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After successfully cutting off one head, even Wang Lin was shocked. Unless he was forced to, he would never have done what he just did. After all, the Ji Qiong was an ancient beast that dared to fight an ancient god!

His intention was to hurt the Ji Qiong and thus give the second wave of swords a chance to attack. However, he didn't think this one strike would cut off a head.

There wasn't enough time to think, so he could only grab the head of the middle-aged man that he found strange and escape. However, at this moment, the sky burst open into green flames, and there was a green fragment inside the flames!

This fragment was like a piece of a porcelain that had shattered, but there was the power of heaven coming from that fragment.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed, but he didn't stop at all. He grabbed the fragment and turned into a shadow as he charged ahead.

At this moment, the branch with the head cut off rapidly shrank until it disappeared into green gas. The remaining 17 heads looked up and even its burly man body trembled violently.

Then it let out a heaven-shaking roar. This roar suppressed the thunder and spread out in all directions. The entire realm seemed to be flipped upside down and all the incoming swords trembled.

As the Ji Qiong roared, it charged out. It was so fast that it instantly closed in on Wang Lin. The 17 heads chanted various spells and all attempted to devour Wang Lin!

A storm immediately appeared and a green mist materialized from thin air. A giant green head appeared before the Ji Qiong. It had the face of a human but was covered in scales and had a ruthless gaze. From afar, one could tell it was very large, no less than 10,000 feet tall! What was strange was that there was a handprint between the eyebrows of this head. This hand print was like a seal, and it released endless purple gas!

As the Ji Qiong roared, the strange head opened its mouth and attempted to devour Wang Lin!

Just as the giant head appeared, countless strands of purple gas appeared in the sky and slowly formed a giant handprint. It didn't fall on the head but toward the Ji Qiong.

The 17 heads of the Ji Qiong seemed unwilling and continued to roar in resistance. It seemed that even at the risk of facing that handprint, it was still going to summon the giant head.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. He had felt something was wrong earlier. Although this Ji Qiong was strong, it didn't match the strength he had seen in Tu Si's memory. Even though the one in Tu Si's memory had 36 heads, this already had 18 heads.

This suspicion had appeared in his head, but he hadn't thought about it. Just as he began to suspect something, the Ji Jiong used a spell that made his scalp numb. The moment the head appeared, Wang Lin's cultivation seemed to stop and he was almost completely frozen.

Just as the head attempted to devour him, a powerful suction force appeared around him. It wasn't a suction force he could resist, and with his cultivation frozen, Wang Lin was pulled directly toward the giant mouth.

It seemed like the spell used by the head could devour the world. The flying swords in the second wave were all pulled over.

If that was it, it won't be so bad. What shocked Wang Lin was that even the world was trembling as if it was going to be devoured by the mouth. The world was torn apart and pulled over.

"There was spirit from ancient times named Ji. Every time it devoured the world, it would gain one head!" At this moment, this sentence appeared in Wang Lin's head. His face was pale and his body moved like a meteor. He was getting closer and closer to that mouth.

At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin struggled to raise his right hand toward his eyebrows. Popping sounds came from his arm until it turned into stone, but he touched the spot between his eyebrows.

With this, Wang Lin's entire right arm exploded and countless rocks flew into the mouth. However, after borrowing the explosion of the right arm, his frozen cultivation loosened a bit.

In an instant, Wang Lin's left hand reached at the void and the the storage space opened. He quickly threw the fragment and iron sword inside, then a beast skin flew out and landed next to the yellow talisman on his chest.

This yellow talisman was a speed wither tattoo and the beast skin was another one. The beast skin was made by Ta Shan using the inheritance from the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor. With two speed tattoos, Wang Lin's speed increased to an unimaginable degree.

Borrowing this speed, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and struggled to escape the suction. He felt like he was smashing into large mountains. Popping sounds echoed as he charged out 100 feet!

Just at this moment, his left leg turned into rock and collapsed into pebbles that were sucked away.

The Ji Qiong roared non-stop. The 17 heads were all ferociously facing the handprint that was closing in, and the veins on all the heads had swelled up. The giant hand released a bright, green flash and the suction force increased!

Wang Lin's right foot suddenly collapsed while he was attempting to escape the suction force. His body could no longer escape half a step with the increase in suction force, and he was pulled back toward the big mouth. Wang Lin let out a wry smile as he moved his left hand that was turning into stone. He didn't hesitate to take off the two things on this chest and use the last of his cultivation to put them back into the storage space.

After doing all of this, his vision blurred and he was devoured by the big head like all the countless flyings words.

The head turned into green light and returned into the Ji Qiong's body. At this moment, the giant handprint stopped 10 feet above the  Ji Qiong.

The 17 heads of the Ji Qiong looked up and revealed a hint of dread, but they still roared. At this moment, the handprint shined brightly and the light enveloped the Ji Qiong. The Ji Qiong's body turned transparent and its inside became visible.

If Wang Lin hadn't been devoured, he would've clearly seen that nine out of the 17 heads contained a porcelain fragment.

The purple light slowly disappeared along with the handprint as if it had never been there.

The caution in the eyes of the 17 heads gradually faded. At this moment, a blob of flesh began to move near its neck, and soon a 10-foot-long branch stretched out. There was a head on the end of the branch!

The head looked like Wang Lin!

At this moment, inside the mountain on the moon outside planet Suzaku, Wang Lin, who was inside the celestial formation, suddenly opened his eyes, and they were filled with terror.

"Ji Qiong!!" Wang Lin took a deep breath. He didn't expect the avatar he created to see Tuo Sen's power would died to the Ji Qiong before even seeing Tuo Sen.

"Although the beast was very strong, I could still deal with it and even cut off a head… However, looking at it now, it seems the beast didn't use its full power. Presumably, it was afraid of something…" Wang Lin thought of the purple handprint that had appeared on the head summoned by the Ji Qiong and the one that appeared in the sky after the head was summoned.

"Could it be that it was sealed? If it uses its real power, it will activate the seal… That head that appeared… was too terrifying! With those two wither tattoos, my speed was on par with a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator's, but I stood no chance against the suction force!"

Wang Lin silently looked ahead and pondered for a long time. Then he let out a sigh as he muttered with a wry smile, "Wang Lin, your current cultivation level is nothing in this world. I still need to be cautious about everything!"

Wang Lin revealed a bitterness. In the Demon Spirit Land, he battled Master Void, he battled the All-Seer with Sundered Night, he battled the ancient devil with Dream of Ancient Times, and then he became the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. After that, he successfully saved the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor and awakened Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. Along the way, Wang Lin's cultivation level increased, and after becoming the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, he got the various forces to battle Tuo Sen.

All of this made it so he couldn't help but feel like everything was under his control, and battling Nirvana Shatterer cultivators had unknowingly given him a sense of complacency.

If he was still cautious, he would've tried to run away from the Ji Qiong instead of trying to injure it, and this resulted in his death.

The death of his avatar was like a merciless blow to Wang Lin's mind. It completely shattered the trace of complacency in his heart to the point that not a trace of it remained.

The feeling of death at that moment was very real, and it allowed Wang Lin to taste death for the second time. With bitterness, Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time before looking up again with a serious gaze. There was caution in his eyes as his hands formed a seal and pointed to between his brows. Another sliver of his origin soul split off.

Just like before, he formed another avatar with the surrounding rocks and his origin soul entered it. Then, in a flash, the avatar disappeared from the mountain.

"Qing Lin's celestial spell requires too much celestial origin energy, so if I make too many avatars, it will affect my origin soul. This second avatar is already my limit…" Wang Lin closed his eyes and placed his attention on the avatar.

Using Spatial Bending, Wang Lin arrived on planet Suzaku once more. He didn't hesitate to make his way to the Land of the Ancient God. He took a deep breath at the entrance and stepped inside.

Wang Lin moved through the abyss using the caution he had when he was at the Core Formation stage, and he soon arrived at the vortex to the first trial. His right hand reached out and took out a flying sword. He put a trace of his divine sense inside and the flying sword flew into the vortex. The moment the sword entered, he detected a sandstorm.

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