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Chapter 1113 

The Rain Celestial Realm was covered in mist, and dust covered the sky, making the whole place look fuzzy. Many spatial cracks appeared and sucked in some of that dust.

There were muffled rumbles coming from the distance. The dust began to move as if wind was blowing it.

Aside from these sounds, the entire Rain Celestial Realm was silent.

When Wang Lin's voice echoed, even the Azure Dragon Divine Sect elders paused. Everyone looked at Wang Lin.

A white-haired elder from the Azure Dragon Divine Sect said, "Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, you… What did you hear?"

Wang Lin frowned and began to listen carefully. The call for help was like a gentle breeze that blew by. It was obvious that no one other than him could hear this cry for help.

Situ Nan understood Wang Lin the most. Seeing Wang Lin frown, he calmly said, "There was no sound!"

"It might've been an illusion. No problem." Wang Lin shook his head and didn't mention it anymore.

The elders from the Azure Dragon Divine Sect looked at each other but didn't speak. They jumped straight toward the mountain. Everyone else followed after them.

Wang Lin kept frowning as he stared at the mountain that got closer and closer. If not for the information left on the shield, Wang Lin wouldn't have thought that the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was trapped here. However, as he got closer and closer, the unease in his heart increased for some unknown reason.

Just at this moment, one the excited voices of a trembling elder of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect echoed.

"It's the Divine Emperor!! Look at this handprint, it was created by the Azure Dragon Divine Sect's spell, the Azure Wood Print!" The elder floated in the air and looked excitedly at the place covered in grass.

After he spoke, the remaining elders of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect closed in and looked at the handprint that was deeply imprinted in the withered grass!

"Open this mountain and save the Divine Emperor!!" The elders spread out, and the lead elder's hands formed a seal that caused the fragment to tremble. Large amounts of origin energy appeared when they revealed their Nirvana Shatterer cultivation. At the same time, the images of several Azure Dragons appeared and surrounded the mountain. It was as if they were going to pull this mountain up from the ground!

"Rise!" the elder of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect shouted as the rumbling echoed. The mountain trembled and large amount of rocks fell off it.

Waves of dust were kicked into the air as the roar of the Azure Dragons echoed. Those dragons that were wrapped around the mountain had actually lifted it up by several inches!

The elders of the Black Tortoise Divine Sect and the White Tiger Divine Sect flew over. Their hands formed seals and an unimaginable amount of origin energy appeared. The shadows of Black Tortoises appeared behind these elders and went under the mountain to raise it higher.

The elders from the White Tiger Divine Sect landed and used spells to raise the mountain. The mountain rose higher and higher, causing the earth to tremble even more violently. Muffled roars echoed across the sky.

The elders of the Vermillion Bird Sect were no exception. They flew over and were about to use spells to help raise the mountain completely.

Just at this moment, a ray of golden light came from the mountain and directly pierced through it. Then another ray of golden light pierced out from the mountain and lit up the whole area.

In the blink of an eye, countless rays of golden light shine out from the mountain and made the mountain look like a sun. A large, golden lock appeared around the mountain. It was a shocking sight!

The lock was 100,000 feet long and was covered in complex runes that flashed repeatedly. A powerful pressure spread out from the lock and the elders of the Four Divine Sect were immediately pushed back.

At this moment, Wang Wei and Hu Juan looked at the golden lock and were filled with shock. They looked at each other once again to determine they didn't see wrong. After hesitating for a bit, they didn't waste time and quickly retreated.

Without the spells, the mountain slowly descended once more.

"Gather all the might of the Four Divine Sect. There is no need to destroy this mountain, just raise it 70 feet! This lock was set by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin not to seal me, but for something else. You must not allow the other thing to escape!" At this moment, a weak but anxious cry came out from under the mountain. This time it wasn't only Wang Lin who heard it; everyone heard this cry for help!

The Azure Dragon Divine Sect elders trembled violently. One of the oldest elders shouted excitedly, "Divine Emperor! This is voice of the Divine Emperor!!"

Wang Lin looked back at Wang Wei and Hu Juan before clasping his hands. "I ask the two seniors to help!"

The two pondered a bit before Wang Wei let out a sigh and slowly said, "This formation indeed has Master's aura! Forget it!" As he spoke, he waved his sleeve and clouds appeared under his feet and carried him toward the golden lock.

Hu Juan let out a sigh and followed after Wang Wei. The two of them closed in on the golden lock.

"We can only open this lock for one breath of time, so you all must be quick!" As they spoke, a large amount of restrictions appeared around Hu Juan. Those restrictions gave off a ghostly light that immediately charged at the golden lock.

Wang Wei waved his right hand and a mist appeared before him. The mist divided into countless parts and surrounded each of Hu Juan's restrictions.

At this moment, the surrounding elders of the Four Divine Sect didn't hesitate. The Azure Dragon Divine Sect elders quickly formed seals to use their spells. The elders of the remaining three sects all took out various treasures. This was the power of 35 Nirvana Shatterer elders. Not to mention this mountain, the entire unstable Rain Celestial Realm would collapse instantly before this power!

Everything was prepared. They were just waiting for the moment the golden lock opened!

The couple took deep breaths and sat down in the air. Both formed a seal and pointed at the golden lock. The restrictions surrounded by the water mist unexpectedly formed a giant key!

The key charged at the golden lock. In the blink of an eye, the key broke through layers of golden light and went into the lock! The light from the golden lock suddenly disappeared! At this moment, not a trace of the golden light remained!

Wang Wei suddenly shouted, "Quickly, rescue him!"

A breath of time was only a blink of an eye, but for Nirvana Shatterer old monsters, it was enough to use a spell!

Rays of spells shot toward the mountain and, in an instant, started to raise the mountain. As the mountain rumbled, it was raised inch by inch. This mountain was refined by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin, so it was not ordinary. Even without the golden lock, raising it was not simple!

10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet!

In the blink of an eye, the mountain was raised 50 feet. The more it was raised, the greater the pressure became. When it was raised to more than 60 feet but just short of 70 feet, a breath of time passed!

The golden light appeared once and the giant lock appeared once more. The key collapsed and Wang Wei and Hu Juan were forced back by the light.

The golden lock appeared once more, and its pressure increased several fold. The 35 Nirvana Shatterer old monsters struggled to hold against this pressure. At this moment, a shout came from the bottom of the mountain and a ray of  green light struggled to come out.

There was an old man in an extremely sorry state with ripped clothes inside the green light! Although he was in a sorry state, his face was filled with excitement as he rushed out. At this moment, the wind surged in the sky above this fragment. The clouds split apart and a person appeared.

This person wore white and looked a bit old, but his eyes felt like they contained the world. Just as he appeared, he caused the collapse of the Rain Celestial Realm to become even more intense.

"Looks like I arrived at the right time!" This old man was the All-Seer. The moment he appeared, he charged toward the mountain. Wang Lin suddenly looked up. He had a bad feeling this whole time, but he didn't know if it was coming from the mountain or from outside. This was why he didn't personally act.

At the moment he saw the All-Seer, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Flames filled his left eye and thunder flashed through his right eye. A ball of fire and a ball of thunder appeared before him and immediately shot at the All-Seer.

At the same time, Wang Wei and Hu Juan both used spells against the All-Seer!

The All-Seer waved his sleeves, causing a surge of origin energy, and three avatars appeared. When Wang Wei and Hu Juan's spells got close, one of the avatars revealed a strange smile. This avatar formed a seal and a destructive aura appeared in his body, then he unexpectedly chose to self-destruct!

A thunderous rumble echoed and All-Seer's avatar's self-destruction immediately spread. If that was it, it wouldn't be an issue, but at this moment, the other two avatars also revealed strange smiles and also self-destructed!

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