of karmic effect. Everything in this world had its own karma. After completing his pursuit of karma, Wang Lin’s life entered a peak. As his mind evolved, his dao heart was confirmed even more. As he went through cycles of karma, his dao heart became even more deeply rooted. The world became different in his eyes.

These heavens are not my heavens! In other people’s eyes, the heavens and earth were boundless, and they didn’t know where it ended. They searched the heavens and earth blindly. In Wang Lin’s eyes, the boundary of the heavens and earth was no longer important. The heavens were karmic cause and earth was karmic effect. The world was a cycle of karma. He wanted to walk out of this karmic furnace, he wanted to know what was outside of this world.

After reaching this step, Wang Lin had reached the limit of his domain. He was also in the circle he had drawn around Li Qianmei and Lu Yuncong.

However, Qing Lin’s appearance and possessing the Heaven Defying Bead allowed Wang Lin’s karma domain to go through another metamorphosis after reaching completion. His domain evolved and he began to explore the origins of true and false!

The true and false domain was a deep comprehension, and ordinary people simply weren’t qualified to grasp it. This was already at the boundary of the heavenly dao, just one step away from reaching the core!

Over the countless years, it wasn’t that there were no cultivators that had reached this step, it’s just that there were simply too few… Domain determines one’s cultivation level, and the depth of the domain brings drastic differences to one’s power.

What Wang Lin was seeking was the grand dao. Although it seemed the same as everyone else, due to his understanding of dao, the path he saw had far surpassed the goals of others.

The liquid formed by the three rank 11 pills was consumed by Wang Lin. His comprehension didn’t end and kept going. His storage space opened before him and bottles of pills flew out. There were rank 8, 9, and 10 pills inside.

He had forgotten about time. While he gained enlightenment, he picked up the pills one by one. He didn’t devour them; they all collapsed when they got close to his mouth. The countless dao intents from the beast souls merged with the vortex and were being confirmed by Wang Lin.

More and more chaotic dao intents appeared and began to spread once more.

The Lost Ones outside the valley gradually gained a hint of clarity in their confused eyes. The Enlightened Ones’ ethereal bodies began to turn corporeal.

Those rank 12 fierce beasts no longer gave off fierce auras while seeking dao.

Master Ashen Pine struggled to protect his mind. It was as if he could be overrun by this chaotic dao intent at any moment. Even more dao intent appeared outside the valley.

The entire Seven-Colored Realm seemed to be filled with the dao intents Wang Lin had abandoned and became twisted. It was as if the countless dao intents were colliding.

As it spread, even the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm became like this.

As Wang Lin continued to become enlightened, his mind gradually flew out of his body. He saw the valley, he saw himself sitting in the valley, he saw the pills floating before him collapsing one by one.

His mind slowly spread out with the valley as the center. When his mind swept past the Enlightened Ones, their bodies all trembled.

The Lost Ones and the fierce beasts were like this as well. As for Master Ashen Pine, his dao heart suddenly collapsed and his eyes became filled with confusion.

None of this caught Wang Lin’s interest at all. His mind continued to spread out, and he saw a burly man sitting in a cave in a mountain in the outer region. The burly man’s eyes revealed panic as he stared ahead. He opened his mouth but was unable to utter a word.

Even after Wang Lin’s mind left, the burly man still hadn’t recovered from the shock.

Wang Lin’s mind circled around the entire outer region and passed through all the caves before heading to the wall-like mountain range. However, along the way, he saw the restriction where the Life and Death Restriction had fused with the Annihilation Restriction.

He saw the pale-faced old woman in green sitting there, cultivating with her eyes closed. Her dao heart was a mess and unexpectedly showed signs of splitting. Her appearance rapidly changed; sometimes she was old, sometimes she was ancient, and sometimes she was middle-aged.

The old woman didn’t cause Wang Lin to stop. He continued into the mountain covered in fog. The fog wasn’t able to stop him at all, and inside he saw two mountains surrounded in restrictions.

The Time Restriction also wasn’t able to stop Wang Lin’s mind. On the first mountain, there was nothing but a stone tablet. There was nothing on the stone tablet, but it gave off an ancient aura.

However, in Wang Lin’s eyes, the ancient aura gradually disappeared. The entire stone tablet was like a treasure.

As Wang Lin’s mind spread out, he went to the second mountain protected by the Time Restriction. There he saw a towering statue and a giant, stone gate halfway up the mountain. There was a lightning mark on the gate.

His mind went through the stone gate and he saw orbs of seven-colored light. There were beast souls sealed within from rank 7 to rank 13...

Inside this cave, he saw a young girl that looked similar to the old woman. Her face was ashen and she looked dead, but her body was trembling.

Wang Lin also saw that there was a hidden space at the peak, and inside he saw the tablet again. He also saw the skeleton that was pinned against the tablet with two seven-colored nails.

At this moment, his mind was attracted by the skeleton and landed on the countless words carved on the skeleton.

It was as if thunder had exploded in Wang Lin’s mind. His originally calm mind suddenly became disturbed and a drastic change occured. His mind gathered on the skeleton and the text was engraved in his heart. There words were exactly the same words that echoed in his mind.

“... Await the path of cultivation…”

Wang Lin’s mind fluctuated for an unknown amount of time and then left this place confused. He went deeper into this fog-covered land and for the first time entered the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm.

There was also fog there, but it was even more dense. However, this still couldn’t stop Wang Lin’s mind. He saw three youths wearing strange clothes. The youth with the crescent moon mark, he had seen this person before...

The youth with the lightning mark softly said, “This place is very mysterious. What makes it even more strange is that I can feel the aura of my Flash Thunder Clan’s ancestor.”

The youth with the flame mark between his eyebrows behind him rubbed his temples. He had a gloomy expression as he softly said, “It is indeed very strange. After entering here, I can feel something calling me in my heart. Also, I feel like my ancestral mark is going to leave my body.”

The last youth with the crescent moon mark was cautiously looking around and his eyes lit up. Just as he was about to speed up, his expression changed greatly.

Wang Lin’s mind swept by the three youths. At this moment, it was as if a bolt of lightning had struck the youth with the lightning mark between his eyebrows. The lightning mark began to flash violently.

The youth with the crescent moon mark also trembled as if he had thought of something, but he wasn’t sure. His face was pale and a huge wave was set off in his heart.

The most shocked was the youth with the flame mark. The moment Wang Lin’s mind swept by, he felt like he had lost all the strength in his body. An unspeakable fear washed over his body, and the flame mark began to burn as if it wanted to burn his body into ashes.

It was fortunate that this feeling only lasted for a moment. When Wang Lin’s mind passed, the pain disappeared.

After a long time, the three looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

“What a powerful mind!” The youth with the lightning mark gasped.

“It must be an ancestor from my Fire Sparrow Clan. That mind just now contained was certainly one of my clan’s ancestors, or else my mark wouldn’t have reacted like this!” The youth with the flame mark was pale, but his eyes were filled with greed.

Only the last person, the youth with the crescent moon mark, remained silent. He pondered. There was fear hidden in his eyes. The moment Wang Lin’s mind passed by, he recalled that nightmarish scene he refused to remember.

“Could it be… him… Not possible. How could he appear here…” The youth’s body trembled.

The youth with the flame mark licked his lips and slowly said, “Although this person’s mind is strong, if the three of us open the seal, we still stand a chance. I hope the two of your will help me!”

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