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Chapter 1179 - Crowd of Devils Gathers

"Mid stage Nirvana Shatterer!" When Wang Lin got close, he looked at the old man with the crown and felt the monstrous killing intent from this old man. This person also used souls for his spells, and he was clearly a famous evil cultivator in the Cloud Sea. 

At this moment, as Master Cloud Soul waved his sleeves, an endless tide of soul fragments charged at Wang Lin to devour him.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. A powerful force appeared and collided with those soul fragments.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the surrounding star fog was all pushed back. A gust of wind blew by the soul fragments as they let out shrills, and a small portion of them immediately collapsed.

Wang Lin's body flickered and he retreated five steps. Every step he took caused the earth to tremble and left deep footprints. After five steps, his face was a bit pale as he stared at Master Ashen Pine and shouted, "Master Ashen Pine, what is the meaning of this!?"

Master Ashen Pine laughed as he stood up and waved his hand. There was a flash of gold light, and the gold light suddenly turned into thousands of flying sword. These flying sword linked together with a click to form a sword curtain and stopped Master Cloud Soul's soul fragments from attacking again.

"Master Cloud Soul, Fellow Cultivator Lu is an honored guest I invited. I hope you will give his old man some face!"

Master Cloud Soul, who wore a crown, coldly looked at Wang Lin and revealed a fake smile. "You hide youself, but you do have Nirvana Shatterer spells." As he spoke, his right hand reached out and the countless soul fragments gathered. They turned into nine giant soul flames behind him. They gave off a crackling sounds as they burned.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, Master Cloud Soul is only testing your strength and has no malicious intent. Please don't mind." Master Ashen Pine smiled and clasped his hands.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy and he didn't speak. He sat down not far from them and looked into the distance. He revealed no emotion on his face, making it impossible for outsiders to see what he was thinking.

Master Ashen Pine sneered in his heart. He and Master Cloud Soul looked at each other with subtle gazes and then quickly withdrew them.

Master Cloud Soul sent a message into Master Ashen Pine's ears. "This person does have the ability to kill Wu Qing, but there is still a gap between him and mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators like us. If I attack on my own, I can kill him in 10 breaths of time! If we join together, we can kill him instantly!" 

Master Ashen Pine closed his eyes and sent out a message to Master Cloud Soul. "What makes me dread him the most isn't his possible identity as a member of the God Sect. It's that he is obviously a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, but his spell could instantly kill Wu Qing. He is obviously hiding his cultivation. If I don't know his true cultivation level, it might hinder things. However, after seeing you two fight, I'm a bit relieved. However, this person is extremely cunning, so once we enter, try to test him a few more times!" 

Master Cloud Soul's eyes lit up in agreement.

Wang Lin lowered his head while he sat there so no one could see the flash of coldness in his  eyes. Although he looked like he had used full force, he was actually holding back. It would not be wise to reveal his true strength before these old monsters.

"Mid stage Nirvana Shatterer… Is indeed very strong. Just the origin energy contained in that spell is not something an early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator can deal with. The difference is like a young and a strong man… However, if I were to fight with my most powerful treasures, it's not like I would lose! What I need to prevent is Master Ashen Pine and that person from teaming up." Wang Lin's expression was calm. He didn't reveal the slightest clue as to what he was thinking.

The old man with the face full of scars saw the whole battle. He silently turned the ring on his finger and his gaze occasionally swept past Master Ashen Pine.

There was still that old woman in green who just calmly sat there with her eye closed. She didn't look at what happened at all, as if she was asleep.

Time gradually passed. Day and night mixed together on this fog-covered wild continent. It was impossible to distinguish between night and day. After about one hour, a ray of sword energy flew in from the distance.

This sword energy seemed extremely sharp and contained fierce sword energy. This sword energy didn't make the star fog move at all and directly pierced through toward the five of them.

Before the sword energy got close, a sword pressure descended from the sky. This sword pressure contained an extremely tyrannical aura. Master Ashen Pine raised his head and smiled.

There was a clang and the sword energy arrived. It stabbed into the earth before the elder named Pang. It was a seven-foot-long sword and was two fingers wide. It was white and shrouded in steam, and traces of cold energy spread out from it.

The golden tassel on the sword hilt fluttered and stirred the void, causing ripples to appear above the sword. The ripples became even more violent and a person walked out!

This person was short. At first glance, it looked like a boy. Looking closely, this person had twisted features and was as green as a ghost. He looked terrifying, and if a mortal saw him, they would die from terror.

He stepped out from the ripples and sat down next to the sword. He was only half a head taller than the sword that was stabbed into the ground..

"What kind of map did you give me, Master Ashen Pine? It took me a long time to find this place!" This person's voice was sharp. He gloomily looked at everyone and was startled when he saw Wang Lin, but he didn't say anything.

Master Ashen Pine smiled even wider. "Little Brother Duanmu, you can't blame me for this. It is you who was unable to find this place."

The child snorted and sharply said, "You said that that place has Reincarnation Pills. Is it true?"

Master Ashen Pine nodded and said, "It is 100% true. When I entered, I was only at the outer region and couldn't go deeper, but I saw a Reincarnation Pill. However, it was guarded by a fierce beast, so I couldn't obtain it."

"What fierce beast?"

"A rank 12 fog dragon!"

The child silently pondered, then his eyes lit up.

"Reincarnation Pill…" When Wang Lin heard this, his expression remained neutral, but his heart was moved. However, he had never heard of the Reincarnation Pill before. Looking at Master Ashen Pine's expression, this Reincarnation Pill didn't seem to be the focus of his trip.

While he pondered, Wang Lin's gaze swept past the boy. This boy was also a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator.

The boy pondered for a moment and said to Master Ashen Pine, "If we are not leaving, does that mean there is still one more?"

"There is still one missing…" Before Master Ashen Pine finished speaking, he suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance. At almost the same time, the boy and Master Cloud Soul looked up as well.

Wang Lin clearly felt the earth tremble slightly. He looked over and saw a tall figure closing in on the wild continent from the fog. The figure got closer and closer until a large, burly man wearing purple was revealed.

As he approached, the earth trembled even more violently. Countless small pieces of rubble flew everywhere.

The moment this burly man closed in, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and closely looked behind the burly man. There were fierce beasts following behind him. Although there weren't too many, there were still hundreds. However, their ranks weren't that high.

In the blink of an eye, the burly man arrived everyone. He coldly looked at everyone and calmly said, "I have arrived!"

No one saw him make a move, but the moment he spoke, those hundreds of beasts began to roar, and the sound was earth-shattering. Some of the fierce beasts suddenly collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. Soon, all the fierce beasts behind him collapsed and died.

When these fierce beasts died, the earth was died red and the smell of blood became dense. At the same time, the souls of the beasts all gathered before the burly man and rapidly condensed. They eventually turned into a black vortex and then the burly man pinched it with his right hand. The vortex immediately condensed into a black pill.

The burly man devoured the pill in his hand and calmly said, "I came here, so I refined all the fierce beasts here."

"Battle Beast Sect!" Master Cloud Soul's expression became serious and he clasped his hands at the burly man. He said, "I wonder who Fellow Cultivator is in the Battle Beast Sect? I'm Master Cloud Soul. I'm friends with the honorable Master Bo Tain."

The boy's expression also became serious, and he clasped his hands at the burly man.

"Master Bo Tain is my senior brother. I'm Chen Tainjun." The burly man's voice was calm and there was a hint of pride in it.

"This person is at the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer… But to be able to get the attention of all these mid stage Nirvana Shatterer old monsters means that aside from his sect, there is something else. More importantly, this Battle Beast Sect's spell is interesting. Also, he said that he was already here, but no one noticed him. There is something strange!" Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the burly man.

"The Battle Beast Sect's hiding ability is indeed brilliant. I didn't realize brother Chen was here at all!" Master Ashen Pine got up and laughed.

Chen Tainjun nodded slightly and said, "Master Ashen Pine, I was called by the rank 9 region and must hurry back to the sect. I don't have much time, so you must be quick!"

Master Ashen Pine nodded, then his gaze swept everyone once and he said, "I'm very grateful that all of you could come. All of us will obtain something in this trip. None of you will walk away empty-handed." He paused for a moment before looking at Wang Lin and saying, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, aside from the origin crystals, you can also chose a few treasures as my sign of gratitude!"

Wang Lin silently nodded.

"I won't say any more. Once we are there, I'll give a detailed introduction! This way!" After he finished speaking, he took a step and charged into the star fog.

The elder named Pang followed closely after and the old woman in green followed. The Battle Beast Sect's Cheng Tianjun stepped forward and two strands of black gas turned into two eagle-like beasts as he followed.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, this way." Master Cloud Soul looked at Wang Lin with a smile that wasn't a  smile.

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he flew forward. Master Cloud Soul flew at the rear and coldly looked at Wang Lin. The six of them formed six rays of light across space with Master Ashen Pine leading the way.

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