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Chapter 1094 -  Mistaken

The unease in Li Yunzi's heart increased when he vaguely felt that the new Divine Emperor's voice was a bit hostile. In particular, he noticed that the gazes of the four elders toward him had changed.

The armored person looked at Li Yunzi and began to laugh. The laughter became even louder, and the origin energy within the hall began to rotate rapidly.

The origin energy within the entire hall was affected. There were also arcs of lightning moving within the origin energy, making popping sounds.

Li Yunzi's mind trembled, and he stood up and retreated a few steps. He stared at the armored man and said, "What does Divine Emperor mean? If Wang Lin…" 

Before he could finish speaking, his words were interrupted.

The armored man slowly said, "I heard that Wang Lin is your Allheaven's Thunder Celestial. Is it you who wants his person, or is it your Thunder Celestial Temple who wants this person?"

Li Yunzi frowned and said, "Although this person is my Allheaven's Thunder Celestial, his status as the Thunder Celestial has already been removed… " Li Yunzi looked at the armored man and said, "Although I came here asking for him, this is also the will of the Thunder Celestial Temple."

As the armored person looked at Li Yunzi, his smile even affected the armor, and he slowly said, "Oh? I wonder what issue this Wang Lin has with you and Allheaven."

The unease within Li Yunzi's heart became even stronger. After pondering for a bit, he said, "He has a lot of connections with the Thunder Celestial Temple, but it is inconvenient to list them one by one. But with me, he has taken a important treasure of my family, so I naturally must recover it."

"So that's the reason you want Wang Lin. It is understandable." The armored man nodded, but the four elders around him revealed a strange expressions but didn't speak.

"I hope the Divine Emperor can agree to my request. After all, my Allheaven and the Four Divine Sect have a common enemy: the Alliance!" Li Yunzi relaxed a bit. Although he was arrogant, he wouldn't dare to offend the Four Divine Sect. Although the Four Divine Sect had fallen, their background was deep; even Allheaven feared them.

"You said that Wang Lin has taken your Zhan family's important treasure. How come I don't know about this?" The armor man's sudden question immediately startled Li Yunzi.

Before he could completely react, the armored man stood up, placed his hand over his helmet, and a gloomy voice came out from inside the helmet.

"You want Wang Lin… Li Yunzi, look at who I am!" In an instant, the helmet covering the person's face dissipated into a ripple, revealing Wang Lin!

"You!! Wang Lin!!!" Even with Li Yunzi's mental strength, he couldn't help but gasp. The shock and disbelief in his eyes reached a limit. He couldn't help but subconsciously take a few steps back.

"Impossible. How can you be the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!? Impossible!" Li Yunzi was running out of breath and his pupils contracted. He simply couldn't accept this fact. In his mind, Wang Lin was just an ant, an insect he could crush at any time.

The strong contrast was beyond Li Yunzi's belief. He stared at Wang Lin, filled with disbelief, but his shock and terror were even stronger.

One of the four elders beside Wang Lin stepped forward and said in a gloomy tone, "You dare! Even if you represent Allheaven's Thunder Celestial Temple, you have no right to judge the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!" 

With that step, the pressure of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator spread out and charged forward at Li Yunzi!

Li Yunzi was already in shock, and when the pressure crashed down on him, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He retreated a few more steps with a pale face and was forced to accept the facts before him.


"Li Yunzi, did you come here to represent Allheaven to congratulate me on becoming the Divine Emperor, or are here to humiliate me by coming to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to ask for the Divine Emperor? This is too absurd!" Wang Lin's expression was gloomy and his voice was as cold as the icy wind of the afterlife.

"This matter is like me sending someone to the Thunder Celestial Temple to ask for Master Flamespark. Li Yunzi, unless you give me a satisfactory explanation today, you won't be able to leave the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. Tomorrow, your Allheaven will pay the price!

"This matter isn't me making things difficult. Fellow Cultivator Mo Zhi from the country of Chu Yun can be my witness!" Wang Lin didn't even give Li Yunzi a chance; he executed his blow like a bolt of thunder!

Li Yunzi's mind was still in shock, and those words caused him to cough out a bit of blood. His face was pale, and just as he was about to speak, Mo Zhi spoke.

"I can be witness to testify that Li Yunzi was unreasonable first and requested for the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor! My words can represent the country of Chu Yun!"

The eyes of the beautiful woman from the Corpse Sect lit up and she smiled. "Since this little one was also part of this, I can also testify that Senior Li Yunzi's request was really absurd."

Li Yunzi wasn't able to catch his breath before he heard the words of Mo Zhi and the woman from the Corpse Sect. He coughed out more blood, then his head jerked up and he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered and sat down once more. He raised his right hand as if he was observing his fingernails. He didn't pay any attention to Li Yunzi at all. This was the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, so Li Yunzi couldn't escape his grasp.

If this person hadn't brought up such an absurd request, Wang Lin wouldn't have done this. However, now he had to teach Li Yunzi a lesson. Not only him, even the four elders behind him stared at Li Yunzi with cold gazes.

The surroundings were completely silent. Mo Zhi looked at Wang Lin and felt melancholy. He didn't expect the old friend his teacher talked about to be Wang Lin.

Thinking back to to when they first met on planet Suzaku, it was inside a temple on a rainy night. At that time, this person had just obtained his domain and had just reached the Soul Formation stage. However, that night of dao-seeking had made Mo Zhi remember Wang Lin.

The beautiful woman from the Corpse Sect also didn't speak. She looked at Li Yunzi with a smile that was not a smile as if she was watching a lively show.

Sweat slowly came out of Li Yunzi's forehead. It was very clear that he can't escape the Four Divine Sect with his cultivation level. Wang Lin bringing the Thunder Celestial Temple into this was too vicious. This was no longer his own personal matter; it was the entire Thunder Celestial Temple insulting the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!

This was the complete opposite of Allheaven's original intention.

"I was reckless on this matter, but it is a personal matter and it has nothing to do with Allheaven!" After a long time, Li Yunzi revealed a bitter expression. Although he was unwilling, he still had to clasp his hands at Wang Lin and explain.

The anger in his heart was strong enough to burn the world, and the humiliation was enough to devour his mind. Back then, this Wang Lin had to respect him and had to watch his mood. Otherwise, he could easily kill Wang Lin at any time.

Even the last time they met, Wang Lin still had to be careful and had to come observe the Battle Scroll immediately when he was called.

Wang Lin didn't even dare to not come. Li Yunzi was very clear about this matter. He was planning on pressuring this person to constantly explore the Battle Scroll.

If it wasn't for Qing Shui, Wang Lin would have already became his puppet. But right now he had to suffer the humiliation of bowing down to Wang Lin. The humiliation of having to explain what he had said. How could he bear this?

However, if he didn't bear it, he would without a doubt die in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!

Insulting the Divine Emperor… Just these four words were enough for him to be unable to leave the Four Divine Sect...

Wang Lin simply pretended he didn't hear Li Yunzi's words and continued to observe his right hand.

Li Yunzi's veins swelled as suppressed the anger in his heart. When he looked at the four Nirvana Shatterer elders around Wang Lin, his mind trembled. After pondering for a bit, he squeezed out a look of respect and said, "I hope Divine Emperor won't mind this old man's mistake. I was indeed reckless, but I didn't mean to insult…"

Wang Lin looked at his right hand and slowly said, "Reckless! I asked you before whether this matter was your own personal matter or Allheaven's! I still clearly remember your answer. I wonder what item of the Thunder Celestial Temple I hold." 

"You!" Li Yunzi raised his head and suppressed the rage that was about to explode. At this moment, he didn't dare to get angry… If the woman from the Corpse Sect and Mo Zhi weren't here, he would've gone out all. Even though he would likely die, Allheaven would get revenge for him.

However, the other party had seized the initiative on this matter. With the witnesses here, even Allheaven wouldn't be willing to go to war with both the Alliance and the Four Divine Sect for his absurd request.

Wang Lin's gaze toward him was extremely gloomy. Li Yunzi knew that if he didn't suppress his anger, he would immediately be killed.

"Lord Divine Emperor, this matter… I was wrong on this matter!" Li Yunzi clenched his fist and his body trembled. Ever since he began cultivating, he had never been humiliated like this!

Wang Lin lowered his right hand as he stared at Li Yunzi and said, word for word, "I want all the Battle Scrolls of your Zhan family! Give them to me and I'll let this go! I'll give you 15 minutes to consider."

After he finished, he waved his right hand and some fire origin energy gathered before him to form an incense stick that floated in the air.

As the incense stick burned, time slowly passed.

Li Yunzi's heart struggled. Seeing that the incense was almost done burning, he knew that his time was almost up. An invisible pressure surrounded his body, and the bitter look on his face became even stronger as he nodded.

His right hand reached at the void and a crack appeared before him. Three scrolls flew out from the crack. Dense battle intent came from the scrolls and surrounded the area.

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