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Chapter 1138 - Rain

There was a mountain range far east of the jungle on the continent of Mo Luo. This mountain range was very strange. It didn't wind like a dragon, but formed a circle.

There was a giant basin in this circular mountain range.

The basin was filled with pavilions, and their lights illuminated the night. However, there was a sense of sadness in the basin. Not even the rain could suppress the sadness, and not even the lightning in the sky could cause the sadness to dissipate in the slightest.

There were eight large 100-feet-thick pillars scattered around the mountain outside the basin. The eight pillars were all equal distances apart from each other without the slightest difference. They seemed to grow from the mountain and pierce into the sky.

About 100,000 feet in the air, the eight pillars collected with a large daoist temple. From a distance, it looked like the daoist temple was supported by the eight pillars and floated in the air.

Aside from looking majestic, this daoist temple was very ordinary. It was quaint but also gave off a powerful pressure the shrouded the earth. At this moment, as the rain quickly fell, a bell echoed across the mountain range.

The sound of the bell was majestic as it broke the rain and replaced the thunder. However, it seemed to cause the sadness below to become even stronger, and there were even faint sounds of crying.

Countless cultivators walked out from the pavilions inside the basin. There were men, women, and children among them, and they all wore daoist robes. They let the rain fell on their bodies and wet their hair. They didn't use any spells and looked sorrowfully at the daoist temple as the rain fell on their faces. The rain mixed with the tears that fell down their cheeks.

An old man in a daoist robe sat in the daoist temple above the basin. He looked very kind, but his face was pale. He quietly sat there, and his expression was calm.

There were four people kneeling before him. Among the four, there were three men and one woman. Aside from one man and the woman being middle-aged, the other two were both old men.

They knelt there with a sad expressions, but there was no lack of respect on their faces. The woman, who was very beautiful, bit her lower lip and tears fell from the corner of her eyes, wetting the floor.

The old man's eyes were filled with kindness. There was also reluctance in his eyes as he slowly said, "Teacher's lifespan is about to end. You all shouldn't feel to much sorrow… All cultivators will have a day like this… After Teacher leaves, the Origin Sect will rely on the four of you."

"Teacher!" Even more tears flowed out from the woman's eyes. She looked at the old man and memories flashed through her mind.

The remaining three looked even more sad.

"Unfortunately, I wasn't able to break through to the Nirvana Shatterer stage. Otherwise, during the trip to the rank 8 Spirit Origin Sect, I wouldn't have had all my vitality sucked away by someone from the main sect and ended up like this." The old man shook his head. There was unwillingness in his eyes, but even more helplessness.

The middle-aged man clenched his fist and said, "Teacher, that Purple Dao Sect placed a formation on our continent of Mo Luo and secretly went to the Alliance Star System. When they failed to come back, why did the main sect place their anger on us?"

The old man pondered. His face became even more pale and a death aura emitted from his body. He slowly said, "The main sect must have a reason for this. Don't try to understand their reasoning… If you're unsatisfied, then bring my Origin Sect out of last place in the competition held by the main sect in 100 years. Then your teacher can laugh merrily in the afterlife."

The four silently pondered. There was a hint of bitterness in their sadness. The sect competition that occurred every 1,000 years was a big event in the Cloud Sea. All the sects in the Cloud Sea would participate, but in this competition, they always returned last and had never been able to soar.

The death aura on the old man became even stronger. He took a deep breath and looked at the rain outside the temple as he raised his dried-up right hand. A few months ago, his hand wasn't like this, but at this moment, it was as if all the blood and flesh had been drained. It was like a skeleton's hand.

Seeing the old man's hand, even more tears came out from the woman's eyes. The remaining three clenched their fists. They were about to break their own jaws from clenching their teeth too hard.

The old man didn't look at his right hand and waved at the void. A spatial crack to a storage space appeared. This crack was purple, and the moment it appeared, a terrifying aura came out.

Shortly after, a dark purple giant python slowly poked out its head. This python's head was dozens of feet large. The moment it appeared, a pressure filled the daoist temple.

However, this python looked tired, and the head that came out circled around the old man. There was sorrow and reluctance in its eyes as its tongue touched the old man.

"After I die, this rank 5 Purple Eyed Python will be my Origin Sect's Sect Beast. All of you… treat it well…" The old man's face was no longer pale and was even red; he looked more energetic. However, this was merely his last wind; his end was nearing.

"Now let Teacher use the last of my vitality to use the Great Beneficence Spirit Spell and find a spirit partner child for my Origin Sect… Come to think of it, I was chosen by my teacher like this. At that time, I was only a village youth." The old man revealed a nostalgic smile as his hands formed a seal and he closed his eyes.

The four of them sadly looked the old man before them. They knew that all the sect leaders of the past that hadn't died outside had used the last of their vitality to use the Great Beneficence Spirit Spell. It was supposed to find someone on the continent of Mo Luo that would be of great help to the Origin Sect in the future.

This spell was very mysterious, and no one could explain the way it worked clearly. Not even the old man in the daoist robe understood it clearly. He just knew that this Great Beneficence Spirit Spell had been passed down for a long time.

This spell wouldn't always succeed. In truth, over the countless years, every time the sect leader of the Origin Sect was going to die, they would use this spell. Over the countless years, it had only succeeded twice… The rest all failed, indicating that no one fitting existed on the continent of Mo Luo.

The old man in the daoist robe's last trace of vitality and origin energy burned. A blue flame appeared around his body and then he gradually disappeared before his four disciples.

During this, his divine sense was exceptionally empty, as if he had touched some law. His divine sense enveloped the entire continent, looking for the spirit partner child.

He searched again and again, but he found no sign of the spirit partner child. The old man in the daoist robe let out a sign as he knew the Great Beneficence Spirit Spell didn't succeed...

At this moment, inside the daoist temple under the burning blue flame, only his head remained. He was about to disappear completely.

However, just at this moment, his divine sense noticed a light coming from the rain in the northern part of the continent of Mo Luo. The reason he paid attention to that jungle was because that was where the gateway to the Alliance Star System was located.

He clearly saw the transfer away light up, and at the same time, a white figure slowly walked out. His white hair flowed in the dark night, and even the rain seemed to tremble. What was even more strange was that the rumbling thunder seemed to fear this person and unexpectedly dispersed.

"This… He…." The mind of the old man in the daoist robe trembled violently. His mind had never been so clear, and at the instant he saw the youth in white, he had a terrifying guess.

This person wasn't a cultivator from the Cloud Sea!

Just at this moment, the youth in white coldly looked at the sky. This gaze caused the thunder to stir and quickly retreat. The old man in the daoist robe was shocked, and the gaze of the youth in white caused his mind to be shaken. Due to using the Great Beneficence Spirit Spell, he seemed to have fused with a special kind of law, allowing him to clearly see countless resentful souls around the youth in white. There were too many resentful souls to count, and it was a shocking sight to behold. They all stared ferociously at the youth in white, but none of them dared to get close.

These were all the people that had died by Wang Lin's hands!

A sense of extreme danger suddenly filled his mind and he frantically tried to recover his divine sense. He had to tell his disciples of this news as soon as possible. He had to let his disciples escape and report this news to the main sect!

Inside the daoist temple, the old man that was almost burned out of existence suddenly opened his eyes! This action caused the four people before him to look up.

"North region…" He could only say these two words, as his life had come to an end. His origin soul collapsed and his divine sense disappeared into the void. All traces of his existence were wiped from the world.

The old man was filled with unwillingness and struggled to scream out two more words before he disappeared from the world.

"White hair…"

The four of them stared straight ahead as their teacher died. The four words their teacher left behind shocked them, but they didn't know why their teacher's face was filled with shock.

In the Origin Sect, the bell echoed and and the basin was filled with cries. As the bell echoed, there was sorrow, reluctance, confusion, and panic...

"All disciples of the Origin Sect, go to the northern part of the continent of Mo Luo and look for anyone with the qualifications to cultivate, regardless of their age, especially if they have… white hair!"

At the northern part of the continent of Mo Luo, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the sky. The rain fell and landed his body. The water melted the snow he had on him from the Alliance and slowly flowed off his clothes. Then Wang Lin slowly moved forward on this foreign land...

The snow from the Alliance and the rain from the Cloud Sea. At this moment, there was no way to tell them apart...

"When I left, the snow sent me off, and when I arrived, the rain welcomed me… It's not bad." Wang took a deep breath of the air in the Cloud Sea and then walked into the depths of the jungle.

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