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Chapter 1137 - Snow

This abandoned planet wasn't deserted; there were a lot of mortal cities on it. Due to the fact that not many cultivators came here, it was quite peaceful. At this moment, it was winter on this abandoned planet, and snowflakes fell from the sky. In some villages, the snow attracted the playful children.

Today was a major festival for this planet. The origin of this festival had long since disappeared in the river of time and was forgotten by a majority of the people. However, this custom was unknowingly passed down until it became a habit.

Every household lit up lights. It seemed like one could hear joyous laughter from all directions.

It was originally night, but due to the lights from every household reflecting off the snowflakes, it was still very bright, though it wasn't as bright as day.

There was a young man silently walking forward in the snow, leaving behind a trail of footprints. However, the footprints weren't very deep and were soon covered up by the snow, all traces swept away.

This youth was wearing all white and even his hair was white. When the snowflakes fell on his hair, it was almost impossible to distinguish between his hair and the snow...

The cold wind of the night gently blew the snow on the ground into the air, mixing it with the falling snow. The snow eventually fell once more, and there was no distinction between the new and old snow.

This youth quietly walked through this snow. The snow was very deep, and the youth produced slight crunching sounds as he walked. However, the wind was very loud, and this crunching sound was covered by the wind.

The youth's white clothes were very thin, and his pants and shoes were also very thin, but he didn't seem to fear the cold. He silently faced the wind and snow. His heart was filled with melancholy and the bitterness of having to leave as he slowly walked forward in the snow.

The sharp northern wind contained cold and snow as if it wanted to stop the youth from leaving home on this holiday. However, it all fell apart after landing on the youth. It was powerless...

In the dark, snowy night, there was no one else around him. Only the wind and snow accompanied him...

After an unknown amount of time, the youth stopped. It was impossible to see the landscape of where he was at, as the entire ground was covered in snow.

This was a plain.

"Here it is." Wang Lin raised his head and calmly looked at the sky. The snowflakes fell before him and blanketed the ground.

He shook his head to shake the snow off his head. Wang Lin let out a deep breath and turned to white mist that gradually disappeared. He gently took a step and then the surroundings shook. At this moment, a silent storm picked up all the snow within the area and blew it into the sky. The snow was blown far away by the wind.

After the snow was gone, a giant formation appeared in this 10,000 feet area. This formation was very complex and had pieces of stone positioned within it.

After silently pondering a bit, Wang Lin let out a sigh and walked into the center of the formation. Then his right hand reached at the void and a crack to this storage space opened. With a thought, the stones he had gathered on the way here all flew out one by one. They hovered in the air, and there were no less than 100.

As Wang Lin waved his right hand, these stones all scattered and landed in different positions.

In an instant, the formation lit up and slowly showed signs of activating. As the formation activated, the snow that was falling didn't get close; it was all pushed away by the formation.

Wang Lin sat on the ground and silently pondered. His right hand reached out and grabbed an origin soul from his storage space. This origin soul's eyes were closed; it was unconscious.

Holding the origin soul, Wang Lin's left hand formed a seal and pointed at the origin soul multiple time. The origin soul trembled with every point and then was finally thrown into the air by Wang Lin. The origin soul began to stretch and twist until it formed a vortex.

This vortex whistled and miserable screams came from inside it. At this moment, the formation on the ground activated and a roar replaced the wind. The formation lit up, but the light didn't fly into the sky. Instead, it went into the vortex.

As popping sounds echoed, the vortex seemed to be constantly open. As Wang Lin sat there, his hands formed a seal and he calmly said, "Use the soul as the guide!"

Blood light immediately came from the vortex. As Wang Lin's words echoed, the light entered the vortex. It seemed like all the power from the formation was sucked out and it turned into dust. Even the stones became ashes.

The vortex in the sky stopped rotating and began flashing. It was completely dark inside, as if it was a passage.

Wang Lin stood up and stepped into the vortex. He looked back at the ground. Although this was an unfamiliar planet, it was still the Alliance Star System. This place contained the aura of his home, his family, his friends, and his story.

"I don't know when I can return… Perhaps I'll never be able to return… Fortunately, I have the snow and wind to send me off… That's enough!" Wang Lin revealed a bitter gaze as he let out a laugh. He walked into the depths of the vortex and the vortex gradually disappeared without a trace.

The vortex disappeared from the plains of this abandoned planet, but the laughter continued to echoed. The laughter was slowly drowned out by the snow.

The empty 10,000 feet area on the plain was slowly filled in by snow. Just like Wang Lin's footprints, it all disappeared...

The four great Celestial Realms each had a star system under them. The Rain Celestial Realm had the Alliance, and they only had one rank 9 cultivation country. The Thunder Celestial Realm had Allheaven, which had families with inheritances from ancient times. The two different types of environments caused the cultivation methods and directions of each system's cultivators to be very different. Even though they were all cultivators, the difference was huge.

Compared to the Alliance's strict rules, Allheaven had more freedom. However, all that freedom could be given up for the honor of the family!

Honor was above everything!

The Cloud Sea under the Wind Celestial Realm was very different from these systems...

The Cloud Sea Star System was bigger than Allheaven. It could be said that among the four star systems, the Cloud Sea Star System was the biggest. At a glance, the space wasn't dark, but covered by a thin layer of fog. This fog existed almost everywhere in the Cloud Sea, and divine sense would be hindered by it to a certain degree.

Due to the fog that had existed for almost an eternity, the Cloud Sea Star System didn't look like a star system, but more like a cloud sea. This was the origin of its name.

Due to the unique fog, even powerful cultivators could get lost without a star map. They would be forever trapped inside this fog if they didn't have one.

Even Spatial Bending was severely affected. Though it had its uses, they were not many.

No one knew the origin of this fog. This fog that filled the Cloud Sea seemed to have existed since before the Ancient Celestial Realm disappeared...

Unlike how Allheaven and the Alliance, which were divided into east, south, west, and north, the Cloud Sea wasn't divided like that. The Cloud Sea made it difficult for cultivators to know the exact direction.

The fog also didn't allow the Cloud Sea Star System to be divided like that, and instead it was based on the concentration of fog. From inside to out, there were a total of nine ranks!

These nine ranks were actually nine irregular-shaped rings. The outermost was rank 1, and the innermost was rank 9.

The continent of Mo Luo existed in the fifth rank of the fog. From afar, the continent would fade in and out of existence. At the center of the continent, there was a towering black tower that exuded a soft light that enveloped the continent. This made it so the fog couldn't get into the continent and always pushed it away. This made the area around the continent clear.

It wasn't that the Cloud Sea Star System didn't have real cultivation planets, they were just very rare. Most were concentrated in rank 7 or higher areas, and there were less than 100 total.

Below rank 7 areas, it was mostly filled with these floating continents. Each continent represented a different sect.

Rain was falling down on the northern part of the continent of Mo Luo. This rain covered the world as poured down, and it had rained for unknown amount of time. The ground was already covered in mud and all the leaves were bent over as if they were suppressed by the rain. The rain rolled along the line in the center of the leaves and fell on the ground.

Small beasts hid in the corners and trembled in the rain. On the ground, there were a few small, colored snakes playfully moving in the mud and water. For them, such a rainy night was the perfect time for them to forage.

This was a jungle. There was no sound aside from the sound of the rain falling on the leaves. It was relatively quiet.

There would occasionally be flashes of lightning in the sky that would light up the earth covered in darkness.

Deep within the jungle, there was formation about 1,000 feet wide. As the rain fell and washed away the soil, it made this formation even more clear.

There were no cultivators around here. The last group of cultivators guarding this formation had left three months ago. However, they hadn't destroyed the formation, as if they still had a glimmer of hope.

The lightning flashed in the night. When it lit up the world once more, cracking sounds came from the formation. However, the roaring thunder completely suppressed the sound.

A blue light appeared from the formation and gradually covered it. The rain in the sky seemed to fall even faster, as if it knew that a cultivator that didn't belong to the Cloud Sea, one who would shock the four Celestial Realms, was going to appear.

The rain fell even harder… The amount of flashing lightning increased.

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