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Chapter 1090 - Reappearance of Mo Zhi

Since the founding of the Four Divine Sect, the appearance of a new Divine Emperor would always cause an uproar. The history of the Four Divine Sect was very long; it existed before the Celestial Realm collapsed.

Although the Celestial Realm was the king, during the peak of the Four Divine Sect, with all four Divine Emperors around, even the Rain Celestial Realm had to give them respect. Any time a new Divine Emperor appeared, the Celestial Realm would sent congratulatory gifts.

At that time, there was no Cultivation Alliance, only the Brilliant Void Realm. To be more accurate, the Brilliant Void Realm was a subordinate of the Celestial Realm. They were in charge of all the lower realm cultivators.

However, due to the strength of the Four Divine Sect and other special reasons, the Celestial Realm allowed both the Four Divine Sect and the Brilliant Void Realm to exist at the same time.

The appearance of a new Divine Emperor was enough to cause a huge stir in origin energy. For powerful cultivators, it was something they could easily feel.

At this moment, when Wang Lin completed the first transformation, the origin energy across the entire Alliance Star System began to ripple with the Vermillion Bird Sect as the center.

Allheaven had occupied the western and northern regions of the Alliance Star System. Messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple was everywhere. After successfully annexing the two regions, the Thunder Celestial Temple now ruled supreme here.

Black palaces like small hills floated among the stars, slowly moving forward. There were large amounts of Allheaven cultivators around reach palace.

There were at least 100 palaces, forming a large army. They were moving toward the various forces of the Alliance in the central region.

Although there were a lot of cultivators, there was no sound, only the sounds of flyings word. After years of fighting, the Allheaven cultivators had changed as well. Their immaturity was gone and was replaced with a fierce killing aura.

At this moment, the fluctuations of origin energy spread out and passed by them. However, with these cultivators' cultivation levels, it was very difficult for them to notice the subtle changes in origin energy.

However, inside the palace near the back, one that was almost 10 times the size of the other palaces, Master Flamespark suddenly opened his eyes when he was in closed door cultivation.

When he opened his eyes, the other 10 elders within the palace also opened their eyes, and their eyes shined.

One of the elders slowly said, "This fluctuation of origin energy came from the eastern part of the Alliance…"

"Could it be that some powerful treasure has appeared in the eastern region of the Alliance?"

Master Flamespark pondered and shook his head. "This fluctuation isn't the birth of a powerful treasure… The eastern region belongs to the Four Divine sect… Could it be… That a new Divine Emperor has appeared?" Master Flamespark's  eyes lit up. He still wasn't quite sure; after all, he had left the Alliance long ago.

"Four Divine Sect? If the Cultivation Alliance isn't a match for us, such a small sect would simply collapse under the pressure of my Allheaven army!" A red-haired old man inside the palace revealed a look of disdain and pride.

Master Flamespark looked at the red-haired old man and said, "The Four Divine Sect is definitely not what you think. This fluctuation of origin energy is likely the birth of a new Divine Emperor. I just don't know which!"

He didn't know why a sense of unease had come with the fluctuation of origin energy. This feeling was very mysterious but very clear.

Another person felt this fluctuation, an old man in black clothes. He had just stepped out from the tunnel that connected Allheaven to the western region of the Alliance.

He immediately raised his head and looked into the distance. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate across the star system, and his eyes lit up.

"The Four Divine Sect's new Divine Emperor… This fluctuation contains a trace of fire origin energy, so it should be the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. In that case, this play has become more interesting… Master Everlasting, there's no way you won't show up when the Alliance falls into chaos!!"

In the southern part of the Alliance, within depths of the Corpse Sect, there was a large, black coffin. There were chains around it that formed an octagon and connected it to another coffin.

A large amount of coffins filled this area and formed a web-like structure. There were cultivation planets that were moved here through some unknown spell. These planets revolved around these coffins.

At this moment, the ripple of origin energy passed. A soft sound of surprise came from the coffin at the center.

"A new Divine Emperor has appeared within the Four Divine Sect at this moment… Interesting!"

As his voice echoed, the sounds of nails scratching the lid of the coffins could be heard. This sound would make you feel like someone was tearing your heart apart; cracks even appeared within the nearby space.

The four major powers of the remaining Alliance forces also felt this fluctuation. The most powerful of the four forces, the rank 8 cultivation country of Chu Yu, controlled dozens of planets and had them in a formation.

The Chu Yun Sect was on the main planet, and the Chu Yun Sect was the overlord of the country of Chu Yun.

In the Chu Yun Sect's secret room sat an old man who looked very kind. At this moment, the origin energy rippled across. He opened his eyes, and after pondering for a long time, he softly said, "Mo Zhi."

After he spoke, ripples appeared before the old man and a bald young man in green stepped out. He clasped his hands at the old man and respectfully said, "Mo Zhi greets teacher."[1]

"A new Divine Emperor appeared in the Four Divine Sect. Go take four top rank 5 celestial pills, 100 ordinary celestial pills, celestial treasures… 1,000, and also the spirit I refined five years ago as a gift!"

"That spirit…" Mo Zhi looked up at the old man before he stopped talking and nodded.

"That spirit is extremely valuable, but Chu Yun's gift must include it. Teacher has calculated that this Divine Emperor is an old friend of yours. Making a friend of this new Divine Emperor is very important to my country of Chu Yun!"

"Old friend?" Mo Zhi had very few friends, but he didn't ask more and left.

At this moment, within the Four Divine Sect, rays of light charged toward the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. The flames within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect were raging, and the shouts of "Divine Emperor" had reached a peak.

Wang Lin let out a deep breath as he looked at the starry sky filled with fire and thunder.

Not far behind him, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor was filled with excitement, and he laughed. "Good, my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect has a new Divine Emperor. I can finally leave smiling!"

He raised his right hand and reached at the void. A crack appeared before him and three rays of light flew out!

"Wang Lin, as the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, you need three things. First is the cloak of the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor that has been passed down for generations!" The old man waved his right hand and a ray of light shot toward Wang Lin.

The light turned into a white cloak before Wang Lin. There were nine Vermillion Bird surrounding it, and it gave off a dignified aura.

"I took off this cloak during my third Heaven's Blight. I didn't think I would ever have the chance to wear it again… Today, I pass it on to you!" The old Divine Emperor revealed a melancholy expression.

Wang Lin touched the cloak with his right hand. The cloak turned into light and surrounded Wang Lin. When the light faded, Wang Lin was already wearing it.

Wang Lin already had white hair and a crimson suit of armor. Now with this cloak behind him, he gave off a strange aura.

Wang Lin clearly felt a sense of age from this cloak, as if it had existed for an eternity already.

"The second thing is the identification of generations of Vermillion Bird Divine Emperors! The Vermillion Bird Holy Token!" The old Divine Emperor waved his hand and the second ray of light shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught it, and the light turned into a flame-shaped token. It was only the size of his palm, but when he held it, Wng Lin could feel the powerful fire energy inside along with an ancient aura.

"The third thing is the most important thing of my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, the Holy Treasure!" The third ray of light fell in Wang Lin's hand and turned into a white stone. Observing the Vermillion Bird Holy Treasure closely, Wang Lin immediately saw countless runes flashing constantly on the white stone.

Every time the runes flashed, the heat from the stone would increase. It felt as if these runes had not stopped flashing for countless years. Wang Lin's gaze became serious.

A storm was set off in his mind. He took a deep breath and held on to the stone tightly.

He felt a very vague aura on this stone… one that was similar to the Heaven Defying Bead… This aura was very light, but it truly existed. If he hadn't held it in his hand, he wouldn't have felt it.

"The blood of the Holy Treasure is still between Qing Lin's eyebrows. You can take it off at any time!" The old Divine Emperor looked at Wang Lin with a hint of relief.

"These three things were passed down by the first Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. Only each generation of Divine Emperor can pass it down to the next. You have to keep them safe…" The old Divine Emperor struggled to get up. His body was already very weak, and just the mere act of standing up was painful for him.

However, the excitement and relief in his eyes allowed him to forget all the pain. When he got up, the old Divine Emperor waved at Wang Lin. His face was filled with kindness.

Wang Lin walked next to the old Divine Emperor while pondering. The old man looked at Wang Lin and placed a hand on Wang Lin's head as he softly said, "From today onward, you're the new Divine Emperor! Go and meet your clan members… I'm going into the last cultivation in my life. Come back to see me in seven days."

Wang Lin looked at the old Divine Emperor. He opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he closed his mouth and nodded. He looked meaningfully at the old man before turning around and walking away.

The red armor, white cloak, white hair, and white Vermillion Bird tattoo gave Wang Lin a very special temperament. He slowly disappeared into the distance.

The old man closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

1. He is the bald man back on planet Suzaku who Wang Lin first met in a temple in a rainy night. Then later we found out that he was the Alliance's messenger watching over planet Suzaku inside the Suzaku Tomb

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