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Chapter 1102

At this moment, all of the cultivation planets within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect were enveloped by that divine sense. An ancient aura filled the entire starfield, and all the elders were greatly shocked.

Although their cultivation levels were high, they couldn't imagine what spell this new Divine Emperor was cultivating to reach such a terrifying level!

Even with their cultivation levels and insight, it was understandable that they couldn't understand the power of Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's spells.

Wang Lin's divine sense originally couldn't cover this far, but at this moment, he had forgotten everything and became the souls of the volcanoes. He also fused with the souls of each planet and borrowed their power to spread out. That's how the current situation was able to occur.

The root of all of this was still Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's Mountain Crumbles spell.

At this moment, Wang Lin's divine had gathered the souls of all the cultivation planets within the starfield. The ancient aura people felt within this divine sense made it feel like they would decay...

At this moment, all the members of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, including the elders, were part of Wang Lin's divine sense. All of them could clearly feel this aura, and all of the elders were extremely shocked.

The discontent in the hearts of the first four elders who noticed this had already disappeared and was replaced with the shock of what happened after.

"If there was no karmic cause and no karmic effect, then there would be no karma. If there was no life, there would be no death. Without life and death, everything would be eternal. If there is true, then there is no false. True and false are separated by just a thought…" An ancient voice came from the divine sense and echoed in everyone's ears.

"So it is like this… It is just a thought. No wonder Senior Brother Qing Shui didn't leave any details. Once you understand, you understand." As the thought echoed, Wang Lin seemed to awaken.

The moment he awakened, the burning starfield suddenly moved. The souls of the planets came out and all the volcanoes on the planets erupted at the same time!

The eruptions of all the volcanoes in the starfield caused a thunderous rumble to echo across the starfield.

It was at this moment that Master Flamespark and the third king of the Corpse Sect stepped into the burning starfield! The moment they entered, the third king of the Corpse Sect's eyes suddenly shined and were filled with disbelief. With his cultivation, he immediately felt that this starfield was covered in an unbelievably large divine sense.

The power of the divine sense was so heaven-shaking that even he couldn't help but gasp. The way he saw it, it was as if he wasn't facing a person, but the cultivation planets that had existed for countless years. This ancient aura made even him feel like a junior.

"Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!!" The first thought that appeared in the middle-aged man's mind was the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor that he hadn't met yet, but he felt it wasn't right. From what Li Yingzhi had reported, the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor was someone that hadn't cultivated for a very long time.

"Could it be the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor?" The middle-aged man's pupils shrank and he became very cautious.

Master Flamespark's expression also changed greatly after he entered the starfield. He immediately felt the giant divine sense that shocked his mind!

"This… This is…" Master Flamespark's eyes revealed unimaginable shock.

In his view, the power of this divine sense couldn't be described in words. It wasn't something a cultivator could possess!

The moment they felt this divine sense, Wang Lin naturally felt Master Flamespark and the middle-aged man. His divine sense suddenly moved toward the two of them. The movement of his divine sense causing a thunderous rumble to echo across the burning starfield.

"Master Flamespark…" A message came from this divine sense and echoed across the starfield.

Master Flamespark gasped. This divine sense felt familiar, and he even had a guess as to who it belonged to, but he couldn't believe it. His expression became serious.

"Your excellency is…"

"Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!" Wang Lin's divine sense caused thunder to roar across the starfield.

"You're Wang Lin!!" Master Flamespark's eyes widened and the shock in his eyes became monstrous.

Not only him, but the third king of the Corpse Sect was the same.

"This must be someone from the Corpse Sect." Wang Lin's divine sense slowly sent out a message. His divine sense stirred up the sea of flames and slowly surrounded the middle-aged man and Master Flamespark.

The middle-aged man said, "This old man is the Corpse Sect's third king." Although he looked calm and it was impossible to see his emotions, the dread he felt from the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect in his heart deepened. He originally came with the intent to observe the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, but now there was no need to observe.

The middle-aged man clasped his hands and slowly said, "A few days ago, my Corpse Sect's junior, Li Yingzhi, brought back a jade. This old man came to ask where the location of the thing recorded inside the jade is! If the Divine Emperor tells me, my Corpse Sect would be deeply indebted!"

Master Flamespark suppressed the shock in his heart and also asked, "Wang… Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. Li Yunzi also brought a jade to the Thunder Celestial Temple. My question is the same: where is the location described in the jade."

With Master Flamespark's cultivation, he was vaguely able to see some clues as to why Wang Lin's divine sense was able to become so powerful. However, a spell that allowed one's divine sense to merge so perfectly with all the planets in the starfield terrified him.

The mysteriousness of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect increased even more in Master Flamespark's heart.

"I can tell you the location of the place in the jade. However, it is filled with danger. Whether you guys go or not is up to you." As Wang Lin's divine sense echoed, countless specks of light appeared before Master Flamespark and the middle-aged man to form a star map.

This star map clearly revealed planet Suzaku. After flashing for a few breaths of time, it gradually disappeared.

Master Flamespark's eyes lit up and said, "Planet Suzaku?"

The middle-aged man smiled and calmly said, "Divine Emperor, you must have other plans if you're revealing such an important piece of information now."

"Everyone has their own needs. I'm mere borrowing a knife to kill the person guarding that corpse." Wang Lin sent out a message. There was no need to hide it from the Corpse Sect and Allheaven.

"Good! The Divine Emperor is indeed candid. My Corpse Sect will agree to this matter!" The middle-aged man didn't expect Wang Lin's answer to be like this. After laughing, he looked at where Wang Lin's divine sense was coming from before clasping his hands and leaving.

Master Flamespark pondered a bit. After the middle-aged man left, he looked at Wang Lin with a complex gaze and sighed. "I underestimated you. I didn't think, I didn't think… Wang Lin, forget the fact that I'm the master of the Thunder Celestial Temple and you are the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. How did I treat you?"

Wang Lin pondered a bit and sent out a message. "Not bad."

Master Flamespark's eyes narrowed and he asked, "You are indeed being truthful. Wang Lin, I just want to know if what you said in the jade was true, or are you not sure?"

"Senior Master Flamespark, I won't deceive you. The information in the jade is true!"

Master Flamespark nodded and no longer spoke. He clasped his hands and left the burning starfield.

After both of them were gone, the divine sense that surrounded the entire starfield collapsed into countless pieces that dissipated within the starfield.

The parts that belonged to the planets' souls all returned to their respective planets.

When the divine sense collapsed, it affected the origin energy in the starfield and shocked all the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members.

The volcanoes had stop erupting on the planet Wang Lin was on. Inside the largest volcano, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were very bright, and the light penetrated the lava inside the volcano.

"My domain started with the life and death cycle and later evolved into karma. Now, borrowing the comprehension of Mountain Crumbles, I caught a glimpse of true and false… With a thought, my karma domain was complete and has broken through the Nirvana Scryer stage and entered the Nirvana Cleanser stage. My domain also evolved into true and false due to comprehending Mountain Crumbles… This true and false is different from illusions… This is a grand dao." 

Wang Lin stood up and with one step ripples appeared in the lava. The next instant, Wang Lin appeared outside. He looked at the world and gradually smiled.

"Nirvana Cleanser!" Wang Lin took a deep breath, and he could clearly feel the difference in his body. Before, the fire origin energy inside his body had reached a limit, but now, with a thought, all the fire origin energy around him surged into his body.

As the origin energy rushed into his body, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and a crack appeared before him. This crack wasn't stable when it appeared' it seemed like it could break at any time.

However, endless origin energy came out of Wang Lin's hand and charged into the crack. It started to expand, and popping sounds echoed inside the crack. The space inside the crack became larger, and as more origin energy went inside, it became more stable. Finally, it reached a limit, and it became stable enough that it wouldn't easily collapse.

"There will be no need to use a bag of holding anymore." Wang Lin smiled as he slapped his bag of holding and everything inside flew out into the crack. Soon, the bag of holding was empty, and Wang Lin rubbed it between his hands to turn the bag into dust.

His right hand pointed at the crack to leave behind his divine sense imprint. Then he waved his hand and the crack closed and disappeared.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's expression changed and his eyes became cold. His entire person became cold. He took a step and appeared in the sky. He saw a mosquito beast struggle to fly toward him.

The mosquito beast was completely purple, but it was covered in blood. It looked very dispirited and was obviously seriously injured. If not for the single thought of returning to meet its master, it would have already died.

In particular, there was a hideous wound on the mosquito's back that emitted green gas. Even its long mouth was broken. When the mosquito beast saw Wang Lin, it let out a mournful cry and flew toward him.

Wang Lin's right hand hit the mosquito beast's back and the green gas dissipated. Then his left hand reached at the void, causing a crack to appear. He immediately took out a large amount of pills to feed the mosquito beast.

At the same time, his divine sense went into the mosquito beast's mind. As he searched its memories, Wang Lin's expression became gloomy and a monstrous killing intent erupted!

"They're courting death!!"

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