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Chapter 1112 - The Call for Help in the Rain Celestial Realm

With this grasp, waves were set off in the sea of blood. The raging sea of blood released a heaven-shaking roar.

The blood red sky beside Tuo Sen twisted as if a powerful force was going to break out. Then the space was torn open.

This crack was more than 100,000 feet long, and a killing intent that seemed to have been suppressed for countless years was allowed to vent for the first time. The killing intent was enough to make the entire sea of blood tremble.

A pressure came out of the crack, and the sea of blood no longer raged, as the pressure pushed it away. Bursts of lighting came out and lingered around the crack.

Tuo Sen raised his head, revealing a cruel expression, and said, "Royal clan treasure God Slaying Spear, in the name of Tuo Sen, descend!"

After he spoke, roars came out from the crack, and as the lightning flashed, a ray of red light shot out toward Tuo Sen's right hand.

Tuo Sen grabbed it!

This red light struggled for a moment and then stopped struggling. It turned into a crimson red spear that was 1,000 feet long. There were arc of lightning around it, and it gave off an unimaginable aura.

Holding the spear, Tuo Sen revealed a bloodthirsty smile and mercilessly threw it! There was a heaven-shaking explosion when the God Slaying Spear pierced through the sky of this blood red world. The sky seemed like it was going to collapse!

The moment the spear pierced through the blood red world, it moved even faster and penetrated many of the locations in the Land of the Ancient God until it reached the abyss! It was too fast and contained an aura that would shock even Nirvana Shatterer cultivators. The spear appeared as a red flash and moved like a dragon toward the cultivators fighting against the fierce beasts!

These cultivators all trembled the moment the God Slaying Spear appeared. Miserable screams echoed before they had time to react.

However, as the red light flashed, all the cultivators that got close collapsed into a rain of blood, but this blood didn't scatter. It was all absorbed by the red light!

No cultivator could resist the God Slaying Spear, and in a flash, more than half of the thousands of cultivators that had entered died. The remaining few were being attacked by the countless fierce beasts. Only a bit more than 1,000 cultivators rapidly spread out in a panic.

The God Slaying Spear surrounded by the red light didn't go after the cultivators that scattered. Instead, it charged toward the oval entrance and charged out!

The moment it left the Land of the Ancient God and appeared in the Sea of Devils, the entire planet trembled. An indescribable aura suddenly appeared!

All the origin energy before it was forced back as if wherever the God Slaying Spear existed, origin energy wasn't allowed to exist!

The red light shined brightly, and the God Slaying Spear shot out from the Sea of Devils. The ray of red light shot into the sky and the atmosphere distingrated before the spear, allowing it to enter space without any resistance!

After tens of thousands of years, the weapon of the royal ancient god clan appeared once more!

The forces outside planet Suzaku all felt this heaven-shaking aura. Just as they were about to act, the God Slaying Spear closed in on one of Allheaven's Thunder Celestial Temple palaces!

There was a flash of red light as the God Slaying Spear pierced the palace. The palace trembled and shattered into countless pieces. The God Slaying Spear didn't stop; it pierced through all the palaces from Allheaven, causing them to collapse.

Even the Corpse Sect suffered a huge blow. All the coffins collapsed one by one before the God Slaying Spear. Even the corpse puppets inside turned to dust!

The Alliance forces suffered greatly. The God Slaying Spear went through the crowds and miserable screams echoed. Anyone who got close was immediately killed!

Among them was an Nirvana Shatterer old woman from the Alliance side!

This old woman thought she could stop this God Slaying Spear for a moment with her early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation and used a spell. However, the God Slaying Spear ignored all spells and directly pierced through her chest. Her eyes were filled with disbelief when she looked down at the hole in her chest. A moment later, her body collapsed and even her origin soul dissipated.

Master Flamespark's pupils shrank. Him and other elders flew out. The Corpse Sect also sent out cultivators to attack the God Slaying Spear!

Just as these cultivators were about to attack, the God Slaying Spear turned around and returned to planet Suzaku. It returned to the Sea of Devils and disappeared back into the Land of the Ancient God.

A hoarse voice echoed across the planet and into space when the God Slaying Spear disappeared!

"I'm waiting for all of you!"

It was completely silent as Master Flamespark and the elders revealed serious expressions. Some of the elders' faces became pale and there was a hint of disbelief in them.

"This… What is this?!"

"What that Wang Lin said was true!" Master Flamespark's eyes shined. He had come because it was an order from the person in Allheaven he greatly respected. He had to come!

After pondering for a bit, Master Flamespark shouted, "All cultivators, follow me to planet Suzaku!" With that, he flew toward planet Suzaku. The elders and countless cultivators followed after him!

The Corpse Sect pondered for a bit and then a voice that sounded like stones rubbing echoed.

"Corpse Sect, head out!" The entire Corpse Sect moved. The swarm of cultivators with coffins flew toward planet Suzaku. The eight people in front were surrounded by black fog and gave off a powerful pressure!

The Alliance forces pondered a bit and didn't send all their forces. Half the people remained and the rest followed their respective elders toward planet Suzaku!

At the same time, the existence at the bottom of the abyss in the Land of the Ancient God that was awakened by the fluctuations of origin energy slowly rose up.

Its blurred figure was gradually revealed!

It's figure wasn't very big, only 20 feet tall. It looked human-shaped, like a burly man. But what would make anyone gasp was this thing's neck!

This neck had 18 branches that were as thick as pythons; it was as if it was made up of 18 pythons!

There was a head on each branch. There were males and females, young and old. At a glance, this thing wasn't human, but a mysterious ferocious beast! Legends about this beast existed, but they were not accurate, and this wasn't the only one of its kind!

There was a spirit from ancient times called "Ji," and it was shaped like a human. Instead of being born, it was created, and it became an adult after three days. It defied the heavens and died and its head was cut off. A monster named Ji Qiong was born from its corpse!

This beast was born with one head, and everytime it devoured the world, it would gain another head and new spells. It dared to fight the world and could sleep for eternity.

At this moment, inside the Rain Celestial Realm, compared to the Land of the Ancient God, everything here was peaceful aside from the cracks that appeared in the sky and the constant trembling from the earth.

The cultivation levels of Wang Lin's group had completely surpassed what the Rain Celestial Realm could withstand. Just as they entered, one of the fragments collapsed, creating a huge suction that pulled the other fragments closer.

Wang Lin stood at a high place and looked at the familiar Rain Celestial Realm fragments. His eyes shined as he recalled the past and gradually found the fragment where he once heard the call for help![1]

There were dozens of people around him, and they all looked at Wang Lin. They all had to follow Wang Lin's lead on this mission to rescue the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. After all, he was the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, and most importantly, only Wang Lin knew where the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was trapped!

Wang Lin's body moved. A thunderous rumble was created when he charged downward. No one hesitated to follow after Wang Lin.

It was impossible to stay here for too long, or else it would caused the Rain Celestial Realm to collapse on a wide scale. By then, forget saving the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, it would be impossible to save Qing Lin too.

Therefore, they had to be fast!

Everyone here knew this. Wang Lin moved quickly but didn't use his full speed. He flew in a very gentle manner in order to not trigger the collapse of the Rain Celestial Realm.

They didn't meet any cultivators along the way. Even if any cultivators had come via the rain furnaces, once they saw the situation here and realized how unstable it was, they would all choose to leave in terror.

Not much time had passed when even more cracks appeared in the Rain Celestial Realm. Rumbling sounds could be heard from afar and another fragment collapsed. Wang Lin arrived on the fragment where he once heard the cry for help!

He clearly remembered that the call for help came from a mountain that looked like a lock. After landing on the fragment, his divine sense spread out and he immediately found that mountain about 5,000 kilometers away!

Wang Lin quickly flew toward that direction.

He got closer and closer! The Azure Dragon Divine Sect elders behind Wang Lin were filled with excitement. They had waited for this day for far too long!

The higher their expectations, the more they were afraid of disappointment. At this moment, their hearts were filled with worry and even their dao hearts had become unstable.

A moment later, the lock-shaped mountain appeared in everyone's eyes!

"It was here that I heard the call for help!" Wang Lin pointed forward!

The Azure Dragon Divine Sect elders charged out toward the mountain.

"Save me… save me…" A very weak voice echoed as they got close to the mountain. Wang Lin immediately stopped, but everyone around him seemed to have not heard it at all.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he said, "Do you guys… hear a call for help?"

1. Chapter 297 credit to user zurandis for finding this

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