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Chapter 1096 - A Heaven-shaking Secret

The beautiful woman struggled to suppress the shock in her heart and slowly said, "This corpse… this is only the divine sense imprint of the Divine Emperor. Unless I see the real corpse, it is difficult for this little woman to decide…" 

However, the corpse from inside the jade constantly emerged in her head and made her heart pound.

"Oh?" Wang Lin looked at the woman as he blew the hot tea and calmly said, "Is that so? Then let's forget about it. I originally didn't have much hope for this, so knowing or not knowing doesn't matter much."

The beautiful woman's expression changed and she immediately said, "Did Divine Emperor give Li Yunzi the same jade?"

Wang Lin took a sip of tea and casually said, "That's correct."

The beautiful woman pondered a bit, then she looked at Wang Lin with a hint of respect and said, "I can't decide on this matter now, but, Divine Emperor, please give me seven days. I'll definitely give Divine Emperor an answer in seven days!"

Wang Lin put down the tea cup and smiled. "Fellow Cultivator Li doesn't need to worry. I found this corpse by accident, but I was unable to retrieve it. That's why I asked Fellow Cultivator Li to help identify it."

The beautiful woman was very cunning, and now that she had calmed down, she naturally knew that Wang Lin hadn't just simply given up this jade. This had a deeper meaning.

Moreover, this Wang Lin had already prepared these jades. He had gifted one to Li Yunzi first and then gave one to her!

After hesitating for a bit, she cautiously said, "I'm afraid I won't be able to attend the Divine Emperor's coronation ceremony. I'll take my leave first."

Wang Lin didn't try to keep her here; he let Li Yingzhi leave the hall. She turned into a ray of light and quickly left.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from where the woman disappeared. He had already released the bait. Now he just had to see if Allheaven and the Corpse Sect would be tempted.

"They will definitely be tempted!" Wang Lin turned around to look at Mo Zhi and smiled. He stood up and the armor and cloak disappeared. Wang Lin was wearing a white robe as he clasped his hands at Mo Zhi and smiled. "Brother Mo, it has been many years since we last met. You still look as good as ever!"

Mo Zhi got up and clasped his hands. There was a hint of melancholy on his face as he smiled. "I'm afraid it has been almost 1,000 years since we last met."

Wang Lin's eyes were also filled with reminiscence as he let out a sigh and said, "Brother Mo, our reunion was predestined. You and I must debate dao again. I still remember that rainy night."

Mo Zhi smiled and nodded. The two of them walked out of the hall.

The space around the volcano where Wang Lin was cultivating twisted. Wang Lin stepped out, followed by Mo Zhi.

Looking at the black smoke coming out of the volcano, Wang Lin sat down. He slapped his bag and took out two bottles. After throwing one at Mo Zhi, Wang Lin took a drink and said, "The rain is born from the sky and dies on the earth. The process in between is life… I have taken this to heart."

Mo Zhi picked up the bottle and sat down. There was reminiscence in his eyes, and he smiled. "When I was part of the Alliance, I was stationed at planet Suzaku at the request of my teacher. On that rainy night, I felt something, so I went out for a walk and unexpectedly met Brother Wang.

"Brother Wang Lin, you would have gained enlightenment on your own regarding your life and death domain even if I hadn't given the pointer."

Wang Lin shook his head. Sometimes, when you just barely understand but at the same time don't, no matter how much you think about it, it will feel as if there is a something blocking your path. No matter how hard you try to break through, you won't be enlightened.

"The second time I met Brother Wang in the Suzaku Tomb, I originally wanted Brother Wang to become the lord of planet Suzaku, but it seems I had underestimated Brother Wang." Mo Zhi looked sincere as he picked up the wine and took a drink.

"I didn't expect Brother Wang to be the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor in our third meeting. I'm very happy for you."

The two people caught up while drinking wine. The memories of the past 1,000 years were shared and time passed quickly. It was as if they had returned back to that temple on that rainy night.

"Brother Wang's life and death domain has already reached completion and has changed. Your current domain is not something I can comprehend. However, my teacher said that all domains are related to your state of mind. When your heart changes, so does your domain.

"Perhaps this will be helpful to Brother Wang."

As the two debated dao, time gradually passed. Early in the morning, Mo Zhi said his farewells. He didn't stay to attend Wang Lin's coronation ceremony. He left with four piece of jade that Wang Lin had given him and the matter entrusted to him.

The news recorded in the four jades was enough to shock the entire Alliance. Mo Zhi had to quickly hand it over to his master and then give them to the three other Alliance forces.

As for their country of Chu Yun, with Wang Lin's vague hints, Mo Zhi understood something, so he naturally wouldn't let his teacher get involved.

After sending away Mo Zhi, there were more people that came to congratulate Wang Lin, but he didn't meet any of them. Time quickly passed and the day of the coronation ceremony arrived.

On this day, the entire Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was filled with excitement. The elders and members of the other three sects also came to witness the coronation of the new Divine Emperor.

Although this ceremony was tedious, it was tradition, and it took an entire day to complete. The other three sects took their leave and the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect slowly returned back to normal.

Large amounts of members were concentrated on cultivation. As for the elders, they all became aware of the plan to save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. They all went into closed door cultivation to keep their condition at the peak.

After all, saving the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was a very important matter!

At this moment, Wang Lin's figure appeared at the edge of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's burning starfield. There was an origin soul floating before him.

This origin soul looked like a middle-aged man. He looked at Wang Lin with eyes filled with kindness and satisfaction.

"You're very good. During my remaining years, you're not the most talent person I've met, but you're the one I'm most satisfied with. I feel very assured leaving the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to you."

Wang Lin silently pondered.

"Unfortunately, I don't have much time. If I had more time, I'm confident I could've given you the complete inheritance. What a pity…" The middle-aged man shook his head and sighed. He looked at Wang Lin and softly said, "I fear that I won't be able to return from this trip to the Alliance headquarters. However, no matter what the price, I'll get that Rain Celestial Realm Crystal!"

"Right now, 90% of my origin is here. I'll go absorb all the avatars I scattered. I left 10% of my origin soul with my physical body. Once I obtain the crystal, I'll use a secret origin soul transfer method to send the crystal to my physical body.

"After you receive the crystal, if you can save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, do it. If not, then keep yourself safe first." The middle-aged man spoke as if he was settling things for when he died.

"With that white flame, my body will not rot for 3,000 years. Every 100 years, you need to cultivate near my body and absorb the fire origin energy stored inside it. It will be a great help to your cultivation. Remember it well!

"However, if there is a life and death situation, don't worry about my body. Use the Nine Mysterious Transformations to explode my body. Perhaps it will allow you or the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to get through a crisis."

The middle-aged man reluctantly looked at the surrounding burning starfield and at the distant Vermillion Bird Divine Sect planets. There was melancholy and reluctance on his face.

"Wang Lin, I'm going to leave… I'll also find news of your senior brother Qing Shui as well…" The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin with kindness in his eyes as he placed his right hand on Wang Lin's head and softly said, "I hope you don't think badly of me for leaving such a bad situation in your hands…"

He took a profound look at Wang Lin before turning around and walking away. He looked very elegant, as if he was just released from countless years of pressure, and he slowly walked forward.

"My name is Lu Yun, and I was born in the ancient qi refiner world. I became the alchemy boy of the fourth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. I'm thankful to the fourth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor for not abandoning me and teaching me qi cultivation. At the age of 1,327, I gained some achievements as a qi refiner. I followed the Divine Emperor and witnessed the glory of my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect...

"At age 2,945, I became an elder of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

"At age 4,760, I became one of the head elders and passed my first Heaven's Blight.

"At age 6,215 I was given the Vermillion Bird Mark and achieved my first awakening. I beat everyone else that had awakened and became number one among the awakened.

"At age 7,912, with the help of the fourth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, I completed my second awakening. From then on, I was selected to be the next Divine Emperor, the young lord of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!

"At age 11,463, the Tattoo Clan invaded from outside and stirred up the world. My Vermillion Bird Divine Sect helped the Celestial Realm battle the Tattoo Clan! Afterwards, the fourth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor left with the other three Divine Emperors to head to the outside world. Before they left, I was designated the fifth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor! At that time, I had just passed my second Heaven's Blight with the help of the fourth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor.

"It was at that moment that I learned a heaven-shaking secret about my Four Divine Sect!

"The Four Divine Sect are not people from this Sealed Realm. They came from outside a long time ago...

"At the same time, I learned that the Four Divine Sect's first Divine Emperors and members came from a small cultivation planet when the Ancient Celestial Realm still existed.

"That cultivation planet is the root of my Four Divine Sect and also the road home...

"That planet is still within the control of my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, and there were no disagreements from the other three sects. After all, not many knew about this.

"In order to prevent everything that could happen in the future, it was already the deepest secret within the Four Divine Sect since the first generation of Divine Emperors. Not even Celestial Emperor Qing Lin knew about this.

"After the four Divine Emperors took over the Brilliant Void Star System, they created many similar planets. With these additional planets to confuse people, almost no one was able to recognize the original planet. In addition, the first generation Divine Emperors used various methods to hide the planet. This ensured that the planet wouldn't be completely found even after a long time.

"After thousands of years, something strange happened in the Celestial Realm. At that moment, all creatures in the world seemed to become confused and were in a state of chaos."

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