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Chapter 1088 - New Divine Emperor (1)

Wang Lin floated among the stars and was surrounded by flames. The heat wave from the flames spread across the entire starfield and shrouded the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

On his right arm there were now only seven fire tattoos. The fire flower that just bloomed was outside his body, and dense fire origin energy entered his body.

The unimaginable fire origin energy swept through his body like a storm. The popping sounds from inside his body echoed across the heavens. Everyone within this burning starfield could clearly hear it.

The intense pain was tearing him apart. His body was like a bottle that needed to withstand nine times its normal capacity, so one could imagine the pain.

The Vermillion Bird Nine Mysterious Transformations was completed by borrowing nine lifetimes of cultivation and continuously compressing it until it forces the awakener through the first Vermillion Bird Transformation!

The intense pain caused the veins on his face to bulge. Just two times the origin energy almost made him feel like his meridians were going to burst.

However, Wang Lin wasn't willing to just give up like this. He clenched his teeth while disregarding the large amount of sweat all over his body and lifted his left hand. He once again pointed to a tattoo on his right arm.

The seventh fire tattoo immediately began to burn and then flew off Wang Lin's body and turned into another blooming fire flower. At the same time, the popping sounds from within Wang Lin's body reached a peak. The thunderous rumbles from his body spread like crazy.

A mist of blood spray out of Wang Lin's pores and surrounded him. However, the moment the blood mist appeared, it was evaporated by the heat and dissipated as gas.

Three lifetimes of origin energy entered his body, and the feeling that his body was going to explode became even stronger. Wang Lin's body trembled as he let out a roar at the sky.


As he roared, a crimson glow appeared around him, and the crimson armor appeared around his body.

The moment the armor appeared, the unimaginable origin energy in Wang Lin's body seemed to have found a place to go and entered the armor. This caused the crimson armor to glow even brighter.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor stared at Wang Lin with anticipation and tension. His right hand was lifted in the air. If Wang Lin couldn't bear it, he would immediately act. Although this would make him disappointed, this clan member who had awakened twice was more important than the First Transformation.

"I'm am too impatient. His talent is ordinary, so forcing him like this might be harming him… Alas." He had already made up his mind. The moment Wang Lin showed he couldn't handle it, he would immediately help.

The appearance of the Vermillion Bird Armor relieved the pain in Wang Lin's body. He let out a deep breath as he lifted his left hand and pointed on the sixth tattoo on his right arm. After that, a surge of fire origin energy rushed out.

"Since I must endure this pain no matter what, then…" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a ruthless expression. His left hand didn't stop after activating the sixth tattoo, and it pointed three times!

The fifth tattoo, the fourth tattoo, the third tattoo!

He opened four tattoos almost at the same time. At this moment, four times his origin energy rushed out and caused a heaven-shattering rumble that echoed across the star field!

Wang Lin's crazed action caused the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's pupils to shrink. He could see that Wang Lin had a very ruthless defiance in his bones.

"This person has only cultivated for just over 1,000 years and yet was able to reach this cultivation level. Awakening twice was no accident. His ruthlessness and defiance are key to all of this!"

Four times his origin energy capacity in addition to the origin energy in his body and armor meant that there was now seven times as much origin energy rushing in his body. With a bang, Wang Lin coughed out blood and immediately raised his right hand to point to between his eyebrows.

A white Vermillion Bird immediately appeared between his eyebrows. The large amount of origin energy immediately surged into the Vermillion Bird, causing it to grow until it covered the sky.

This Vermillion Bird was caught by the All-Seer, but since the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor arrived, how could he let the All-Seer take the Vermillion Bird spirit away?

When the Vermillion Bird appeared, Wang Lin endured the intense pain in his body and let out a roar as he raised his left hand to point at one of the last two remaining fire tattoos!

In an instant, this fire tattoo turned into origin energy and rapidly entered his body. At this moment, Wang Lin felt like his entire body was burning. It was as if he was being refined inside a naturally formed heavenly furnace.

Wang Lin didn't know that the people of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect were all watching the rise of a new Divine Emperor with their divine senses through a special method! There were also familiar people watching as well.

Lei Ji and Big Head were on a mountain peak. They stopped cultivating and both looked up at the sky. The two could vaguely feel that Wang Lin was like a phoenix that was about to awaken and was suffering divine retribution.


In the desert, the storm disappeared and Master Hollow Wind looked up at the sky and muttered, "What powerful origin energy. Could it be… Could it be that he is now reaping the reward of his three years of cultivation?"

On another cultivation planet, Situ Nan stopped cultivating and looked at the sky with shining eyes with a hint of tension. The Vermillion Bird elder beside him didn't rush Situ Nan to cultivate. He also looked at at the sky with a hint of anticipation and excitement.

At this moment, even his old heart couldn't help but feel various emotions.

There were two more people Wang Lin was familiar with on the planet Situ Nan was on. One of them was located on the northwest side of the planet. There was a sea of flowers there.

Flowers that could survive in this extreme heat were rare, but they were not impossible to find. At this moment, there was a woman sitting inside this sea of red flowers.

This woman wasn't the Flower Imperial Concubine, but the woman in silver. At this moment, she looked up at the sky with a strange light in her eyes. In these three years of time, she vaguely seemed to remember something...

The other person on this planet was in an old swamp. His upper body was filled with countless tattoos, and surrounding him were some fierce beasts that lived in this hot environment.

However, these fierce beasts were all dead, and the skin between their eyebrows was removed.

This person was Ta Shan! He bit his fingertip and started drawing on one of the animal skins, but at this moment, he raised his head and his finger paused.

"Master… Are you about to complete your closed door cultivation…"

On a planet near the edge of this burning starfield, there was a black stone statue at the top of the tallest mountain peak. This was a statue of Wang Lin, and before it sat a youth.

During these three years, this youth sat there protecting the statue for more than 1,000 days. At this moment, he looked up at the sky and listened to the thunderous rumble. There was a hint of excitement on his face.

"Teacher…" It was Thirteen!

On the planet where the Soul Refining Sect was, there was an old man sitting on the city wall of a Vermillion Bird Divine Sect city. He held a wine jug in his and and drank with a bitter expression. He had been like this for the past three years.

The thunderous rumble and the crimson red light spreading across the sky caused him to raise his head. But after taking a look, he lowered his head and continued to drink.

"Second Brother, Third Brother, Eldest Brother has wronged you both…" Two streams of tears fell down from his eyes, then he drank all the wine in the jug.

"Ling Er, bring me some more wine!" The old man threw the wine jug down the city wall.

Behind him stood a very beautiful girl, and she bit her lower lip. When she arrived here, Master Yi Chen was already like this. Her heart felt sour as she silently turned away.

"I'm sorry… Second Brother, Third Brother…" The old man's painful voice continued to enter her ears.

There was another place inside this burning star field. Although it was also filled heat, there seemed to be an invisible cyclone causing the flames to rotate.

"Big Devil Wang Lin, you heartless murderer. I have no enmity with you, so why did you trap me here to suffer in this fire poison?!

"Lord Wang, please have mercy on little Xu. This place is too painful!

"Fiend Wang, if you force your Grandpa Xu into a corner, I'll fight with my life on the line!"

The miserable cursing and begging never stopped within these three years. Sometimes there would even be miserable screams. This made it so whenever a Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciple passed by, they would take a detour because they found this noise annoying.

At the center of the cyclone sat a person. He was surrounded by flames and had to constantly use spells to resist them. If he was careless for a moment, he would be burned by the flames.

This person was Xu Liguo. Right now he was in a sorry state, but his eyes were several times brighter than before. He had been surrounded by flames through these three years, which forced him to absorb the ancient sword inheritance in order to survive.

Xu Liguo would often sweep once and the flames before him would dissipate a bit. After that, curses would immediately come out of his mouth. During these three years, it had almost become a habit.

"Little boy Wang Lin, if your Grandpa Xu makes it out, I'll never let you go for doing this!" Just as he said this, his body trembled and he looked into the distance with fear in his eyes.

"Damn, man, is that murderous Wang Lin about to come out of closed door cultivation!? Heavens have mercy, make sure he can't come out, can't come out! Wrong… If he can't come out, how will I get out? It's better for him to come out. Come out!"

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