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Chapter 1136 - Escape to the Other End of the World

As this voice echoed, the middle-aged scholar sitting in the fourth star on Tuo Sen's head opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with ruthlessness, but they also contained a hint of bitterness.

"Master Lufu, I didn't forget our promise, but I'm powerless. You… leave quickly…"

An ancient voice filled with bitterness slowly spread across the void. However, the fourth star began to shine bright and brighter, and just as it reached the brightness of the other three stars, this voice disappeared completely.

Just at the moment the voice disappeared, the old man in black's expression changed greatly. Wang Lin was also shocked, and with his understanding of ancient god, he vaguely guessed something. Just at this moment, Master Wuji's faded voice echoed once more.

This time it was an angry roar!

"Leave quickly!"

The fourth star was originally extremely dark and could only be vaguely seen in this darkness. However, as Tuo Sen awakened, the star seemed to revive and was no longer dim. It began to light up and illuminate the surroundings.

The middle-aged scholar sitting there looked normal, but if you looked closer, you would be shocked to find that the lower half of his body had integrated with the ground. They were linked together without any separation.

The light didn't appear from a random direction; it started with this middle-aged scholar as the center. Every time the light got brighter, the middle-aged scholar's complexion would become paler and weaker.

At this moment, the area he was in lit up and brightened the whole area. His body also withered in the blink of an eye, and now he looked like a skeleton.

However, he didn't die… He wouldn't die, he could only spend countless here… It was just he wasn't willing to give up, and this unwillingness led him to struggle. His facial expression twisted as he forced his cultivation to activate and he let out a roar!

The pupils of the old man in black shrank and his expression became serious as he backed up. His eyes stared at the fourth star on Tuo Sen's head. At that moment, he clearly felt Master Wuji's voice come from there.

However, what was strange was that when the old man in black's divine sense swept by, he found nothing.

Thinking about Master Wuji's words, the old man in black's mind trembled and he retreated without hesitation.

"None of you can escape." The contempt in Tuo Sen's cold gaze became even stronger, and there was a hint of mockery in it. His gaze viewed everyone as ants and was extremely arrogant!

"You're my fifth ancient god star after Master Wuji!" Tuo Sen's voice echoed across the world, then he mercilessly took a step forward. However, at this moment, his fourth star shined brightly!

The light was very different from the other three stars, and it seemed like it was going to collapse. This caused Tuo Sen's right foot to stop for a moment.

The old man in black was retreating, but he turned around as his right hand reached at the void and a broken sword appeared! It was only half a sword, but the moment it appeared, an unimaginable pressure spread out.

The old man bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood on the broken sword. He then threw it at Tuo Sen.

This broken sword whistled out with a heaven-shaking killing intent and sword energy as it rushed out. Tuo Sen's foot stopped for a moment before continuing, but the moment it came into contact with the broken sword, Tuo Sen let out an angry roar and blood appeared.

The broken sword unexpectedly penetrated Tuo Sen's right foot. It carried an irresistible force as it broke through the leg and charged toward Tuo Sen's face.

The broken sword's spell was far beyond what a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator could do. Not even Heaven's Blight cultivators could match the speed of this sword.

All of this only took a moment, and the broken sword pierced through Tuo Sen's right left! In another flash, the sword closed in on Tuo Sen's face and charged at the fourth star.

At this moment, the light coming from the fourth star became even stronger, as if Master Wuji was struggling to escape. However, just as the broken sword broke all barriers and was within 100 feet of the fourth star, the third star also shined brightly. A person unexpectedly walked out from the third star!

This person was like a skeleton, making it impossible to see their original appearance, and their entire body was naked. They only took one step to arrive next to the broken sword, and they mercilessly pinched it!

It was difficult to describe the grace of the pinch. In Wang Lin's view, this pinch went with the flow and activated some kind of law of the world. That seemed inappropriate, because it was as if the law of the world had changed due to this person's action.

The broken sword suddenly stopped and two fingers appeared around it. No matter how hard the sword struggled, it couldn't escape the two fingers.

However, the owner of the two fingers, the skeleton-like cultivator, also suffered a powerful impact. Popping sounds came from his body as if his body was going to collapse. His dark eyes shined brightly and a crescent moon mark appeared between his eyebrows. The bright mark appeared in everyone's eyes.

With a roar, his right hand mercilessly threw the broken sword to the side, causing it to fly upwards!

After doing all this, the skeleton's chest moved up and down rapidly as he returned to the third star.

This scene caused Wang Lin's face to become bitter.

The old man in black's eyes flashed once, then he waved his right hand without hesitation and the broken sword disappeared. He immediately turned around to leave. He was very fast and even broke the spatial crack, and he was about to leave.

"You can't escape!" Tuo Sen's eyes revealed a ghostly light. The fifth star was completely dark, but at this moment, it began to rotate on its own due to some unknown spell. The rotation reached a peak, and from a distance, it looked like a black hole.

The star flew off from Tuo Sen's forehead and headed toward the old man in black.

However, the moment the star flew off Tuo Sen's head, the fourth star shined brightly and the light burst out. It wrapped around the fifth star that had flown out and blocked its path.

"Master Lufu, quickly leave!! This old man was wrong, very wrong. I shouldn't have tried to covet the power of the royal ancient god to break through the early stage of Nirvana Void, and now I ended up like this…"

Inside the fourth star, Master Wuji coughed out blood and his body trembled. He was using his connection with the ancient god to stop the fifth star from absorbing Master Lufu. He knew that if Master Lufu was devoured, he would never have a chance of escaping in his life!

If he wanted to escape, then he had to risk it all to save Master Lufu. Only then would he have a chance of survival in the future!

The old man in black didn't hesitate and stepped forward. Ripples appeared before him to form a vortex. Just at this moment, Tuo Sen's eyes became cold and he ignored the fact that his fifth star's devour was stopped. He lifted his right hand and pulled back in the void. Purple lightning immediately appeared to form a giant spear the size of several cultivation planets!

God Slaying Spear!

This was the real royal ancient god treasure, God Slaying Spear!

Holding this spear, Tuo Sen had a ferocious expression, and he mercilessly threw it! The God Slaying Spear flew through the air with a earth-shattering whistle. It was filled with the power of the ancient god as it charged at the old man in black!

It was too fast for the eyes or divine sense to detect. Spatial cracks appeared along the space it passed, forming a trail of destruction.

The old man in black's expression was gloomy. Even if he could step into the vortex, he would still be injured by the God Slaying Spear. Once he was delayed and the fifth star broke free of Master Wuji, then it was likely for him to be trapped here!

However, he didn't have time to think too much. His hands formed a seal and the broken sword appeared before him once more. He coughed out blood and waved his hand, then the broken short charged out at the God Slaying Spear.

Wang Lin silently watched. He had clearly seen how strong Tuo Sen was. Although he had memories of how strong Tu Si was, seeing it personally was different from memories.

He stared at the God Slaying Spear that flew through the void. To others, this spear might've seemed like the heavens' might, like it could kill all creatures, but to Wang Lin, it was only a treasure!

The broken sword immediately collided with the God Slaying Spear. The size of the broken sword couldn't compare to the God Slaying Spear at all, but its aura was only a bit weaker. Although it was impossible to even see the broken sword, there was a loud rumble and the God Slaying Spear paused for a moment.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the broken sword was pushed back and disappeared into the void. The God Slaying Spear trembled, and thunderous rumbles echoed inside the spear before it charged out once more.

"I can't let the old man in black be devoured by Tuo Sen's star!" This was the only thought in Wang Lin's mind. The moment the God Slaying Spear paused, he didn't hesitate to charge forward. His speed reached its limit and he arrived before the giant God Slaying Spear.

His action caused the old man in black's pupils to shrink, caused Master Flamespark to tremble, and caused the eight kings of the Corpse Sect to be filled with terror. Wang Lin closed his eyes, and the moment the God Slaying Spear closed in, his body collapsed, leaving behind the sliver of origin soul. Before it was destroyed, his sliver of origin soul formed a seal and sent out a command at the God Slaying Spear.

"I use my will to hinder your path!"

The God Slaying Spear trembled for a moment, but a violent aura suddenly came out. It represented Tuo Sen's will. It collided with Wang Lin's fragile origin soul and caused it to collapse.

"I'll save the first ancient god star for you!" This was the last thing Wang Lin heard after his origin soul was annihilated...

Wang Lin's obstruction and that pause gave the old man enough time to enter the vortex and disappear. Master Flamespark and the eight kings of the Corpse Sect all rushed into the vortex and disappeared.

The God Slaying Spear directly collided with the vortex and a powerful force echoed through the vortex. Master Flamespark had just barely left the vortex and was affected by this force. He coughed out blood and immediately look weakened. Both of his legs exploded and even his origin soul became unstable.

He let out a miserable smile, and his hatred for Tuo Sen increased greatly. It was only second to his hatred for Master Zong Xuan! Seeing the force come once more, madness filled Master Flamespark's eyes. He was about to give up his body in exchange for his origin soul's escape.

The old man in black appeared next to Master Flamespark. He grabbed Master Flamespark and disappeared.

The eight kings of the Corpse Sect finally escaped, but that shocking force immediately arrived. All eight of their bodies trembled and collapsed and eight cold auras escaped. However, before this terrifying power, five of them collapsed.

The remaining three took out coffins as they rushed in and obtained new bodies to escape with. However, that shocking force echoed once more, causing their bodies to collapse again.

This cycle continued. This less than 10,000 feet of distance was like the apocalypse for them. They left a trail of blood mist as another died.

The remaining two kings of the Corpse Sect were about to lose their wits. Seeing the force close in on them once more, the two became desperate. At this moment, a black vortex suddenly appeared beside them and two arms reached out. The arms grabbed the two of them and pulled them into the vortex.

"Lord Sovereign!" Their eyes filled with ecstasy and they didn't resist, allowing the arms to drag them into the vortex. At this moment, the force from the God Slaying Spear entered the vortex. There was a groan of someone being injured, but it seemed they still survived, and the vortex disappeared.

On the moon outside planet Suzaku, inside a very ordinary mountain, Wang Lin opened his eyes. After a moment of confusion, he immediately stood up and waved his right hand to put the female corpse away. He then destroyed the formation on the ground and disappeared using Spatial Bending.

When he reappeared, he was already very far from planet Suzaku. However, Wang Lin didn't stop and quickly moved. His face was pale and gloomy. He had never felt fear before, but his mind trembled. Tuo Sen's words continue to echo in his mind.

"I'll save the first ancient god star for you!"

"If I faced Tuo Sen, even if my original body had gone through the Three Trials Seven Calamities, even if I had the spear, I wouldn't survive even a punch…" Wang Lin revealed a bitter expression. He didn't know if Tuo Sen had escaped or not, but he knew he couldn't stay in the Alliance Star System. He had to leave as soon as possible and never… never come back… Unless he had the power to resist Tuo Sen...

He disappeared once more with a bitter expression using Spatial Bending and appeared in the place where he left an escape route for himself. This was a remote and deserted planet… He had set up a formation here before meeting the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor.

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