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Chapter 1123 - I'm Sorry

When Wang Lin looked at the middle-aged man, he could only see that this person was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Wang Lin didn't say more as his right hand reached at the void, grabbed a jade, and threw it.

The middle-aged man's expression was calm as he grabbed it and spread out his divine sense. However, he was surprised. He unexpectedly wasn't able to see the contents of this jade due to his cultivation level.

However, he was able to see that the material this jade was made of was not simple. It contained a trace of origin fire. Along with Wang Lin's identity, this jade was not simple!

"This is?" The man raised his head and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly said, "The old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor found a secret in the Alliance headquarters before death. He asked me to deliver it to the Brilliant Void Realm!"

The man nodded and knew that this matter had to be serious. His expression became even more dignified as he clasped his hands and said, "Thank you!"

Wang Lin waved his right hand and threw out three origin souls to the side. The three origin souls' eyes were all shut; they were clearly being restricted.

"Earlier, I didn't have an invitation jade and was impatient to enter due to the importance of the information in the jade, so I had to force my way in." As Wang Lin spoke, he grabbed another jade and tossed it at the middle-aged man.

This jade contained a scene. It clearly recorded what had happened with the four gatekeepers outside.

The middle-aged looked at it and calmly said, "We thank the Divine Emperor for teaching them a lesson on our behalf. However, a lesson is a lesson, and killing a person of my Brilliant Void Realm is a bit unreasonable."

Wang Lin calmly said, "Just an accident."

The man stared at Wang Lin and smiled. "This matter is very important. I'll ask the Divine Emperor to please stay in the Brilliant Void Realm for a few days. Wait until I hand the jade…"

Before the man could finish speaking, a cold woman's voice echoed.

"Let him go!"

The moment this voice appeared, all the surrounding cultivators became respectful. Even the man in purple became respectful.

Mu Bingmei appeared before everyone and looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression.

At the same time, two rays of light came from the distance and arrived before Wang Lin. The two rays of light turned into Zhou Ru and Little White. Zhou Ru became even more excited after seeing Wang Lin.

"Uncle!! It's really you!!" Zhou Ru's eyes turned read and tears gathered.

Seeing Zhou Ru, Wang Lin revealed a smile and nodded. "Uncle is here to pick you up."

Zhou Ru had already grown up and noticed that something was abnormal, so it wasn't time to speak. She immediately arrived next to Wang Lin. When she looked at his white hair, her heart felt pain.

Wang Lin looked at Mu Bingmei. He pondered a bit and slowly said, "I'm going to take Zhou Ru away."

Mu Bingmei bit her lower lip and softly said, "All of you, leave." The surrounding cultivators quickly agreed and disappeared without a trace. The man in purple looked meaningfully at Wang Lin and also left.

Soon, no other cultivator remained beside Wang Lin, Zhou Ru, and Mu Bingmei.

Mu Bingmei avoided Wang Lin's gaze and looked at Zhou Ru. She softly said, "Zhou Ru, after you leave, remember to cultivate daily."

Zhou Ru looked at Wang Lin and then at Mu Bingmei. In these years, she could tell that her teacher was very good to her, especially when her teacher saved her. If not for her teacher, she wouldn't have been able to meet Wang Lin again.

Thinking about parting, Zhou Ru's mood dropped and she nodded and softly said, "Teacher, Ru Er remembers it all. I won't abandon my cultivation. Moreover, Ru Er can return at any time."

Mu Bingmei revealed a bitter smile. Zhou Ru didn't understand that once she left, she wouldn't have a chance of coming back, because Wang Lin wouldn't allow it.

"I'm your teacher and you are my disciple. Since you are about to leave, let Teacher gift you something." As Mu Bingmei spoke, she took a jade hairpin form her hair. She looked at it with a cherishing gaze and then threw it at Zhou Ru.

"Teacher, this…" Zhou Ru was startled and subconsciously caught it. She seemed to vaguely remember that Mu Bingmei had said that this hairpin was a very powerful treasure and was passed down by her own teacher.

"Come here, let Teacher place it on you." Mu Bingmei's eyes revealed love for her disciple. After years of being together, she had developed feelings for her disciple.

Zhou Ru obediently arrived next to Mu Bingmei. Wang Lin originally wanted to stop her, but after hesitating for a bit, he didn't speak.

She coiled Zhou Ru's hair and personally put the hairpin in her hair. Mu Bingmei gently touched Zhou Ru's head. The coldness in her eyes disappeared and she softly said, "You have to remember that you will always be my disciple, my only disciple… The Brilliant Void Realm is your second home. You… can go."

"Teacher!" Tears fell from Zhou Ru's eyes. She had a vague feeling that her teacher and uncle knew each other. Only they weren't friends, but enemies. She feared that once she leaves, she  would never see her teacher again.

Wang Lin revealed a complicated look. With his wisdom, he could see that Mu Bingmei and Zhou Ru's teacher-disciple relationship wasn't fake, but he didn't dare to believe it so easily. He thought of Liu Mei's ruthless domain and said, "Zhou Ru."

Zhou Ru looked at Mu Bingmei as she retreated a few steps and knelt down. She kowtowed three times and cried, "Teacher, Disciple is leaving."

"Go…" Mu Bingmei bit her lower lip. At this moment, her heart felt very painful, as if she was missing something. She took a few steps back, forced out a smile, and nodded.

Wang Lin took Zhou Ru, who was a bit unwilling to leave, into the transfer array and was about to leave.

Just at this moment, Mu Bingmei seemed to muster all her courage as she looked at Wang Lin's back and softly said, "Wang Lin, I'm sorry…"

Wang Lin's body trembled. He stood inside the formation but didn't activate it for a long time.

"I'm sorry… I'm truly… sorry…" Mu Bingmei's body trembled and two streams of tears fell from her eyes while she muttered endlessly.

During these years, the pain in her heart had tortured her until she was about to collapse. Every night, she awakened from her cultivation and an inexplicable sense of confusion filled her.

"Liu Mei is already dead. You're not her. There is no need to say sorry." Wang Lin didn't turn around as he felt his chest. His heart felt pain as the memory of when he first met Wang Ping appeared in his mind. The baby filled with resentment that stared viciously at his father. It was a nightmare Wang Lin could never forget.

Liu Mei wanted to leave her figure in Wang Lin's dao heart. She had succeeded, and even today she was still successful!

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" Mu Bingmei's face turned pale as tears flowed down her beautiful face. When her tears fell on the ground, they seemed to produce the sound of someone collapsing.

Wang Lin silently opened the formation. As the sound of the formation rumbled, the light became intense. Just at this moment, he seemed to have made up his mind. He stopped the formation and softly said something.

"You really want to see him…"

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