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Chapter 1171 - Puzzled

There were restaurants and places to stay all ready in the various floating cities on Peng Lai. Although cultivators didn't need to eat and didn't need much rest, they still liked to eat. Even when cultivating, one would want a quiet room.

There was no lack of these kinds of facilities in the city.

At this moment, on the third floor of a inn, the entire floor had been cleared out of unauthorized people. Now there were only two elders, Wang Lin, and Li Qianmei there.

One of the old men was Yang Yu's uncle-master, and the other one had a shining, red face.

The green-robed old man smiled. "Fellow Cultivator Lu, I haven't introduced myself. I'm the rank 6 Devil Collection Sect's elder Tang Lihai."

"This old man is the Devil Collection Sect's Wu Qing." The red-faced old man's voice was like a bell that shook the entire third floor.

These two elders were both at the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer, but they didn't put up any airs and treated Wang Lin as an equal. Wu Qing had heard about what happened from Tang Lihai and was shocked. He didn't dare to underestimate Wang Lin.

Li Qianmei quickly sat on the side and played with the wine cup in her hand. However, her gaze would occasionally sweep past a deserted table in the corner.

Tang Lihai and Wu Qing naturally knew of her identity, but since she had changed her hair color, it was obvious she didn't want it to be revealed. They didn't say anything and only looked over to pay their respects.

"Today, it was me who was reckless, so I hope Fellow Cultivator Lu won't mind." Tang Lihai picked up the wine cup and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he picked up the cup to match, but he didn't drink it and placed it down immediately after.

Tang Lihai laughed. "I heard from Disciple Zhao Yu that Fellow Cultivator Lu's spell was amazing. After seeing it today, it really was extraordinary. I want to become friends with Brother Lu."

"No problem. It was also my intent to become friends with the Devil Collection Sect." Wang Lin quietly waited for what was next. He didn't believe they would come just to become friends with him.

The two of them began to talk, but Tang Lihai still didn't bring up the real purpose. He was secretly gauging Wang Lin, and he was also afraid of the relationship between Wang Lin and Li Qianmei.

Wu Qing listened for a very long time and eventually revealed a hint of impatience. He picked up a cup and slammed it on the table. He looked at Wang Lin and said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, I'm not good at talking in circles. Today I came to ask if Fellow Cultivator is willing to become an external elder.

"If you agree, my Devil Collection Sect will greet you with great gifts! Even if you don't agree, after today, the three of us can be counted as acquaintances. For us cultivators, those we call 'fellow cultivator' can be considered friends!"

Hearing Wu Qing's words, Tang Lihai revealed a wry smile as he looked at Wang Lin and said, "I was going to ask Fellow Cultivator about this after talking a bit more, but I forgot about this Wu Qing's attitude. My Devil Collection Sect is very sincere, and if you become an external elder, we will provide all the alchemy materials you need. We ask you act when you should to maintain the dignity of my Devil Collection Sect!"

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said, "I need to consider this first. How about this: I'll give you an answer before leaving Peng Lai."

Tang Lihai laughed and nodded. "That's how it should be. Fellow Cultivator, please think carefully. We will await your answer."

After talking about this matter, Wang Lin stood up and said his goodbyes. He left with Li Qianmei.

It wasn't until the two of them left that the red faced elder's face became gloomy. He no longer had that straight forward appearance he had before.

He slowly said, "His cultivation is very strange!"

Tang Lihai said, "It is indeed very strange. He is also very cautious, suspicious, and wise. Also very ruthless and decisive when acting."

At this moment, on the deserted table in the corner, a figure gradually appeared. It was a middle-aged man wearing a daoist robe. He was pale and had the air of a celestial.

He stood up and walked toward the two elders before slowly sitting down.

The middle-aged man looked outside the window and whispered, "I can't tell if he saw through my invisibility."

Tang Lihai hesitated for a moment and said, "Even if he saw through you, it should be Li Qianmei who secretly told him…"

The middle-aged man shook his head.

"Is it… that guy?" Wu Qing's eyes lit up and became cold as he spoke.

"If he saw through it, he is. If he didn't, then he isn't." The middle-aged man withdrew his gaze and frowned.

"No matter what happens, don't touch this person. I get a very dangerous feeling from him… My Devil Collection Sect will back out of this matter with the jade and pill recipe. We can't afford to participate." The middle-aged man massaged his temples. He looked exhausted.

Every city had their own market, and there were a lot of them scattered about. Over the next few days, Wang Lin said farewell to Li Qianmei and wandered the city on his own.

Li Qianmei nodded while smiling, and the two split up.

Without Li Qianmei beside him, Wang Lin no longer cared to hide it anymore and began looking for star maps for sale. Back in the inn, Wang Lin vaguely saw that there was a cultivator hiding at the table in the corner.

However, his expression didn't change and he didn't reveal any sign that he had noticed.

"It seems the clues on the wild continent have already been seen through…" Wang Lin let out a sigh and became more anxious to buy star maps. However, the star map prices were very high and it was difficult to tell the real ones part from the fakes. After three days, Wang Lin had bought some, but he wasn't confident in them.

At dusk of the third day, Wang Lin returned to the inn and sat down on the bed. He looked at the six star map jades on his hand and began to ponder.

Shortly after, his expression changed slightly and he looked up at his room.

A moment later, a knock was heard.

"He finally came…" Wang Lin revealed a smile and waved his right hand. The door opened, revealing a middle-aged man. This middle-aged man was burly and had a heroic look about him.

He didn't enter the room, but clasped his hands. "Senior, my teacher, Ouyang Long, invites you."

Wang Lin got up and walked toward the door. The middle-aged man respectfully made led the way. After leaving the inn, the two of them flew out of the city. Although it was night, the city was even more lively. The sound of people talking echoed in their ears.

A moment later, the two arrived at the center stone of all the floating cities. This was the main city, and it was dozens of times bigger than the outer cities. At night, this city was like a huge fierce beast that gave off a powerful sense of pressure.

Under the guidance of the middle-aged man, the two of them headed to the east gate. There were many cultivators guarding the east gate, and if you wanted to enter, you had to show a jade token.

Wang Lin noticed that when the middle-aged man took out the token, the surrounding cultivators immediately became respectful. They didn't even examine Wang Lin and allowed them to enter.

Shortly after they entered the city, they arrived in the center of the city. The middle-aged man stopped before a refined pavilion. He respectfully said to Wang Lin, "Senior, please enter. Given Junior's identity, I can't enter."

Wang Lin nodded and his divine sense spread forward before walking in. When he entered, he heard a hearty laugh. It was Ouyang Long walking down the stairs and clasping his hands at Wang Lin.

"I made Fellow Cultivator wait. You simply asked for too much and it took some time to prepare." Ouyang Long was very enthusiastic; he was like a different person from three days ago.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and smiled. "No problem." He naturally understood why Ouyang Long was like this. Wang Lin's actions back in the market not only shocked the Devil Collection Sect, but also shocked the force behind Ouyang Long.

"Come, come, come, this old man will take you to a place. Our exchange will be done there, and there will be some fun as well. Maybe Fellow Cultivator would wish to gamble a bit and maybe win big." Ouyang Long had a smile on his face, but he didn't dare to underestimate this youth in white. Three days ago, this person was able to find him and set such a big order. It was obvious this person had seen through his identity, which already meant that this person wasn't simple. And what happened at the market afterward had really shocked him.

"I'll be troubling Fellow Cultivator Ouyang." Wang Lin was polite as he followed Ouyang Long to the bottom of the pavilion. His divine sense was naturally spread out with caution. Everything he saw startled him, but he didn't reveal any of it.

The bottom of the pavilion was completely hollow and unexpectedly led to a stone platform 100,000 feet wide. There were many cultivators sitting around it, and the roars of fierce beasts were coming in.

There were two spirit beasts 1,000 feet large fighting each other on the platform. The roars of the two beasts echoed.

There were also arm-like passages hanging around the platform. These were round and seemed to have rows of windows.

Wang Lin and Ouyang Long were in one of the passages.

"This is the the beast gambling arena of the continent of Peng Lai. If you find any spirit beast you fancy, why not bet on it?" Ouyang Long led Wang Lin and laughed.

Wang Lin silently nodded.

The two of them moved quickly and arrived at the end of the passage. Before them were two cultivators with decent cultivation levels and a closed, stone gate between them.

Ouyang Long looked at Wang Lin. He pondered a bit and said, "Today's auction will be held by my Uncle-Master, and he invited some fellow cultivators to participate. It can be considered a small, private auction. If you're interested, you can also put something up for sale. My Uncle-Master will begin our trade with you once the auction is over.

"Fellow Cultivator, I'm still puzzled about something. I hope Fellow Cultivator can resolve my doubt."

"Please speak fellow cultivator Ouyang." Wang Lin nodded.

"How did fellow cultivator know my identity?" Ouyang Long stared at Wang Lin. If someone had introduced him, it would've been fine, but this person had unexpectedly found him while he was at his own private stall. This person was also sure he had more origin crystals and had secretly pointed out his identity.

Wang Lin faintly smiled.

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