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Chapter 1164 - Three Questions

There was a giant spirit beast that was about 3,000 feet long moving within the star fog of the rank 5 region. This beast looked like a tiger, and it had a single horn more than 100 feet long that emitted a cold glint.

There were more than 30 people sitting on the back of the tiger. They were all calm and were cultivating with their eyes closed. There were men and women among them, and they gave off fluctuations of their cultivation.

There was a man standing beside the tiger with the horn. This man was middle-aged and wore a purple robe that moved without any wind. He had his hands behind his back as he looked at the star fog ahead. No one knew what he was thinking.

There was an old man respectfully standing behind this man, accompanying this middle-aged as they both stared ahead.

The old man softly said, "Sect Master, with the tiger's current speed, we will arrive on the continent of Mo Luo in one more day."

These people were the cultivators of the Purple Dao Sect. Normally, it wouldn't have taken them this long to arrive, but due to the matter of the jade and pill recipe that led to the invasion of the rank 5 region, they had to delay their arrival to the continent of Mo Luo.

After dealing with everything and cooperating with the rank 6 sects, the Purple Dao Sect finally sent people out to the continent of Mo Luo.

The middle-aged man's gaze fell on the star fog ahead as if he was thinking. After a long time, he nodded and calmly said, "There will finally be an answer for things that need to be settled."

The old man was startled and didn't understand the meaning of what the honorable Sect Master had said. In his view this will be a simply trip to the Origin Sect, what answer is there to obtain.

"Sect Master…" The old man was about to speak, but the middle-aged man shook his head and said, "You don't understand. Chaos will rise, the Cloud Sea will no longer be calm."

The old man silently pondered.

"In order to get a pill recipe and jade, not only the rank 6, but even rank 7 and 8 sects all sent cultivators. Is it worth it…" The middle-aged man seemed to be talking to himself. There was a sense of worry in him.

The old man whispered, "That pill recipe and jade are worth too much. It is inevitable people would be moved."

"That pill recipe is an ominous item. The first time it appeared, it caused a calamity in the Cloud Sea. Now this is the second time it has appeared… I just don't know who took it. The longer it is out there, the greater the calamity will be." The middle-aged man shook his head and let out a sigh.

The old man hesitated for a bit and whispered, "According to the investigation, it was the Five Poison Sect's Old Poisonous Woman who took the pill recipe and jade and went into hiding."

"Don't underestimate those old monsters of the rank 6 sects!" The middle-aged man faintly smiled.

The old man was startled. After he pondered carefully, he questioned, "Could there be someone else?"

"If it really was the Poisonous Old Woman, why does the Five Poison Sect still exist?" The middle-aged man's eyes shined with wisdom. He slowly said, "How can that Poisonous Old Woman withstand Shi Luoxing and not be found considering her cultivation level? How would she be able to kill the Clear Flower Sect's Noble Money while escaping?

"Noble Money was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Who could kill him in the short period of time before the second wave of Clear Flower cultivators arrived?"

The old man gasped and his mind trembled. It took him a long time to recover, and terror filled his eyes.

"The Clear Flower Sect's Noble Money was killed!" He was evidently unaware of this matter.

"Poisonous Old Woman can't do this. Only the person who really obtained the jade and recipe could have such strength. That person must have been forced to kill Noble Money. Presumably, when leaving the wild land, that person encountered Noble Money and aroused suspicion and then was forced to attack." The middle-aged man revealed a look of admiration and pity.

"He has vicious methods, decisive actions, and he cleanly killed Noble Money. Also, before that, this person quickly transferred the target on to the Poisonous Old Woman's back, creating a layer of fog to gain some time. By doing so, he was able to confuse the rank 6 sects enough to escape their blockade before it was set up. Even if I were to change positions with him, I fear I'd be unable to do all of this.

"More importantly, this person's scheme is very deep. I don't know if he has another reason for framing the Poisonous Old Woman. If he really saw through the truth and only then framed the Poisonous Old Woman, then this person's mind is like a devil's!" The pity in the middle-aged man's eyes became even stronger.

The heart of the middle-aged man pounded rapidly. After pondering a bit, he was still somewhat puzzled.

The middle-aged man didn't turn his head, but he seemed to be able to clearly see the doubt on the old man's face. He softly said, "If the rank 6 region successfully obtains the jade and recipe, then it will be a good omen. However, if they found the jade and recipe but lost it, then it will be a disaster for them.

"What they need is an explanation! An explanation to the rank 7, 8, or even 9 regions…"

The old man seemed to realize what happened and was filled with disbelief. His chest puffed up and down as he said, "So that's why they allowed the Five Poison Sect to continue to exist and are also convinced it was the Poisonous Old Woman. Even Noble Money's death will be seen as the action of a powerful cultivator of the Five Poison Sect!"

The middle-aged man smiled. Then he spoke softly as if he was talking to himself.

"This mysterious cultivator is smart and gave the rank 6 sects an excuse. No matter what happens in the end, with this explanation, their disaster will be a lot smaller. Why else would there be no Nirvana Shatterer cultivator among the search squads? There are merely Nirvana Cleanser cultivators searching for a mysterious person that can kill a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator in less than seven minutes… If I were the sect master of one of the rank 6 sects, I would probably even help the mysterious cultivator erase all clues. That way, only the Five Poison Sect would be destroyed!"

The old man beside him was completely shocked. He looked at the middle-aged man with a gaze filled with reverence and dread. There was even a trace of fear in his eyes.

He had followed the middle-aged man, Lu Yuncong, for many years and had see him go from nothing to the peak. The Purple Dao Sect was only a small sect in the rank 5 region 3,000 years ago. However, in this person's hands, it was now very formidable. Although it wasn't the strongest in the rank 5 region, the name "Lu Yuncong" was known to people in the rank 6, 7, and 8 regions.

"I really want to have a meeting with this mysterious cultivator… I have a hunch that I will meet this person one day…" The middle-aged man's eyes were filled with expectation. He had his hands behind his back and looked like a mountain the eyes of the old man.

The old man silently pondered.

Time slowly passed, the tiger broke through the star fog and moved faster and faster.

When they were only half a day from the continent of Mo Luo, a flash of blue light appeared in the distance. This blue light was strange as it penetrated the fog and even made the fog blue.

The tiger immediately stopped and revealed vigilance. There was even a trace of fear in its eyes and it began to growl, but it didn't dare to move forward at all.

This sudden scene suddenly caused the more than 30 cultivators to open their eyes at the same time. They calmly stood up and coldly stared ahead. There was unexpectedly no sign of panic!

This was because they were the cultivators of the Purple Dao Sect, the core disciples of the Purple Dao Sect, and direct disciples chosen by the sect master of the Purple Dao Sect! They had pride. They could die or defeated, but they couldn't panic. Even if a mountain collapsed before them, they had to remain calm.

The old man beside Lu Yuncong became serious as he looked at the strange, blue light. Only Lu Yuncong wasn't affected at all. He calmly looked at the fog as if nothing had happened.

The blue fog spread and soon surrounded the surrounding 10,000 feet. A moment later, the blue fog parted and a beautiful woman walked out. She had a head of blue hair and a white dress. Her exquisite expression wasn't as cold as ice or gentle, just quiet and elegant.

There was jade flute in her hand. She was like a fairy that had descended upon the mortal world.

As this fairy gradually appeared, the moment she fully revealed herself, the blue fog around her turned corporeal and became a 10,000-foot-long blue dragon.

This fairy was standing on the head of the blue dragon and calmly looked at Lu Yuncong. There were no fluctuations in her eyes; they were pure without any impurity in them.

It was like a calm lake that was intoxicating. When one saw those eyes, no matter how tyrannical they were, they would calm down. There would also be a sense of inferiority in their heart.

"Li Qianmei!" Lu Yuncong still had his hand behind his back as he looked at her. Although he was shocked by her elegance and beauty that was almost like a domain, his expression didn't change.

"Rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect, Li Qianmei!" The old man beside Lu Yuncong took a few steps back and was on guard. He immediately recognized the woman because she was the only woman with blue hair in the Cloud Sea, Li Qianmei!

"Qianmei greets Brother Lu." The woman smiled and bowed slightly toward Lu Yuncong.

Lu Yuncong smiled and clasped his hands. "Fellow Cultivator Li is too kind."

"Brother Lu, Qianmei has three questions to ask. I hope brother Lu can resolve my doubts." The woman smiled softly, and she looked even more serene as he spoke. Along the way, she had asked many people the same questions. Everyone who answered were among the elite, but none of them were able to give her the answers she wanted. She had only asked one of the three questions as no one was able to make her ask the second, much less the third.

"Please speak." Lu Yuncong nodded.

The woman softly said, "The first question: what is heaven?"

Lu Yuncong looked at Li Qianmei. After pondering for a bit, he slowly said, "Heaven is a cage!"

The woman frowned slightly, but it was very alluring. A moment later, her eyes lit up and she revealed a smile that was like a blooming lily.

"Brother Lu's answer is very interesting. Qianmei wants to know why heaven is a cage."

Lu Yuncong smiled. "Is this the second question?"

The woman moved her blue hair and softly said, "No, this is still the first question. Can Brother Lu answer?"

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