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Chapter 1124 - Parting

Wang Lin left with Zhou Ru. His complicated feelings toward Liu Mei and the memories of the past were buried deep within his mind. He never wanted to touch them.

In the end, Mu Bingmei didn't see Wang Ping. Wang Lin didn't want to guess what she was thinking and left. It was like a barrier had split them into two worlds when the formation activated. It was as if they were so distant, not even dreams could reach across the gap.

If the furthest distance in the world was not life and death but to be forgotten, then even that distance seemed a lot closer than the distance between Wang Lin and Mu Bingmei. It seemed the farthest distance one could reach was to be unable to forget...

You want to forgot but can't; you want to search for it but have no direction. The only thing left was time passing by, flowing down the darkness of eternity.

As Mu Bingmei stared at figure that disappeared in the harsh light, tears flowed down once more. She wanted to see Wang Ping, she wanted to touch her child and hold him in her arms...

However, she couldn't… Even more so, she was afraid.

A flaw had appeared in her dao heart due to Liu Mei. She should have cut this flaw out. Even though her dao heart would be incomplete, the flaw would be gone.

However, she didn't know what would happen once she saw Wang Ping. Her dao heart could be complete, or it could collapse completely...

If her life belonged to herself, she would have walked down the path without hesitation whether it was right or wrong. However, as the Brilliant Void Saintess, most of her life didn't belong to herself.

"Just let all of this… end like this…" Mu Bingmei bit her lower lip and slowly turned around. Her figure looked even more lonely than Wang Lin.

The sky was blue, and Mu Bingmei's heart also seemed to turn blue. It was a very powerful tone of blue.

The void of space was so dark that not even the light from the stars in the distance could reach this far to cover the pain in Wang Lin's heart. He could only let this pain fill his entire body.

"As the pain continues, maybe it will stop feeling painful."

Wang Lin sent Zhou Ru to the new Rain Celestial Realm. Zhou Ru's eyes were filled with reluctance as Wang Lin rubbed her head and revealed a kind smile. Back when he took this little girl and raised her, he gradually got the feeling of being a father.

After seeing Zhou Ru, Wang Lin thought of Wang Ping and Li Muwan.

"Be good here and don't waste your cultivation. You… have grown up." Wang Lin looked at this spirited girl, and the kindness in his eyes became even stronger.

"Uncle…" It was as if Zhou Ru was made of water as tears flow down from her cheeks none stop. She grabbed tightly onto the edge of Wang Lin's clothes like she did when she was a kid. She feared that if she let go, Wang Lin would never come back.

"Uncle doesn't know if bringing you here is right or wrong, but Uncle can't rest at ease if you are with Mu Bingmei."

Wang Lin gradually suppressed the pain in his heart and he gently looked at Zhou Ru. This child had accompanied him for many years.

"If… Uncle never comes back, Little Ru Er, you can go find your teacher." Wang Lin closed his eyes and turned around. He pulled his clothes from Zhou Ru's hands and disappeared.

"Uncle…" Zhou Ru's tears fell on her clothes. Behind her, Hu Juan let out a sigh as she pulled Zhou Ru's hand and softly said, "Your uncle will return."

In the eastern region, after the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor returned, the Four Divine Sect went through a drastic change. The four sects were now one sect instead of four separate sects.

There would no longer be four Divine Emperors, but just one named the Divine Sovereign! 

There were a lot of disagreements in the Four Divine Sect toward this move by the Azure Dragon Divine Sect. However, all voices of opposition disappeared before the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's strength.

The Holy Treasures of the Black Tortoise Divine Sects and the White Tiger Divine Sects were no longer held by the sects and went into the hands of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. The methods to using them were no longer a secret to the sects.

Wang Lin's figure appeared within the eastern region soon after the integration was complete. The moment he appeared, he was found by the people of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the team of Azure Dragon Divine Sect guards, and those cultivators immediately lowered their heads. Wang Lin didn't speak and slowly moved past them.

It wasn't until Wang Lin left that the patrolling cultivators looked at each other. One of them immediately took out a jade and reported this matter to the elders.

One of the cultivators in this patrol team said in discontent, "He is no longer the Divine Emperor, so why are we being polite to him?"

After returning to the eastern region, Wang Lin realized that the atmosphere was very strange. All the members of the Four Divine Sect who saw him had strange expressions, but no one stopped him.

It didn't take long for a red starfield to appear before him. That was where the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was. However, just as he was about to enter, he stopped and turned around.

He saw seven rays of light close in and turn into seven people. Among them were two Vermillion Bird, one White Tiger, and four Azure Dragon Divine Sect members. They were all elders, and their cultivation levels weren't low.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm. He was familiar with the seven of them as they were all elders who were involved in rescuing the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. When the two elders from the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect saw Wang Lin, they were ashamed and avoided Wang Lin's gaze.

"Wang Lin, the Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign invites you!" The person who spoke was a member of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect. He looked at Wang Lin with an apologetic look. He didn't know why the Divine Emperor had made all these changes, but he wasn't qualified to stop him.

Wang Lin slowly asked, "Are the people I left at the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect safe?" After he heard the old man's words, he immediately speculated on the matter.

This person hadn't called him "Divine Emperor." It must've been because the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor had said something, and there was also the strange "Divine Sovereign" title. Combined with all the strange things he saw, Wang Lin became cautious.

"They are all safe." The person who answered Wang Lin was an elder of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

Wang Lin looked at the elder and remembered that this was person who asked him what he planned to do after becoming the Divine Emperor. He nodded but didn't speak, then he stepped into the burning starfield.

The Azure Dragon Divine Sect members frowned and stepped into the burning starfield.

The Azure Dragon Divine Sect elder said in a heavy tone as he chased after Wang Lin into the burning starfield, "Wang Lin, the Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign wants you to see him!"

Wang Lin ignored the elder. When he entered the burning starfield, his divine sense spread out with the assistance of the burning flames. He use spatial bending to quickly move to a different position, allowing him to scan the entire burning starfield.

However, he didn't find any trace of Big Head and company. Wang Lin's expression immediately became gloomy. He turned around and coldly looked at the seven elders chasing him.

"Where are they?!" Wang Lin stared at the seven of them and quickly calmed down. He knew that anger wouldn't solve the problem; he had to remain calm.

"Wang Lin, the Divine Sovereign wants to see you. Do you want me to say it a third time?"

Wang Lin slowly said, "Without me, the Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign would still be sealed in the Rain Celestial Realm!"

"You…" The elder of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect stared at Wang Lin, and his expression became even more gloomy.

"If not for the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, your Azure Dragon Divine Sect would have long vanished. If your Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign wants to see me, he can come here!" Wang Lin wouldn't step out from this burning starfield. The monstrous flames here could greatly increase his power.

The elder of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect laughed in fury, but the people around him became silent.

"The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor died for the Four Divine Sect. This old man admired him very much for this." At this moment, an ancient void appeared. It seemed to contain the power of a spell. When it appeared, even the burning starfield seemed to pause.

The expressions of the seven elders immediately became serious. They took a few steps back and clasped their hands in unison. "Greetings, Divine Sovereign."

Pieces of green light appeared in the world and rapidly condensed. The surrounding flames seemed to be pushed apart by a pair of giant hands and an open area appeared.

The green light condensed into the appearance of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor in this opening.

Compared to the sorry state he was in back in the Rain Celestial Realm, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor he was like a new person. His green robe flashed brightly and his hand was behind his back. A shocking pressure spread out and covered the area.

"I presume you've returned to return the Holy Treasure." The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor reached out his hand and calmly looked at Wang Lin. There was not a hint of emotion in his eyes; they were completely cold.

"Where are my friends?" Wang Lin retreated a few steps and looked at the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. He had felt like his entire body was going to collapse under this pressure, but he forced himself to endure it.

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor let out a smile, only this smile was extremely cold.

"I didn't make it hard on them. All outsiders were sent to a planet at the edge of the Four Divine Sect."

"I can abandon my identity as the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, I can give you the Holy Treasure, I can leave and never come back, but I'll take one thing away!" Wang Lin never intended to keep the Holy Treasure. He waved his right hand at the void and then a burning white stone appeared. There was also a drop of the holy blood inside.

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