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Chapter 1162 - Those Who Harm Others are Constantly Hurting Themselves

The rank 6 Five Poison Sect was considered a relatively powerful force among the rank 6 sects; they were on par with the Clear Flower Sect. There was a lot of friction between the two sects, and they constantly fought with each other.

Zhou Hai was a core disciple of the Five Poison Sect. His cultivation level wasn't as high as the Poisonous Old Woman's, only early stage Nirvana Cleanser. But he was a powerful member of the Five Poison Sect, and the sect put a lot of focus on him.

At this moment, his expression was gloomy and there was a blue light in his right eye. Although this blue light look pretty, it came from cultivating a poison method from the Five Poison Sect.

"Fellow Cultivator Zhou has been gloomy the whole way. If someone who didn't know the situation saw you, they would be very confused as to why." A feminine voice came from a cultivator in black next to him. This cultivator was male, but the makeup on his face made him look like how he sounded.

There was a flash of coldness in Zhou Hai's eyes as he stared at the cultivator in black and said, "Zhao Yu, I have been enduring you the entire way. If you continue to speak sarcastically, don't blame me for not holding back!"

"The Five Poison Sect sure is mighty. I want to see if your Five Poison Sect would dare to battle with my Devil Collection Sect!" The cultivator in black smiled, but this smile was extremely cold.

The blue light from Zhou Hai's right eye intensified, but just at this moment, a cold snort come from beside the two of them.

"That's enough! The three of us are representatives of our respective sects to search for the traitor of the Five Poison Sect. We cannot to fight amongst ourselves!" The person who spoke was a middle-aged man who was at the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser. After he spoke, Zhou Hai and Zhao Yu looked at each other with hostility. Then they let out cold snorts and suppressed the origin energy they were going to use to attack.

The middle-aged man was a core disciple of the top rank 6 sect, the Dao Spell Sect. Due to the Poisonous Old Woman, it was very difficult for the Five Poison Sect to explain the situation. In the end, they paid a great price to put this matter aside. They also had to send out core disciples as hostages in the name of looking for the Poisonous Old Woman. However, the real reason was to keep an eye on members of the Five Poison Sect.

If they couldn't find the Poisonous Old Woman in a short period of time, the Five Poison Sect would face a great crisis.

There were disciples from each sect following behind them. They all turned into rays of light and descended through the barrier around the continent of Mo Luo.

"Zhou Hai, Zhao Yu, follow me to the Origin Sect. You other disciples, scatter across the continent of Mo Luo and search every inch. Don't miss a spot. If you find anything, immediately report it!" The middle-aged man's voice was calm, but it contained an unquestionable sense of majesty.

The surrounding disciples quickly nodded and scattered to begin their search. They had been doing this every time they came across a continent, so they were very familiar with it.

As for the three of them, they released their full cultivation and charged at the Origin Sect. The three rays of light gave off a thunderous rumble.

It didn't take long for the three of them to arrive above Origin Sect in this arrogant manner. The cultivators of the Origin Sect naturally saw them. Lu Yanfei, Li Xiangdong, and the other two elders all flew into the air to greet them.

The four of them had heard of the news that the rank 6 sects had fully invaded the rank 5 region in search for something. However, with their cultivation levels and status, the elders didn't know what exactly the rank 6 sects were searching for.

Li Xiangdong took a deep breath. When he got close, he clasped his hands and said, "The Origin Sect greets the upper domain sects." The two elders behind him also clasped their hands.

The middle-aged man clasped his hands and said, "I'm the Dao Spell Sect's Feng Peishan!"

"I didn't think I would see such a beauty here!" The feminine-looking cultivator in black looked at Lu Yanfei and smiled. "I'm the Devil Collection Sect's Zhao Yu."

"Five Poison Sect, Zhou Hai!" Zhou Hai's expression was still gloomy as his right eye released a blue light and swept past the cultivators of the Origin Sect.

Li Xiangdong took a deep breath and looked at the two elders beside him. They all had serious expressions. These three sects occupied almost 40% of the power in the rank 6 region. They were so powerful that they only needed but a thought to wipe out the Origin Sect.

If the three of them were like this, there's no need to talk about their disciples. They all lowered their heads and didn't dare to look. Only Lu Yanfei remained calm and didn't speak.

Li Xiangdong suppressed his thoughts and reluctantly smiled. "I don't know what the upper sects came here for. If you need my Origin Sect to help, then the Origin Sect will do its best to assist."

Zhou Hai let out a cold snort as he stepped forward and arrived before an Origin Sect disciple. His hand moved like lightning and hit the Origin Sect disciple. The disciple's body trembled and he coughed out blood before being thrown far away.

This sudden scene caused the expressions of the Origin Sect cultivators to change greatly. Xu Yun glared angrily as she rushed forward toward that disciple and held up his body.

This Origin Sect disciple's face was pale and his body trembled. His face was glowing blue and he was suffering intense amounts of pain, but he was unable to scream.

Lu Yanfei's eyes became cold and he slowly said. "Is the reason for the upper sects coming here just to injure an Origin Sect disciple?"

Feng Peishan revealed a smile and shook his head. "Fellow cultivators of the Origin Sect, there's no need to be nervous. This matter is simply too important, and almost all the rank 6 sects have sent people out to search for a person. This person is very good at hiding, and the only clue is the poison on that person. The reason Fellow Cultivator Zhou attacked was because that junior had a trace of poison on him."

Lu Yanfei's eyes became even more cold and she waved her right hand at the injured Origin Sect disciple. His body trembled and a vortex appeared. Shortly after, his nascent soul flew out and there was a small, red snake inside. It was his life beast spirit.

However, the little snake was very weak and about to die. Even the origin sect disciple's nascent soul was almost transparent.

Zhou Hai's expression was still gloomy. After looking at the nascent soul, he no longer bothered with it. His eyes shined blue once more and he looked at the remaining Origin Sect disciples. A moment later, he took a step and headed straight for Xu Yun, who was holding that disciple!

Xu Yun's expression changed. It would be impossible for someone with her cultivation level to resist. At this moment, killing intent appeared in Lu Yanfei's eyes and she charged forward. Her right hand formed a seal and she waved. A gust of wind rushed toward Zhou Hai.

Zhou Hai sneered and his right eye flash blue. Seven blue marks appeared around him. He completely ignored the wind and walked forward without any hesitation.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the wind collapsed when it got near Zhou Hai. It wasn't able to stop him at all. In an instant, Zhou Hai was standing before Xu Yun.

The killing intent in Lu Yanfei became even stronger. Xu Yun was her disciple, and she wasn't willing stand by helplessly while watching someone seriously injury her. She was unable to endure and was about to attack. Even Li Xiangdong and the other two elders were gloomy. After all, Xu Yun wasn't like that ordinary disciple before, she was a core disciple of the Origin Sect.

Just at this moment, the Dao Spell Sect's Feng Peishai's eyes shined brightly and he shouted!

"If the people of the Origin Sect continue to interfere with my search, you will need to bear the consequences!"

This shout was earth-shattering and was like a thunderous rumble. It was as if his voice contained the law of the world and a mysterious spell.

Even the earth trembled slightly and the clouds were pushed back. 

As he shouted, the disciples of the Origin Sect all tembled and blood flew out from their orifices. Even Lu Yanfei, Li Xiangdong, and the two other elders couldn't help but tremble and were filled with shock!

"Word of law!" Li Xiangdong gasped.

Zhou Yun revealed a look of disdain as he looked at the Origin Sect. His gaze swept by before he frowned as he looked at the southern courtyard of the Origin Sect.

At this moment, Zhou Hai stared at the pale Xu Yun and gloomily said, "Little girl, you have the scent of the Fish Poison Grass on you. This grass only grows in the nest of a rank 6 best and no other place. It would be impossible for the people of Origin Sec to obtain it, yet the smell is still fresh. Where did you obtain it?"

Xu Yun's face was pale. Zhou Hai's blue gaze gave off a powerful pressure that made Xu Yun's mind tremble. She bit her lower lip and looked at her teacher not far away.

Zhou Hai revealed a gloomy smile and turned around to look at Lu Yanfei.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, I'd like to listen to your explanation!"

Lu Yanfei calmly said, "We as the younger generation aren't powerful enough to obtain this herb from a rank 6 beast's nest. However, that doesn't mean the elder of the sect can't. The Fish Poison Grass was obtained by my Grand Uncle-Master!"

"Grand Uncle-Master?" Zhou Hai's eyes lit up and showed a hint of disdain as his divine sense spread out. He lowered his head and looked at the southern courtyard of the Origin Sect. He charged straight at the southern courtyard.

He was very fast and closed in the southern courtyard, which was the forbidden area of the Origin Sect. The moment he entered, his body immediately trembled and shock filled his eyes. The southern courtyard was like a different world from the outside. He felt an aura that made his mind tremble from this very ordinary-looking courtyard.

It was as if a powerful beast was living inside this courtyard. Just the aura it gave off was enough to cool all of Zhou Hai's blood!

"Those who harm others are constantly hurting themselves!" A cold and gloomy voice without any emotion blew by like the wind. When the voice entered Zhou Hai's ears, his expression changed greatly and immediately became pale. A powerful sense of danger enveloped his body and he didn't hesitate to retreat. He wanted to escape this terrifying southern courtyard.

However, just at this instant, Zhou Hai felt an unimaginable force hit his chest like a mountain smashing into him. Zhou Hai coughed out blood as he was thrown back. Popping sounds came from inside his body as he was thrown back and the clothes on his chest were in tatters, revealing a black palm print on his chest!

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