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Chapter 1111 - Tuo Sen

The sun rose early in the morning and the sunlight dispersed the darkness. The people that work up early caused the city of Flowing Cloud to become lively. Shops opened one by one, and the food street on the west side was especially filled with people shouting.

The fried dough coming out of the boiling oil, the white buns revealed in the steam baskets, and tofu with other snacks made this street very lively.

Ceng Shuishan's stall was selling wine. Even though it was morning,their Ceng family's wine was light and refreshing. Drinking it in the morning wouldn't make you drunk; instead, it made people feel refreshed, so it was quite popular.

Ceng Shuishan, who was about 50 years old, stood on the side with a pipe while looking at the server that was busy working. A smile appeared on his face filled with wrinkles.

A middle-aged man who had just bought a jug of wine shook it before taking a big gulp. He smiled at Old Man Ceng and said, "Uncle Ceng, your wine isn't as tasty as before. Are you missing ingredients?"

Old Man Ceng's eyes widened as he smoked the pipe and snorted. "Nonsense, my Ceng family's wine…"

Before old man Ceng finished speaking, the middle-aged man laughed. "Your Ceng family's wine has been passed down for thousands of years. It was said that it even caught the fancy of an immortal. Uncle Ceng, you say those words almost every day. I still have to go to work, so I don't have time to listen to your long-winded speech." The middle-aged man took the wine with a smile and left.

Old Man Ceng took a big drag of his pipe and muttered, "What does a little brat know? My Ceng family's wine was indeed drunk by a celestial for more than 60 years 1,000 years ago!" 

He still had a few wooden carvings that were more than 1,000 years old. These were carvings of the Ceng family's first generation ancestor in Flowing Cloud City and a blurry-faced immortal!

There was a legend that was passed down for generations within their Ceng family. The legend was that their Ceng family wasn't originally from Flowing Cloud City, but had moved here during a snowstorm disaster.

The rumor had it that their ancestor lived with that immortal for more than 60 years and that the immortal was the benefactor who helped them move here.

"Ancestor Ceng Daniu lived to the age of 137. Even before death, he still remembered that immortal. This story has been passed down for generations, so how can it be fake?" Old Man Ceng narrowed his eyes and tapped his pipe on the ground. He looked extremely proud.

However, he quickly rubbed his eyes and carefully looked at the sky, and his mouth widened.

The sky was originally clear and the sun shined brightly. However, large ripples appeared in the sky and swept across the entire sky.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, causing the lively street to immediately quiet down. Everyone looked up at the sky, and panic appeared in their eyes.

Shortly after, as the ripples passed, rays of light appeared in the sky and descended like meteors!

These rays of light easily broke through the atmosphere and turned into cultivators.

"Imm… Immortals!!" the mortals on the ground all exclaimed and began to tremble. Some immediately hid inside their houses and didn't dare to come out.

"Don't disturb these mortals; quickly gather in the Sea of Devils!" A commanding voice echoed like thunder. At the same time, the cultivators that descended didn't stop and quickly flew off into the distance.

At the same time, this same scene appeared all over planet Suzaku. This shocking change caused the mortal empires to panic. The mortals all trembled and didn't know what to do.

Fortunately, those immortals didn't harm any of the mortals. The moment they appeared, they flew away.

The native cultivators on planet Suzaku naturally saw this, but none of them dared to fly up and ask. Not even those at the Soul Formation or Soul Transformation stages dared!

Any of the foreign cultivators flying across the sky was strong enough to make you tremble. There were some that could make you almost collapse with one gaze.

Even the few Ascendant cultivators on planet Suzaku looked at the sky with shock!

Zhou Wutai's expression was gloomy. Very few cultivators flying across the sky were ones he could deal with. As for the rest, just their auras were enough to make him gasp.

Fortunately, even though there were many different forces among these cultivators, none of them bothered the native cultivators. They all charged toward the Sea of Devils.

The entire sky was covered by rays of light, and a moment later, a giant shadow appeared in the sky. The sun in the sky was covered by a large shadow. At this moment, the entire planet was covered by a shadow.

These shadows were the palaces from the Thunder Celestial Temple. They didn't descend on to planet Suzaku, they just orbitted it. After all, planet Suzaku was half-wasted, so it couldn't withstand the powerful fluctuations from the palaces.

Shortly after the shadows appeared, coffins began to descend. There were coffins of various sizes, and they were surrounded by many cultivators.

As people flew toward the Sea of Devils, they naturally saw the huge statue on the ground. This was the statue in the Cloud Sky Sect.

An arrogant cultivator from Allheaven saw that a tiny cultivation planet like this had dared to build such a statue. He felt like this statue looked familiar, but he didn't think too much about it. He let out a cold snort and was about to destroy it as he passed by.

However, just as his right hand was about to descend, a feminine voice came from behind him.


The cultivator was startled as he looked back and said, "Xi Zifeng, what is the meaning of this?"

The woman who spoke was Xi Zifeng. She coldly looked at the arrogant cultivator and calmly said, "Take a closer look at who this statue is a carving of!"

With that, she disregarded the cultivator, then she looked at the statue with a complex gaze and let out a sigh before flying away.

The arrogant cultivator frowned and carefully looked at the statue. The more he looked at it, the more familiar it looked, then his eyes opened wide and he gasped. "This is… Thunder Celestial Xu Mu!"

Although Allheaven had already removed Wang Lin's right as Thunder Celestial, Wang Lin's battle for the title was famous. It was not something that would be forgotten in short few hundred years of time.

This arrogant cultivator's scalp went numb. He knew that Xu Mu's daoist name was Master Devil, and it was not something he could forgot. He also felt that destroying someone's statue was a bit pointless, so he turned and quickly left.

Master Flamespark and company, along with people of the Corpse Sect, also noticed this. After orders were sent out, no one else dared to think about destroying the statue.

The Corpse Sect, Allheaven, and the various powers of the Alliance all gathered on planet Suzaku. They all quickly gathered at the Sea of Devils based on the information they were given! Planet Suzaku wasn't very big, so they quickly rushed toward the Sea of Devils.

In truth, no side had sent many cultivators to planet Suzaku. In total, there were about 7,000 cultivators. They were the first wave to check the area. After all, although the credibility of Wang Lin's information was high, they still had to verify it.

Even more cultivators were floating outside planet Suzaku. They were all in their own groups, waiting for the news from the first wave.

All the restrictions blocking the path to the Land of the Ancient God were nothing in these cultivators' eyes. They all charged through and arrived past the Chaotic Broken Stars at the entrance to the Land of the Ancient God.

Ferocious roars came out from the oval-shaped entrance to the Land of the Ancient God. The first trial to enter the Land of the Ancient God was the dark abyss filled with floating boulders. However, at this moment, all the boulders collapsed and pairs of ferocious eyes lit up.

This place was where Wang Lin almost died and where the thunder toad appeared, and it was now filled with countless ferocious beasts. They were silently waiting.

Roars came out from the oval in the Sea of Devils that led to the Land of the Ancient God. The surrounding cultivators paused for a moment, but they didn't stop. They all stepped into the oval.

When the first cultivators appeared, a ray of red light charged out from the bottom of the endless abyss. Just as a cultivator was about to move, a flash of red lightning came out from below and landed on them.

This person's body trembled and he was numb for a moment. Just at this moment, a red light closed in. It was a red python almost 10,000 feet long, and it immediately devoured the cultivator.

This action was a signal to start the slaughter. Many ferocious beasts charged out and began a life and death battle with the cultivators that entered!

At this moment, blood fell like rain in this abyss and aroused the ferocious nature of the beasts. As the fighting continued, the fluctuations of origin energy gradually spread to the depths of the abyss that not even Wang Lin had explored. Two blood red eyes looked up at the cultivators above.

At the same time, within the sea of blood deep within the Land of the Ancient God, the red-haired Tuo Sen was sitting on top of a pillar. His finger was sliding on the ground, making a harsh sound. He slowly raised his head revealed a smile. Then he raised his right hand and mercilessly grasped!

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