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Chapter 1160 - Li Qianmei

Just one kick was able to kill a rank 8 beast. Although a rank 8 beast could battle a peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, it couldn't use treasures. It could only use the law it understood as spells. However, it was still a rank 8 beast!

Even in the Cloud Sea, a cultivator that could instantly kill a rank 8 beast was strong enough to be among the powerful!

Li Xiangdong and company stared dumbfoundedly at all of this. They felt like this Grand Uncle-Master they had never seen before was filled with mystery and majesty. Even though they had doubts about Wang Lin's identity, they chose to ignore it without any hesitation.

"With this powerful cultivator in my Origin Sect, it will only be a matter of time before my Origin Sect dominates the rank 5 region!" Li Xiangdong and the two elders looked at each other with high spirits!

If they knew that Wang Lin had killed a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator from the rank 6 region, they would be even more shocked.

When the fierce beasts saw Wang Lin's might, all the greed in their eyes disappeared and was replaced with fear. They immediately began to escape and were about to leave the range of the continent of Mo Luo.

Wang Lin didn't care about what the surrounding cultivators thought. He continued to absorb the vitality of the rank 8 beast to resist the flesh calamity.

After several breaths of time, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and looked at the retreating fierce beasts. He moved forward like a harvester of life and instantly closed in on one of the escaping fierce beasts. He directly punched the beast, creating a rain of blood and vitality.

Flashes of light filled the sky as Wang Lin moved like lightning across the sky. Every time there was a flash, a fierce beast would collapse.

In an instant, Wang Lin chased them outside the continent of Mo Luo. The flashes of light continued and screams echoed across the starry sky. What awaited all the fierce beasts that were lured over by the blood crystals was a massacre.

This massacre lasted for about seven minutes before it gradually ended. Finally, there were no more fierce beasts within 5,000 kilometers of the continent of Mo Luo. Those few that escaped held a terrifying memory they could never forget. There was a cultivator on the continent of Mo Luo that was like a god.

The protective barrier around the continent of Mo Luo was repaired and everything seemed to have returned to normal as if nothing had changed. However, the shock all the cultivators of the Origin Sect experienced was still there.

At this moment, outside the southern courtyard, Li Xiangdong, Lu Yanfei, and the other two elders stood there. Although they had been there for a long time, they weren't impatient at all.

All the cultivators in the southern courtyard were relocated to the other three courtyards. Aside from Xu Yun, who was next to Lu Yanfei, there were no other disciples remaining.

"These herbs… Were all brought back by Grand Uncle-Master?" Li Xiangdong's gaze fell on the herbs in the courtyard. After seeing Xu Yun nod, his expression became excited.

At this moment, deep underground below the courtyard, Wang Lin sat there with his original body sitting on the opposite side, silently cultivating.

His original body had mostly recovered aside from pieces of flesh that were still growing while resisting the last of the first trial.

Time slowly passed. After three days, light flashed on Wang Lin's chest and the flesh calamity disappeared. He had successfully passed the first trial and two calamities of the Three Trials Seven Calamities!

The original body slowly opened his eyes, revealing a bright light. An invisible aura spread out, his skin was even more coarse, and his bones were even stronger!

At this moment, the original body had become a true ancient god. It was no longer incomplete like before! After devouring endless origin energy and the mysterious fog, the cultivation level of the original body had increased greatly.

Another star appeared next to the five stars on his forehead. Although this star was a bit blurry and not fully formed, it made Wang Lin ecstatic!

Ancient gods were not like cultivators; each star was simply too difficult to obtain. In the past 1,000 years, Wang Lin went through many hardships and took countless risks to finally be able to make his ancient god body reach five stars.

Although the sixth star was still blurry, it could use far more strength than before! More importantly, once an ancient god reached six stars, they would be able to produce their own Moongazer Serpent!

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Wang Lin left his original body in the depths of the continent to continue absorbing origin energy and begin forming his Moongazer Serpent. Wang Lin left the underground and appeared in the house in the courtyard.

He let out a deep breath, and his mood was very pleasant. This original body passing the trial would increase his strength in the Cloud Sea greatly. With his avatar and original body combined, killing an early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator wouldn't be as difficult as before!

"However, the gap between early, mid, late, and peak Nirvana Shatterer is great. I don't know if I can stand up to mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators with my original body and avatar fused!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he pushed open the door and walked out.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, a gentle breeze blew on his face, and it felt very comfortable. The barrier was activated once more, so the sky was blue and white clouds could be seen.

Looking at the herbs in the courtyard, Wang Lin made a decision. He would take some time to increase his cultivation level using the unique alchemy of the Cloud Sea.

While pondering, Wang Lin's gaze fell on the five people outside, and he slowly said, "You all can come in." 

His voice was calm, but it contained a trace of majesty. The moment it fell in the ears of the five people outside, they all took deep breaths. They were tense but filled with respect as they walked inside.

Xu Yun was even more nervous as she followed inside after Lu Yanfei.

The moment Li Xiangdong and company entered, they respectfully said, "Disciple greets Grand Uncle-Master. I didn't know Grand Uncle-Master had returned, and we neglected to greet Grand Uncle-Master. Please punish us."

After a brief conversation, everyone left. Xu Yun could no longer live here and returned to the southern pavilion with Lu Yanfei. The entire southern courtyard was now a restricted area that no disciples were allowed to enter.

At the same time, under Wang Lin's order, large amounts of high quality pills and pill recipes were sent to him. However, none of these pills could catch Wang Lin's eye. After observing them, he only kept the recipes and had people take the pills away.

While Wang Lin was studying alchemy, a mad search due to Shi Luoxing's death began far away from the continent of Mo Luo. The cultivators of the various rank 6 sects sent out cultivators to check the continents. Some even went to the regions below rank 5.

As the rank 6 region began to move, the news of the jade and recipe began to spread. This alarmed the rank 7 region and even caught the attention of the rank 8 region.

Rays of lights flew out from the rank 7 and 8 regions toward the sealed wild continent in the rank 5 region.

The star fog in the depths of the Cloud Sea was extremely dense, so much so that even a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator could only spread their divine sense out 500 feet. Rushing into the star fog without preparation was like going in blind, and it was very easy to get lost.

The most powerful fierce beasts lived here. Some even used spells to make their bodies one with the fog to comprehend law. If no cultivator provoked them, they wouldn't take the initiative to attack.

Compared to them, the few cultivation planets in the star fog were like outsiders, completely insignificant.

However, the power contained within these few cultivation planets was heaven-shaking. Even these powerful beasts dreaded them and wouldn't dare to approach them.

This was the rank 9 region of the Cloud Sea!

There were seven cultivation planets arranged in the big dipper formation at the edge of the rank 9 region. This created a layer of protection around them, making it so there was no difference between them.

At this moment on the first planet of the formation, under millions of layers of protection, there was a prairie, and on that prairie stood a towering building.

This building was a statue of a cultivator pointing at the sky, seeming to be cursing at it. A difficult-to-describe sense of majesty enveloped the area.

The prairie was completely silent and only a few small spirit beasts would sometimes appear. They played around and quickly moved off into the distance. After a long time, a ray of light closed in from the horizon.

There was a woman inside the ray of light. She was beautiful, but she had a strange hair color; she had a head of blue hair. In the entire Cloud Sea, only one person had that hair!

That was the rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect's Li Qianmei!

She began cultivating at age five, reached the Foundation Establishment stage at age seven, Core Formation at age 19, Nascent Soul at age 26, Soul Formation at age 37, Soul Transformation at age 45, and Ascendant at age 61. After 100 years of cultivating, she was at the peak of the Illusory Yin stage.

Then the entire Heaven Breaking Sect poured their effort into cultivating her. After more than 400 years, she reached peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage. Then, 300 years later, she became a  mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

After 500 years of training outside, she became the youngest Nirvana Shatterer cultivator in the Heaven Breaking Sect! To this day, she had cultivated for more than 1,300 years and had reached the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer.

In the Cloud Sea, the name "Li Qianmei" was a legend!

"Disciple Li Qiangmei greets Ancestor!" The light disappeared, revealing a beautiful woman inside.

"Sima Mo's jade has appeared. Take a trip to the rank 5 region. If possible, find the person who found the jade and bring them back along with the jade…" An ancient voice filled with melancholy slowly echoed from the statue. 

Li Qianmei respectfully nodded and left.

There was a white-haired old man sitting inside the statue. There were many spots on his rotting body and there was reminiscence in his eyes. After a long time, he shook his head and let out a sigh.

"Senior Brother Sima, back then, perhaps it was Teacher who was wrong…"

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