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Chapter 1161 - Devour Pill, Vast Dao

The entire continent of Mo Luo calmed down. Wang Lin spent all day practicing alchemy, and the Origin Sect disciples would often hear explosions coming from the southern courtyard. No one dared to enter, and they all revealed looks of respect when they passed by.

Wang Lin had studied the beast bone recipe, and in the end, he had a gloomy expression. He pondered for a long time. Ignoring the question of whether the effects were true, just the herbs required to make it were mostly things he had never heard of.

After searching the Origin Sect's records, Wang Lin found some clues. Three of the herbs, Star Transformation Wood, Dragon Star Grass, and Annihilation Flower, existed tens of thousands of years ago. Even then they were extremely rare, and they were basically extinct nowadays. However, there were some clues in the records of the Origin Sect. It seemed in their rank 8 main sect, there was still a small piece of Star Transformation Wood.

Most importantly, this Nirvana Void Pill required the souls of nine rank 13 beasts. Only by fusing their souls could the pill refinement be carried out.

If this was it, it wouldn't be an issue, but the rate of success was very low. Also, this beast bone fragment needed to be used as a primer; it needed to be melted into the pill. Every failure would cause this beast bone to become a bit darker, and once this beast bone was completely black, it would be impossible to refine the pill.

Once it succeeded, the beast bone would dissipate and become part of the pill.

Looking at the beast bone in his hand, although it wasn't black, it was already very dark. It probably couldn't be used more than a few times.

"This beast bone has obviously been refined several times by others, but they all failed; otherwise, this beast bone would be gone… Rather than saying the herbs or beast souls are rare, it is this beast bone that is strange!

"I just don't know what beast this bone belongs to… However, even if there is only a 1% chance the effect of this pill is true, I must try it!" Wang Lin held the beast bone and carefully studied it for a moment before pondering a bit and putting it away.

One more thing appeared in his hand. It was the jade that came with the beast bone. After scanning it with his divine sense, his expression became strange. Wang Lin opened his storage space once more and took out the origin soul of the Poisonous Old Woman.

His eyes were calm as his finger pointed on her origin soul several times. Every time his finger made contact, her origin soul would tremble and become even weaker.

A moment later, Wang Lin placed his right hand on the head of her origin soul and his divine sense spread out. He directly used Soul Search on her.

Memories entered Wang Lin's mind, including the Five Poison cultivation method and things this person had encountered. Finally, Wang Lin found the memory regarding the pill recipe and jade.

Time slowly passed. When night arrived, Wang Lin lifted his right hand. He put the weakened but not yet dead origin soul away. He then looked at the jade and began to ponder.

Wang Lin found out about the matter that occured with the Heaven Breaking Sect 18,000 years ago and also understood the role of this jade.

There weren't any spells or cultivation methods inside. It was just a piece of identification token. This was the mark of the head disciple of the Heaven Breaking Sect from 18,000 years ago!

This person was named Sima Mo. If there had been no accident, he would have become the next sect master of the Heaven Breaking Sect 18,000 years ago. It was him who took the beast bone and a group of cultivators. They split from the Heaven Breaking Sect and disappeared among the Cloud Sea Star System.

18,000 years ago, the Heaven Breaking Sect that entered the rank 9 region had very complicated feelings toward their own members that left. They later learned that this group had suffered heavy casualties and disappeared completely. The sect master at the time, who was Sima Mo's teacher, sent out an order that lasted for tens of thousands of years!

"In the future, anyone who returns with Sima Mo's token will be allowed to enter the Heaven Breaking Sect and become the disciple of that generation's sect master!"

This order spread across the Cloud Sea and aroused the attention of many cultivators. This order peaked the interest of those who wished for an opportunity to rise up, and people went searching for clues of the missing Heaven Breaking Sect members. However, as time passed, not a single discovery was found, and thus this matter settled down.

Until the Five Poison Sect got a report from their spy about Shi Luoxing's movement and speculations! Originally, the Five Poison Sect didn't care too much about it. After all, it had been too long and the clue was likely false. They had only sent out a few people to scout, and the Poisonous Old Woman was the leader.

No one thought this would be real!

Wang Lin silently looked at the jade, and after a long time, he put it away. 

"I may have a great use for this in the future!" He no longer worried about the jade or the pill recipe. After calming down, he immersed himself in alchemy.

Not only had he harvested a large amount of herbs on the wild continent, he had also gathered a lot of beast souls. They were mostly rank 5 beasts, so they were very suitable for Wang Lin's current cultivation level.

There were some more beast souls inside his bag. They were the souls of the spirit beasts of the members of the Clear Flower Sect. They were killed by the silver female corpse and then collected.

Similarly, he also had the spirit snake, which was the Poisonous Old Woman's life beast spirit. It had reached the peak of rank 6!

Aside from these, the highest rank beast soul he had was the rank 8 beast he instantly killed. This soul was extremely precious, so Wang Lin didn't want to destroy it. He went into the daoist temple and took that pill.

After failing three times, he finally fused the soul and the pill to make a rank 8 Soul Parting Death Pill!

After searching the Poisonous Old Woman's memories, he found an interesting method to mutate beasts.

This beast soul refining method was invented by a genius of the Five Poison Sect named Ren Ouxin. It used a formation as a cage to hold beast souls. Then you use poison to make them devour each other and stimulate a mutation to create a more powerful soul.

However, there was a huge drawback to this method, which was that the mutated beast soul could not devour normal beast souls. They could only devour other mutated beast souls. This result was a huge blow to the Five Poison Sect.

The success rate of refining a beast soul was not high, and the higher the rank, the lower the refinement rate. A rank 9 beast soul would require large amount of rank 8 beast souls to devour each other, and a single mutated rank 8 beast soul required a large amount of rank 7 beast souls.

Even if they accidently created a high level soul, the soul would still require a large amount of heavenly treasures for nourishment. Although it could be used for alchemy, there was still a chance of failure, and every failure would weaken it greatly.

Wang Lin knew this point very well. The first pill he attempted to make failed more than 10 times. Although he succeeded, a large portion of the beast soul had dissipated and the effect of the pill had lowered a lot.

Even the Five Poison Sect had to give up. Their sect couldn't withstand this kind of consumption. Even the rank 7 and 8 sects would find it difficult to do this. Even if they could, they really didn't need to refine a beast soul with their strength. It would be a lot easier to just go and catch one directly.

After seeing this method, Wang Lin secretly calculated this, and the cost of this even shocked him. However, after carefully pondering for a bit, he intended to try it out. He learned the poison method from the Poisonous Old Woman's memories and barely managed to refine a few portions.

Wang Lin didn't choose the Origin Sect to test this but found a cave inside a mountain somewhere on the continent. He placed down a large number of restrictions before putting some rank 5 beast souls inside and spilling the poison. After observing for a few days to make sure they were devouring each other, he added more restrictions and returned to the Origin Sect.

After cultivating for several days, Wang Lin took out the pills he refined, including the rank 8 one, and began to swallow them. The first one he took was a rank 5 pill.

The soul beast inside wasn't able to resist against Wang Lin's origin soul at all and immediately dissipated. It fused with his origin soul and caused Wang Lin to enter a mysterious state.

As Wang Lin continued to devour rank 5 pills, he vaguely saw something in that mysterious state. He saw beasts from their birth worshiping the world and absorbing the origin energy as they comprehended law.

The beast souls inside the rank 5 pills weren't much use for Wang Lin. He was only taking these pills to get familiar with the feeling of borrowing the beast souls to comprehend the heavens.

After taking the rank 5 pills, Wang Lin swallowed a rank 6 pill. The beast soul inside was equal to an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator, and it immediately caused Wang Lin's domain to activate.

It was as if he had transformed into the beast and gradually comprehended the heavens over countless years. These scenes felt very real and unreal. Wang Lin was immersed inside as he searched the complex comprehension for his own dao. He was searching for the existence between true and false.

After an unknown amount of time, when only the rank 8 pill remained, he awakened from his strange state. He looked blankly ahead and muttered,

"To confirm one's dao as one person is direct. To confirm one's dao from various angles is indirect. The pills of the Cloud Sea aren't a fortune, they just give cultivators the change to seek dao again and again… They use beast souls as another way to explore dao… Explore the laws of the world… Unlike the other two star systems, the Cloud Sea Star System has managed to cut down the enlightenment process...

"However, beasts are still beasts. The way they comprehend dao isn't direct, and we can't clearly trace to the origin, unless… we refine a pill with a person's soul or use the soul of something that has transcended from being a beast. Only then would the enlightenment be more clear. Otherwise, it requires one to swallow large amounts of pills in order to find the right dao to confirm you own with.

"Dao is like a thought, and everyone's thoughts are different. If one wants to enrich one's own mind, they must learn other people's thoughts as well. The Cloud Sea chose to use beast souls…. Just like how the All-Seer chose to use his own disciples…"

While Wang Lin was confused, rays of light flew toward the continent of Mo Luo. The cultivators from the rank 6 region had spread out their search and reached the continent of Mo Luo. They stepped into the protective barrier!

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