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Chapter 1089 - New Divine Emperor (2)

Wang Lin's painful roar echoed across the burning starfield. Opening one of the two remaining fire tattoos caused origin energy to rush into his body, making it even more painful.

At this moment, Wang Lin wore a crimson armor and a large white Vermillion Bird circled him, absorbing the origin energy in his body. Nevertheless, eight times his body's origin energy was still something Wang Lin felt was unbearable.

The pain of tearing became even more intense, but the pain didn't make Wang Lin yield. Instead, it aroused his defying nature. He laughed with a painful expression, and this ferocious looking laughter contained a hint of madness.

"This is merely the first transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations. I, Wang Lin, will definitely succeed!" With a roar, Wang Lin's left hand mercilessly pressed down on the last fire tattoo on his right arm. The last fire tattoo suddenly released all the origin energy it contained.

At this moment, Wang Lin was surrounded by a ball of fire. Even his body couldn't withstand this intense heat, and it began burning...

"You have reached your limit… This old man knows you did you best." The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor let out a sigh and raised his right hand to point at Wang Lin. He understood that the force required to awaken the first transformation was something Wang Lin couldn't bear. Wang Lin was barely able to withstand eight times the origin energy, and now that he was at nine times, it was likely that he would be burned to death before he succeeded.

Just as the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor was about to stop Wang Lin, Wang Lin suddenly turned around. Ignoring the fact that he was burning, he stared at the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor and his hoarse voice penetrated the flames.

"I'm still not at my limit!"

"You…" The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor stared at Wang Lin's eyes. Wang Lin's eyes were almost filled with madness, unwillingness, unyieldingness, and the courage to defy the heavens.

Just like a peerless vicious devil that was sealed by the heavens within the depths of hell. No matter how much time passed, it would never yield!

At this moment, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor understood that Wang Lin's dao was the dao of defiance!

"Defying cultivation to form dao, defying dao to form my own heaven, defying heaven… to change fate…"

The burning of his body didn't make him stop struggling. He pointed to between his eyebrows and his origin soul shot up toward his eyebrows. A vortex appeared between his eyebrows and then his ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out.

His origin soul charged out from between his eyebrows and let out a heaven-shaking roar!


The ancient thunder dragon used its power to control thunder and thunder began to appear within this burning starfield. Soon, thunder filled the starry sky.

At this moment, all of the cultivators within the starfield felt this intense thunder. Soon, the sound of thunder replaced all other sounds within the starfield.

Bolts of thunder appeared and moved like dancing snakes. They gathered like crazy toward Wang Lin. The thunder moved so fast that all the cultivators could only see bolts of thunder fill the sky.

If one looked down from above, they would see endless thunder move like waves toward Wang Lin.

It looked like a thunderstorm was sweeping across the entire starfield.

Wang Lin's body was burning deep within the center of this thunderstorm. Bolts of thunder rushed into his body and he was surrounded by fire and thunder.

At this instant, the white Vermillion Bird charged at Wang Lin and fused with his body. It then turned into a tattoo on his armor, and the origin energy inside the Vermillion Bird rushed into Wang Lin's body.

At the same time, the origin energy that his armor had absorbed also rushed back into Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin's body now contained nine lifetimes of origin energy. It was all the origin energy he had compressed in his body during the last three years!

Wang Lin suddenly became a fire person, and dense flames gathered before him and formed a vortex. At the same time, all the flames within the starfield seemed to be affected. They all began gathering toward him exactly like the thunder.

The flames that had existed forever and would never extinguish moved, causing a shocking change in the starfield. The flames moved along with the vortex, creating a mixture of red and silver as if fire and thunder had fused!

The flames in the burning starfield that covered 30% of the Alliance's eastern region erupted. The flames began penetrating toward the surrounding starfields.

In the Azure Dragon Divine Sect, a group of ferocious, beast-like mosquitoes were buzzing while moving between giant trees. Leading the pack was a purple mosquito beast that was the size of a small mountain. This mosquito suddenly looked at the distant Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, and its cold eyes filled with excitement.

Not only him, but almost all the members of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect became aware of the changes in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. In the center of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect, there was a green planet that had a heaven-piercing tree with three elders sitting on it.

At this instant, all three elders opened their eyes at the same time.

"The Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's new Divine Emperor is about to be born!" The three looked at each other with excitement in their eyes. They immediately rushed toward the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

The scene caused a huge wave in the Black Tortoise Divine Sect as well. In the swamp of the Black Tortoise Divine Sect sat a large toad. This toad was very lazy, and sometimes its tongue would lash out to grab a small beast that passed by.

However, just at this moment, the toad's lazy eyes suddenly opened and thunder flashed out from its body. This caused everything within 1,000 feet of it to become a thunder hell. It then raised his head and looked at the direction of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. Just like the mosquito beast, there was excitement in its eyes.

At the same time, within the Black Tortoise Divine Sect, several elders flew into the air. They were heading toward the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

"The birth of a new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor is a very important matter for our Four Divine Sect!" The elders flew every quickly and turned into rays of light.

Several figures with smiles flew into the stars from the White Tiger Divine Sect.

The entire Vermillion Bird Divine Sect seemed to be boiling when countless people rushed out of their planets and into the stars. Most of them were very excited, but some of them had gloomy and uncertain expressions.

Among them were the three who were training to be the next Divine Emperor. There were two males and one female. There was no need to speak of their appearance, and they were all between the Nirvana Scryer and Nirvana Cleanser stages.

Most notable was the one named Ren Tao, who was already at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser! Behind him were four elders who all stared gloomily at the sky.

Ren Tao's expression was as gloomy as water. He could clearly feel the fire within the starfield going toward the depths of the starfield.

"First transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations… so what? Liao Yun, Feng Shan, have the two of you made up your minds?"

The other two other future Divine Emperor candidates silently pondered.

"Senior Brother Ren, I participated in the battle at the Demon Spirit Land three years ago… This Wang Lin is someone I'll not provoke!" Liao Yun raised his head, and his gaze was firm. He looked at Ren Tao with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Liao Yun was originally an arrogant person, and he had very good talent. Within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, his prestige was second only to Ren Tao's. At first he was very unconvinced about Wang Lin, but after the battle at the Demon Spirit Land three years ago, every time he thought about Wang Lin, he would get soaked in cold sweat.

He had gone from unconvinced about Wang Lin to excessively fearful in an instant. During these three years, he slowly learned about Wang Lin from Big Head and even felt respect toward Wang Lin!

In his view, Ren Tao's plan was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Ren Tao ws overestimating himself!

The only female among the three, Feng Shan, pondered a bit and shook her head. She softly said, "If he completes the transformation, then I'll respect him as the Divine Emperor. If he fails, then I'll listen to Senior Brother."

Ren Tao's eyes became gloomy and he was about to speak, but just at this moment, the fire became even more intense. Then an even louder rumble echoed and the fire fused with the thunder. Their speed increased several fold!

Endless flames gathered within the depths of the starfield and continued to enter his body along with the thunder! By himself, he attracted all the fire and thunder within the star system!

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor revealed a rare trace of excitement. He looked at Wang Lin with a hint of gratification.

As endless flames came in, Wang Lin closed his eyes. He then raised his right hand and pointed at his chest!

"Seal one!"

Thunder rumbles echoed, and as Wang Lin pointed, the surrounding flames gathered even faster.

As he pointed at his chest, an illusory figure appeared behind Wang Lin. This illusion was unexpectedly exactly same as Wang Lin, only it was formed completely by fire.

The moment this illusion appeared, the flames within the starfield seemed to surrender and bowed!

Wang Lin's right hand didn't stop; it continued to point at his body.

"Seal two! Seal three!"... In almost an instant, Wang Lin pointed nine times. Every time he pointed, the flames would surge into his body faster and the illusion behind him would become a bit more clear. Finally, Wang Lin shouted, "Nine seals to complete the mystery, first transformation!"

The illusion behind him suddenly became clear, and it was another Wang Lin! This wasn't an avatar, but the spirit formed by the first transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations!

The spirit fused with Wang Lin and fused with the fire seed in Wang Lin's origin soul. Another origin soul appeared within Wang Lin!

Time seemed to last forever before Wang Lin opened his eyes and a hot gaze shot out. All the surrounding flames seemed to dance as if they were welcoming him!

This gaze also contained extremely powerful thunder. Wherever Wang Lin looked, there would be rumbles of thunder and monstrous flames. They had fused together perfectly!

"Divine Emperor!"

"Divine Emperor!!" The special feeling that the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members had when a new Divine Emperor appeared caused all of them to cry in joy!

Only Ren Tao suppressed the sense of panic in his heart, and his expression became even more gloomy.

It was at this moment that the Alliance, Allheaven, the Corpse Sect, and the various forces formed by the remnants of the Alliance were all alerted!

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