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Chapter 1109 - The Divine Emperor Dies

The moment the old Divine Emperor sent out the divine sense, Wang Lin, who was about to enter the burning starfield, trembled. He suddenly looked up and his expression changed.

As the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor and also someone who had cultivated the same Nine Mysterious Transformations, he naturally had a special method to communicate with the old Divine Emperor. Wang Lin didn't hesitate to use the talisman that was still on him and charged into the burning starfield.

He was too fast, and just as he entered the burning starfield, he took a step and disappeared using Spatial Bending.

In an instant, ripples appeared 100 feet from the white stone the old Divine Emperor was on and Wang Lin stepped out. He immediately saw the old Divine Emperor's bloody eyes.

Death aura was spreading out from the old Divine Emperor. Wang Lin didn't even need to use his divine sense to feel death fiercely trying to take the old Divine Emperor.

"Senior…" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with sorrow as he stepped onto the white stone and opened his mouth. He had many things to say, yet he wasn't able to utter a single word.

The old Divine Emperor raised his head. There was a hint of light within his eyes that were bleeding black blood.

"Your senior brother, Qing Shui, is really inside the Cultivation Alliance headquarters. The activation of the formation outside the headquarters was directly related to him… He didn't die… but… he went crazy!!

"The Cultivation Alliance has been hiding a heaven-shaking secret for countless years. When Master Xuan Zhong and them went to the Rain Celestial Realm back then, not only did they obtain most of the inheritances, they also found some mysterious things. They have been studying them for these countless years...

"I fear not even the Brilliant Void Realm knew of this matter. These mysterious things are too important; they could even affect the four Celestial Realms!

Wang Lin, quickly go save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor and then immediately send this jade to the Brilliant Void Realm. This matter is too terrifying! Your cultivation level isn't high enough, so don't get involved in this!" The old Divine Emperor was already on his deathbed, and after saying so many things at once, he couldn't help but try to catch his breath. 

However, he still struggled to raise his right hand and point to between his eyebrows. His origin soul suddenly flew out from his body and looked at Wang Lin with a gentle gaze.

"Wang Lin, take care of yourself. I'm unable to help you anymore…" After he spoke, his origin soul released a burst of soft light, but soon it turned into a bright light that spread in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the brightness of the light reached a peak, and Wang Lin's vision blurred. When he could see again, he saw the old Divine Emperor's origin soul gradually dissipate into specks of light. At that moment, he clearly saw a hint of melancholy and relief on the old Divine Emperor's face.

Two things appeared where the old Divine Emperor dissipated!

There was a red jade and a crystal the size of a baby's fist!

Pure celestial spiritual energy came from the crystal and slowly spread out.

Wang Lin silently pondered, and the sadness in his eyes became even stronger. He silently looked at where the old Divine Emperor's origin soul had dissipated, and after a long time, he let out a sigh before looking at the old Divine Emperor's body.

After losing the origin soul, the body began to burn until it turned into a burning statue. It maintained the old Divine Emperor's previous appearance and position.

His right hand was still pointing to between his eyebrows.

Wang Lin took a few steps back, kneeled down on the stone, and kowtowed three times on the stone. He didn't worship or kneel for the heavens, but the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor received three kowtows from Wang Lin!

The moment the old Divine Emperor died, all the elders in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect felt sadness in their hearts. They all silently flew out from the planets they were on and knelt down toward the direction of the old Divine Emperor's body. Tears flowed out from their eyes.

"I respectfully send off the Divine Emperor. I hope you have a good trip…"

"I pray the Divine Emperor's soul in heaven will protect my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect…"

Soon, not only them, but all the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members felt the sadness that spread across the world. They all knew that the old Divine Emperor had left...

The sect members knelt down one by one and tears silently flowed out from their eyes...

"Respectfully sending off the Divine Emperor…" A sound that came out from the heart gradually came out of the cultivation planets and became louder and louder.

Even the Vermillion Bird statues on the main planets let out cries of sadness...

An illusory Vermillion Bird that was very old and tired flew out from the old Divine Emperor's body. It flew into the distance until it turned into nothing.

The once powerful Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor that led the Four Divine Sect through the crisis of the White Tiger Divine Emperor's death, the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor's betrayal, and the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's disappearance. After countless years, the old Divine Emperor had finally passed on.

At this moment, the elders of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect, the White Tiger Divine Sect, and the Black Tortoise Divine Sect all felt something. They silently looked at the direction of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect and knelt down. The members of the these three sects also knelt down.

A sad aura shrouded the eastern region of the Alliance...

The former glory had gone with the wind. The pursuit without regret was merely for the past. The present was lost in the sadness of the past, but it will exist forever… in the hearts of all Four Divine Sect members.

After the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor died, Allheaven called back all their cultivators. Under the command of Master Flamespark, they headed toward planet Suzaku! Even the only family who had an inheritance from the ancient cultivation world came from Allheaven to join them! The halls from the Thunder Celestial Temple moved among the cultivators and gave off bursts of pressure.

Not only them, the Corpse Sect almost sent out their entire sect toward planet Sazuka! Long teams of disciples with coffins moved through the stars. It looked like a funeral procession.

The actions of these two sides immediately caught the attention of the various Alliance forces. After seeing the information on the jades, the forces met in secret and all sent out their own forces!

At this instant, a storm was set off inside the Alliance. The dark aura before a violent storm gradually appeared.

On the other side, in the eastern region of the Four Divine Sect, a group of elders also led their sect members toward planet Suzaku. This was to cover up the Four Divine Sect's real movement!

Almost at the same moment all the various forces arrived at planet Suzaku, the remaining 35 Nirvana Shatterer elders gathered in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. They sat in a formation with serious expressions and expectation in their eyes.

They formed a circle, and everyone had a formation below them. Between the 35 people, there was a circular shape that was empty. However, there were 35 branches that connected this circle with the formations under the 35 elders.

There was a large amount of Four Divine Sect members around the 35 elders, no less than 10,000 people! They all sat down, and there was a formation below each of them that linked to the formations under the 35 elders.

They were all waiting for the order. Once order was given, they would release all the origin energy inside their bodies without reservation to open the formation!

At this moment, Wang Lin moved among the stars and slowly made his way forward. Soon, he arrived before a ring of fire that rotated like a storm. Xu Liguo's roar could sometimes be heard from within.

Wang Lin stopped outside the fire storm and shouted, "Xu Liguo!"

After he spoke, Xu Liguo's voice inside the fire suddenly stopped. At the same time, a huge gap within the fire storm suddenly appeared. The gap was large enough that you could clearly see Xu Liguo's sorry figure inside.

After hearing Wang Lin's voice, Xu Liguo subconsciously revealed a look of flattery, but he forcibly suppressed it. Instead, he revealed his suppressed anger.

"Your murderous fiend, you finally remembered your Grandpa Xu. Today I'm going to deal with you!" Xu Liguo had been forced into countless life and death situations that forced him to comprehend the ancient sword intent. His cultivation level had increased leaps and bounds, so much so that he would even dare to fight against ordinary Nirvana Scryer cultivators.

At this moment, he charged out filled with anger and turned into a giant sword. He looked exactly like the celestial sword and contained a hint of the aura of Wealth.

As he charged out, the flames around him were pushed back. The large sword Xu Liguo formed charged out and closed in on Wang Lin.

Coldness flashed across Wang Lin's eyes and he didn't even look at the giant sword. He waved his right hand and endless origin energy gathered before shooting at the giant sword coming at him.

A rumbling sound echoed and the giant sword collapsed. Xu Liguo retreated in terror, but he was unwilling to give up. He let out a roar and t hen turned into nine big swords that formed a sword formation. The sword formation gave off a monstrous sword intent and charged at Wang Lin once more.

Wang Lin nodded slightly. The current Xu Liguo barely met his requirements. He entered the sword formation and casually grabbed one of the swords.

He mercilessly squeezed it, and popping sounds echoed and the remaining eight swords all collapsed. However, the sword intent remained and turned into eight giant skulls that charged at Wang Lin.

"Interesting!" Thunder flashed in Wang Lin's right eye and endless thunder surrounded him. The thunder moved around like snakes and the eight skulls let out a miserable screams and all exploded.

Holding the large sword in his hand, Wang Lin used a bit more force and cracking sounds came from the sword along with Xu Liguo's panicking voice.

"Master!! Master!! Little Xu was wrong. It wasn't intentional, I just haven't met my tall, mighty, handsome, confident, smart, brave, extraordinary, unparallelled, unique, surpasses all those behind and after, wise, bold, accomplished, elegant, handsome like a jade tree, loved by all, talented, great scholar, heaven-shaking cultivation, and amiable master. This little one has missed you a lot… After all these years, Master finally remembered Little Xu. I thought that Master no longer wanted me. Master, please go easy, go easy…" Xu Liguo was timid by nature and was frightened out of his wits. He had said every single thing he could think of at once, and even Wang Lin was startled after hearing this.

Xu Liguo felt death closing in once more. Wang Lin's hand was like the scythe that could harvest his soul. Just a bit more force and it would crush his soul that was hidden inside the sword.

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