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Chapter 1110 - Rain Celestial Realm Opens Once More!

"Shut up!" Wang Lin frowned.

Xu Liguo immediately stopped talking, but his sword body trembled as he thought, "It's over, it's over. I must have been crazy to dare to attack this fiend. Xu Liguo, ah, Xu Liguo, you're such a cunning devil, how could you be so impulsive!?!"

"This refinement is over and I'll see your performance from now on. If you dare to rebel again, I'll erase you!" Wang Lin's voice was cold, but it was like a spring breeze that eased Xu Liguo's heart. He quickly said,

"Master really is han…" Without waiting for Xu Liguo to finish, Wang Lin waved his right hand and sent the sword into the spatial crack. He didn't want to listen to Xu Liguo's exaggerated flattery.

After putting away Xu Liguo, Wang Lin took a step to the side and disappeared.

Ta Shan was still sitting on a cultivation planet somewhere within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. There were several beast skins beside him, and he continued to infuse tattoo power onto them.

As he was drawing, Ta Shan's right hand trembled and he raised his head. Wang Lin had unknowingly appeared and calmly looked at him.

Ta Shan pondered a bit and bitterly said, "Master…"

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked into the distance. After a long time, he calmly said, "You have regained your consciousness, so you don't need to call me 'Master.'"

Ta Shan's face became even more bitter and then he softly said, "It was Master who allowed me to survive until now. Ta Shan will never forget this."

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he looked at Ta Shan and asked, "When are you leaving?"

Ta Shan's body trembled as he looked up Wang Lin. After pondering for a bit, he let out a wry smile and said, "How did Master see through me?"

"You've been making talismans since you got here. If you didn't have a plan already, you wouldn't be doing this." This was the first time Wang Lin had met Ta Shan in a few years. Wang Lin also felt very complex about meeting his former celestial guard.

Ta Shan nodded and whispered, "I want see my clan members back in Allheaven. Master, aside from the talismans I made for myself, I also made three for you. They are speed, collapse, and seal!" As he spoke, he took out three beast skins and respectfully handed them to Wang Lin.

These three talismans were made with very rare hides. The amount of effort that went into making them was several times higher than normal.

Wang Lin looked at Ta Shan as he took the three talismans and said "The Alliance Star System is very chaotic right now. Be careful on your trip!"

Ta Shan looked at Wang Lin and nodded.

"If you see the disciple I took on planet Qin Ling, then please help me take care of him." Wang Lin took another look at Ta Shan before leaving.

It wasn't until Wang Lin left that Ta Shan silently knelt down and kowtowed once toward Wang Lin. Then he put away all the beast skins, took a deep breath, and flew into the sky.

Situ naturally had to go on this trip to the Rain Celestial Realm to save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. The poison in his body hadn't been completely forced out, and if there was no antidote, it would cause trouble later on.

Situ Nan had already arrived next to where the 35 elders were and was standing next to one of them. This was the elder that was helping Situ Nan expel the poison.

Situ Nan sat there with a serious expression, but he had already made up his mind. If he gets the poison removed, he is going to drag Wang Lin to planet Feng Luan to get revenge! He was going to return all the suffering he had to endure from the female cultivators on planet Feng Luan!

There were some abandoned planets in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect that weren't suited for people to live on. They were filled with poisonous gas, and the flames made the poison even more intense.

At this moment, Wang Lin appeared next to one of these abandoned planets. There were no plants and almost all life had extinguished. There was only a black desert that gave off intense heat.

When you stood on this black desert, you could feel the traces of poison mixed in with the heat. The black desert wasn't flat; it had ups and downs, and even mountains.

There was a mountain before Wang Lin. It was completely black, and the heat waves caused Wang Lin's white hair to flow in the wind.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, "Wang Lin greets seniors Celestial Cloud Couple!"

The moment his voice came out, a ray of sword energy came out from the mountain and shot toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn't retreat but smiled as he looked at the sword energy.

The sword energy closed in and turned into a person. This person looked middle-aged and was very handsome but a bit pale. When he looked at Wang Lin, he also had a smile on his face.

"Wang Lin, the two seniors already knew you'd come, so come down with me." This man was Zhou Yi!

There was no need to talk about their relationship. With a smile, the two of them stepped into the mountain and went down.

This mountain was extremely deep, and intense heat waves came from within. Wang Lin naturally didn't care, and he looked at Zhou Yi. Zhou Yi looked normal and whispered, "When I first came here, I really wasn't used to it, but now it's no problem." Zhou Yi heistated a bit but still asked, "Wang Lin… You… I heard you came this time became you plan to save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor."

Wang Lin shook his head as he looked at Zhou Yi with a look of respect and said, "In addition to saving the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, there is also the matter with Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. Only by awakening Qing Lin can Celestial Lord Qing Shuang revive."

After Zhou Yi heard this, excitement filled his face. He looked at Wang Lin and gratefully said, "Thank you!"

Wang Lin's expression became complicated and he shook his head. Zhou Yi was startled and immediately thought of of something. His expression became bleak, and as he descended with Wang Lin, he said, "You and I are very alike… but I have you to help me, while you have no one to help you… Big Brother Zhou is powerless to help you."

Wang Lin silently pondered and didn't say more.

Not long after, the two arrived at the bottom. The bottom had been changed completely by someone with a powerful spell. This was like a different world separated from the poison; it was like the garden of eden.

A small river flowed to an unknown location with several wooden huts near it. There were even fields of green with a few blooming flowers.

Wang Wei was sitting on the side of the river, smiling at his lover, Hu Juan, on the other side. Hu Juan was like a child with her feet in the river, occasionally kicking up a wave.

After Wang Lin and Zhou Yi entered the barrier, Wang Lin clasped his hands and respectfully said, "Junior Wang Lin greets two seniors."

Wang Wei looked at Wang Lin and smiled. "Tell me the reason you asked me to sneak attack Li Yunzi; otherwise, I won't let you off so easily!"

Hu Juan on the other side of the river smiled as she moved her hair and said, "Wang Lin, he cares about this a lot. He feels it's embarrassing to sneak attack a junior with his status as a senior."

Wang Lin smiled. Wang Wei and Hu Juan had become very close to him after what happened at the Demon Spirit Land; they no longer regarded him as an outsider. Wang Wei probably didn't care that much about sneak attacking Li Yunzi.

Since he was asked, Wang Lin explained a bit, and Wang Wei no longer cared about it after listening to the reason.

"Back in the Demon Spirit Land, Junior heard Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's last words. Rain Celestial Realm Temple, origin soul crystal, and Qing Shuang's body. Junior has two of them, but the Rain Celestial Realm Temple…" Wang Lin paused here and looked at Wang Wei.

Wang Wei's expression became serious and he nodded. "During these years, I have thought about it, and there was indeed a temple! It was where Master became the Celestial Emperor. I also told you about this matter before, so you coming here now means…" Wang Wei looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin silently pondered before telling them about how the old Divine Emperor had taken the Rain Celestial Realm Crystal. Wang Wei became serious after hearing this, and even Hu Juan stopped playing in the river. She put on her shoes and came next to Wang Wei.

The two of them looked at each other, and Wang Wei said, "The two of us will remember the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's kindness. If the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor is really trapped in the Rain Celestial Realm, the two of us will help rescue him to repay the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's favor of getting the Rain Celestial Realm Crystal."

Wang Lin nodded. Wang Wei and Hu Juan tidied up a bit and, along with Zhou Yi, left with Wang Lin.

As for Qing Lin's body, Wang Wei was holding it.

On the formation on the main Vermillion Bird planet, everyone was silently waiting. At this moment, four rays of light closed in and arrived at the formation, revealing Wang Lin, Wang Wei, and company.

Wang Lin stepped into the center of the formation and sat down without wasting time. His eyes shined and he shouted, "Open the formation!" With that, his right hand reached at the void and a crack appeared. A crystal filled with celestial spiritual energy flew out!

At the same time, the 10,000 sect members opened their eyes, and their origin energy went into the formation. The formation below them immediately began to flash.

The moment the light reached a certain degree of brightness, it began to gather under the 35 elders. All the elders formed a seal and activated their energy like crazy. All the origin energy from the disciples were split into 35 portions and moved straight toward the crystal before Wang Lin at the center of the formation.

In an instant, the crystal shined brightly, and an unimaginable quantity of celestial spiritual energy filled the area. A pillar of celestial spiritual energy shot into the sky, and ripples spread out in all directions.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the door to the Rain Celestial Realm slowly appeared above the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect planet! At this moment, all the cultivators who had reached a certain cultivation felt this fluctuation. Those who are familiar could tell that the Rain Celestial Realm had opened!

At the same time, the rain furnaces appeared across the Alliance Star System. However, Allheaven, the Corpse Sect, and the various Alliance forces had already gathered around planet Suzaku. Although they were shocked, they didn't have time to worry about this.

"People with our cultivation level will make the Rain Celestial Realm unstable and collapse on a large scale. We must quickly rescue the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!!!" After Wang Lin spoke, he charged toward the Rain Celestial Realm gate! Behind him, the 35 elders, Situ Nan, Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and others all followed.

Another person who Wang Lin was too busy to pay attention to also charged toward the Rain Celestial Realm! That person was the silver female corpse!

At the same time, on a remote, abandoned planet in the northern region of the Alliance, the planet shook violently and split open in a cross. An old man with white hair floated out with his hair covering his face. There was a crystal light flashing before him. It was a rain furnace.

"Wang Lin… You can't escape my calculations!"

At this moment, a gust of wind blew away the messy hair on the old man's face, revealing him to be...


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