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Chapter 110 – Liu Mei

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he coldly said, “Speak.”

The female disciple clenched her teeth and quickly said, “It is at the gathering spot of the Xuan Dao Sect. There should still be people sieging the place. We were in a rush to chase Li Shan, so we didn’t bother staying there, but I’m sure they have a token.”

Li Shan’s expression suddenly changed, but then he let out a bitter smile because Wang Lin’s gaze fell on him.

“It is in elder Liu Mei’s hand…” He wanted to lie, but the moment he saw Wang Lin’s gaze, he couldn’t help but tell the truth. He never had this kind of feeling, even when meeting ancestor Punnan Zi.

“Elder Liu Mei?” Wang Lin pondered a little. The image of a very beautiful young woman came to his mind. He looked at Li Shan and asked, “She reached the Foundation Establishment stage?”

Li Shan nodded with envy and said, “Ancestor Punnan Zi personally helped her reach the Foundation Establishment stage.”

Wang Lin pondered a little and couldn’t help but think of everything that had happened back at the Heng Yue Mountain. Scenes of his parents appeared in his mind and his heart couldn’t help but ache.

He reached out, grabbing the female disciple and Li Shan as he jumped into the air. The female disciple panicked and a damp spot appeared on her pants as her face turned very red.

“Tell me where the Xuan Dao Sect is.” Wang Lin frowned as he held the female disciple a bit further away.

The female disciple weakly pointed to a direction and Li Shan also gave in and gave a more detailed direction. Wang Lin didn’t say a word and quickly moved forward. After a short period of time, they arrived at the gathering ground of the Xuan Dao Sect under the two’s guidance.

The ground was in complete disarray. It was clear that there was a harsh battle here before. After Wang Lin arrived, he waved his hand and the female disciple and Li Shan fell to the ground.

“You can leave.” Wang Lin looked at the female disciple and walked toward the gathering spot of the Xuan Dao Sect.

The female disciple carefully backed up. After backing up more than 200 meters, she jumped on her flying sword and escaped as fast as she physically could.

Wang Lin’s tone was plain as he said, “Li Shan, call out the people of the Xuan Dao Sect. I only want the token, not to kill people.”

Li Shan’s forehead was covered in sweat as he took out a jade from his bag of holding with a bitter smile. He held it against his forehead. After a while, he tossed it forward. The jade shot out like an arrow until it was out of sight.

After a while, rings of light appeared on the ground. They then became pillars of light.

Inside the pillars, there were ten people sitting cross legged on the ground. Among them was a beautiful girl that would make anyone’s heart pound faster. Her expression was solemn, her hands formed the shape of a vase, and there was a duster floating above her head. This duster was like white hair as waves of white light spread out from it.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked the faces of these ten people.

The girl suddenly opened her eyes. When she saw Li Shan at first, she didn’t care, but when she saw Wang Lin next to Li Shan, she was startled. After carefully looking at Wang Lin, her eyes revealed a strange light. She waved her hand and the duster landed in her hand. The pillar of light slowly dissipated.

Among the 10 people, there was 30 or so year old young man who looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression and said, “Wang… senior brother Wang, long time no see…”

This person was Liu Mei’s brother, Liu Feng. Wang Lin scanned him with his divine sense and found that he had reached the early stage of Foundation Establishment too. However, his spiritual energy was unstable. It was clear that he had just entered the Foundation Establishment stage.

Wang Lin stared at them and let out a sigh as he said, “Xuan Dao Sect… forget it. Hand over your token and I won’t make it hard on you guys.”

One of the ten Xuan Dao Sect disciples, an old man, stood up and sighed. “What an arrogant junior, asking us to hand over our token right away. Liu Fen, do you know him?”

Liu Feng wryly smiled and said, “Senior apprentice Ma, he… he is Wang Lin.”

The old man named Ma was startled and then he sneered, “So it’s you. But even if you have reached the Foundation Establishment stage, you don’t have the right to be arrogant before us. Scram!” With that, he waved his hand and a huge gust of wind blew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Li didn’t even dodge. Just as the gust of wind got within 5 meters of him, it turned into pieces of ice and fell to the ground. At the same time, there was a flash of green light and the old man named Ma’s body shook as a giant hole appeared in his chest. Then, his entire body froze and he died.

Wang Lin had a strong feeling that after his spiritual energy changed, there was powerful killing intent in his mind. He had almost lost control of it a many times, so he just gave up on controlling it.

The sword flashed green as it circled around Wang Lin with the tip pointed at the Xuan Dao Sect. If one looked closely as the sword flew, it would pause, but Wang Lin would quickly force it to move again.

The expression of the Xuan Dao Sect disciples changed greatly and Liu Feng was dumbfounded as his heart shivered and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He had always seen Wang Lin as his goal and when he reached the Foundation Establishment stage with the help of Punnan Zi one year ago, he thought that he had surpassed Wang Lin.

But looking at it now, not only had Wang Lin already reached the Foundation Establishment stage, but his cultivation was also very strange. Senior apprentice brother Ma, who was at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment, died after one attack from Wang Lin.

What cultivation level had Wang Lin reached? The more Liu Feng thought about it, the more scared he became.

Liu Mei unexpectedly didn’t reveal a surprised expression, but after looking at Wang Lin, she decisively took out the token and tossed it at him.

From beginning to end, she didn’t say a word, but her eyes were always on Wang Lin.

After putting away the token, Wang Lin coldly looked at Liu Mei. He then turned around and disappeared into the distance.

After a long time, Liu Mei withdrew her gaze and sighed. Her unparalleled charm seemed to have no effect in front of Wang Lin.

After returning to his cave, Wang Lin took out the five tokens. After pondering for a bit, he crushed four of them without any hesitation and placed the remaining token in his bag of holding. He used his attraction force technique to move rocks to block the entrance of the cave. After setting up a few defensive formations, he began his closed door training.

He need to be fully prepared for the battle in two months.

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