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Chapter 1108 - Aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm

From a distance, it looked like Wang Lin was devoured by the blood mist, and everything calmed down. The mosquito flew around anxiously with its companions. It looked at the divine retribution clouds but didn't dare to get too close, as this divine retribution was not something it could withstand right now.

Time slowly passed. Just as the mosquito was getting anxious enough to charge toward the divine retribution clouds, a thunderous roar came from inside the red mist!

As the red mist rumbled, there were flashes of thunder, and a sea of flames raged. A crimson red figure charged out from the blood mist. It was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's face was pale, but there was killing intent within his ferocious expression as charged out from the red mist and headed directly for the divine retribution clouds. He crossed that 10,000 feet gap in an instant and charged into the divine retribution cloud!

The moment he entered the divine retribution cloud, he immediately felt the might of the heavens. He pushed both his hands forward, causing fire and thunder to cross, and created a heaven-shaking destructive aura.

A thunderous rumble suddenly appeared, and as the fire and thunder collided, the boundless divine retribution clouds rapidly shrank.

Thunder fire filled the entire divine retribution clouds. The powerful impact caused the divine retribution clouds to shrink like crazy, and the roar from within became even more heaven-shaking.

In almost an instant, the divine retribution clouds began to collapse due to the intense rumbling. It was as if there was a pair of giant hands tearing the clouds up. Wang Lin clearly felt the tearing force that was attempting to tear his body into pieces. He was just about to get out when his pupils shrank.

He was surrounded by clouds, but Wang Lin clearly saw a 100 foot spatial crack not far away from him!

Dense fog came out from the crack, as if this crack was the source of the divine retribution.

After hesitating for a bit, Wang Lin looked at the spatial crack and charged at it. After a few moments, he arrived next to it. What was strange was that he didn't feel the tearing force at all while near the crack, and this made Wang Lin even more cautious.

Clenching his teeth, Wang Lin sent out a sliver of his divine sense into that crack. The moment his divine sense entered, his body trembled violently.

As soon as his divine sense entered the crack, he saw a new world!

This place had a blue sky and an ocean and was filled with celestial spiritual energy. The land was boundless with no end in sight, but Wang Lin immediately saw a giant statue on the ground.

This giant stone statue was an ancient god! This ancient god had eight stars, with two of them sealed, but he stood there motionless, as if he was dead.

However, Wang Lin clearly feel the powerful vitality coming from that ancient god.

If if that was it, it wouldn't have been enough to shock Wang Lin. However, he didn't just see one ancient god. On the ground, there were no less than 10 ancient gods, and nearly 100 ancient demons and ancient devils as well! 

There was a young man sitting on top of one of the ancient demons. He had a mirror in his hand and frowned as he calculated.

"The divine retribution entrance Uncle-master Ma mentioned should be here…"

Just at this moment, the youth suddenly raised his head and looked up. His eyes were filled with ecstasy. He looked at the sky and had apparently found Wang Lin's divine sense. His eyes lit up and a ray of black light shot out into the sky.

Wang Lin didn't hesitate at all to cut off that sliver of divine sense. He immediately rushed out and charged through the fire and thunder within the divine retribution clouds. He shot out from the divine retribution clouds and headed for the mosquito beasts.

Right when he stepped out from the divine retribution clouds, his expression changed and he felt his trace of divine sense destroyed. He didn't have time to think before he waved his hand and put all the mosquito beasts inside the storage space. He also took the yellow talisman off the mosquito beast's back.

He did all of this without pause, then he placed the yellow talisman on his body and moved. A whirlwind appeared around him and his speed increased drastically and he flew away.

Shortly after, Wang Lin left the rumblings within the divine retribution clouds. The divine retribution clouds continued to shrink until they seemed like they had disappeared.

However, if you looked closely, you would see that the divine retribution clouds hadn't dissipated. They had condensed into a ray of greenish black light.

The moment the greenish black light appeared, an aura that didn't belong to this world appeared. The isolation created due to the divine retribution immediately dissipated.

"... I accidently helped dissipate the powerful four-form divine retribution… Forget it, I finally escaped from that damn place, so it was right to help him." Excited words came from the greenish black light, then it disappeared without a trace.

Just at this moment, in the far western region of the Alliance, there was an old man sitting on the prairie of a very common cultivation planet. He wore black and was very calm, as if nothing in the world could change that calmness.

If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately recognize this old man as the person who stopped the battle between Qing Shui and the Yao family ancestor in Allheaven!

His eyes were calm as he looked at the green grass beside him. Under his gaze, the grass began to grow strangely. It turned from a bud into withered grass in the blink of an eye, but then it immediately turned back into a bud. This cycle continued endlessly.

He raised his right hand and was about to pick the grass when his right hand suddenly trembled. His eyes filled with disbelief.

If Master Flamespark saw the old man's expression, he would be greatly shocked. This person that he respected greatly always had always been calm and never revealed this kind of expression!

The old man waved his sleeves and his body turned transparent before disappearing. No one knew what his cultivation level was or what spell he used, but when he appeared, he was at the place where Wang Lin experienced the divine retribution!

The distance he crossed was simply too large; not even Spatial Bending could move this far in one go!

However, all of this was extremely easy for the old man. He frowned as he looked around until his gaze locked on the void about 1,000 feet away.

This was where that greenish black light appeared!

"A sliver of Ancient Celestial Realm aura…" The old man pondered a bit before turning around and leaving.

As for Wang Lin, he quickly returned back into the area controlled by the Four Divine Sect, and only then did he slow down. He kept replaying the scene he just saw, especially the young man who shocked him greatly.

"Who is he…" Wang Lin's eyes revealed dread as he looked at the dark sky behind him. He lifted his feet and ripples appeared before he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already outside the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

He didn't enter the burning starfield but chose an abandoned planet. Wang Lin picked a mountain on that planet and sat down.

After sitting down, he let out a breath of relief, and the more he thought, the he felt that lingering fear. After a long time, he suppressed his various moods and his right hand reached at the void. A crack immediately appeared and the origin soul of one of the elders in purple appeared within his hand.

Wang Lin's divine sense spread out without hesitation and went toward the head of the unconscious origin soul. Soon, large amounts of memories were extracted by him.

"Wind Celestial Realm's Cloud Sea Star System!!!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, a hint of joy appeared in his eyes!

"Cloud Sea Star System…" After pondering a bit more, Wang Lin once more explored the memories of this origin soul to look for the passage to the Cloud Sea Star System.

After 15 minutes, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and smiled.

"The structure of this Cloud Sea Star System is vastly different from the Alliance and Allheaven, and it is very suitable for me… Also, that Wind Celestial Realm is actually filled with mosquito beasts… I didn't think that the barrier around the Cloud Sea was the weakest out of the four star systems. Only a special formation is needed to break through." Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked at the origin soul in his hand and carefully put it back inside the storage space.

"I can use this origin soul as a guide by using Senior Brother Qing Shui's spell. Now I'm only missing the formation. Fortunately, the materials necessary for this formation aren't too difficult to find. I just need to fully understand the formation to be able to form one. If everything I prepared for Tuo Sen isn't enough, then the Cloud Sea Star System will be my last choice!"

Wang Lin pondered a bit before standing up and taking a deep breath. He looked at the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect and muttered, "Alright, now I just need for the old Divine Emperor to return with the Rain Celestial Realm Crystal… Allheaven, the Corpse Sect, and the Alliance forces all guessed that I sent out the jades so I can fish among the chaos...

"In truth, you all only guessed half of it. My other goal is to lead you all to the Land of the Ancient God so none of you can mess up my Four Divine Sect's plan to save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor in the Rain Celestial Realm!

"I wonder how many of you have seen through my plan!" Wang Lin was filled with pride as he moved toward the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

He was going meet Wang Wei and Hu Juan, and also Ancient Devil Ta Jia, who was sealed by the holy treasure.

At this moment, a heaven-shaking matter took place inside the Alliance headquarters at the central area of the Alliance. Even the formation outside shook violently, as if it was going to collapse!

At the same time, deep within the burning starfield on the white stone the old Divine Emperor was sitting on, the old Divine Emperor suddenly opened his eyes. However, soon after, his eyes exploded into a pool of blood.

"Wang Lin, come to see me immediately!! Quickly!!"

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