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Chapter 1095 - I Wonder What Rank This Corpse Would Be

Battle Scroll!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his right hand reached out and the three Battle Scrolls flew into his hand. His divine sense spread out, and with his understanding of the Battle Scrolls, he immediately knew if they were real or not.

"Since you have already taken the Battle Scrolls, can I leave?" Li Yunzi had to personally hand over the Zhan family's most important treasures. This was something almost unbearable for him, but he also knew that even if he didn't hand them over, Wang Lin would most likely still get them. He had no choice in this matter.

If someone else was the Divine Emperor, even if Li Yunzi offended them, at most he would just be trapped and they wouldn't dare to kill him. After all, he was from Allheaven! Allheaven was a very mysterious entity to the Alliance, and the unknown would've given Li Yunzi something to work with.

Very few people from the Alliance really understand Allheaven, just like how Allheaven didn't understand the Alliance.

However, Wang Lin was very familiar with Allheaven and was once the Thunder Celestial. Allheaven wasn't that mysterious to Wang Lin.

This was still secondary. The most important factor was Li Yunzi's understanding of Wang Lin. He knew that Wang Lin was ruthless, daring, and decisive. If this person wanted to kill him, then he wouldn't be imprisoned, as that would give him a chance to counter attack. Wang Lin would choose to decisively attack, and Li Yunzi would have no chance for survival.

As a result, he had to give in. Although his heart was bleeding, he still had to hand over the Battle Scrolls.

After putting away the Battle Scrolls, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "I can let go of the fact you insulted my identity as the Divine Emperor. However, there is still a personal matter I'd like to discuss with Senior Li Yunzi."

Li Yunzi felt his heart drop as he stared at Wang Lin and clenched his teeth. "You have already taken the Battle Scrolls and I have already paid the price. What more do you want!?"

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he slowly said, "You had said that I took an important treasure of your Zhang family. You must give me an explanation about this!" Wang Lin stared at Li Yunzi. He wanted to kill this person, but it would worsen the relationship between Allheaven and the Four Divine Sect.

Killing him wouldn't align with Wang Lin's plan to deal with Tuo Sen. More importantly, if the Four Divine Sect and Allheaven's relationship worsened, the ones that would benefit would be the Corpse Sect and the Alliance.

Qing Shui was very likely in the Alliance headquarters, and there was also the old Divine Emperor's kindness. All these various things made it so Wang Lin couldn't kill Li Yunzi for now.

Li Yunzi suppressed the anger once more and said, "What more do you want?"

Wang Lin slowly said, "The ten Lou Fu!"

"You!" Popping sounds came from Li Yunzi's body. The anger inside him had reached a limit. His body trembled as he suppressed his anger several times to calm himself down. He finally let out a deep breath.

"After giving you one last time, I only have six Lou Fu left. I don't have any more left, so that is all I can give you!" Li Yunzi clenched his teeth.

Wang Lin smiled and nodded. "Six is fine! You must also give me the jade with the instructions on controlling them."

Li Yunzi closed his eyes and his right hand reached at the void. Six Lou Fu filled with the scent of blood flew out, and there was also a piece of jade.

Wang Lin waved his sleeves and the six Lou Fu went into his bag of holding. He then grabbed the jade, and after checking it, he put it away.

"I'm departing!" Li Yunzi turned around to leave. He couldn't stay inside the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect any longer.

"Don't don't leave so quickly. I have something I must trouble Li Yunzi to pass to Senior Master Flamespark!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and a piece of jade flew into Li Yunzi's hand.

Li Yunzi frowned and his divine sense scanned the jade. Then his expression changed greatly, and he looked up and his eyes shined brightly.

"This matter…"

Wang Lin smiled but didn't say more. "If Senior Master Flamespark is interested, he can come seek me out at the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!"

Li Yunzi carefully put the jade away. Then he looked at Wang Lin. He felt like he couldn't see through this person before him anymore. He let out a sigh and quickly left.

"My Zhan family's things can't be in the hands of outsiders… Wang Lin, one day, I'll take them back. If I don't kill you, then I'm not Li Yunzi!" Li Yunzi rushed out from the cultivation planet and quickly flew away.

"However, this jade from Wang Lin is a heaven-shaking matter. I must deliver this to Master Flamespark as soon as possible! If this is true, then it is far too shocking!" Li Yunzi made up his mind to leave. Every moment he stayed here, he felt extremely humiliated.

His right hand reached forward and he took out something from the crack before him. It was a black stone, and the moment he grabbed it, he crushed it into powder. The powder didn't scatter but quickly condensed around Li Yunzi. It was like a long line had wrapped itself around Li Yunzi.

In an instant, Li Yunzi's speed increased several fold and he disappeared without a trace.

Several days later, Li Yunzi had finally left the eastern region that was controlled by the Four Divine Sect at his fastest speed and charged toward the Allheaven-controlled northern region.

On the second day after he stepped into the northern region, just as he was rushing, a ray of light shot toward him. This ray of light was very fast and contained earth-shattering power as it shot at Li Yunzi.

Li Yunzi's expression changed greatly, and he wanted to dodge. However, due to his cultivation level, he couldn't escape the approaching light at all. The ray of light pierced through Li Yunzi's chest.

Li Yunzi didn't even have time to use spells or treasures.

Li Yunzi coughed out blood and his body immediately collapsed. His origin soul was filled with shock and terror as he fled. Seeing that the light wasn't going to give up, Li Yunzi panicked. His right hand reached forward and a 100-feet-wide ball of blood came out.

It was a Lou Fu blood ball!

The moment it appeared, Li Yunzi immediately shouted, "Explode!"

The ball suddenly exploded, and the shockwave confronted the light. Borrowing this moment, Li Yunzi was willing to expend his origin soul essence to escape.

However, a red line began to spread from his chest across his body. There was a smile that was not a smile on Li Yunzi's face, but his eyes were filled with terror.

"Poison!! This is the Corpse Sect's poison!!" Allheaven had gathered a lot of intelligence on the attack methods of the Corpse Sect. Li Yunzi was among the most powerful cultivators of Allheaven, so he naturally knew when he was affected by a poison from the Corpse Sect!

Scared out of his wits, Li Yunzi fled like crazy.

It wasn't until Li Yunzi was far away that the figure of a man appeared. He wore blue and was very handsome. He looked at where Li Yunzi escaped to before shaking his head and leaving.

"To sneak attack a junior with the poison extracted from Situ Nan. This matter… Ah, forget it. The two of us owe Wang Lin too much…" The man sighed and disappeared.

Let's leave the the matter about Li Yunzi for now. After he left the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, the woman from the Corpse Sect brought out her gifts. After expressing the desire to form an alliance with the Four Divine Sect, she was going to leave.

However, Wang Lin asked her to remain to participate in the coronation ceremony in a few days.

When the woman was about to get up and excuse herself, Wang Lin suddenly asked her a question. "Fellow Cultivator Li, the Corpse Sect always use corpses as a companions, so you must know a lot about the different corpses of the world. I wonder, what is considered the best body?" 

The beautiful woman's eyes lit up. She was very interested in this new Divine Emperor. In particular, when he bullied Li Yunzi earlier, this made her view of Wang Lin change greatly.

As if tempting Wang Lin, she pursed her lips and smiled. "Since the Divine Emperor asked, then this little woman will definitely answer in detail. The rank 1 corpse has to be the Bizarre Reverse Five Elemental Corpse." There was flirtatious look on her face as she explained.

"This Bizarre Reverse Five Elemental Corpse isn't a real corpse. It is formed naturally by the heavens under special conditions. This body is formed by the five elements, but there are also five elements outside the body. This results in a strange change in law."

Wang Lin nodded at what she said.

"So it's like this. I originally thought the news I received about a corpse would truly be the rank 1 corpse in the world! I originally wanted Fellow Cultivator Li to check, but since this is the case, forget about it."

The beautiful woman's eyes lit up and she smiled. "Oh? I wonder what kind of corpse would make the Divine Emperor so confident."

Wang Lin didn't waste time. He waved his sleeves and a piece of jade flew at the beautiful woman. She caught it with a smile. When she looked at the jade, she didn't seem to care too much about what the information inside could be.

As far as she was concerned, no matter how rare the corpse Wang Lin wanted was, her Corpse Sect would certainly have it. Her Corpse Sect even had some of the rare Bizarre Reverse Five Elemental Corpses.

What's more, when she said that the Bizarre Reverse Five Elemental Corpse was the rank 1 corpse, that was only to the outside. There were seven corpses within the Corpse Sect that were better than the Bizarre Reverse Five Elemental Corpse.

She casually scanned the jade with her divine sense, but in an instant, her right and trembled. Her expression became serious.

However, this seriousness suddenly collapsed and was replaced with shock and terror. Her right hand became unstable as she clenched the jade. Her expression became flushed and even her breathing became uneven. She took a few steps back and didn't recover for a while.

It wasn't that she was too weak mentally, but the news in the jade would make it pointless no matter how strong her mind was. Forget about her, even if the sect master of the Corpse Sect saw this, they would go crazy over this information!

"This… This…" Her head jerked up as she stared at Wang Lin. Even her speech became incoherent. It was impossible to express the shock and excitement in her heart with words. It was as if countless bolts of heavenly thunder had exploded in her mind.

Wang Lin calmly accepted the tea from the sect member behind him. After taking a light sip, he looked at the beautiful woman.

"I wonder what rank this corpse would be."

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