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Chapter 1165 - Lu Yuncong Can't Compare!

"For the frog in a well, the opening of the well is the heavens. For fishes in water, the water is the heavens… The well is the cage for the frog, and the water's surface is the boundary for the fishes." Lu Yuncong looked at the woman and calmly said, "Humans are like the frogs and fishes, so heaven is our cage! The frog wishes to leave the well and the fishes still desire to jump out of the water. Humans naturally also want to break open the heavens and walk out from the cage!"

Li Qianmei thought for a moment, then her eyes were became more bright. There was a look of admiration in her eyes as she moved some of her hair behind her ear and said, "Brother Lu's answer is very unique. Qianmei asked a lot of people along the way, but only Brother Lu was able to resolve my confusion."

"Qianmei flatters me." Lu Yuncong faintly smiled.

"Brother Lu is the first person who has made Qianmei ask the second question. I hope Brother Lu can continue to answer my questions." Li Qianmei looked at the man before her. She had heard that the rank 5 region had someone famous named "Lu Yuncong." He was very intelligent and had a deep understanding of dao.

"If I answer your three questions and solve your doubts, what reward will I get?" Lu Yuncong smiled as he looked at Li Qianmei and waited for an answer.

Li Qianmei blinked and smiled. "If Brother Lu really can answer Qianmei's doubts, I can play a song for you on my flute."

"OK!" Lu Yuncong let out a smile and looked profoundly at Li Qianmei. He was still puzzled on the real reason why she was asking these questions.

Li Qianmei looked at Lu Yuncong and softly said, "The second question: what is heaven?"

The old man beside Lu Yuncong was still listening. When he heard his lord answer the first question, he smiled, but when he heard the second question, his expression became strange.

Lu Yuncong frowned and began to ponder. This time, he pondered for far longer than before. Li Qianmei wasn't anxious as she quietly waited for an answer from Lu Yuncong.

After 15 minutes, Lu Yuncong slowly said, "Heaven is… a road!"

Li Qianmei thought for a moment and softly asked, "The reason?"

Lu Yuncong raised his head and looked up. After pondering a bit, he said, "Heaven is under our feet and is a road for us to walk on. It is because of this road that there is dao!

"Dao means this: it is a road that lead us to the direction of breaking out of this cage that is heaven."

Li Qianmei's eyes became even brighter and the admiration in her eyes became even stronger.

"Thank you, Brother Lu, for answering my questions. I feel much less puzzled now. I wonder where brother Lu is going in such a rush."

The old man beside Lu Yuncong hesitated a bit before clasping his hands and asking, "Fellow Cultivator Li, is this the third question?"

Li Qianmei just silently smiled.

"I'm going to the continent of Mo Luo to learn something and ask for an account." Lu Yuncong's expression was neutral and there was no regret in his heart, even though he knew he wouldn't have the chance of answering the third question.

Li Qianmei blinked and softly said, "I wonder if Brother Lu would mind me following?"

"I naturally welcome Qianmei to come with me." Lu Yuncong smiled and nodded.

Along the way. Lu Yuncong and Li Qianmei were quietly talking to each other and exchanging their dao. They admired each other very much and gained a lot.

The old man was still a few steps away. His gaze would occasionally fall on Lu Yuncong and Li Qianmei. There was some strangeness in his eyes, but also a hint of joy.

"After the Sect Master's wife died, he never had another dao partner. Although this Li Qianmei from the rank 9 sect has just met the Sect Master, she seems to get along well with him. If the two of them can form a dao couple, with the Sect Master's wisdom, his future will be limitless… Then my Purple Dao Sect will be able to shake the Cloud Sea!"

After Li Qianmei left the Heaven Breaking Sect, she hardly had conversations like this. No one else was qualified to talk to her aside from Lu Yuncong.

"No wonder even Teacher praised this person as the number one cultivator in the rank 5 region. Even the God Sect is paying attention to him… He is indeed a rare and strange man. It is very rare for someone his age to have such a deep understanding of dao. Even though my cultivation level is higher, I'm inferior to him in his regard.

"Unfortunately… Even a person like this was still stopped by the second question." Li Qianmei sighed in her heart.

"If Qianmei wants to find the mysterious cultivator who has the jade, it will be a difficult matter." Time passed as the two talked, and they gradually reached the subject of the jade and mysterious recipe.

Lu Yuncong didn't hide his thoughts, and there was no need to hide them, so he told her his speculation.

"If this mysterious cultivator has such a scheming mind, then it will indeed not be difficult to find him." After Li Qianmei heard Lu Yuncong's speculation, she gained a hint of interest toward this mysterious cultivator.

"Acts decisively, mind like a demon, and ruthless in killing! I don't admire many people in my life, but this mysterious cultivator can be considered one of them." As Lu Yuncong praised, the pity in his eyes increased.

Li Qianmei softly said, "This is all Brother Lu's speculation. Maybe the truth isn't like this."

"I hope my speculation is true so I have a chance to meet him. That would give life some excitement." Lu Yuncong let out a sigh. There was expectation in his eyes.

As everyone moved forward, they got closer to the continent of Mo Luo. At this moment, they could vaguely see the shadow of the continent of Mo Luo.

The tiger slowly stopped and floated in space. It coldly stared ahead.

Lu Yuncong looked at the elder beside him and calmly said, "The Purple Dao Sect and the Origin Sect have the same main sect. There is no need to cause too much confusion. I'll go by myself and all of you wait here."

The old man nodded in agreement.

"Qianmei, let us go together." Lu Yuncong faintly smiled, and his gaze fell on Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei nodded and the two of them flew toward the continent of Mo Luo. The old man looked at the two disappear and softly said, "Maybe the Sect Master and her… can really become a dao couple."

Continent of Mo Luo.

Wang Lin had experienced the power of the pills of the Cloud Sea. After trying out the pills and comprehending through the beast souls inside, Wang Lin had grasped the essence of these pills.

To borrow the beast soul to comprehend the heavens and then merge it with your own domain.

Wang Lin was sitting inside the courtyard and had refused Lu Yanfei and company's visit. He held the rank 8 pill in his hand and began to ponder.

"There is a flaw in the pills of the Cloud Sea. The comprehension gathered from the beast souls is very chaotic and difficult to comprehend. If one wants to extract the desired comprehension, they have to keep consuming pills for it to succeed."

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin was looking at the pill in his hand when he suddenly noticed something. He looked up into the distance.

"They came…"

His expression was neutral without the slightest change. He withdrew his gaze and continued to look at the pill in his left hand.

Shortly after, the door of the courtyard was opened by someone and a man and a woman walked in. The man was middle-aged and wore a purple robe. He gave off a sense of majesty without being angry and his eyes were like the stars. They contained endless wisdom.

The woman beside him was extremely beautiful with skin as smooth as jade and as white as snow. There was a jade flute in her hand and she gave off an very elegant feel.

The arrival of those two didn't attract the attention of any Origin Sect cultivators, as if they had appeared out of nowhere. The moment they entered, the middle-aged man's gaze fell on Wang Lin, and his pupils shrank. Then he slowly walked over.

His speed wasn't fast, but every step he took landed with Wang Lin's heartbeat. It seemed to contain a certain law and naturally gave off an unspeakable pressure.

What was even more strange was that as the man closed in, the sky darkened after a dozen or so steps. The dark clouds covered half the world as he moved forward, and the dark clouds seemed to be devouring the sky.

"Sit!" Wang Lin still hadn't raised his head. Wang Lin was surprised about the fact that these two could find him here without anyone in the Origin Sect noticing.

He only said one word, but at this moment, the middle-aged man's footsteps paused. It was a if the rhythm he had set up with those dozen steps was messed up, making him unable to distinguish between true and false. It was as if everything that had happened before had collapsed with a thought from Wang Lin.

Lu Yuncong's expression immediately became serious. This feeling was very clear. He had clearly spread out his cultivation and domain and surrounded this man in white. Those steps he was taking were his domain, and each step should have been a domain attack.

As he moved forward, his domain merged with the world and his dao turned into the dark clouds, giving him even more momentum. These dozen simple steps were him borrowing the might of the heavens and descending on this ordinary-looking man in white.

If it was someone else, just these dozen steps would've been enough to collapse their domain and seriously injure their origin soul. If the injury was more serious, it would've left a mark on their dao heart and caused their dao foundation to collapse!

Even if someone could resist, they would still reveal a sign of resistance. Lu Yuncong was very confident in his own domain and dao, but at this moment, he was moved due to a simple word from this ordinary-looking man in white!

This one word had disintegrated everything he had set up, as if everything he had done was not real.

"Why not sit?" Wang Lin raised his head. His gaze moved from the pill and looked at the man in purple. Their eyes met.

It was as if an invisible thunderclap had exploded within this courtyard, and the middle-aged man in purple was greatly shocked. He subconsciously took two steps back and his expression changed greatly.

As he retreated, the dark clouds in the sky were all torn apart and disappeared in an instant. The sky was clear once more...

No matter how deep and profound Lu Yuncong's understanding of dao was, how could he compare with Wang Lin? Wang Lin had comprehended the life and death cycle after 500 years of cultivation, and after more than 900 years, he completed his life and death cycle, which then changed into karma. Then, after more than 1,000 years, his karma was complete and transformed again into the domain of true and false!

What could Lu Yuncong use to compare? What qualification did he have to compare?

He couldn't compare!

Li Qianmei was watching this from the beginning. She had come with Lu Yuncong because she admired his understanding of dao and had good will toward him. She felt that among the junior generation, no one had a deeper understanding of dao than Lu Yuncong. This was also the reason why Lu Yuncong was being watched by the high rank sects.

However, her mind changed when she looked at Wang Lin, and her eyes shined brighter than they had ever shined before.

"Brother, I have three questions I'd like to ask. Can you answer them…"

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