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Chapter 1163 - Please Forgive Us

The clothes on his chest were torn and mixed with blood mist, creating a startling contrast with the black palm print. Zhou Hai's body was thrown out from the southern courtyard, and strands of vitality were coming out of the dark palm print. It only took a moment for his body to shrink until it was like a skeleton.

The vitality that appeared seemed to be moved by a power and entered the injured Origin Sect disciple. His body trembled as the blue light disappeared and he returned to normal.

Zhou Hai's body landed on the ground with a bang and his face was ashen. His body continued to twitch and fear filled his eyes.

The surroundings were completely silent, terrifyingly silent!

The Devil Collection Sect's Zhao Yun gasped and shock filled his eyes. He stared at the southern courtyard and retreated several dozen feet. He didn't expect the Grand Uncle-Master of the Origin Sect to be so powerful.

Thinking about his frivolous words where he teased Lu Yanfei, he felt his scalp tingle. It wasn't that he coveted Lu Yanfei, it was just that his personality was like this. In addition, all the rank 5 sects they had encountered had been very polite and respectful and allowed them to do as they wished.

"The Origin Sect had such a powerful cultivator!?" Feng Peishan's pupils shrank and his expression became serious. Someone who could seriously injure Zhou Hai this easily had to be a powerful old monster.

"Who gave you the right to hurt the people of my Origin Sect!?" These cold words echoed across the world. They didn't contain law, nor were they earth-shattering like Feng Peishan's words, but these plain words were like sharp blades that stabbed into the hearts of Feng Paishan, Zhou Hai, and Zhao Yun.

Just like the silence, these words contained a terrifying pressure.

The rustled sounds of footsteps came from the southern courtyard as Wang Lin slowly walked out with his hand behind his back. He didn't have white hair; now he had a head of black hair that moved without any wind. He gave off a sense of might without being angry and his eyes were like the stars. When you looked at them, you would feel like your soul was being sucked into the illusion of true and false.

This kind of feeling was very strange, and no one could explain it, but they clearly felt it. It was as if everything in the world could change at a thought. True and false formed a cycle.

"Dao domain!!!" Feng Peishan's face turned pale. He had the highest cultivation level here and was also a core disciple of the number one rank 6 sect, so he immediately recognized that this Grand Uncle-Master of the Origin Sect was using dao domain!

What made him even more terrified was that the other party wasn't deliberately doing it, but dao was naturally contained in his words and actions. This realm was far higher than word of law.

Their Dao Spell Sect focused on the word "dao." In Feng Peishan's memories, only the head elder of the sect had a dao domain like this.

"When he stands there, he is dao!" Feng Peishan subconsciously took a few step back and thought about the words the head elder once said.

"You?" Wang Lin calmly walked next to the struggling Zhou Hai. He looked down as if he was looking at an ant!

Zhou Hai's body trembled. When he subconsciously looked at Wang Lin's eyes, his body trembled even more violently. He entered an illusion, as if the person who hurt him was the world and he was merely a weak existence within that world.

His heart pounded like crazy and his mind was a mess. He couldn't see through the cultivation of the person before him, but at this moment, he felt like none of the elders or even the sect head of his own sect could make him feel this terrified.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze as he looked up at the Devil Collection Sect's Zhao Yu and calmly asked, "Or was it you?"

Zhao Yu subconsciously licked his licks. He looked at Zhou Hai struggling on the ground and then at Wang Lin. His expression suddenly became respectful.

"Junior Devil Collection Sect's Zhao Yu greets Senior." This Zhao Yu immediately clasped his hands and became extremely respectful to hide his fear. However, he didn't dare to look at Wang Lin's eyes at all.

"Or was it you?" Wang Lin's gaze fell on the Dao Spell Sect's Feng Peishan.

Feng Peishan's face became pale as he respectfully clasped his hands and whispered, "Senior, please forgive us."

"Earlier, you said that if they stopped you from hurting my Origin Sect disciples, we have to suffer the consequences." Wang Lin coldly looked at Feng Peishan.

Sweat came out from Feng Peishan's forehead, and he didn't dare to look at Wang Lin's eyes. He had a feeling that if this person became angry, he would perish in an instant.

After pondering for a bit, Feng Peishan clenched his teeth and his right hand mercilessly hit his chest. With a bang, his body trembled and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His expression became even more pale and his origin soul was injured.

Feng Peishan didn't wipe away the blood on the corner of his mouth, and he bitterly said, "Does this appease Senior's anger?"

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral, then he looked at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu wryly smiled. Since Feng Peishan didn't dare to provoke this person, how could he dare to? Moreover, he didn't even see how this person had attacked and seriously injured Zhou Hai. Even if he had tried to resist, it would have been pointless.

Zhao Yu clenched his teeth as he lifted his right hand and mercilessly hit his chest. He coughed out blood as he retreated a few steps and clasped his hands. "Please don't be angry, Senior."

This scene made all the Origin Sect disciples very excited. They all looked at Wang Lin with reverence. Li Xiangdong and company were the same.

Wang Lin calmly said, "You all can keep searching."

"No need…"  Feng Peishan quickly spoke, but before he could finish, Wang Lin interrupted him.

"After you finish searching, quickly get the hell out of the continent of Mo Lou!"

"As you order." Feng Peishan wryly smiled. He knew that their actions had already angered the Grand Uncle-Master of the Origin Sect. The reason he hadn't killed them was because he was concerned about the sects they were from.

"If Teacher finds out that we offended an old monster who has a dao domain, it will be difficult to avoid punishment. Even teacher wouldn't easily offend such a powerful cultivator. Not to mention seriously injuring Zhou Hai with a wave of his hand, if he wanted to kill Zhou Hai, Zhou Hai would already be dead." Letting out a sigh, Feng Peishan remembered what his teacher said before he left.

His teacher had once said that there were many people above him and that there were many old monsters hiding out there. There had to be a few living in the rank 5 sects. Many of these rank 5 sects had inheritances for many years, and there might be a few who left early but had heaven-shaking power. Although these people were not be famous, if they encountered them, they had to be careful.

This was why they had to politely explain and not offend them if they met such an old monster during this search.

Feng Peishan respectfully left, but after pondering a bit, he still searched the continent of Mo Luo carefully. After finding nothing, all the disciples gathered and left with him helping support Zhao Hai.

It wasn't until they left the barrier that Feng Peishan and Zhao Yu let out sighs of relief. As for Zhou Hai, he swallowed some pills and recovered enough to fly. His expression was still pale and there was a lingering sense of fear in his eyes.

Feng Peishan said, "Fellow Cultivator Zhou, please try to describe in detail how that senior attacked after you entered the southern courtyard."

Zhou Hai still felt lingering fear in his heart. After silently pondering for a moment, he said, "That senior's cultivation is at least mid stage Nirvana Shatterer or higher. I didn't see him attack. The moment I entered the southern courtyard, I felt an unimaginable origin energy gather into a palm, and it landed on my chest." After saying that, he looked at his chest. The palm print was still black.

Zhao Yu suddenly asked, "Is it a poison attack?"

Zhou Hai shook his head and said, "That senior didn't have any sign of using poison to attack, so it can't be that Poisonous Old Woman. Also, she doesn't have this kind of strength. I also secretly observed the members of the Origin Sect. Their reverence and sense of glory was not false; that person was indeed their Grand Uncle-Master."

"That's true." Feng Pengshan nodded and said, "If that person was really related the Poisonous Old Woman or knew about the matter with the jade, then he simply wouldn't have acted and would've remained hidden. It would be easy to do so with his cultivation. He wouldn't have hurt Zhou Hai or made Zhao Yu and I pay a price."

Zhao Yu nodded. He thought about what happened and said, "This Grand Uncle-Master of the Origin Sect is too powerful. Even in the rank 6 region, he would be someone everyone paid attention to. Fortunately, he only hurt someone and didn't kill him. Otherwise…" As he spoke, he looked at Zhou Hai.

Zhou Hai silently pondered, and his heart turned cold from fear.

"Earlier, when we were coming here, we saw the people of the Purple Dao Sect coming this way. They seemed to be heading to the Origin Sect and there seemed to be a grudge. It seems Lu Yuncong is going to be kicking a metal plate!" Zhao Yun smiled and seemed very happy at someone else's misfortune.

"That person is not simple!" Feng Peishan seemed to be unwilling to talk about this anymore and said,

"Forget it. The three of us should be more careful in the future. Let's go to another continent." The three of them took the disciples of their sects and flew off into the distance.

"It is not easy for someone to catch Head Elder's fancy… This Lu Yuncong's origin also seems very mysterious…" Inside the ray of light, Feng Peishan shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Wang Lin's gaze withdrew from the horizon. He had already made up his mind when he attacked. He was in a rush back on the wild continent. Although he had shifted the blame for what happened, he had still left some clues.

He was unable to clear those clues and didn't have time to clear them. More importantly, the more he tried to clear them, the more clues he would have left.

"The most important thing right now is to raise my cultivation level as soon as possible! If I get found out, I'll take a trip to the Wind Celestial Realm!" From the memories of the Old Poisonous Woman and the records of the Origin Sect, he learned that the Wind Celestial Realm was open. The entrance was in the northern part of the rank 8 region, but almost no one dared to venture too far inside. They merely gathered some treasures along the edges.

"The Wind Celestial Realm is my ace for killing Tuo Sen…" Coldness appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. The reason he paid so much attention to the mutation skill in the old woman's memories and risked trying it out was because once it succeeded, his change in the Wind Celestial Realm would be a lot higher.

Wang Lin placed more restrictions on the place where he was doing the experiment. Unless someone more skilled in restrictions than Wang Lin came, it would be impossible to find the place. Also, he only needed a thought to destroy everything inside, so he wasn't afraid of others finding out.

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